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Cream Future Trance
Cream Future Trance
Offered by skyvo-direct
Price: £14.06

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4.0 out of 5 stars Trancetastic, 11 Jan. 2009
This review is from: Cream Future Trance (Audio CD)
I'm slightly puzzled by the negative review on here and really wonder if the person responsible for it has actually listened to these cds. This is an absolutely brilliant release from New State Music.

The number of tracks on here might suggest that there would be a lack of quality control, but that really is not the case here. Whoever compiled this clearly has a good ear for quality tunes and the majority of times I would say that the best mix of each track has been selected.

So how is this different? Well, in spite of being criticised for being full of old and stale material, that is simply not the case. This compilation is as fresh as it could possibly be. These projects take time to compile and get track clearance for so of course the tunes are not going to be brand spanking new, but the majority are as new as possible. The vast majority of tracks are not on any other releases (yet). Okay, so Guru Josh is on the mix twice (in two versions)and the tune will have been heard before by most listeners, but it's popularity will have been one of the major considerations behind putting it on the album. The makers of this need to sell albums and it is pretty hard to do if the public has hardly heard of any of the tracks and may blindly think that just because it contains Cafe Del Mar, it is another 'Classics' album. So I think if they need to put a track like infinity in the mix to sell a few more, then all the better, I want loads of this album to sell and pump some money into the scene.

The computer does a decent job mixing the tunes on each cd- despite the number of tracks on each cd, none of them have been cut stupidly short, though of course if you listen to trance for the mixing skills of the dj, you wont get any Eddie Halliwell trickery here. Nice smooth simple mixing, which lets the tunes take over.

All of the big names are present here- Ferry Costen, Armin van Buuren, Tiesto, First State, Lange etc etc. It really is a strong album and for every well known name, there will be a newcomer to the scene who has produced a great track which fully deserves to be showcased on a more commercial album like this.

Best Tracks-

Marc Marberg With Kyau & Albert - Neo Love (Giuseppe Ottaviani Remix)

Chainside - I Would Die For You Original Club Mix

Armin Van Buuren Ft. Jaren - Unforgivable (First State Remix)

Worst Track-

Guru Josh Project - Infinity 08 (Beat Service Remix)Just a bit unnecessary and loses all the impact of the original.

Overall, I love this release and I hope it sells well and provokes some of the other trance heavyweights to produce more fresh albums like this.

The World's Greatest Euphoric Trance
The World's Greatest Euphoric Trance
Offered by Giant Entertainment
Price: £9.99

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4.0 out of 5 stars great quality at a great price, 15 Sept. 2007
This series of cds seems to get better and better. Another triple cd helping of brilliant trance.

The first cd is a wonderful example of the strength of the current trance scene. It melds vocal and instrumental trance very well and although not mixed by a human dj, the computer has done a very good job on this occasion. What sets the first two cds apart from most releases of the past few years is that they are fresh, each track representing the trance scene of 2007. Highlights of cd 1 for me include jose amnesia's 'Louder', super8 & Tab's 'Suru' and the brilliant 'Why' by Fkn and jahala.

cd2 is titled 'tech' so one would assume it would be harder and grittier than cd1. In parts this holds true, but to be honest such a distinction is not completely justified. The cd still showcases brilliant vocal tracks, such as 'black is the colour' and 'always a fool'. Once again the tracks are fresh and inspiring. My favourite track here has to be 'strip search' by simon patterson, showing that he can do gripping intrumental tech tunes just as well as great vocal tracks under his dogzilla guise. Sublime cd.

The third cd is the only weak link although it is still full of great music. I have no idea why they need to cram more classics onto the dance music loving public, but at least the compilers have not just put on gouryella, airwave etc. The tracks on here, are certainly classics, but may not be quite as over played as those you will find on other releases, such as most of the MOS releases recently.

Despite the third cd detracting from the overall freshness of this compilation, this is still a great release. Compare it to gatecrasher immortal which is 2/3rds tired classics, whereas WG Euphoric Trance is 2/3rds freshness and 1/3rd classics you just might not be tired of yet.

Euphoria Return To Ibiza
Euphoria Return To Ibiza
Offered by musica
Price: £14.99

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3.0 out of 5 stars Great name being dragged through the mud, 10 July 2007
Euphoria's Ibiza albums used to bring new, quality house and trance music to the nation each year, but now they are reduced to this. It is hard to see why pretty much all of Ministry of Sound's releases in the Euphoria series have been 'Classics' focused. Fair enough, younger fans may not have been able to buy the originals, but that does not justify churning out the same old stuff every year. Why not re-release the old albums, like was done for the bonkers series a couple of years ago. If they continue like this, people will assume the scene is dead and buried, no longer producing quality music that the mainstream would enjoy. This view is wrong and it is self defeating for MoS to perpetuate it. What will they do in 10 years time when they go to release a classics album of stuff they released in 2007, only to realise no quality dance music managed to reach the public due to them and other label's suffocating the market with late 90's tunes.

It is ironic that they have backed Dave Pearce's new concept, 'Delerium' ( a euphoria rip-off), which has quality upfront tunes on it, when they still have the right to the euphoria name. Why not release 'Delerium' as a brand spanking new Euphoria? Watch out for 'Classic Delerium' in the next few years!

As for the actual product. The majority of the tunes are brilliant, but why not just fish them out from under the newer stuff on the cd rack, rather than spend money on an album which will be released 5 times this year under various guises!

Offered by Direct Entertainment UK
Price: £9.99

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4.0 out of 5 stars quality trance, 10 July 2007
have to give it to nukleuz, this is a very good release. They have changed to a 2 cd format for their latest sessions cd without compromising on quality.

CD1 is well mixed by 'Nukleuz DJs' and is a mixture of uplifting/tech and harder styled trance. Much of it is upfront and fresh, the majority being exclusive to this album. It is a very good mix with a number of tracks from people you may not have heard of yet but are bound to make a splash in the future. Along with the new names are stalwarts in the scene such as styles & breeze and remixes from mauro picotto and alphazone.

CD2 is the debut mix(as far as i know)from pierre pienaar. This mix is extremly energetic and leans towards the harder end of the trance spectrum. A number of Pierre's own productions and remixes are included and each is great to listen to, not too disimilar to the likes of S.H.O.K.K. and alphazone. Other highlights include Sassot's 'Suddenly'and a surprisingly good update of Rob Miles' 'Children' from Tyas & Tatana. It really is refreshing that Nukleuz have released an album that has this many exclusive tracks on it.

Downers- As you can see from the fact I only gave this album 4 stars, there is a down point. The effect of having so many exclusives is eclipsed to some extent by the inexplicable inclusion of some very old tracks, which just don't seem to fit with the overall fresh feel of the cd. Examples are the Sherry remix of '7 days & 1 week' which is actually dated '2006'. This seems odd on an album released mid way through 2007. In addition, the first track, 'Moonlight Party' is also over a year old and the last track, BK's Revolution feels like it has featured on every Nukleuz album for the past 6 years! The alphazone remix has once again been used. It is disappointing that Nukleuz didn't try to get hold of some of Alphazone's newer stuff, which will feature on their artist album later this year, rather than plump for one of their oldest and most played remixes. They also could have tried to showcase some of BK's newer stuff, given he has just released a highly acclaimed new album, packed full of newer and fresher sounds.

Despite these issues, all the tunes selected are top quality and the problems with the selection of 2 or 3 dated tracks will fade after a couple of years, when i'm sure I will still be giving this cd a lot of listening!

In short- BUY IT!

Classic Euphoria
Classic Euphoria
Offered by musica
Price: £14.99

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2.0 out of 5 stars MoS, What are you doing?, 6 May 2006
This review is from: Classic Euphoria (Audio CD)
If ever there was a pointless release, it's this one. Surely every fan of dance/trance music will have heard these tunes over and over and over again, quite possibly in better versions and most certainly in better mixes. This may have merited a release a few years back and i probably would have enjoyed it immensely. However, albums such as this should be judged in context and this release illustrates that ministry of sound have just bought a franchise and decided to flog it till it is dead.

It is so disappointing that ministry don't have the ability to scour the top quality record labels that are still pumping out quality tunes every week or get a high profile DJ to mix a few cds. The harder euphoria brands are always well represented by the leaders of their respective scenes. This classics release strikes me as being a lazy product. It would be simple to employ almost any trance fan to compile a fresh compilation that would appeal to the mainstream as well as maintain credibility (e.g. the australian transmission series, or the german tunnel trance series), but MoS seem hell bent on repetition (see the latest dave pearce comp they have just released for proof!!!).

I admit that this compilation has an amazing tracklist but in context it is dated and betrays a series which used to represent the freshness of the trance scene.

I give it 2 stars purely because the tunes once represented the best of the best.

I could only recommend to those who have been trapped under a rock for the last 10 years

Very disappointing!

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