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Bloodborne (PS4)
Bloodborne (PS4)
Offered by Shop4World
Price: £42.79

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5.0 out of 5 stars Miyazaki is the best..., 27 Mar. 2015
This review is from: Bloodborne (PS4) (Video Game)
This is the genius that was Demon's Souls all over again.

Complex game mechanics that are hinted at rather than explained... it is not the cup of tea that everyone enjoys.... more of an earl grey. If you really love videogames, especially ones that offer a real challenge, Miyazaki games are the top of the pile. Treading old ground with certain gameplay elements from Demons Souls, whilst borrowing a couple of heavily adapted Dark Souls traits, Bloodborne feels like a fresh installment of a tried and tested franchise.

It's odd because at first, your instinct is to play this as a Souls game since at first it looks and feels like one - yet Bloodborne punishes you severely for doing so. There are no shields in the game. (at least, bar one which appears to be a troll / nod to series fans, a useless wooden plank that blocks just about nothing) No shields means you never feel the safety that they offered in the Souls games. They have taken away your only fail-safe block, forcing you to rely on quick reflexes and well timed counter attacks in combat.

At first, even if you are a Souls series veteran, you will die. A lot. Enemy mobs are far more versatile, quick, and attacks come in from all angles - without your trusty L1 to block at least a few of them. You simply have to fight your way forward, playing risky and hoping that it pays off. To aid you, you have lifesteal for a brief second or two after taking damage - a genius change to give you further incentive to fight back. You take a hit, you give a hit and heal a bit.

World and atmosphere are as usual superb. The art direction is macabre and sinister - yet it never feels grotesque. A foggy Victorian inspired city, misty woods and deep underground dungeons. Beautiful haunting music... and blood. Lots and lots of blood.

There are far too many mechanics to discover yet, and I am only about 10 hours in - I think it's part of the beauty this game has to discover things on your own. You are very rarely given much more than hints at where to go, and the world constantly throws danger at you while you explore it. Once again it's not for everyone - it takes patience and a lot of time to explore the world.

Praise the moon?!
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The Order: 1886 (PS4)
The Order: 1886 (PS4)
Offered by Gameline GmbH.
Price: £22.95

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2.0 out of 5 stars Confused., 20 Feb. 2015
This review is from: The Order: 1886 (PS4) (Video Game)
Very disappointed.. I got my copy thursday morning and, without knowing what to expect, I was very sad to see the end credits rolling by 3pm. It took me 5 hours and 20 minutes to finish the game on normal difficulty.

These PS4 games are not cheap, so you would expect the longevity to be more than 5 hours - especially when you consider the amount of gameplay and time it takes to complete, say, Grand Theft Auto 5, which is undoubtedly the best game available for the PS4 right now despite being a last gen game technically.

Very very rarely do I put graphics at the top of my agenda when reviewing a game, but this game is absolutely stunning. It looks like a CG movie, almost impossible to tell between cut scenes and gameplay. Blown away by some of the vistas and lighting effects. My wife even came into the room and asked if I was watching a new tv show - it really does look that good.

With that out of the way, the game itself is just.... meh. It feels like a movie indeed, which is what a lot of other people have said already, which in my opinion is not such a bad thing. Gameplay feels like Gears Of War, to compare it the best. Only it does it worse, with clunkyness and a RIDICULOUS!!!! amount of quick time events which I absolutely hate. Guns feel great however, which is good considering the majority of the rather short gameplay sections would suck if the weapons didn't feel right. Enemy AI is SO BAD though, which kills immersion and fun right out of the gate. Enemies constantly run into each other, stand on the spot, move away from cover mindlessly into your fire. Perhaps it gets better on Hard but I was expecting at least some challenge on normal which I didn't get. I very rarely died and usually on the werewolf sections.

Story is sadly the most disappointing thing however. With voice acting and graphical presentation as good as this, it is such a shame they went for such a cookie cutter 'werewolves / supernatural conspiracy' cliche story. The first hour I was really into it, but then 'something' (a certain scene approx 2 hours in, you will know what I am talking about right away) COMPLETELY ruined the entire thing for me. WHY????!!! why do they have to use this cliche? from then on, I knew instantly what the ending would be and I was right. All 'conspiracy' they were building was completely lost and worthless. It seems someone in the development team had a great lengthy story here that they started to build, then someone at publishing either said it's too long, or too intelligent, or too something to be done, hurry up and release the game. They really seemed to have cut the story and it suffers badly for it. The ending was abrupt sequel bait, with the final boss also being a recycled boss from earlier.... ahhh I am done.

I doubt I will bother pre-ordering any more PS4 games as I feel like I've been falsely advertised to once again.
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Dragon Age Inquisition (PS4)
Dragon Age Inquisition (PS4)
Offered by Bonisell
Price: £32.00

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3.0 out of 5 stars So far so Bioware..., 21 Nov. 2014
I managed to get this 2 days early from Shopto, though my collectors ed was fullfilled by amazon. Excellent collectors ed I might add. It should be noted that this review is based on my 16 hours with the game over the past 2 days, and to the collectors edition goodies.

So, after about 16 hours with the game I can say it is quite good. It's no where near the quality of Origins, but to be honest, I doubt the Bioware that created that game will ever get back to those days. It's a shame because this could have been so much better than it is.

The metacritic review scores are currently showing a real drastic dislike from most fans but honestly it is not that bad. It's a leap ahead of DA2, which is a relief. So lets get into the details..

Combat. It is by far the worst in the series by far in my opinion. I am playing as a Mage and I literally spend every fight holding down R2 and watching the AI do the rest. This is not fun. It feels very MMO-ish, and not in a good way. Why they could not go back to the classic deep combat of Origins I don't know, it seems like they want to dumb it down to appeal for the masses. You can no longer use healing spells in combat, they are pretty much gone from the game alltogether from what I can tell. Instead we have a host of different potions and tonics (wtf?) and all I can ask is WHY? what on earth makes this better than having a mage that can heal the party? It really removes a lot of viable party options. The most you can do in this game is a tank and DPS, but on Nightmare difficulty I was getting mauled by the basic mobs. I had 8 potions and got through them so fast that they may as well not even bother. The AI is atrocious in busy fights, with most of the party just aimlessly mashing away in melee range regardless of their weapon equip. The idea though is to use the 'overhead' tactical camera..... but that is even worse. It's buggy, often gets stuck on the environment and just feels like a tacked on rushed mess. Oh Bioware :(

Once you look past the poor combat, it actually gets pretty good. The world and atmosphere are stunning, something I have always felt Bioware have been great at. The sprawling world itself is huge, with interconnected zones that have loading times seperating them. It's not 'Skyrim' open world, more like Witcher 2. And imo it works well, each zone is absolutely enourmous and filled to the brim with quests big and small, and tons of hidden areas, loot etc. The good stuff is all here thankfully. No more corridor warfare like DA2. The story is another good thing, though certainly does not have the intricate choice that the trailers and hype would imply, in fact the decisions I made in previous games seem to not have properly came over to the new game. I guess it's a bug that will be patched... but when you run into a character you killed 2 games ago it really takes away the immersion and trust of the plot.. Romances are back, though you are quite limited with only 1 or 2 potential romance characters per character.

Presentation is great. Graphics, music and sound in general are amazing minus some minor bugs like clipping hair, at least on PS4.. The frame rate while smooth in combat and gameplay, chugs a bit in cut scenes for some reason. Again they will probably patch this out.

If the above problems get fixed in future patches this game is easily a 4.5/5 but unfortunately it's held back quite a bit.
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Lords of the Fallen - Limited Edition (PS4)
Lords of the Fallen - Limited Edition (PS4)
Offered by Gameseek
Price: £20.60

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2.0 out of 5 stars Souls, without the Soul., 30 Oct. 2014
"We were inspired by Dark Souls" says Tomasz Gop, many times at many gaming events and conventions when describing his studio's game, Lords Of The Fallen. "The combat is challenging. It doesnt hold your hand". This had a lot of potential but sadly it just failed hard. I thought it would fill the void of emptiness, an appetiser before the feast that will be Bloodborne in February, but it's a rotten apple I'm afraid. Hidetaka Miyazaki must be looking at this game and laughing manically at how poorly it imitates his masterpieces.

The Dark Souls influence is all over the combat, but nothing else. Nothing about what made the Souls games so excellent is here in this game. It's as if they took the very core mechanics from Souls and stripped everything else away, leaving a hollow husk of bad framerate and crippling bugs.

This game is as cookie cutter, low budget ripoff as it gets. Enemies AI are janky as possible, stupid and hidden by the fact that they are "blind". Well at least the developers are honest. The system is a very poor mechanical rip of the Dark Souls games. Heavy combat with dodging, parrying and backstabs included. The problem is, hit detection is horrendous, weapons seem to have no weight or impact, and the sound design feels as though someone is in the cupboard behind you whacking pans together.

Sadly the poor quality doesn't end there. It gets much, much worse. Starting with the framerate. It dips and chugs, and screentearing is a constant problem. I thought the ps4 was a powerful enough system to get away from all of this? Obviously not, but wait... The xb1 and pc versions are just as bad - it is clearly the poor code.

Story is as generic as it gets - in fact the world, art and character design is so bad it makes me wonder if they just copy pasted this junk from their favourite warhammer or diablo fanfiction. Not one single aspect of this world makes any sense or has any kind of unique aspect to it.

Voice acting and character animation is some of the worst i've ever came across in a game. It's just so over the top and budget that I was laughing out loud during 'serious' cutscenes. The whole time, the characters are flailing their arms around as if they have a mental illness. Wtf?

I barely made it past the 4th boss and by that point if your game is still not any better, i'm out. It's just too poor to continue. Normally I would not write a review without completing the game but In this case I can't sleep at night knowing I burned £45 on this crapfest.

2 stars for atleast acknowledging and respecting the mechanics of a far better game.
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Bayonetta 2 - Special Edition (Nintendo Wii U)
Bayonetta 2 - Special Edition (Nintendo Wii U)
Offered by BLUESHINE
Price: £38.70

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5.0 out of 5 stars OOh my god....., 25 Oct. 2014
What can I say about this game? Other than it's probably the best action game I've ever played? Or perhaps I could talk about how it's combat system is the most perfectly refined of any game I have ever, ever played? Or perhaps to gush about how the visuals are so spectacular, spellbinding even, my 2 year old son was completely mesmerized by all the colors on the screen despite not having a clue what was going on. He sat in silence with me for 2-3 hours as I first got into this game.

This is just something else. It really is a fantastic achievement when you think it's a Wii U game, you would typically expect the exclusives to have that uncanny-valley Nintendo style and this is so far away, so unique, and so stylistically defined that I find it hard to describe. There is a mechanic called Witch Time that is effectively a mini-bullet time style power-up that allows you to keep mashing out combos if you have landed the previous combo flawlessly. It encourages you to keep trying to sharpen your button timing, whilst rewarding you gradually and it makes me wonder why no other game has done this before. It just feels so organic and I couldn't play another action game without it.

Then there is the actual art style which again, is flawless. It's just so over the top, so colorful, so bat-shit crazy that you are constantly awestruck. The boss battles are absolutely incredible, like watching an over the top firework display over a war of the worlds type of scenario. With all this stuff going on I was amazed that this game runs at a smooth 60fps, which I assumed was not possible on Wii U hardware... I guess this little console has more power than we thought. I now have great hopes for more exclusives and titles like Xenoblade X on the horizon, it could be a great year in 2015.

It's fun. It's unique. It's story is bonkers. This is everything from all of your favorite anime's as a kid, with all the polish and action of a true tripple A game. I can't recommend it enough.
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The Evil Within (PS4)
The Evil Within (PS4)
Price: £18.85

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2.0 out of 5 stars Not very good., 14 Oct. 2014
This review is from: The Evil Within (PS4) (Video Game)
I was so very excited for this because it's Mikami and it's a throwback to classics in the survival horror genre like Resident evil 4 and Silent Hill 2. With next gen graphics? count me in!

Sounds good on paper, right? But sadly it doesn't seem to come together in a concise way. Sure, the atmosphere is very thick and it's certainly got it's fair share of survival horror style, but everything else is severely lacking. It also runs very poorly on the PS4 system. I had to restart my Ps4 at first because I thought there was something wrong (the fans go crazy and the fps drops to choppy as heck in busy scenes). This is just such a let down considering how little the Ps4 has to offer on horror games right now.

The story is really cookie cutter which is a shame. I was hoping for an intricate plot like say Silent Hill 2 but we got something more like Silent Hill Downpour which while I did enjoy that game, it certainly isn't a great story. Characters are very 2 dimensional and flat, voice acting is especially average though it seems like they did it on purpose? can't put my finger on what I mean by that, but it feels a bit 'over the top on purpose' like they are trying to nostalgia bait or something. Even Resident Evil 1's jank had charm - this game does not.


+Gunplay is nice. Headshots are epic explosions of gore.
+Atmosphere is good but it's very generic environments don't help.

+Bland story
+Not very scary
+Terrible performance on PS4
+Terrible voice acting
+A bit generic overall
+Really shoddy enemy AI.

Completed the game - edited this review. I removed one more star, this is such a trash game. So boring and over within 10 hours.
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Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor (PS4)
Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor (PS4)
Price: £22.87

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4.0 out of 5 stars Currently, one of the best on PS4, 8 Oct. 2014
It's good fun. Easily the best LOTR game, 8/10 from me.

Murdered: Soul Suspect Limited Edition (PS4)
Murdered: Soul Suspect Limited Edition (PS4)
Offered by Moviestation limited
Price: £39.99

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2.0 out of 5 stars Mediocre at best., 6 Jun. 2014
I am kind of annoyed I played full price for this, because the devs did not deliver on their promises of an open world, free to explore. You are not free at all in this game, it's nearly entirely scripted and limits you to using what skills it wants you to use to solve puzzles.

It's like L.A Noire, minus the polish, and has been watered down in the difficulty department to the point of 'my mum could play it'. In fact, now that I think about it, this is probably the kind of game that my mum might play if she were remotely into games. It's just such a shame because the premise is so good, the first 10-15 mins I thought I was in for a treat... then, pants.

I would 'maybe' recommend the story, if it was not so riddled with cliche and predictability. There really is not much here for your money. The end credits were rolling just 7 hours after I started the game, completed in one sitting....

+Nice graphcs
+Good voice acting and overall presentation is it's strong point

- Just about everything else. Gameplay, story and fun is terrible.
- Will be in the bargain bins and pre-owned section of GAME for £4.99 before you know it.
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Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes (PS4)
Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes (PS4)
Offered by EVERGAME
Price: £13.87

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1.0 out of 5 stars TWENTY FIVE POUNDS FOR ONE HOUR?, 23 Mar. 2014
Is this a joke? I am deadly serious. It has to be a joke. Right?

This is a DEMO. It is over within an hour, and I am a pretty poor metal gear player. I saw someone speed ran this game in under 10 minutes. Absolutely unacceptable. There is no way in hell we should be paying for this. I am attempting to return it back to amazon ASAP. This is almost false advertising.

Don't waste your money.

Dark Souls II (PS3)
Dark Souls II (PS3)
Offered by Peej's products
Price: £11.95

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5.0 out of 5 stars So the world might be mended..., 14 Mar. 2014
This review is from: Dark Souls II (PS3) (Video Game)
The Souls franchise is by far the best the PS3 has to offer. Legendary status. I got the game early from the US (PS3 is region free so I thought I'd jump in with the NTSC version 4 days early). It brings back memories of importing the original Demons Souls game from Japan before anyone in the west had a clue about this new drug.

It's just glorious. All the best bits of Dark Souls mixed with (surprisingly, and quite unexpectedly) more elements of the original, Demon's Souls. They removed a lot of the frustrating online problems like laggy backstabs and finally, they added dedicated servers. Online is smooth as butter and lag free now which makes for an enormous improvement. There are a bunch of new covenants to try this time around with excellent online features that I don't want to spoil... You can be a sort of 'soul police' that raids the world of other players who have slain noobies, which is just too good. Having a blast with the Blue Sentinels so far.

Anyway, enough of that.. the game itself eh? Did they sell out? did they pay for good reviews? has the series become 'casual'? simple answer: LOLno. The game is just as tough as ever, and thankfully remains true to the series.

Bonfires are back, but now you have ability to fast travel from the start, once you light each bonfire once. Some may say this is making things easier, but the world of this game is so vast compared to the first Dark Souls you can see why it was added - there is no way anyone will want to keep trekking the enormous interconnected map back to Majula (Firelink shrine / Nexus 3.0) every time they want to level up or rest.

Enemies, world and atmosphere are thick and deep as always. Drangleic is more like Boletaria than Lordran, and has a lot more boss encounters than either of the predecessors which I think is fantastic. The combat seems to have been refined to a crisp, sharp edge. Every build is viable now, magic has been especially improved and there is a playstyle for everyone rather than just the already experience NG+ runs.

Back to my original point, these games are so consistent in their design and quality that it begs the question: Why aren't all games this good? There really is nothing like them, so many have tried and failed miserably to have that 'souls' feel. If you are a series fan you will love it, it delivers oh so well. If you are a newcomer, I recommend you play the first two games very highly, but you may start here as the story is unique with a few subtle fan-fare throwbacks to earlier games. There are a couple of characters and references that connect Dark Souls 1's Lordran to the new world Drangleic though wether or not it is a solid reference is not clear yet (I have not finished the game entirely).

Longevity seems to be great, I've sunk about 40 hours in and according to the wiki for the game I've seen about 50% of the content.

Anyone wants to ask me questions feel free, I will try to respond.

Very highly recommended, 5 stars...
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