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Apple iPod shuffle - 1GB Blue
Apple iPod shuffle - 1GB Blue

24 of 27 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Critical fault with iTunes 7.0.2 : Please Read, 17 Feb 2007
It is ESSENTIAL that when you first sync the shuffle you enable disk use via the option in iTunes. This prevents iTunes from automatically disconnecting the shuffle. If you do not do this, the shuffle is disconnected automatically as soon as you plug it in, which means you are unable to update it. You will get the messages "Unknown error: Device cannot be read from or written to" which is displayed because the iPod has been disconnected although iTunes doesn't' realise it has disconnected it. iTunes will then freeze and you will be unable to reset the iPod or enable disk use. So make sure you enable Disk Use the very first time you plug in your shuffle! Otherwise you will have to manually reformat the Shuffle (so iTunes thinks that it is brand new) which is extremely complicated.

As usual, Apple deny the fault but I can confirm after looking for a solution on internet forums that hundreds of people are experiencing it.

Other than that, it is a great little gadget. Excellent sound quality, low noise and absolutely ideal for joggers, gym-goers, gardening, washing the car etc etc

Apple iPod 20GB [MA079B/A]
Apple iPod 20GB [MA079B/A]

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5.0 out of 5 stars Why geeks don't understand the iPod's success!, 9 Aug 2005
Last year I hated the iPod, and consequently, I wasted £300 of my hard earned student money on another branded MP3 Player. I automatically disliked the iPod as I didn't want to be a "sheep." I've never really liked the idea of owning something that EVERYONE has. However, a year on, I really wish I hadn't let this stop me.
People, especially 'techies' despise the iPod. They claim that their player's 'FM Radio' 'Voice Recording' or 'FLAK file support' (what the hell is FLAK anyway???) makes it better. Listen to me when I say that the iPod's success wasn't a fluke!
It was aimed at the public. It was designed with 'ease of use' written all over it, and to be honest... Apple deserve every penny they make/made from this product! Electronics companies MUST realise that the 'techies design products for techies' thing will not gain success in any form whatsoever. You shouldn't have to be a computer geek to own an MP3 player, and that's EXACTLY why the iPod is so fantastic! In fact, it's so easy to use, I'm surprised we don't have a league of grannies with iPods. Remind me to go and patent the "iPod GIANT" for the elderly! :D
This is why I personally, along with millions of other iPod users, love it so much...
1) EASE OF USE. The iPod has full ID3 tag support. This means you can arrange your songs via ALBUM/ARTIST/COMPOSER etc. Many other players only have 'directory browsing', which is AWFUL...
2) COMPATIBILITY. It's just a joy knowing how well this works with iTunes. Creating play lists and managing your music is a breeze. One of these days - shock horror - I'll come home to find my cat making his favourite play lists. Seriously, you have to be a cretin to find iTunes difficult.
3) SOUND QUALITY. The iPod delivers crystal clear sound across the entire musical spectrum. It isn't a 'bass-head' player by any means, and the EQ isn't fantastic, but the actual sound quality is flawless. Many people complain of a distortion issue on the colour iPods. In my case, it went away after about a week's usage, although I'll admit I was furious at the time and sent many complaints to Apple.
4) STYLE. Do I really need to explain this. It's the most gorgeous thing ever, despite being made of plastic. For those who fear that the iPod will go out of fashion... Well that's just the funniest thing I've ever heard. Clothes maybe, but not MP3 players. Get a grip!

The Back Room [2CD]
The Back Room [2CD]
Price: £50.55

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5.0 out of 5 stars Fantastic Album, 31 July 2005
This review is from: The Back Room [2CD] (Audio CD)
I wish people would stop belittling them in favour of Interpol. After hearing 'Munich' a few months back, I decided to go and buy this album. At the same time, I bought 'Antics' by Interpol.
This album is MUCH better. It's more tuneful, more energetic, more fluid, more varied, and simply a better album. I won't go as far as saying it's flawless, there are of course some tracks I don't like (All Sparks) but I'd be inclined to say it's the best album of any 'new' band I've bought for several months!
Listen to Lights, Munich and Blood. They'll give you a flavour of the band's style.

Far Cry (PC)
Far Cry (PC)
Price: £2.49

127 of 138 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars The Future Is HERE, 3 April 2004
This review is from: Far Cry (PC) (Video Game)
You won't believe what people are saying about this game until you see it for yourself.
Technically, this game is awesome. The graphics are jaw-droopingly stunning. The amount of detail in the environments is incredible, which goes from ultra-high resolution textures to dragonflies, fish and bubbles in the water. The water itself is photo realistic, the reflections look unbelievably real.
I have a Radeon 9700 Pro, and I can play the game smoothly at 1280*1024, with all settings on max (except Anti-Aliasing) and it looks beautiful. Make sure you set the render setting to 'Paradise' :-)
Now ask yourself... games like Max Payne 2 also had incredible graphics, but why are they sitting on the shelf unused?
Answer - because they don't have Multi player.
Far Cry has an EXCELLENT multi player mode, which is thoroughly entertaining. The multi player levels are smaller, but sill allow you to ride in Boats and other vehicles, retaining the uniqueness of the game.
It's hard to say if this would be 'The Game Of 2004,' with upcoming releases such as Half Life 2, Stalker and Doom3 around the corner. BUT... It's definitely the best game I've ever bought.
If you own an LG DVD Driver, you may experience problems when loading the CD. Your drive may even refuse to read the cd all together. Don't panic, there is a fix available but it's difficult to install, as it involves updating the firmware of your DVD drive. May I suggest that if you own an LG DVD drive that you visit the official UBI Far Cry forums, where the issue is discussed and resolved. As of now, the direct link to the thread is,

Sony Cli PEG-UX50 Personal Entertainment Communicator
Sony Cli PEG-UX50 Personal Entertainment Communicator

18 of 23 people found the following review helpful
3.0 out of 5 stars Good - Not Excellent, 21 Mar 2004
As an owner of both an Ipaq H2210 and a UX50, I personally think that the H2210 is superior (Although I understand most of you will disagree with me)
Note that the H2210 is also exactly half the price of the UX50.
The UX50 has a great design, and in general has good performance. It also has a great display, where 'white' really is 'white' and the resolution is high.
There are however many flaws which make me dislike it as a PDA.
Firstly, It has a very slow processor, and to be honest - games really aren't that good on it. I compared 'Warfare Incorporated' on the UX50 and the H2210. It was about ten times smoother on the H2210.
Trying to get its built in Bluetooth to talk to Bluetooth-enabled phones is like trying to draw blood from a stone and, as someone else mentioned, the integrated wireless lan is already outdated.
I feel a strong sense of limitation when using the UX50. It only accepts Sony Memory sticks, which are too expensive for my liking. For the same price as a 128MB Memory Stick, I can buy a 256MB Compact Flash card AND a 128Mb MMC card (for my H2210) I'd much prefer it if it accepted Compact Flash cards, like other Sony Cliés.
The camera is very poor; the camera on my SharpGX20 Mobile phone is superior. There's no point in integrating a camera, if it's useless. The add-on cameras for my H2210 are also superior, in both resolution and quality. Even as a 'toy camera,' it's simply not good enough.
I'm not saying it's a terrible device, I'm just warning people that if you're looking for a Multimedia PDA - DON'T go for the Sony UX50. The UX50 is more of an organiser. If you want to use your PDA for entertainment purposes, look elsewhere.

Viking 256MB Compact Flash
Viking 256MB Compact Flash

12 of 12 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Excellent, 14 Mar 2004
I'm using it in my HP Ipaq H2210 PDA.
I'm also using it with a Lacie USB2 CF Card Reader/Writer.
- The speed of this thing is incredible. I don't know exactly how fast it is, but I've had 5MB Mp3s transfered to the card in about 2 seconds. Reading is just as fast, and I can copy files back to my PC in seconds.
- Low power consumption in my PDA, and excellent, smooth playback of MP3, VOB, MOV, MPG and DIVX-AVI Files.
- Excellent Price/Value.
Just remember, Compact Flash cards are delicate. If you lob it at your cat in a stress, or leave it on the radiator - IT WON'T WORK. Also, NEVER turn of the power to a CF-CARD when it is transfering or reading a file, this can sometimes damage the card.

LG Lifestyle 15" LCD Monitor L1520B
LG Lifestyle 15" LCD Monitor L1520B

14 of 15 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars LG's newest 15"" LCD, 7 Mar 2004
I've had this LCD for a few days now, and I'm VERY impressed.
- There are NO dead pixels
- Excellent quality in games, and no visible trails.
- Fairly bright, and advanced colour controls.
- Excellent text quality.
- It has a unique stunning design, including a reflective-silver stand, a blue lit ON/OFF Button and a silver/black exterior.
I recommend that you run the included colorific software, to calibrate your monitor as the picture on LG monitors always seems to be slightly blue. Also, make sure you run the monitor's AUTO button. This will make everything sharp. If you don't do this, some text will be blurred.
I can't say there's much I dislike about this LCD. It doesn't have a DVI input (as I'm writing this I have an older LG L1710B right next to it (connected to DVI) and there is NO difference)
The ONLY thing I'm annoyed about is that it doesn't support resolutions above 1024*768, but this didn't stop me buying it.

Logitech Cordless Desktop MX - Mouse - Keyboard
Logitech Cordless Desktop MX - Mouse - Keyboard

31 of 32 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Meet the King of Desktop Sets, 3 Jan 2004
I'll try and answer as many common questions as I can in my short review.
Like many people, I was concerned that the reliability of the wireless technology would be poor. Having heard many bad things about Wireless keyboards, I decided to buy an expensive one. I think most people would agree that £75 is quite a lot to spend on a Keyboard, but it sure is worth it...
I can now say, that the range of both the mouse and the keyboard are amazing. The keyboard still works from about 15 metres away, through several walls. The keyboard has a very stylish design; it is fairly thin and flat and looks great.
It has more buttons than a stealth bomber, including multimedia & audio controls (Play, pause, mute, next track, previous track etc). Other buttons include email, Internet, web cam, messenger, favourites, search, Internet home & shopping.
You can also activate special iTouch commands, which make various F Keys do different things - such as F11 opens 'My Pictures' F12 opens 'My Music'
Obviously, you can customize what each button does and easily switch between the special F Key commands and the normal ones.
It takes two double AA batteries, their life will obviously depend on how much typing you do. But it isn't really too much for a problem, they should last a fair amount of time.
The mouse is very accurate, and NEVER lags, being an ultimate tool for gamers.
It fits perfectly into your hand, and all of its buttons are easily accessible.
You won't need to switch the batteries in the mouse, as they are rechargeable and can be charged in the wireless receiver.
The Wireless receiver works as a double receiver for both the Mouse and the Keyboard. It plugs into the mains. It outputs to both the standard keyboard/mouse inputs or USB sockets.
Installation was very easy, just follow the 'plain English' instructions and you'll have no problem at all.
I guarantee that you won't be disappointed, this is a seriously good piece of kit that makes the best use of wireless technology.

Call of Duty (PC CD)
Call of Duty (PC CD)

21 of 24 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Definitely "The Most Intense WWII Shooter Ever!", 28 Dec 2003
This review is from: Call of Duty (PC CD) (Video Game)
We're now entering an age where PC GAMES truly are becoming jaw droopingly amazing, and Call Of Duty, in all respects, is simply 'The Best Of The Best'
Call of Duty simply makes the MOH games look like something from the Stone Age!
COD has everything an action gamer could want.
I'm running a medium-high-spec machine, and the Graphics at a resolution of 1280*1024 are nothing short of stunning. The textures are very detailed, and the scenery in some missions is beautiful. The game designers really have put in unbelievable attention into the detail of some objects and scenes.
There are a large variety of locations too, I won't ruin it for you by listing them... but that's coming from someone who is only half way through the game!
The AI are very intelligent too, It's annoying when you turn around and find them ramming their weapon in your face!
The sound, I'm running a 5.1 speaker setup, and It's the first game that seems to actually use surround sound. In some of the scenes, I could swear I was sitting in a room placed right in the middle of a battlefield!
As another reviewer mentioned, the soldiers don't sound like some random programmer rambling on... they've got some excellent, realistic dialogue in the game too.
I also love the variety of missions, and the experience of the fighting war as an American, a Russian... and I'm told there's a British section as well. (I'm only at the Russian bit at the moment)
It's a pity they didn't include any doors in the game, but It's also helpful because you won't get easily lost in missions.
I haven't tried multiplayer mode yet, but I'm told that it's a bit unrealistic because players jump around like rabbits (which obviously is a bit fake)
And the ability to only carry a limited amount of weapons is good too.
The game truly captures the chaotic and evil qualities of war, without sacrificing the realism of the game. I can't think of a game that beats this, it's unbelievably gripping, entertaining and addictive.
Can I also suggest that you don't play the campaign with the easiest difficulty level? People always complain about how short games are, well If you actually give yourself a challenge it's much more fun and relieving when you complete levels. Trust me, if you want more realism, more fun and more of a challenge go for the medium difficulty.

Life for Rent
Life for Rent
Offered by best_value_entertainment
Price: £2.92

3 of 5 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Great Album, 28 Dec 2003
This review is from: Life for Rent (Audio CD)
I won't bother going through all the tracks and reviewing every song... All I need to say is that it is an excellent, relaxing album, with an interesting combination of songs.
About the copyright protection... I don't understand what the other reviewers are on about. I managed to get Itunes and Windows Media Player to copy the songs from the cd, from both my dvd drive and my cd-rw drive. I then converted the songs and put them on my Ipaq with ease. So perhaps it varies with differnet cds but I had no problem at all. It also played in my CAR cd player with no problems.

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