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DOD LS300W Plus Car DVR 1080P Motion Detect Overwrite Dash Camera Camcorder Advanced WDR Technology Six-Element Sharp Lens G-sensor 2.7" SOS 140°
DOD LS300W Plus Car DVR 1080P Motion Detect Overwrite Dash Camera Camcorder Advanced WDR Technology Six-Element Sharp Lens G-sensor 2.7" SOS 140°

4.0 out of 5 stars Camera is great - Manual is poor so read this to find out how to access menu, 11 May 2015
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Very compact dash-cam. I found it small enough to fit behind my rear view mirror which makes it hard to see from the front, but also doesn’t impair my view. The rear 2.7” LCD is a nice size that is big enough to read the menus clearly. This LCD can be set to switch off after 3 mins. Picture quality is very sharp and crisp and has to be one of the best when it comes to anything just below £100. Nice wide lens which gives a 140º angle. Most importantly for me was the ability to clearly read licence plates, even at night, which this does. No doubt it’s the large f/1.6 aperture lens which makes this cam do so well at night.

Plenty of settings to play around with too. Everything from sound, video resolution, exposure, white balance, language, time, date, plate stamp, and much more. I didn’t change much apart from turning off the sound to save storage on my 32G card. Camera does not come with a Micro SDHC/MMC storage card so you’ll need to buy one separately. Card should be Class 6 or higher and not exceed 32G.

Manual is useless and covers the basics of assembly and what the icons on the LCD mean. There is brief description of the buttons but no information about how to access the menu .


If the unit is recording (red circle present near top left on screen) then you need to stop it. The Menu button will not do anything unless you stop it recording first. To do this you’ll need to press the Video recording button which is to the right of the on/off button situated on the top right of the camera unit. Once this is done you’ll find the Menu button now works! Use the buttons to the left of the LCD to scroll up and down the menu, and the Video recording button to select. Remember these basics and you’ll find the rest easy.

I withheld one star due to the poor manual.

WDH-210HB 12L/day Dehumidifier
WDH-210HB 12L/day Dehumidifier
Offered by DiO
Price: £144.99

2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars A review on the WDH-210DB-16R, 20 Jan. 2015
This review is from: WDH-210HB 12L/day Dehumidifier
For those interested in buying a higher capacity dehumidifier with more functions from the same manufacturer, then you might be interested in reading this feedback on the WDH-210DB-16R. It's currently not available here on Amazon. I bought mine from Screwfix about a month ago. Since then the price of the unit has dropped 30% to £99.99.

* Removes 16Ltr/Day
* 2-Speed fan
* Continuous Drainage Facility
* 4Ltr Tank
* Model No: WDH-210DB-16R
* Timer Programmable

We put this unit in one of our spare bedrooms after it suffered badly from a leaking felt roof. Fortunately the room was to be gutted for a complete back to brick renovation. Prior to getting the de-humidifier the humidity in this room was rarely below 87%. As soon at the unit was switched on the humidity level appeared to drop by about 0.7 per hour at full power (2/2) which I thought was impressive given the room was 20ft x 15ft with large single glazed windows on two of the walls.

I found the displayed humidity level on the unit to be incorrect virtually all of the time. Chances are this is a problem which all their models suffer from given they look very similar in design. Not sure why it is inaccurate apart from guessing the sensor is close to the constant air being drawn into the unit. I would suggest buying a separate hydrometer to get a correct reading. I know my hydrometer units are accurate due to having five of the same make and one of them is outside where it can be checked by the Met Office readings of the area. Sometimes the sensor of this unit can be 20% higher than it really is in the room. For me this isn't a problem given I can change the humidity level I want the unit to retain in the room at the touch of a button.

The unit is definitely well built and looks nice. The fan is not too noisy as some have written. There are two fan settings and I'd say the highest setting is no louder than a standard summer desk fan. Powering the fan down to the slowest of the two settings doesn't really make much difference sound wise. However, put the unit behind a wall or closed door and you'll not even know it's there. As for noise of the water dripping into the reservoir, its nothing more than a few seconds an hour.

In the documentation it says the unit will go into defrost mode if the temperature goes below 12ºC. I also found this incorrect as although we rarely heat this room late at night we found the unit would do this as soon as it hit 8 degrees by our separate thermostats. Again, I think this is down to the sensors being close to the circulating air caused by its fan. I could see this being quite annoying to some people given the unit will automatically switch itself off if it reaches a temperature below 5ºC. This is programmed into the unit and cannot be changed. Part reason for this is that the unit doesn't run efficiently then the temperature of the room is too low. Something to keep in mind for properties which are both unheated and empty.

This unit is also capable of being set up with continuous drainage. All you need is a pipe with an internal diameter of 13mm. Fitting it only involves removing a small plastic backplate and inserting the pipe (not provided). Quite handy for those not wanting to empty the water tank every day.

If you want to move the unit around the house then there is a strong handle which is more than able to take the weight even if the water tank is full of water. There are also wheels for those not wanting to lift it.

Unlike old machines these are also relatively cheap to run at about 4p per hour at full power. Given these costs there is no reason why someone with either high a occupancy or damp problem shouldn't keep it on 24/7 during the winter as they are built to be more than capable of doing so. Obviously properties where the condensation isn't caused by high numbers of people occupying the dwelling should look to find the real cause rather than rely solely on this unit.

As for heat output, there isn't much. When I was reading up on what to look for in a de-humidifiers there were lots of posts about the heat they circulate. Personally I didn't see the relevance of someone buying a de-humidifier with the thought of it generating heat! This doesn't give out much at all.

Another great use of this unit is using it to dry clothes indoors. We have a brand new tumble dryer yet we haven't used it once since buying the dehumidifier as it easily does the job. It will easily dry a full washing machine load overnight in our ironing room, which is roughly 18ft x 15ft.

Apart from the inaccurate humidity and temperature readings, I love this unit and certainly don't regret buying it. In fact I'm looking to buy another one so I don't need to move them around the house. Makes even more sense now the price has dropped.

niceEshop(TM) Mini LCD Home Kitchen Cooking Count Down Digital Timer Alarm with Stand
niceEshop(TM) Mini LCD Home Kitchen Cooking Count Down Digital Timer Alarm with Stand
Offered by guangdayiyg
Price: £2.43

2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars Nice size screen, 16 Nov. 2014
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This timer has all the functions I was looking for. Nice size screen, easy touch buttons, audible alarm (which is quite loud and continues until stopped), plus a quick and simple interface to set the timer. When I'm busy cooking in the kitchen I'm not wanting to spend a long time fiddling with small buttons to set one up, which with this gadget I don't. Simple minute and second buttons allow you to quickly set the amount of time, with each button increasing in speed if the button is kept pressed. So even setting it for 59 min and 59 seconds doesn't take long. Not worried about the AAA battery draining either. I have other gadgets with bigger screens which are being updating frequently and the batteries last years. So pleased I purchased two.

Takes around two weeks to arrive from China. Both the magnets which should have been connected to the rear clips had come loose during transit and were rattling around in the packaging. Nothing a little bit of glue wont fix for those needing them.

Ex-Pro® Black Hard Clam Shock proof Digital Camera Case Bag CR274D for Casio Exilim EX-FC100, EX-FS10, EX-G1, EX-H15,EX-S5, EX-S6, EX-S7, EX-S10, EX-S10, EX-S12, EX-S100, EX-S200, EX-S500, EX-S600, EX-S600D, EX-S770, EX-S800, EX-S880, EX-TS1, EX-V7, EX-V7SR, EX-V8, EX-Z1, EX-Z2, EX-Z3, EX- Z5, EX-Z6, EX-Z7, EX-Z8, EX-Z9, EX-Z10, EX-Z11, EX-Z12, EX-Z15, EX-Z19, EX-Z20, EX-Z21, EX-Z22, EX-Z25, EX-Z
Ex-Pro® Black Hard Clam Shock proof Digital Camera Case Bag CR274D for Casio Exilim EX-FC100, EX-FS10, EX-G1, EX-H15,EX-S5, EX-S6, EX-S7, EX-S10, EX-S10, EX-S12, EX-S100, EX-S200, EX-S500, EX-S600, EX-S600D, EX-S770, EX-S800, EX-S880, EX-TS1, EX-V7, EX-V7SR, EX-V8, EX-Z1, EX-Z2, EX-Z3, EX- Z5, EX-Z6, EX-Z7, EX-Z8, EX-Z9, EX-Z10, EX-Z11, EX-Z12, EX-Z15, EX-Z19, EX-Z20, EX-Z21, EX-Z22, EX-Z25, EX-Z
Offered by ExpressPro
Price: £3.97

5.0 out of 5 stars Excellent value, 10 Feb. 2014
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Bought mine a few years ago and it’s still going strong. This case is taken with me virtually everywhere I travel as it now holds my backup camera (Fujifilm A170 ). Its been through the gates of hell and back and yet the case doesn’t even have a slight bit of damage on it. Normally zips tend to be the first thing to go wrong on such cases, and yet this one has been faultless throughout. Both sides of the case are tough and robust which means you can easily place things on top of it without worrying about your item inside getting damaged. Camera also fits snugly in the case too. I tend not to use the little internal pocket for anything solid as I believe it could easily damage your camera if pressed against it.

I would have easily paid double for it had I of seen it in a shop where I could pick it up and feel it. Well worth the money and more.

DTY Trading ® LCD Digital Temperature Humidity Meter Thermometer
DTY Trading ® LCD Digital Temperature Humidity Meter Thermometer
Offered by Goods Online 24/7 (UK SELLER)
Price: £2.70

4.0 out of 5 stars Good product, 10 Feb. 2014
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Bought quite a few of these so I could easily keep track of the humidity level in some of my rooms. Took under two weeks to arrive from Hong Kong which wasn’t too bad. Very pleased with every aspect of the product, from ease of use to readability of the display.

The display updates about nine times a minute which is more than sufficient for it to be up to date with its surroundings. This is easily demonstrated by using it in the bathroom during a shower and seeing the humidity increasing. Not sure how accurate the hydrometer or thermometer are though. Then again it’s not a scientific instrument and a slight discrepancy wouldn’t be an issue for me.

Haven’t encountered the battery fitting problems like some reviewers. Seems only people who have used cheap unbranded batteries have had issues of them being too small. Any yes, they can be smaller :-) . I used Duracell which fitted nicely.

All in all, a good product for the price.

TomTom ONE 2nd / New Edition
TomTom ONE 2nd / New Edition

4.0 out of 5 stars Better than a map, 19 Oct. 2013
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
I have owned this for quite a few years now. Originally bought this after arriving in France at the dead of night with nothing but a European map and my route details printed on paper. Didn't foresee the lack of streetlights being one of the biggest drawbacks I'd face during my long journey to the south of Germany. After accidentally missing what was a major junction due to torrential rain I was eventually forced to end up using nothing more than my dashboard compass to find another major road heading towards my destination. Although I eventually made my way through France, Luxembourg and Germany to reach my destination it had made me re-evaluate the need for something more modern than a map. On my return to England I bought this little gadget and have never looked back since. It does have it's drawbacks like all Sat Navs although I've not encountered anything drastic enough to want to change it.

I have since travelled mostly to the south of France and northern Spain the past years with this and can't recall getting lost. The biggest downside to this Sat Nav is it doesn't clearly show which lane you should be in at a main intersection. You can press the + sign in the top left of the screen to zoon in to see the road layout a little better, but a clearer arrow and lane layout would be useful. Also has a tendency to zoon in on roundabouts which is very annoying as I prefer to have the complete layout on screen so I know when my exit is near. Apart from these few problems I would not want to change it.

Have to admit the firmware has only been upgraded once since I've owned it. Didn't see any difference so didn't risk upgrading it again. As for the maps, I've upgraded this twice and noticed it's still years behind actual road changes.

If you want a robust and reliable co-driver then this won't disappoint.

Brother HL-2130 Mono Laser Printer
Brother HL-2130 Mono Laser Printer
Offered by Office Partner GmbH_1
Price: £69.85

0 of 1 people found the following review helpful
3.0 out of 5 stars Brother HL - 2130, 14 Oct. 2013
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
After having now owned one for a year come this week I can say I'm satisfied with it. It was originally a rush purchase due to me desperately needing a replacement after my previous printer was destroyed in a house fire. As it stands it's the first and only Brother product I currently own.

When I originally started printing with it I found it did have an annoying habit of jamming a quarter of the sheets. Even though the paper quality used was good, I changed them to a different brand without the problem disappearing. After a few weeks of putting up with it jamming it eventually settled down and no longer jams. Could be the printer was stored or transported badly.

Toner cartridge is now indicating it's getting low having printed around 600 pages with an average 5-10% coverage. Print quality is crisp and clear with no shadowing at all. The time in which it takes to start printing from OFF is around 15 seconds. Printing is a little nosier than my old Samsung but once printed it does quieten down quite a bit, although still twice as loud than my main computer cooling fan. Even so, printer is quiet enough for me to have it on my desk next to my speakers. Of course the printer is completely quiet when it goes into standby mode.

Using envelopes is a bit of a pain due to you needing to drop the back panel and slide two green levers before you can print. Just don't forget to reset the levers before normal printing again :-)

Although I will replace the toner and continue with this printer, it will never replace my previous Samsung ML series printer which I had for five years and never needed to change the cartridge. Had the exact same Samsung model been available at the time of purchasing this printer then I would definitely not have bought the Brother. The Samsung would have cost more at the beginning, but it was far more efficient in toner and would have easily repaid me back in savings.

One thing is for sure. . . if you do a lot of printing then don't pick this printer.

Big Bargain Store VS450 Group Scanner
Big Bargain Store VS450 Group Scanner
Offered by guangdayiyg
Price: £27.34

2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Very happy, 13 Oct. 2013
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Bought this for my oldest car which is an ageing 1991 VW Polo after it failed the MOT due to the airbag light staying on. This I believe stemmed back to a few winters ago when the battery had to be replaced. Originally contacted two mechanics in an attempt to have the fault diagnosed and the DTC reset. Both wanted £48 for what I believed at the time was a task which should only take ten minutes. Turned out to be four minutes work with this equipment, and two of those were spent reading the essential parts of the user manual.

Scanner comes with two cables, carry case and manual. The first cable has the VAG COM plug which connects the scanner to the car. The other has what looks like a USB to connect the scanner to a laptop. Not used this cable due to only needing the VAG COM to connect and reset the DTCs.

Not only was it simple to use, it worked perfectly for me first time. My car has since passed the MOT.

Looking back I can see I didn't take much of a risk buying this scanner. Had it not reset the airbag warning light then chances are the airbag would have been at fault, in which case I still would have needed it to reset a replacement bag.

The White Rose: Munich, 1942-1943
The White Rose: Munich, 1942-1943
by Dorothee Sölle
Edition: Paperback
Price: £15.00

1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars Die Weisse Rose, 11 Oct. 2013
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This is probably about the sixth book I've read on The White Rose, and although quite short in pages, it's interesting and brings forward a new perspective which is not found elsewhere. Like most people who have an interest in The White Rose and other courageous resistance groups of their time, it's now near impossible to find first hand accounts of their activities. As such I have to say I'm sceptical about books which are written many decades after a group was `irradiated/disbanded', and this I'm sorry to say falls in that category. As interesting as it was to read, I found myself cross referencing it with what I read from other material written many decades previous. With this said I'd agree that the contents of this book are an interesting addition to whatever else you might have read elsewhere. Just don't expect it to go into depth where other books have failed simply because of who wrote it.

If you are in any way interested in The White Rose then to be honest any review is obsolete because you'll instinctively buy anything relating to it. This is what brought me to buy the book and will no doubt do the same for any future book published relating to them. As for the quality, I'm of the opinion the longer they take to publish such material the poorer and more speculative it becomes.

Thor 712 Nylon Hammer 1.1/2lb
Thor 712 Nylon Hammer 1.1/2lb
Price: £13.83

4 of 4 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Not a Hammer House of Horror to buy, 11 Oct. 2013
As already mentioned by the previous reviewer, this is a really good quality hammer. Unlike the previous reviewer I didn't use it to hammer in high-tensile `Jesus Bolts' on helicopters! Wow that brings back some memories :-) My use was for a more down to earth application like knocking in the beading for some new UPVC windows. Boring I know, but it did a treat even though I whacked the hell out of the first window not knowing I needed to bend the trim on each corner to get them in. Even after so much abuse the hammer didn't leave the slightest mark on my lovely new windows . So, if you are looking for a strong nylon hammer to whack `Jesus bolts' or UPVC trim, you'll not go wrong with this little gem. I'll finish off by saying that buying anything lighter would not give enough clout, whilst anything heavier would be a bit of an overkill.
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