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Horror Society Stories Volume 1
Horror Society Stories Volume 1
Price: 0.77

5.0 out of 5 stars The Horror Society know their stuff., 18 April 2014
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
After following the Horror Society on Twitter for a while, I was very excited to read this book. The people in the society know their stuff and with this book no gut is left un-churned, no twist denied and no moral ground left intact.
Included are eleven short stories:
LOAF DIVINE by Canaan Frank: A hotel seeks out the twisted secrets that lie within the past and conscience of a man
DEAD RINGERS by David Blackthorn: College students have an eventful night sleeping amongst the graves of plague victims
A VAMPIRE WALKS INTO A BAR by Aaron Ray Ballard: A bar that plays host to many unnatural beasts has a interesting night.
JUMP $20 by Marc E.Fitch: Tax laws and strange coincidence turn one man's cliffside home into a troublesome buy lucrative business.
MY LOVER, MY GARDEN by Erik Gustafson: An obsession with gardening makes simple vegetation turn nasty.
THE INVISIBLE ENEMY by Bryan Cassiday: When a disease of indifference to violence breaks out, how do you beat something you cannot see.
THE LUNCH PAIL by W.B.Stickel: An item hidden inside a child's lunch pail causes sheer mayhem at a school. But what is this mysterious item?
THE SPECIMEN by Angela Pritchett: A professor researching miracles of the sea drags up something from the depths that should have stayed in the deep dark.
HAIR AND TEETH by Katie Jones: In an apocalyptic world a man trained in the art of butchery survives in the only way he knows how.
DOGS WANT TO EAT YOU by Ralph Robert Moore: Dogs have their day in the most horrific of ways.
BONUS STORY by cover artist
YOU DON'T HAVE TO GO HOME by Manny Serrano: A meeting with fate stalks a couple on a night out.

This is a very enjoyable book mainly because of the vast differences in each story. With just a general theme being horror the writers and editors are given free reign to let their twisted minds spit out whatever they like so you are never sure what type of story you'll be dealing with next. Gruesome? Gory? Humourous? Mythical? Mysterious? All the stories are well written, engaging and inventive ending with a brief but informative Bio of the author for those wishing to extend their reading.

Conspiracy Theories
Conspiracy Theories

3.0 out of 5 stars To protest too much..., 17 April 2014
This review is from: Conspiracy Theories (Hardcover)
First off, some good points about this book: There are many subjects covered here. From the well known ( JFK, Loch Ness monster, Bigfoot) to some lesser known theories ( FeeJee Mermaid, BlueBeard, Cardiff Giant ) All the subjects are broken down into descriptive bite-sized chunks of information, each grouped together with similar stories. There are inserts of photo's, sketches and images of real life documents that relate to each theory.
Now the not so good: While it can be considered admirable not to pander to every strange question or thought people might have about historical events with suspicious circumstances, there is sometimes an overpowering feeling with this book that the writers are poking fun at the very people that these books appeal to. People who question nothing and accept everything are not very likely to invest time and money into buying Conspiracy Theory books so to insult the intelligence of the genuinely curious is not a smart move and left me angry at times while reading this book. Many theories covered have very real facts and questions circling around them e.g Bermuda Triangle, Jack the Ripper, Pyramids, Roswell and to just bluntly deny these facts like this book does on many occasions doesn't help anything but only deepens the mystery of why some things are so vehemently denied by those in charge.
A good way to read this book is from a psychological stand point. If you believe in conspiracy theories ( and I'm guessing you do if you are considering buying this book) then do buy this book and read it with the state of mind being that therre are people in this world who who lie and treat the public as fools expecting them to swallow everything that is fed to them. If you come at this book from that point of view you may find that this book is less about finding the truth but more about the rigidity of the mind of idiots who truly believe that WE are the idiots instead.
How wrong they are. Right?

Hell Birth: Tales of Extreme Horror
Hell Birth: Tales of Extreme Horror

4.0 out of 5 stars The many faces of Hell., 5 Feb 2014
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Being a fan of extreme horror I had high hopes for this collection. I haven't read anything by John Putignano before so I was also excited to find a new horror author that I can follow in the future. Happily I have.

This book is a collection of short stories all based or somehow revolving around the concepts of Hell, demons, Satan or dark taboo's. From necrophilia to cannibalism, madness, possession, Satanic rituals and murder all feature along with added oddities like harmonious frogs, strange medical conditions and even a quick mention of Horror Hero H.P.Lovecraft. Despite the relative narrowness of the theme the stories are varied in both style and substance. Yes, there is ultra-violence, sex and buckets of gore but there is also a loads of demented dark humour, cleverness, genuine suspense and surprising twists and turns in the narrative that hit you like a gut punch.

I really enjoyed this book. So much that I didn't want it to end. I will definitely read other books from this author again and would love to see what he comes up with when he tackles other horror topics.

Dahmer's Not Dead
Dahmer's Not Dead
Price: 3.20

5.0 out of 5 stars He may be dead but he's not certainly not finished., 1 Feb 2014
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This review is from: Dahmer's Not Dead (Kindle Edition)
On July 1991 Jeffrey Dahmer the notorious cannibalistic serial killer was captured by police.
On November 28, 1994 Dahmer was beaten to death by another inmate...Or was he?
What if Jeff didn't really die that day. What if it was all a elaborate hoax? What if Dahmer found a way to escape jail by faking his own death?
These 'what-if's' are the basis for this taut gripping story. Part horror. Part conspiracy theory. Part police procedural. This story is all the more terrifying for the amazing amount of detail and believability that is imbued on every page.

Detective Helen Closs is a highly successful police officer whose career is on a high. Despite the horrid nature of her work, she is for the most part, free of any demons and able to separate her personal life from her job until she gets the call one night to attend the local morgue and witness the supposed corpse of one Jeffrey Dahmer. Not particularly caring about the death of a serial killer, Helen has no way of knowing that her life is about to spiral quickly out of control when more bodies start to pile up all bearing the hallmark of Dahmer. Despite her certainty that Dahmer is definitely dead and that all these new deaths can be attributed to a copy-cat killer the proof and evidence may soon prove her wrong making Helen's once simple life both extremely complicated and completely chaotic.

Any body who knows any other works by Edward Lee and seeing a serial killers name in the title of this book may assume this book to be a bloodbath of violence and gore. You would be wrong. Lee and co-author Elizabeth Steffen craft a finely honed, skillful story that does not need or have any over-the-top blood letting. The authors are very smart that way, keeping you hooked with snippets of information that constantly leave the reader second-guessing and surprised. It's one of those books where you are sure you have figured it out then you turn the page and are proved wrong. It's an amazingly suspenseful and scary read that races along never letting you breath or relax. Creepy, crafty and intelligent..much like Jeffrey himself. Read it.

Ominous Realities: The Anthology of Dark Speculative Horrors
Ominous Realities: The Anthology of Dark Speculative Horrors
Price: 2.52

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5.0 out of 5 stars Visions of a scary future., 11 Jan 2014
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Let me first say that I do not read Sci-fi very often. I'm more of a horror fan, but this book has enough absolutely terrifying versions of the future or different realities that, to me, it can be classified as horror because there is nothing more frightening than the unknown.
HOW TO MAKE A HUMAN by Martin Rose: Robots made to re-create humans after Armageddon find the intricacies of the human soul difficult to duplicate.
ANGIE by John F.D Taff: A bittersweet tale of loyalty and love in the face of a zombie apocalypse backed by the old 'Rolling Stones' song.
ON THE THRESHOLD by William Meikle: Two scientists who work to create a new universe find their experiment works maybe too well.
DOYOSHOTA by Ken Altabef: A strange 'Hum' affects the residents of a small desert town.
THIRD OFFENSE by Gregory L.Norris: An author in a commercialised dystopian world tries to break free of his confines in order to produce a original but now highly illegal novel.
METAMORPHOSIS by J.Daniel Stone; A train journey turns bizarro in this story filled with hallucinogenic prose and twisted imagery.
WE ARE HALE,WE ARE WHOLE by Eric Del Carlo: A 'ripjack' focusses on a comfortable future despite his dangerous profession
PURE BLOOD AND EVERGREEN by Bracken MacLeod: Imprisoned, a boy fantasizes about a world beyond the barbedwire fences and the hope of a merciful God.
JOHN,PAUL,XAVIER,IRONSIDE AND GEORGE (BUT NOT VINCENT) by Hugh A.D Spencer: A carer for a strange man/creature has a life changing experience as world ending catastrophe draws near.
AND THE HUNTER,HOME FROM THE HILL by Edward Morris: A crashed meteorite imbues a couple of kids with strange powers.
BORN BAD by Jonathan Balog: An intelligent childs admiration for a priest reveals a surprising truth.
THE LAST BASTION OF SPACE by Ewan C.Forbes: Imagination is explored as reality crumbles.
EVERY SOUL IS A GRIMOIRE by Allen Griffin: A peculiar and poetic story about the construct of the soul, memories and expressionism in art and how it can easily be controlled and corrupted.
FROM THE EAST by Alice Goldfuss: A woman survives day by day but is she really the last human alive?
DECIDING IDENTITY by Paul Williams: Parallel worlds exist but only one world can survive.Which will win the vote?
THE LAST ELF by T.Fox Dunham: Fairytales clash with history is this tale of magic and human horror.

The stories available here are all very well written, intelligent and mystifying. They have that rare quality of making the reader consider that the tales within these pages may hint at our real future both distant and near. There is enough realism sewn into the fabric of each story as to worry you that these writers may not be too far off the mark as to what the future may hold. A very enjoyable read.Thank you.

Some of the authors in this collections have other stories included in Splatterlands: Reawakening the Splatterpunk Revolution Dark Visions: A Collection of Modern Horror - Volume One Dark Visions: A Collection of Modern Horror - Volume Two

Dark Visions: A Collection of Modern Horror - Volume Two
Dark Visions: A Collection of Modern Horror - Volume Two
Price: 2.52

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5.0 out of 5 stars Deliciously dark and eclectic selection., 7 Jan 2014
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This is quite a refreshing take on horror and the macabre. So many short story collections get mired down in the same old topics and subjects that many get tiresome to read. This boredom does not relent just by soaking every page in gore (despite what some think) so it's exciting when you discover short horror tales like these that try to push the genre into a more unpredictable direction.
Included are
MISTER WHITE by John C.Foster: Paranoia reigns as a man tries to outrun the deadly and mysterious Mr White.
DREAMING IN AND OUT by Carol Holland March: A woman's bizarre dreams, though troubling, may lead to an escape from her own hellish existence.
MOONLIGHTING by Chad McKee: A man questions his moral standing as he is introduced to a twisted game by a friend.
WORMHOLE by J.Daniel Stone: Personal tragedy and curiosity lead two people to explore an old asylum that still holds frightening secrets.
REMEMBER ME by David Blixt: A coachman picks up a traveler and teaches him a bleak lesson in being very careful of what you wish for.
THE FIRST YEARS by David Siddall: An old man lives alone and enjoys his solitude but is he as mild mannered and innocent as he seems?
THE ELEMENTALS AND I by C.M.Saunders: The human testing phase of a new drug expands reality to a worrying degree.
RELEASE by Jane Brooks & Peter Whitley: One man's loving obsession with his girlfriend doesn't end even in the aftermath of a zombie apocalypse.
WATER,SOME OF IT DEEP by David Murphy: A friendship with an acid-tongued man leads a would-be poet down a harrowing path of personal hardship.
ACCEPTANCE by Kenneth Whitfield: Welcome aboard on to this cruise-ship from hell. Don't bother with the life jackets, you wont need them.
VARIATIONS OF SOULLESSNESS by A.A.Garrison: An author who makes fun of suffering and pain in his books get a very unwelcome visitor.
CHAPELSTON by Rhesa Sealy: A detective haunted by a serial killer he failed to catch once again becomes embroiled in the case when another body surfaces.
LAST CALL by JC Hemphill: An alcohol fuelled night turns nasty leaving a man with a wickedly dreadful hangover.
CITY SONG by Edward Morris & Trent Zelazny: A desperate group of homeless people amuse themselves as they wait to scrounge from a beast they call Jessica.

While this is a more subtle collection of horror, it is horror all the same. It is filled with creepy, nasty and thoroughly mind troubling tales it just doesn't need to blow off arms and heads to get you to that weird yet exceptionally frightened place. Classy collection.
Thanks for reading.

Splatterlands: Reawakening the Splatterpunk Revolution
Splatterlands: Reawakening the Splatterpunk Revolution
Price: 2.52

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5.0 out of 5 stars Take a stroll through the Splatterlands., 3 Jan 2014
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
The best thing about this short story collection is it's brazenness. It is a violently visceral book staining with gore and bulging with pure nastiness. In short it's a book that any real literary horror fan should relish.
The stories include:
HEIRLOOM by Michael Laimo: An inherited rifle holds terrible memories and depraved secrets for a seriously demented killer.
VIOLENCE FOR FUN AND PROFIT by Gregory L.Norris: Vengeance becomes political manifesto in this warped view of post-Bush America.
AMPUTATIONS IN THE KEY OF D by Jack Maddox: A rock star goes for a routine wart removal and ends up losing and gaining much more than he could have ever dreamed or feared.
HOUSESITTING by Ray Garton: Snooping around a neighbours house turns up a nasty little secret for one nosy woman.
EMPTY by A.A.Garrison: A bizarro satire of blind religious fervour and the destruction of the incorrectly blamed 'controversial' scapegoats.
DIS by Michele Garber: A psychologist fights inner demons and temptations in this gory story of madness.
DWELLERS by Paul M.Collrin: In the middle of the desert a God preaches to his eager flock but a disbeliever within the crowd is ready to cause violent havok
PARTY GUESTS by Chad Stroup: The scattered darkly humorous thoughts of an autistic man make for quirky and thoroughly unhinged reading.
THE VISCERA OF WORSHIP by Allen Griffin: A worshipper goes on a pilgrimage to find like minded souls in this celebration of cannibalism and murder.
THE DEFILED by Christine Morgan: Warriors ransack and ravage a village but they soon become the victims at the hands of the 'Marsh-Folk'.
THE ARTIST by James S.Dorr: A meat sculptor pushes the boundaries of art.
A LETTER TO MY EX by J.Michael Major: An email brimming with bile and anger reveals the extreme limits a man has gone to in order to reek revenge on his ex-wife.
DEVIL RIDES SHOTGUN by Eric Del Carlo: A burnt out cop desperate to find a serial killer enlists the help of a demon.

This is a good quality collection thats covers a lot of hot horror topics while focusing on a few such as serial killers, religion and revenge. With it's liberal serving of blood it may not be to everybody's taste but if you are brave enough you are bound to find something that surprises and shocks you. Enjoy. Thanks for reading.

Price: 2.06

5.0 out of 5 stars A serial killer's best friend., 30 Dec 2013
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This review is from: Kutter (Kindle Edition)
An inventive, enjoyable and surprisingly heart-warming take on the serial killer thriller.

Charlie is a quiet man. He keeps himself to himself at work, views the world through highly practical eyes, is meticulous to a fault and incredibly thrifty. He avoids any kind of personal contact with people and cares not a jot about anybody's feelings, desires, ideas or personalities. He is also a very successful serial killer. Keeping his killings to a strict schedule, he allows himself to hunt for a new victim once every two months and always aims for victims which he considers low risk i.e junkies and the homeless.
This lifestyle works well for him and to all intents he considers himself content but when he discovers an abandoned dog in the park, Charlie's life begins to change in ways he couldn't possible imagine. At first he resists the lure of this new way of living, clinging desperately to the rules he has laid down for himself and kept to for so many years but soon his will crumbles and as his feelings towards the dog deepen, so the walls come down and he finds himself getting interested in other normal things like enjoying conversation with co-workers, watching movies and even developing a relationship with a woman that doesn't involve him torturing her in his basement. The dog, Kutter, unleashes a new world onto Charlie while all the time distracting him from the murderous hobby that he used to enjoy so thoroughly.

While this story may not take you very long to get through, coming in at a novella length tale, the feelings and emotions the tale stirs up are well worth the books price and the unexpected and hugely impactful ending will stay with you long after the final brilliantly written page.
Thanks for reading.

Don't Stand So Close
Don't Stand So Close
by Eric Red
Edition: Paperback
Price: 7.81

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4.0 out of 5 stars And the award for worst teacher goes to..., 26 Oct 2013
This review is from: Don't Stand So Close (Paperback)
Teenager Matt moves to a new town. Feeling lonely and uncomfortable, he welcomes the kindness his new teacher Ms Hayden shows him...not to mention the teacher being easy on the eye. His teenage dreams soon comes true when Ms Hayden draws closer to the boy and starts to respond to his fumbling advances but in a truly nasty twist on 'beware what you wish for' mythos, Ms Hayden soon turns into a monstrosity of a woman who has murderous intent, cunning and evil running deep through her veins.
Matt world is turned upside down in hellish fashion and the few friends he has managed to gain also becomes embroiled in Ms Hayden's wicked game.
This novel is immensely tense. You're given just enough information to fear for Matt and friends without the book flagging up the next move which works to keep you constantly on edge and having to restrain yourself from skipping ahead just to put your curiosity and fear to rest.
Part erotica, part nightmare. In parts horrific and violent, in parts tender and kind and always scarily realistic. A fantastically entertaining read from a writer with a huge horror pedigree.

Carnage: After the End - Volume 2
Carnage: After the End - Volume 2
Price: 2.59

5.0 out of 5 stars More of the world no more., 1 Sep 2013
In reading this second volume of Earth ending short stories you will realize just how many ways life as we know it could end. It could make you feel very small and totally useless or, depending on your point of view of society, it could fill you with hope knowing that the end is always near and that maybe if the ever impending apocalypse does happen we can rise from the ruin and try not to make such a mess of the World the second time around. Either way read and enjoy yet another fine collection of 'what-if' tales.

'Jaundice' by Zachary O'Shea: In a world overrun with mold and mildew Cara's detestable job is to clear out the yellowed infected that used to be people. On a routine run she is suddenly isolated from her crew, as danger draws near a man with an axe provides rescue but is he a hero or is there something else running through the ruins that could pose the greatest threat yet.
'Hoolies' by Harper Hull: After the end, the remaining survivors fly colours, flags that set them apart from other gangs and provide a sense of pride. To lose your flag is to incur shame and death. Are these flags really reminders of old society's divisions or merely incomplete remnants of kinship and shared interests?
'Juliana' by Angel D.Callido: Kenshiro wanders across America's ruined wasteland in search of his sister. A terrible disease has turned many people into 'Spitter's'. Will a chance meeting with a few soldiers aid him in his quest to find his remaining family or provide him with more misery?
'The Mouse Ran Down' by Adrian Tchaikovsky: A small group of survivors jump from era to era, trying to outrun their enemy. From Prehistoric to Elizabethan to Roman, can time begin again as normal or are they doomed to run forever.
'Rock Garden' by L.E. White: A meteorite that falls to ground in Hawaii has the effect of turning people to stone. As a man tries to keep his family safe, reports start surfacing that some survivors have taken to eating the rock remains of the dead with terrifying consequences.
'The Silence of the Dead' by Wednesday Silverwood: A complete silence fills the world. Neither voices or footsteps are heard. Even the rolling sea is silent. As the world erupts into chaos and savagery some people hide, wary of the strange creatures that circle in the air.
'A Birthday to Remember' by Harry Manners: Alex wakes to a world empty of people. A great blaze takes the street as he watches. Alone, he runs trying to ignore the tidy piles of clothes that litter the pavement as the people inside them simply vanished.
'An End for Some' by Jason Lairamore: When bombs fall a boy moves along with his extended family into the countryside. He is forced to grow up fast as his skills are tested when his parents disappear and he is left to rescue his sister from a gang of violent marauders.
'Knock Knock, Who's There?' by Magda Knight: A surrealist tale of a science experiment gone awry, massive unnatural beasts, knights in shining armour and survival by beach ball.
'Clean World' by Charlie Fish: A world 'cleansed' of people allows a man the freedom to do as he wishes. To destroy or admire, without rule or law he enjoys his people free domain and is willing to do anything to protect the lifestyle he so enjoys.

A good collection of stories that both expand the field of apocalypse by taking it in new and fresh directions while also dealing with the subject in varied and deep detail.

NOTE: I was gifted this book for the purpose of review.

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