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LG Smart Wi-Fi 3D BP620 Blu-ray Player (Old model) (discontinued by manufacturer)
LG Smart Wi-Fi 3D BP620 Blu-ray Player (Old model) (discontinued by manufacturer)

4.0 out of 5 stars A great product with a couple minor issues, 12 May 2013
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NOTE - AS SOON AS YOU GET THIS PRODUCT PLUGGED IN AND TURNED ON, CONNECT IT TO YOUR WIFI AND UPDATE THE SOFTWARE. It makes a huge difference and is a massive improvement. Seriously.

Let me just start by saying this is a terrific Blu-ray player. I'm not a veteran of the format (this is only my second player in just 3 months after I bought a terribly slow Samsung one) but this is easy to use and is pretty fast. I don't have any big issues with the device; it's that good. But there are a few annoyances/laughable issues.

The first is a translation issue. I can't remember the exact wording, but some of the pop-up boxes that provide information aren't translated from whatever language LG initially use very well. It's not a problem, more a humorous mistake. Secondly (and this is might just be me being pedantic), there isn't a view if you plug an external device (e.g. a hard-drive via the handy USB slot on the front) to see the whole title of a video file. The name does scroll after a few seconds if you keep it selected, but it would be nice to have a view that shows more than 20-ish characters before an ellipsis cuts it off.

Finally, and I'll only mention this briefly, stay clear of the LG Apps; they're pretty useless and/or pointless. The premium apps (why they're called premium I do not know; they're free) are the ones you want to use - Netflix, YouTube, BBC iPlayer etc..

Overall though, this is a terrific product for the price, and one I'd nightly recommend. I know I haven't gone into the complexities of sound/image quality and all that jazz in this review, and I apologise if that was what you expected to see and read, but I'm just not qualified to talk about that past "Sound - it plays the correct sound on the DVD" and "Image - Blu-ray quality is amazing".

So yes, buy this player.

TP-Link TD-W8960N 300Mbps Wireless N ADSL2+ Modem Router for Phone Line Connections
TP-Link TD-W8960N 300Mbps Wireless N ADSL2+ Modem Router for Phone Line Connections
Price: 27.00

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5.0 out of 5 stars Brilliant router, once you get the settings correct., 13 Feb 2012
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Before I start, I'll just say that I'm going to make this review as detailed as possible so if you don't want to read it all I'll put a 'Too long; didn't read' at the bottom to sum it up.

So after a few days of waiting, the router arrived and as always with Amazon the package was in a great condition with plenty of protection. I'd rang up my service provider a few days earlier so had all the details I needed to get the router connected to my internet straight away.

The setup couldn't have been easier, and I had the router sorted within 5/10 minutes of plugging it in. So of course I proceeded to connect all devices (Laptops/iPods/iPhone/Xbox) to the router, however after just a few hours (while I was on my Xbox) I disconnected from Xbox Live. I looked across to my laptop and saw that it had also been disconnected from the internet. I found the the same result with my iPod so went to my router (on the other side of the house, which shows how good a range this thing has, I get 2 or 3 bars signal on my Xbox) to see whether the internet had just simply dropped out, but to my surprise all lights were green. The router appeared back on the wireless networks list of each device after a few minutes and I simply reconnected to it. Thinking nothing of it I continued to game. Then the same thing happened about 4/5 hours later, but with only 1 or 2 devices connected. This time I got a bit annoyed, and decided to consult Google for some advice. Most of the answers were telling me to get the latest firmware update, except THE ROUTER CAME WITH THE LATEST FIRMWARE.

So of course, I had no idea what was wrong with it. All of this continued for a few days, with me having no idea how to sort it out; I'd even changed the channel from 'Auto' to '11' but this did little to help. So one morning after the 6th or 7th disconnect in just 4 days, I powered up my laptop and went to work on the router settings (put [...] into the URL bar of your browser) and saw a setting under 'Wireless' > 'Advanced' that was labelled 'Bandwidth'. It's default setting is 20/40MHz, so I changed it to 20MHz, hoping it would minimise interference etc. And it worked! To my immense surprise, it stopped the router randomly dropping out. It's been nearly two months now and the only drop outs I've had have been caused by my service provider. The router is absolutely superb, and after "fixing" it I have no complaints whatsoever. Plus it's a complete bargain; you'd be hard pushed to find a better router than this for the price.

Tl;dr: The router/wireless signal was continuously dropping out when I got it, but after altering the channel (on channel 11 now) and bandwidth setting (selecting just 20MHz instead of 20/40Mhz) it now works great and has a brilliant range and good speed.

If you're looking for a high quality ADSL router at a low price, this is the one to get.
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