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iZKA® - Samsung Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 Screen Protector Cover Guard (Pack of 3) Includes Micro Fibre Cleaning Cloth & Application Card - iZKA Lifetime Warranty
iZKA® - Samsung Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 Screen Protector Cover Guard (Pack of 3) Includes Micro Fibre Cleaning Cloth & Application Card - iZKA Lifetime Warranty
Offered by iBox Ltd
Price: £4.99

2.0 out of 5 stars These screen protectors are no better and no worse than any other of the kind, 15 Sep 2014
These screen protectors are no better and no worse than any other of the kind. Does the job well enough if you know how to put them on without a ton of bubbles.

But I can't rate this product too highly, I'm afraid. First of all, the packaging. They came in an ordinary envelope in un-branded packaging (unlike the picture above), just a spit-thin open-ended cellophane inner envelope. No protection at all. If the postman had folded this large envelope (as postmen often do), the protectors would have been ruined. 1 star off for the packaging.

Also, there was no written warning on the envelope that it shouldn't be folded. If they couldn't provide more protection, they could at least have given a warning. 1 star off for that oversight.

Then there's the constant e-mail spam I've had since I was foolish enough to buy this product with DO NOT DELETE!!! in caps in the title of each message, begging me to review their product. I would have done anyway, I usually do. User reviews are the life-blood of online shopping. I invariably rely on user reviews for most things I purchase on the internet. I do hope the spam will stop now I've reviewed the item but I doubt it. I daresay this is another firm I'll have to set a blocking filter for. Another star off for unwarranted spam.

The product is okay, I suppose, nothing special, worth the money if it wasn't for the points above. I certainly won't buy this brand again because of the bad packaging and ridiculous e-mail spam. There are plenty of other brands who sell protectors like this for the same price who may pay more attention to packaging and not so much attention to spamming my inbox.

SLx 27822HSG Twin Output Signal Booster for 4G Device
SLx 27822HSG Twin Output Signal Booster for 4G Device
Price: £10.47

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5.0 out of 5 stars Cheap solution to a big problem., 10 July 2014
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Small, compact and does exactly what it claims. Most Freeview channels were choppy or just non-existent until I plugged this little wonder in.

Marvellous. Get one! If you're in an area of very bad reception, get two and let the first boost the second.

Despicable Me Cute Minions with Tardis Doctor Who Customized Nice Design Rectangle Mousepad
Despicable Me Cute Minions with Tardis Doctor Who Customized Nice Design Rectangle Mousepad

5.0 out of 5 stars Doctor Gru?, 4 Jun 2014
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This is just an excellent and fun mousemat. Gru's minions stealing the TARDIS is just too chuckle-worthy.

Also the mat itself is a good one. I've bought cloth-covered, rubber based mats for years because they're just the best for traction and non-slip. However, some mousemats are a little thin in the rubber backing but this one is lovely and thick and will probably last for many, many years with just the odd wash-down needed.

Who can resist? I couldn't!

BTM New High Back PU Leather Executive Office Desk Task Computer Chair w/Metal Base Black/red
BTM New High Back PU Leather Executive Office Desk Task Computer Chair w/Metal Base Black/red

8 of 8 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars Very comforable and stylish., 2 Jun 2014
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
As with most flat-packed office chairs, I'd recommend two people put this together - although my husband managed it mostly on his own and probably could have done it himself as my help was fairly minimal.

I'm really quite impressed with this chair. The cushion which is supposed to protect your waist actually does a decent job of providing some lumbar support. Good Thing.

The black button shown on the side of the chair to tilt the back isn't on this model. Instead, there's a chrome lever which sticks out the opposite end of the chair from the usual lock/raise & lower lever. I think I prefer this lever to the pictured button as it's very comfortable to use. You simply lock the chair in position then pull the lever towards you until you have the desired tilt then let go. It has a spring action so instantly goes back to its original position. Updated images would be nice but as I like this lever arrangement, I won't take any marks off for it.

The reason I DID take a star off this rating is that this same chrome lever had nothing to keep it from falling out again. It looks as though a cotter pin should have been securing it but my husband found a small self-tapping screw of his own which did the job. The pin may not have been properly bent out and fell out before the chair was packaged up. There was nothing in the packaging - I did search very thoroughly. This lever would work just sitting in the slot but the spring action would eventually cause it to fall out and there IS a hole at the end obviously for some sort of securing pin - I mention a cotter pin because two more of these are used in other parts of the base mechanism. Minor niggle, but if you don't keep a jar of assorted screws, nuts, bolts etc. like my magpie husband does, you may be stumped until you can buy a cotter pin to use.

I'm only 5' 4" and this chair fits me perfectly. The neck cushion is positioned where it should be but my husband who is 6' 2" has it behind his shoulders instead! Fortunately I'm the one who'll be using this chair most but fair warning if you're tall. He still finds the chair comfortable nevertheless but it would be more so if the neck cushion "reached" his neck, as it were.

The arms push up without external buttons and seem to stay put nicely.

This is a very stylish looking chair and surprisingly comfortable. I suppose you don't expect racing style/gamer's chairs to be as comfy as, say, the executive-style office chairs but this one certainly is. The seat feels firm but comfortable. There is sufficient padding but you don't sink into it. (From looking at the picture, I never expected to anyway.)

Today is only day one and I'm very pleased with this chair. I'll update this review after a period of time and report on how well it wears.
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One For All URC 7140 Essence 4 Universal remote
One For All URC 7140 Essence 4 Universal remote
Price: £15.25

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5.0 out of 5 stars What a brilliant thing!, 30 May 2014
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
I decided to test One For All's claim that it'd work with any device. I was fairly sure my new TV wouldn't be a problem - and it wasn't, the very first code worked - but my DVD player is quite old and, while there were codes listed for it, it was taking ages to go through them all with no decent results.

So, I abandoned inputting the codes and went for the Teaching Mode option instead. Brilliant! Within a minute I had all the controls I'd ever use from my DVD's remote working perfectly in this One For All device. So easy and so quick!

So even if your device isn't listed in this remote's extensive code list, no problem. "Teaching" it to recognise the flashes from your old remote works perfectly. Of course you DO have to have the old remote. If it's a lost one you want to replace, that might be a problem. But there are codes for some very old and unusual models included in the instruction book so chances are you'll find one which works.

This is precisely what I was looking for. And the handset is long and comfortable with buttons for just about any purpose, very similar to the remote for my new TV. As the "Essence 4" name suggests, this will let you programme up to four separate devices. I'd recommend this clever remote to anyone.

HoMedics SP10H Shiatsu Cushion with Heat
HoMedics SP10H Shiatsu Cushion with Heat

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5.0 out of 5 stars Ahh, blessed relief!, 10 Aug 2013
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
I've had this pad for a few years now so I've had plenty of time to test it.

Simple controls - press once for massage, twice for massage with heat and again to switch it off. It has an automatic safety cut out of 20 minutes, but if you feel you need more massage you just switch it back on again.

I use this in my high backed office chair which provides the perfect other half of the "sandwich". This way you can position it and lean against it as lightly or heavily as you feel the need.

I had initially considered the full seat-size option for one of these but then you're restricted to having massages in pre-determined points and, of course, everyone's a different height and gets pain in different places, so I don't really see much point in those, so I opted for the cushion instead - and am very glad I did.

This little miracle you can place anywhere you like. You can use it vertically or horizontally depending on what hurts most. I've used this for an intensely painful shoulder which no amount of prescription pain killers or muscle relaxants would relieve. THIS gave me the first relief I'd had in days in just under ten minutes of use.

I also have lower back pain due to an accident I had years ago - it is excellent for lumbar muscles! It can feel a bit uncomfortable initially as it's a pushing, rotating action - not vibration which is worse than useless - but all massage on painful spots is a bit sore initially. It goes very deep indeed and that's how it gets results. I've had a real life shiatsu massage before which was wonderful - but this is an excellent alternative for those who either can't afford the price of the sessions or just want the convenience of having it to hand 24/7.

Considering the price of a half-hour shiatsu session, this thing pays for itself in its first use - and I've had three years out of this wonderful little thing and it's still going strong. I often use it when I don't have any real pain, just to relax tense back and shoulder muscles after a stressful day.

For the amount of relief given at a low price, I wouldn't hesitate for a moment to recommend this shiatsu pad to anyone.

Offered by theofficechairshop
Price: £262.98

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5.0 out of 5 stars More of an armchair than an office chair, 31 July 2013
If you use your office chair a lot, I'd highly recommend you buy this one. It is insanely comfortable! I've had a couple of very good, very comfortable office chairs over the years but this one takes first prize. It really is like an armchair on an office chair base. I could (and have!) fallen asleep on this chair, it really IS that comfortable!

POINT TO NOTE BEFORE BUYING... there are other companies who make chairs which look to be absolutely identical to this one - and they probably are, for all I know. However, the Chelsea is made by a company called Dynamic and they fit a heavy-duty gas lift to this chair which will take weight of up to 150kg (23 stones 8 lbs) which is well worth getting. Even if nobody who uses the chair is even close to the weight maximum, it's always worth getting a heavier duty gas lift as it will last longer than weaker ones. For example, there is a company called Teknik who make identical chairs to this (Windsor and Lombard are the names for the cream and black options) but the gas lift on that is only up to 17 stones. I've seen reviews on Amazon for these identical looking chairs with buyers who discovered to their sorrow that the gas lift was a bit underpowered for their needs. Caveat emptor.

Back to the Chelsea. The first thing I noticed was that the backs of your thighs feel so incredibly cushioned, you can forget you're sitting in an office chair at all! Also the gull-wing arms are cushioned on all sides, so if you lean a little to one side, you feel this same soft cushioning on the sides of your thighs too.

The star base is a sturdy chromed metal one which not only looks good but provides added stability. This chair is rock solid, unlike some I've had where it feels like you're sitting on a roller coaster as some gas lifts tend to sit just a tiny bit squinted in the base giving you the feeling of the chair leaning to one side as you spin.

FOR THOSE WITH BACK PROBLEMS: This chair has a nicely cushioned lumbar support which is very good for me as I had a back injury years ago which resulted in weak lumbar muscles and almost constant back-ache, so I find this option to be one of the first I look for in an office chair. TIP: If, like me, you need lower back support more than most people, do steer clear of chairs with very firm lumbar support! Too hard can be almost as bad as no support at all. This was a tip I got from my doctor when I told him I was thinking of buying an orthopaedic mattress. He advised serious caution in this as something too firm can actually do as much damage as a too saggy mattress. I've found, through painful experience, that the same holds true for lumbar supports on office chairs. Hard/firm doesn't necessarily mean better.

OVERALL COMFORT: the chair is so deeply cushioned, you feel you're sinking into a luxurious armchair! The seat is generously proportioned, wider and deeper than most office chairs on the market and the back is higher than most too. However, if you're particularly tall, you'll find that the headrest on this chair can be raised to accommodate, which is a major bonus as my husband is 6'3" and needs this extra height. Also the headrest is padded and comfy, not hard like the ones you find on most ergonomic office chairs.

The facing on this chair is bonded leather, not the ultra-cheap and easily split PVC or PU leather.

The reason I saved up my pennies for this chair was purely hedonistic - I craved comfort as I work at my computer for most of the day and also, I'd sat in an identical-looking chair to this several years ago and I remembered it was THE most comfortable office chair I've ever tried - and I've tried many.

I've read reviews on seemingly identical chairs to this where people say you need two people to put this together. Not so with the Chelsea. My husband managed it with relative ease in about 15 mins due to the fact that the arms are already fitted and the chair back came already wedged in between the arms, just needing to be screwed into position once the base is affixed. This helps tremendously. If it hadn't, it WOULD have been a two-person job because it fits very snugly. At first we thought that two of the holes on the chair back were misaligned but, as I said, it does fit together snugly (which is a Good Thing when it's constructed) but all that was needed was to loosen the screws to the arms and it was simple to realign the holes for the chair back. Everything is precisely drilled and fitted and all the bolts are screwed into the base so you know you have the right size and amount and they can't be lost in transit if the packaging gets knocked about.

As for the packaging, it came in an enormous box, fairly well padded, no complaints there - but I AM glad the delivery man carried it upstairs to our flat as it is quite bulky and heavy. Be warned on that point!

To summarise: if you use your office chair a lot (or if you just want some serious comfort), do save your pennies and get the Dynamic Chelsea. It is every inch worth the price. (I actually bought it for about £30 cheaper from an online office supplier.) Until you sit on it, you won't realise just how luxurious it really is. The padded gull-wing arms are also marvellous - no more bruising my elbow on hard-armed chairs! I've bought much cheaper office chairs which have really just been a waste of money as their lack of comfort and lumbar support is only good for the occasional user.
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Stagg M50E Electro-acoustic Bluegrass Mandolin with Nato Top
Stagg M50E Electro-acoustic Bluegrass Mandolin with Nato Top
Offered by Manns Music
Price: £79.99

3 of 4 people found the following review helpful
2.0 out of 5 stars Meh. Just meh..., 16 Mar 2013
In many ways, this is a decent beginner mandolin. Finish is flawless and looks good, pickup's not bad at all, sounds pretty good amplified with some chorus and reverb.

The strings were awful, but I expected that. Stock strings usually are - but since they're consumables, you expect to change them anyway so I'm not really complaining about those.

The biggest let down on this mandolin is the machine heads. 3 of them were spinning aimlessly when I got mine but that was easily fixed by tightening the screws at the back of the headstock. So far so good... However, this thing just will not stay in tune which is - let's face it - a deal breaker when it comes to actually playing it. I fitted new strings, stretched them out, tuned, retuned etc. but there are a few duff tuners which just let the whole thing down. I tried deepening the grooves of the nut (a couple were so shallow, the strings kept popping out, even at full tension!) and applying graphite to lubricate them - this improved the tuning of the strings attached to the "good" machine heads but had little effect on the bad.

And, being a mandolin with the "joined up" 4-a-side machine heads, it's not easy finding replacements. I was prepared to buy new ones - but the spacing between the posts of replacements were all several mm's wider than the Stagg.

Acoustically, the sound volume's pretty good, the quality adequate but not thrilling. Sounds a bit dull on the G strings - even with D'addario's. With a better instrument, I might have persevered but as this mandolin doesn't even have an adjustable truss rod(!) I knew I wouldn't stick with it for long.

So, as it was for my birthday, my wonderful husband surprised me with a beautiful Vintage VFM300VSB F-style mandolin which he got brand new - with a hard case - for less than half the RRP. Deal.

Chalk and cheese, my friends! Chalk and cheese. The former made me discover swear words I'd never known existed, the latter is a joy.

As a beginner's mandolin, the Stagg might work out if all the machine heads do as they're supposed to - although, they ARE cheap and even the ones which didn't go out of tune were just too jerky for my taste. A lot of time's wasted tuning this thing. But some customers seem to be very happy with it so maybe I just got a duff one. But the sound's not what I'd want from a mandolin, to be honest. A bit flat and lifeless.

If you're starting out on the mandolin, my advice would be to save up and by something a bit better. There's nothing like a disappointing instrument to put someone off playing for life and, if you decide it's not for you, it's much easier to sell a good mandolin than a cheap and nasty one.
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Satzuma Diamante Headphone
Satzuma Diamante Headphone
Offered by ExpressPro
Price: £20.25

2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Absolutely fabulous, sweetie!, 12 Mar 2013
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Like the other reviewers, these headphones were also bought as a gift - for myself! Give them to your kids if you want, these sparklers are all for me. :)

Firstly, they arrived very quickly and were very well packaged. Sturdy box, lots of balloon padding on the inside.

Secondly, the product picture does NOT do these headphones justice. We're talking some serious bling here. All the colours of the rainbow explode from these things! They're just gorgeous.

And they're pretty decent as headphones too. Good bass and high-end response, no complaints about sound quality. They're quite sturdily built (no accusations of flimsiness here), and provide good ear coverage without being overly heavy or bulky. They're also very comfortable to wear for long periods and the circumference padding is soft, comfortable and does its job of cutting out ambient sound pretty well.

The electrical cord is very thin, which did concern me initially, but it's also covered in cloth rather than plastic which should ensure it lasts longer. As we know, plastic covering on thin wires can tend to split after a while. The cloth covering also makes it more comfortable should the wire rest against skin. Especially good for the hotter months when we wear less and sweat more. Wearing these sparklers out in bright sunshine should be an interesting experience, although onlookers may suffer from temporary blindness!

These headphones also sport an in-line volume control which is nicely responsive.

I just can't find any fault with them. so five stars it is. Although I feel I ought to add some more stars, were it possible, just for the "wow" factor. These are perfect if you want a little sparkle in your life without compromising comfort or sound quality.

Did I say a "little" sparkle? Silly me. ;)

The Puppet Company Wilberry Doll Collection Lottie
The Puppet Company Wilberry Doll Collection Lottie

1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Lovely Lottie, 12 Aug 2012
= Durability:5.0 out of 5 stars  = Fun:5.0 out of 5 stars  = Educational:3.0 out of 5 stars 
I've read all the reviews about this doll being gifts for babies and neices and granddaughters etc. but I'm unashamedly admitting that I bought Lottie for myself. I had a number of hard plastic dolls as a child and never really liked any of them but I never had a rag doll which, with hindsight, I think I'd have preferred. Fixed that now. ;)

She's a lovely doll with a very cute face (some ragdolls can look a bit impersonal, I find) and a good size too at 18" approx. Her dress can come off for washing as can her socks and shoes so if anyone fancies a bit of dolly dressmaking, Lottie can be your model. She also has underwear, a combination white vest and knickers which come to her knees and are edged in lace to match her socks and dress - nice touch, that.

I wouldn't advise putting this doll in the washing machine, however, as the form and shape of the doll - not to mention her curly hair - would probably be irreparably warped. Washing machines can be viscious on shaped soft toys - I know from experience! When the time comes when she needs a wash, my advice is to do it by hand at the sink with warm water and a mild soap or shampoo then carefully squeeze out excess water, wipe with a towel and leave to air dry. The shoes are vinyl so again, no machine washing but they would be very easy to wipe clean.

My only gripe about this doll - as with others here - is that there was no specific packaging with it, just came wrapped in bubble wrap and then a box. Oh, it was packaged well enough for delivery but something a bit nicer would be good, especially if this is to be a gift, although a few sheets of nice tissue paper as an inner wrapping would seem appropriate to me for a present. Rag dolls aren't as formal and stuck-up as their commercially packaged sisters, so again, the lack of a box wouldn't be a deal-breaker for me if I was buying this as a gift.

The cat in her pocket is a finger-puppet and is attached to the inside of the pocket by a longish piece of pink ribbon, matching the ribbon in her hair. Good idea this, especially if a child is playing with it as the cat is so little it could easily be lost.

The hair on my Lottie seems to be a fair bit longer than the picture shown here but that could just be the way the dolls come from the company. It's easy to tease out her "curls" with your fingers to give a longer, looser, more natural look.

All in all, after this purchase, I'd definitely recommend the Wilberry dolls. They're well made with good attention to detail, soft, cuddly and coming with their own pet is a very sweet idea. I understand the different dolls in the collection have different pets. She looks just adorable sitting on my bed. Even my husband doesn't object to her presence. ;)

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