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The Oasis (Lords of the Two Lands)
The Oasis (Lords of the Two Lands)
by Pauline Gedge
Edition: Hardcover

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4.0 out of 5 stars The Oasis, 5 April 2003
The battle for Egypt continues in the second inspiring episode of the Lords of the Two Lands trilogy.
Kamose Tao has inherited the hatred of the Setiu invaders from his father and when his family are brought before the usurping King Apepa for judgement for their failed rebellion, he begins to burn with the desire for revenge. The family are sentenced to poverty and a life of servitude and banishment from each other, a sentence that none of them are willing to accept, eaven if it means death.
While the Tao women take care of Weset and begin to master the arts of politics and espionage, Kamose raises an army, the like never seen before in Egypt, and sweeps north determined to eradicate the Setiu from the country. Carving a blody trail through the desert, he gives himself body and soul to the task of creating a unified Egypt.
This is a book that mixes fiction and history very well so that without realising you are learning many important facts about Ancient Egypt.

Lords of the Two Lands - Vol 1
Lords of the Two Lands - Vol 1
by Pauline Gedge
Edition: Paperback

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4.0 out of 5 stars Lords of the Two Lands, 5 April 2003
This book is the first of a trilogy. It is set in the Second Intermediate period, at the end of the 17th dynasty. The trilodgy is the story of how the egyptians reclaimed Egypt from the Hyksos invaders.
This first book is the story of Sequenra Tao, prince of Weset, who can trace his family back to the last true king of Egypt.
When the Hyksos usurper, King Apepa, demands that sequenra impoverishes his family, the Taos are forced to make a decision which will change their fates and Egypt's history forever.
Choosing to fight rather than submit, Sequenra raises an armi and heads to a desperate battle on the plains of Egypt to reclaim his country. but battle is the least of the challenges he faces. From within his very own house, a traitor is waiting to strike.
This book tries to stick very closely to history, and without realising you are learning many true facts to do with Ancient Egypt.

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