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Worth CT-LG Clear Ukulele Strings - Tenor Low G - Double Length For 2 Ukes
Worth CT-LG Clear Ukulele Strings - Tenor Low G - Double Length For 2 Ukes
Offered by Omega Music (UK) Ltd
Price: £15.64

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5.0 out of 5 stars Highly recommended for a warmer sound., 14 Jan. 2016
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Like many ukulele players, my instruments came with Aquila strings and I was very happy with them. But someone wrote on a uke forum that they always used Worth Clears, that they had a more mellow sound than the Aquilas - which is what I wanted for my new solid acacia ukulele.

Don't get me wrong, the Aquilas sounded great on that uke but the acacia has a very sweet, warm sound which I thought would benefit from strings with less bite, so I bought these. CTs for my ukes as I mostly only play tenors.

What a transformation! The Worths bring out the warm sweetness of the acacia and this uke positively sings now, even my mistakes sound pretty good! This was also my first time using an unwound low G string and I much prefer it. Absolutely no squeak and it sounds wonderfully warm. The first reaction from my husband was that it had a sound close to that of a classical guitar, especially with the low G.

Now, I know not everyone wants that sound for a ukulele but I'd heartily recommend these strings if you want a little more mellowness and warmth. These strings are especially well suited to low G tenor ukes. At the end of the day, it all depends on what kind of sound you want from your instrument.

I thought I'd been short changed by Omega at first because the title of this page used to read "double pack" instead of "double length" but I see that's been changed. Omega were quick to answer my e-mail and explained about the 63" double length strings. You just cut these in half for two instruments. So for both quality of product and quickness of response from the seller, I've no hesitation in awarding 5 stars.

Offered by Home Discount Ltd
Price: £27.98

5.0 out of 5 stars Functional, decorative and sturdy., 25 Dec. 2015
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
I dithered over yet another 5 star review, but I really can't fault this little table. I bought it as a telephone stand for my new retro rotary dial phone and it's ideal for that purpose, with a shelf on the bottom for the answering machine.

It says "solid wood" but doesn't specify which kind. Having seen it, I can tell you mine's made of pine - and that's good. I very much like the look of natural pine wood - plus cutting down and replanting evergreens is a very healthy thing for the planet as they grow very fast and growing trees put out lots of oxygen. So it suits me ethically too. Good Thing.

It's a very sturdy little table, absolute child's play to put together, no screwdriver, Allen keys or spanners required. (The leg sections screw into each other through the bottom shelf and into the table top.)

No wobble or rocking. As it's solid wood and not MDF, this little table will last a lifetime and looks very decorative with its nicely turned legs. Time will add a deep golden veneer to it. The "antique pine" colour beloved of wood stains.

Highly recommended - and it arrived very quickly too.

GPO 200 Classic Vintage Telephone with rotary dial - Black
GPO 200 Classic Vintage Telephone with rotary dial - Black
Price: £49.99

2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars True retro feel with modern tech., 24 Dec. 2015
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
I have to say, this arrived pretty quickly. Ordered on the 21st Dec, got it on the 24th - I thought at this time of year, I'd have to wait at least until next week.

I love this phone. I've always been a fan of old rotary phones and I already own a 1960's phone and a 1940's black Bakelite 300 series. Obviously, they won't work with modern connections, not even with the new style plug because they interfere with the broadband. One day I'll get them properly converted.

Until then, this GPO 200 reproduction will do very nicely. My initial worry was that it'd be like so many reproduction rotary dials and be made of light, flimsy plastic - but no. It's made of some form of plastic resin and it's almost as weighty as my original Bakelite phone. The handset is very sturdy - just don't hit anyone on the head with it, you'd probably kill them!

The dial feels very robust and smooth. It'll take a bit of time getting used to the * and # being on the dial (if you notice, there are two extra holes on it - 12 instead of the usual 10 - to accommodate the hash and star keys) but it's worth making the adjustment. I just have to remember that the last hole is NOT a zero... I've missed rotary dial phones. My family's first phone was a rotary dial in the 70s and I used to love playing with the dial - with the handset down, of course.

Another plus point - there is an actual set of proper bells in this telephone. No electronic reproduced sounds here, indeed no. A proper brrring brrring, thank you very much! Some reviewers have said that the bell ring is a bit quiet - but that's absolutely true of the model it's recreating. The robust, loud, aggressive ring came with the more modern phones in the 60s - the old Bakelite phones had a more polite ring. Just watch any old black and white film and see what I mean. Also, I've heard my genuine Bakelite phone ring and it's almost exactly the same sound as this.

There is a ringer on/off switch on the base as well as a 2 step volume control for the handset. I ALWAYS turn my ringer off at night so this is a major plus point for me. Of course, I could just pull the plug out of the answering machine, but a switch is much more convenient.

When you dial a number and your finger hits the metal dial stop, it moves almost imperceptibly and gives a tiny "click". This is what activates the tone dialling for each number, so your finger has to hit the stop - but it's actually quite hard to NOT let your finger hit the stop anyway, so that's no problem.

The handset coiled wire is - delightfully - cloth covered rather than plastic and it gives the whole unit a feel of quality and time taken over its manufacture. This phone gives you a true retro feel of a robust, solid piece of equipment but with all the convenience of being able to function properly on a modern network.

Have I said how much I love this phone?

No Title Available

4.0 out of 5 stars No way I'd fork out £200 + for the original when this dupe works so well!, 21 Dec. 2015
I didn't buy my brush from Amazon and mine has a different brand name, but it's the same brush. They all come out of the same factory and sellers get to put their own brand names on them when they buy a certain amount. Some throw in a cloth pouch, some come with UK adaptors... mine (brand name Hair Lovers) came with a proper moulded UK 3 pin fused plug on it which is wonderful.

I only paid 16 quid for mine but it was money well spent. The temperature is increased or decreased in increments of 5 degrees and when you press the + or - key, the target temperature is shown on the screen so you always know what you're getting. The screen at other times shows the actual temperature. Being able to see the numbers counting up when you switch it on is somehow reassuring and to hit 200 degrees (which I've found is the perfect temp. for my hair) takes hardly any time at all.

The biggest attraction of these brushes is that they're fast. Seriously fast. I can have my shoulder length hair looking immaculate in about 2 minutes flat. Some say that the ends aren't straightened with these brushes but that's because people rush it. just make sure the extreme ends of your hair are slowly drawn through the "bristles" just like the main shaft of your hair and you get pin-straight ends every time.

I SO much prefer this brush to the flat irons for so many reasons. Flat irons give you a deadened, cemented look, the hair doesn't move like hair but clumps together in sections which is frankly awful. Also, most flat irons don't have temperature control and they damage your hair dreadfully. Instead of clamping your tresses between two sizzling hot plates *shudder*, this brush just lets your hair glide through the ceramic coated "bristles" quickly and therefore doesn't fry your locks. Also, with this brush you can do away with the dreaded crimp you often get with flat irons.

So, it's super-fast, it's much better for your hair, and if you use a lot of under-strokes, you can actually give your hair volume and your hair looks and feels and moves like proper HAIR, not straw as with the flat irons. Mine feels wonderful and silky after using this brush. It also does away with any frizz in seconds.

I decided that it was probably a bit of a gamble but that I could afford to lose £16 if it wasn't so great. But after seen numerous positive reviews of these Chinese dupes on YouTube, I decided to have a go and I'm frankly delighted I did. Best hair styling product I've bought in years!

The only reason I gave it four stars is that, at first, my fingers kept pressing the temperature buttons when I was using it. But with a bit of awareness, you can use it without going near the buttons. A very minor niggle and I still love this brush to bits, but I'm trying to give a completely fair review.

40 LED Lighting Magnifying Glass Desk Lamp With 5X & 10X Magnifier
40 LED Lighting Magnifying Glass Desk Lamp With 5X & 10X Magnifier

2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
3.0 out of 5 stars Certainly fit for purpose - if you're prepared to wait and buy your own mains adapter!, 11 Oct. 2015
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
I'd have loved to give this 5 stars because, for the purpose it was bought, it's excellent.

A 5x lens with 40 bright, white LEDs is exactly what I needed for very small, detailed stitch work. I had a 2x lamp but with only a few LEDs and I was very much aware that I lacked both magnifying power and light - problems which this lamp solved excellently. Wonderful shadow-free white light (comparable with daylight bulbs) and excellent magnification.

However... it took over a month to get here arriving even outside Amazon's very generous time frame and, as another customer pointed out, it didn't have a UK plug. It came with an adapter but it looked to be an EU style. I contacted Sunix and they replied very promptly and politely apologising for this oversight and promising to send out a UK adapter to arrive in about two weeks. A couple of days later, however, they e-mailed me to say they didn't have any UK adapters so they offered to refund me £3 so I could buy my own. Fair enough.

Just as well it's a sturdy lamp because the box it came in was flimsy and bashed about badly. The acrylic lens was a bit grimy but unscathed so a bit of a polish with a lens cloth and it was fine.

Another star came off for the 10x inset lens which was really just stuck on and you can't see anything clearly through it. It doesn't bother me much, however, as I'd no intentions of using it. In fact, if I could, I'd remove it to give me a bigger 5x area.

But it works and it does precisely what I wanted it to do and, considering that most other 5x magnifying lamps come with those gawd awful circular tube lights which cost a fortune to replace and that the lamps themselves are hideously expensive, I think this was an okay bargain for the price paid.

I wouldn't by another from here, though. They sell these same lamps on a popular online auction site ready fitted with a UK plug and most of these lamps are already located in the UK so would only take days to arrive. I do wish Amazon would adopt this practise themselves and show us precisely where an item is located. I wouldn't have knowingly bought anything electronic if I'd known it was coming from the Far East simply because it's a pain to return it if it's faulty. Take note, Amazon and give your customers more information, please.

Offered by Universal Color
Price: £0.86

0 of 1 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars Best 93p I've spent., 27 Aug. 2015
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
I see it's gone down to 91p now.

Firstly, a star came off because, as most people have pointed out, there were NO instructions, despite being advertised as coming with them. Also, mine came from Singapore so took a while to get here. I think we should know where things are coming from so we can realistically expect when to receive them.

But the negatives are merely a niggle. If you want instructions, plug the word "epistick" into YouTube and you'll find them.

It's very easy to use and works very well indeed. It finds hairs you really didn't know you had as you feel them being wrenched out dozens at a time! Yes, it hurts a bit, but not that much considering what's happening.

It's basically a manually operated epilator but, after a few minutes work on a hint of a shadow on my upper lip, it leaves your skin feeling incredibly smooth. This is wonderful for me as I'm allergic to most depilatory creams and get nasty chemical burns from them. This sturdy little spring will never leave my side and I may get one just for my handbag!

Considering I've seen these sell for a tenner or more, the wait was worth it. Seriously, it's not much of a gamble if you're not sure - just buy one!

Luna Guitars UKE HTT 8 Satin 8 String High Tide Tenor Ukulele
Luna Guitars UKE HTT 8 Satin 8 String High Tide Tenor Ukulele
Price: £199.35

1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars Lovely Luna!, 22 April 2015
This is a beautiful instrument which sounds as good as it looks.

I took advantage of the current 40% off these ukes and got one hell of a bargain.

Unlike many Luna ukuleles which are all laminate, this one has a solid mahogany top which really improves the tone. It also has a cutaway to help reaching those nice extra frets - ideal if you've got small hands and short fingers like me.

Speaking of small hands, the neck on this ukulele is a good deal slimmer than the necks on most other ukes I've played - another bonus.

The abalone and MoP decorations are stunning but not overdone. This is a stylish instrument about which I have only one gripe - why no built in tuner on the pre-amp? Even the cheapest electro acoustic comes with a built in tuner these days. A bit of an oversight but I have my Snark tuner which will suffice and, at 40% off, I really can't complain all that much.

Beautiful instrument which sounds amazing.
Comment Comment (1) | Permalink | Most recent comment: Dec 2, 2015 3:40 PM GMT

GRETSCH G9121 Ukuleles Electric
GRETSCH G9121 Ukuleles Electric

2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars I also wanted it to have a cutaway to reach those extra high frets easily. Ideally, 10 Mar. 2015
This review is from: GRETSCH G9121 Ukuleles Electric
This is an outstanding uke for the price paid!

I've only played soprano before, and I've fancied a tenor for ages - for both the sound and the extra space in the frets. I also wanted it to be an electro acoustic. Being able to plug it in (and use effects) takes your playing to a whole new level, especially if you want to record. I also wanted it to have a cutaway to reach those extra high frets easily. Ideally, my dream tenor uke would also have a solid top for good tone. This Gretsch ticked all my boxes - and then some.

The nut and saddle are bone, not plastic. The action out of the box was perfect, lovely and low, making fretting so much easier. Even the stings didn't need much tuning.

It has a gorgeous tone - check out YouTube for videos to hear it for yourself. The wood is immaculate and the little rainbowy touches of mother of pearl on the fretboard, headstock and around the sound-hole just add a bit of class. The solid mahogany top has a lovely straight grain due to the fact that it was quarter sawn and the grain on the back and sides is very well matched.

Plugged in, it sounds great. It has a clear, warm tone acoustically and this can be enhanced by turning up the bass when it's amped.

The Grover tuners are a pleasure to use and, even with new strings, holds the tuning well. Even the built in tuner works flawlessly - I compared it with my faithful red Snark and it matches it perfectly - which is one in the eye for the naysayers who think "built in tuners are rubbish - get yourself a Snark". The pickup and electronics are by Fishman which should give you some idea of their quality..

The frets are well dressed and the honey mahogany finish is so much deeper and vibrant in real life than it is pictured. The cutaway makes it childsplay to reach those highest frets, even with short little fingers like mine. The deluxe gigbag is stylish and well padded with a generous sized outer pocket.

My only niggle about this uke is that it didn't come with a strap button (as I prefer to play with a strap for stability) but It was only the work of a minute to fit one myself.

All in all, I'd highly recommend this ukulele to anyone in the market for a decent tenor instrument. For the price paid, it's really excellent.

Spider ABS Jumbo Hard Flight Case For Acoustic Guitars
Spider ABS Jumbo Hard Flight Case For Acoustic Guitars
Offered by Flightcase Warehouse
Price: £49.99

5.0 out of 5 stars Excellent guitar case for a good price, 30 Jan. 2015
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Excellent guitar case for a good price.

Since I've only just received it, I can't comment on it's flight-worthiness, but it seems to be very solid and provides good protection for my precious acoustic guitar.

Nice roomy inner compartment and keys to lock it.

Also, this arrived very quickly - despatched one day, arrived the next.

Luna Guitars RSE NYL Flora Rose Folk Acoustic Guitar - Clear
Luna Guitars RSE NYL Flora Rose Folk Acoustic Guitar - Clear
Price: £296.55

5.0 out of 5 stars This is a beautiful guitar both in looks and sound, 21 Jan. 2015
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This is a beautiful guitar both in looks and sound. The narrower neck than your usual classical guitar is a bonus for people like me who don't have shovels for hands!

This is a bit of a hybrid guitar, neither a classical guitar nor your usual steel strung folk guitar. I suppose it's best described as a nylon strung classical with the advantages of a steel-strung acoustic like the single cutaway, fret markers, strap buttons and the built in pickup, 3 band EQ and electronic tuner.

It has the lovely mellow, full sound you'd expect from a nylon strung guitar and, as nylon strings take more time than steel to settle, the built in electronic tuner is very handy indeed!

As for looks, the deeply quilted maple top is breathtaking and the tinted abalone roses shine like jewels. Even the headstock with Luna's logo is beautiful, worked in very colourful natural abalone.

This is the sort of nylon strung I've always wanted - with all the perks of a regular steel strung acoustic. For me, it's perfect. I couldn't be happier with this instrument.

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