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Miracle Blanket - White - Swaddling Wrap - no poppers or Velcro that could scratch baby
Miracle Blanket - White - Swaddling Wrap - no poppers or Velcro that could scratch baby
Offered by Baby Lurve
Price: £15.00

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5.0 out of 5 stars A big help!, 14 Jun. 2009
I used the Miracle Blanket with my daughter and am now using it with my son. They both seemed to like being wrapped in it (i.e. they calmed down), although it took a few days for them to get totally used to it. I recommend using it as soon after birth as possible, if you wait a few weeks they might have forgotten the snug womb feeling.

My daughter was an excellent sleeper and I attribute a lot of that to the miracle blanket. My son is only 6 weeks old at the moment but certainly settles better when he is wrapped up than when he isn't.

The only problem is weaning the baby off the blanket when they are getting to big for it (which was at about 5 months for my daughter). But it's not as hard as it sounds, I just started wrapping only one arm for daytime naps for a week or so, then at night, then neither arm during the day for a week or so and finally at night. I think I anticipated much more difficulty - it's definitely worth using for the first few months as it really helps establish good sleep patterns.

Pump Up The Volume [DVD]
Pump Up The Volume [DVD]
Dvd ~ Christian Slater

5.0 out of 5 stars Teen angst at its best, 4 Jun. 2009
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This review is from: Pump Up The Volume [DVD] (DVD)
Like the other reviewers I first saw this movie when I was a teenager and thought it was great. Now I still think it is great and I can thank the soundtrack for first introducing me to alternative music. This movie is really a teen movie but can be enjoyed by anyone who likes music, free speech and rocking the boat a bit.

Easy Peasy Chinese: Mandarin Chinese for Beginners (Reissues Education 2014)
Easy Peasy Chinese: Mandarin Chinese for Beginners (Reissues Education 2014)
by Elinor Greenwood
Edition: Hardcover
Price: £6.29

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4.0 out of 5 stars Definitely Easy but need more exercises, 4 Jun. 2009
I really like this book. It is well presented and logical. There is a little test/quiz at the end of each chapter. The only problem is there are no exercises or activities to help you learn the phrases, so it's just a matter of repeated reading and listening. I would like to have had some activities, like put the right word/character in the space, put the words in the correct order, match the pictures and the words etc. Maybe this should be in an accompanying activity book...

Chunky Pack Girls (Chunky 3 Pack)
Chunky Pack Girls (Chunky 3 Pack)
by Roger Priddy
Edition: Board book

5.0 out of 5 stars cute photos for animal loving babies, 1 April 2009
My daughter is really in love with all animals, particularly dogs, cats and horses so these books are a hit with her.

This review is mainly to describe what the books are like as there is no description on Amazon.

It's a set of three small chunky board-books. The pages are very thick and the books are quite durable. There is one good quality colour photo with a label on each page. In the Puppies and Kittens books the labels say the animals' names (e.g. Mops or Fido). In the Farm book the label says what type of animal it is.

These are really books for babies, so I guess it doesn't matter what is written on the pages. If you don't like it you can say something different to your child!Therefore I would not recommend using the Kittens or Puppies books to teach reading skills although I guess the Farm book would be OK.

It's a good set which should make most parents and babies (or young toddlers) happy.

Side by Side: Level 3 Student Book
Side by Side: Level 3 Student Book
by Steven J. Molinsky
Edition: Paperback
Price: £23.90

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3.0 out of 5 stars Good but repetitive and uninspiring, 1 April 2009
I used Side by Side 2 and am now using Side by Side 3 with a one-on-one student. He's only in the sixth grade so he's only 11 and therefore isn't really the target audience for this book but that hasn't caused many problems. I have to say that this book does try (and mostly succeeds) to be very accessible to people of all ages and cultures.

On the negative side, the exercises are VERY repetitive and not very inspiring.

Unlike the majority of textbooks I have used where the chapters are based around a 'world theme' or topic (e.g. the seasons, festivals, travelling, hobbies) the chapters in the Side by Side books are based around a grammar theme which means that there's nothing else linking the activities together. There are short readings on culture and other interesting topics at the ends of the chapters, but I feel it would be better to have these readings at the beginnings and use the information in them as the basis for the activities.

While the activities are very repetitive, they do clarify many fine grammar points without going into long wordy details. I would recommend this book as a grammar activity book, not a course book. Dip in to it regularly to teach and practice grammar but structure your course around more stimulating materials.

Students need more opportunities for more real life speaking and listening, as well as deciding when to use grammar. This book teaches the grammar well, basically through learning by rote, and therefore does not stretch the students or make them think very much about the correct usage of each grammar point.

Bright Baby Colors, ABC, Numbers
Bright Baby Colors, ABC, Numbers
by Priddy Books
Edition: Board book

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5.0 out of 5 stars Bright and appealing, 1 April 2009
I bought this book for my 18-month old daughter not really knowing what to expect. It actually covers more than just colours, numbers and abc. There are also common words, places and times. There are lots of good quality photos on each page, so lots to look at and point out to your child.

It might be a bit overwhelming for younger children who should probably only have one image per page, but it's great for playing 'Where's the...?' and 'What's that?' with toddlers.

I also wouldn't expect it to be the only book you'd want for teaching the alphabet or colours or numbers but it would be good reinforcement for all these concepts. And if you're not interested in teaching these concepts to your child it's still a great photo-picture book with lots of vocabulary illustrated.

A really nice big colourful boardbook book for toddlers.

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