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Optoma HD600X 720P HD Ready Home Cinema Projector (discontinued by manufacturer)
Optoma HD600X 720P HD Ready Home Cinema Projector (discontinued by manufacturer)

5.0 out of 5 stars Couldn't be happier for the price, 7 Sep 2011
I'm sure that some aficionados of the projector scene will find this projector to be inadequate for their home theatre systems but for me projecting onto a white-ish wall in my living room that doesn't have any proper blackout curtains etc. this is absolutely ideal. It's nice and quiet (my previous projector being too loud was in fact the reason I gave up on it and bought this instead) so I can't hear it at all while watching something, the picture quality is fantastic and the focus is perfectly sharp. It's turned an experience that was previously tainted with disappointment into something that everybody enjoys.

There *is* noticeable rainbow effect but I don't think I'm being overly generous (I've had the projector for about two months now) when I say that it's really not a big deal. You do notice it if you make your eyes dart around the screen, but I guess this affects some people more than others (given that it's a side-effect of the structure of the eye it seems likely that it genuinely does affect others more) but nobody has complained about it and it doesn't detract from the enjoyment of the movie/TV show/game I'm looking at. Probably best to get a demo in a shop if you are worried about this.

I use my Playstation 3 as a media player (make sure you set your PS3's output to 720p - at 1080p I got sporadic bright flashes that made me worried the projector was faulty) and it works great for streaming movies over the network, playing Blu-Ray/DVD and playing games.

If this is at the upper end of your price range then I don't think you could really be disappointed with it. If you're fussier than I am then hopefully you're also richer. I would definitely recommend against spending less on a projector and waiting until you have the money to afford something like this as my experience with lower-end projectors was very disappointing.
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Chopin: Preludes/Piano Sonata No.2
Chopin: Preludes/Piano Sonata No.2
Offered by Fulfillment Express
Price: £11.34

3.0 out of 5 stars Far from the best Chopin interpretation, 7 Sep 2011
I was quite excited to give this a listen as I consider Kissin's Liszt interpretations to be well among my favourites, but was unfortunately disappointed. Kissin is undoubtedly an incredibly gifted pianist and his talent brings me a great deal of pleasure in plenty of his other recordings but this work sounds to me like it was a chore for him to play. The playing is as technically proficient as you would expect from Kissin but he seems unable to make the music sing. Perhaps I'm just too accustomed to a particular style of interpretation (Argerich's is probably my favourite) for this to appeal to me, but if you are looking for the perfect balance of raw passion and delicacy that I think Chopin needs in order to come alive, then I suggest you look elsewhere as this recording seems to lack much of either, never mind finding the perfect balance of the two.

KitMaster®HD Projector For Game Consoles, TV, Blu Ray, DVD, PC, Laptop, Digi Box, Sky, Virgin, Media Player upto 120" Screen Size and Excellent + KitMaster® Hdmi Cable And Cleaning Cloth
KitMaster®HD Projector For Game Consoles, TV, Blu Ray, DVD, PC, Laptop, Digi Box, Sky, Virgin, Media Player upto 120" Screen Size and Excellent + KitMaster® Hdmi Cable And Cleaning Cloth
Price: £159.64

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2.0 out of 5 stars Great price but several big downsides, 22 July 2011
The price is the best part about this - if you're on a minimal budget and you just want a projector, this may be the best option for you.

Note: this is my first projector. I just ordered one of these Optoma HD600X 720P HD Ready Home Cinema Projector and when it has arrived and I have tested it I will write a comment with some information about how they compare.


* Very cheap
* Everything included - power cable, HDMI cable, spare bulb, remote control, batteries, lens cap
* Easy to set up


* Not only is this projector very loud but it is inconsistently loud, i.e. the fan noise is not at a constant volume, so it is very difficult to ignore. This means that anything with quiet sections (such as quiet dialogue) are very hard to concentrate on. Unfortunately that means that those serious, dramatic moments in films with whispered dialogue are pretty much ruined for me by this up-and-down whirring noise (in a decent sized room - me at the front and the projector at the back). This is the main reason I decided to go for another projector. If you can put up with the noise or your use case isn't affected by this then you may well want to go ahead and buy it.

The next two downsides are more subjective - other people may have had better experience than me so I don't want to misrepresent the quality of this product as I am not an expert on projectors, but regardless of tweaking, these two issues remained:

* On a light (off-white) wall the picture is essentially invisible unless all lights are off and it's night-time. As I understand it, darkness is preferable for optimal performance for most projectors but not a requirement for basic visibility. Perhaps the projector was too far away from the wall; it is placed at the back of the room which is just about far enough for it to cover the wall, which is just the size we want it. I may be expecting too much from a projector in this price range - I am very interested to see how the Optoma compares.

* I was unable to get the entire picture in focus. No matter how hard I tried to ignore it, the blurriness of the picture was very off-putting and took quite a lot away from the novel experience of watching movies and TV shows on a huge screen. This was nowhere near as distracting as the fan noise and it's possible that others didn't even notice it, but it was definitely there for me. It was possible to get either the top or bottom of the picture reasonably sharp, but not the entire picture. Maybe the projector needs to be level and not keystone-corrected, but this is not possible in my living room.

So if you really can't afford more than this price and you don't mind putting up with the noise, you may well be very satisfied with this product. You may also find that your specific set-up isn't affected by the brightness and blurriness issues that I encountered.

I'll post a follow-up comment when the Optoma arrives - if it resolves all of the problems I mentioned then I think the extra £200 or so will certainly be worth it.
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