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Adventure Time - Season 1 [DVD] [2013]
Adventure Time - Season 1 [DVD] [2013]
Dvd ~ Jeremy Shada
Offered by MusicnMedia
Price: 12.90

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3.0 out of 5 stars Not what I was hoping for., 12 Jan 2014
I absolutely love Adventure Time, it's one of the most funniest and creative cartoons ever made and Cartoon Network's most popular show (Nickelodeon must be kicking themselves for not picking this show up, they passed on it TWICE!).

I was excited that the show was getting multiple DVD releases in the states, especially when they came out with a Complete Season One box set. I was really tempted to buy myself a copy, when I heard that there was going to be a Region 2 release, I held fire and waited for it to come out. I own a multi-region DVD player, but I thought it'd be a lot simpler just to wait for the Region 2 release, it's more accessible around the house then, plus I can take it with me wherever I go and can play it on my computer.

For some strange reason, they kept changing the release date, I think it was originally coming out in September or October, but when the day came, they changed it to December 9th, so I had to wait some more! "Come on, lemme buy Adventure Time already, this is painful!", I thought to myself. While waiting, they revealed the cover, which I thought was OKAY, but I really did prefer the cover they had for region 1, which is funny cause my friends in the states think the region 1 cover is weird, but I liked it! I'd much rather have that than the one we got.

So FINALLY the DVD came out, I bought it, played all three discs on the DVD player and was saddened to discover that there's NO SPECIAL FEATURES ON ANY OF THE DISCS. I couldn't believe it, so I double checked to see what was missing from the region 2 release that's on region 1.

Commentary, animatics, behind the scenes featurette, behind the scenes of the behind the scenes featurette, a music video and more!


What makes me even more mad is that the region 1 set has the 26 episodes and all of those special features on 2 discs, while the region 2 set has NONE of the special features, JUST the 26 episodes on 3 DISCS!!! They had MORE room to put the features on these discs and hardly gave us anything! I was shocked.

So, after this, I don't think i'll be getting anymore Cartoon Network DVDs from the UK, i'll just stick to the region 1 sets. If you're not a huge major fan of Adventure Time and just a regular viewer, or if you've never seen the show before and you're curious, then I guess this is the DVD set for you. But if you're an animation buff like me and want to know how Pen Ward and the crew made such an inspirational and wacky cartoon, then you're really not going to find it here. If you have a multi-region DVD player, then just go buy the Region 1 DVDs.

So in conclusion, i'm kinda happy that I own these episodes, but i'm really disappointed that it's not the "COMPLETE" Season 1 DVD set, like they advertised on the front case. They missed out so much and for how amazing and incredible the show is, I don't think it's what Adventure Time really deserves.
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Bloodtide (Doctor Who)
Bloodtide (Doctor Who)
by Jonathan Morris
Edition: Audio CD
Price: 11.60

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5.0 out of 5 stars My first Big Finish purchase and I love it, 26 Jun 2013
This review is from: Bloodtide (Doctor Who) (Audio CD)
I first watched Doctor Who back in 2005 with Christopher Eccleston as the Doctor and I was instantly hooked, I then discovered he original series. I now own over 100 DVDs, the Murray Gold soundtracks, the toys, the autographs, the posters, ect.

Why start off my review like that? Well, for the longest time, i've been meaning to buy the audio adventures produced by Big Finish, but I always kept putting it off. "I'll buy a CD next time, for now I need the latest special edition of Robots of Death!" However, as I was looking through Big Finish's website to see what adventures they had available that I could add to my EXTREMELY LONG wish list, I spied an audiobook, starring the sixth Doctor, Colin Baker and my all time favourite classic monsters, the Silurians! So I thought, i'm only going to continually wait some more, I might as well finally buy an audiobook and see if I like it or not.

Short answer, I did.

Long answer, this was an incredibly enjoyable adventure, it was dark, sinister, scary, thought provoking and a fun story. Not a lot of people enjoy Colin Baker's performance as the Doctor from the original series, and while I can see why, I don't think Colin is to blame. It could be down to a number of things, the director, the writer, even down to the coat (i'm sorry, it HAD to be mentioned!). Now I don't ever think there has been a Doctor to play the role poorly, I love each and every one of them, they all give their own performances that make them all unique and fantastic, it's just a shame that even though Colin had amazing moments as the Doctor, he usually habits and pieces that fell flat due to the writing or direction. However, I particularly enjoyed his performance in this adventure, it was a nice balance of seriousness to him acting like a clown (no, not another jab at his coat.). We don't get to see much of the full potential of the Sixth Doctor, but since Colin is featured in a lot of the Big Finish adventures, i'm hoping that can now be fully rectified.

Maggie Stables stars as the Doctor's companion, Evelyn Smythe. Like I said before, this is my first purchase of the Big Finish adventures and I picked an adventure that is part of the Doctor Who continuity, not just in the televised series, but now the Big Finish series now. So I was pretty confused about who exactly Evelyn was, listening, I took it that was a teacher of some sort. I didn't really know much about Evelyn, but i'll be going back to buy more CDs and hopefully learn more about her, however, I enjoyed Maggie's performance and she was enjoyable and got into the action as much as the Doctor did.

The Silurians are terrific, I was surprised that even though these are based on the ones from the 70's, this adventure features a female Silurian. Not strange now I suppose, being that the majority of the Silurians featured on the new series are female, but it's great that now the Silurian's world is no longer as small as it was back in 1970. I absolutely LOVE the classic Silruians and I loved them in this, they're incredibly dark and scary once again. The Silurian actors were great, the voices were exactly how I remembered them. Miles Richardson and George Tefler play Charles Darwin and Captain Fitzroy respectively and they did a marvellous job on their performances, especially Miles. For a second, I almost believed he was a young Darwin.

Getting near the end of my review now, I think what kept putting me off from buying one of Big Finish's products was how exactly they were going to tell their stories and whether or not they'd be good. I remember listening to David Tennant reading "Stone Rose", in hopes for some more Doctor Who action, but in the end, it was just David reading from a book. It bored me, I had no interest and I was worried that Big Finish's stories would be like that also, just Colin Baker doing a Silurian impression. But this felt like a genuine Doctor Who adventure to me, the sounds, the acting, the music, the atmosphere, it was all there. I was expecting a narrator to explain what was happening visually, but there was none, just the actors playing away and it felt real and I could see what has happening. All you need is your imagination to fill in the images and it was all there, it was amazing.

I strongly suggest any new comers to Big Finish to not be shy and buy this adventure for your collection! I am thrilled that I enjoyed this adventure so much and I'm definitely going to purchase more from Big Finish in the future...or was it the past?
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