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Nowhere But Here (Thunder Road, Book 1)
Nowhere But Here (Thunder Road, Book 1)
by Katie McGarry
Edition: Paperback
Price: £7.99

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2.0 out of 5 stars 2.5 Stars! Not my favourite KG book., 8 July 2015
I adore McGarry’s Pushing the Limits series, so when I heard about her writing a new series I was excited and, to hear it was a YA romance around a motorbike club? Oh yeah, I was definitely signed up for that! But and it pains me to say this but for me it didn’t quite hit the spot for me.

Emily is content with her life. She has good friends, goes to a good school and her mother and stepfather love her more than anything. The only thing Emily has trouble with is her biological father’s yearly visits and not being able to connect with him because he chose his motorcycle club – Reign of Terror, over being with her and her mother and in all honestly, her step-father offers her everything she needs as a father figure. She when Emily finds out that he Grandmother has died, the last thing Emily wants to do is go visit the family she doesn’t know. But that’s where she finds herself only a few days later and once she arrives, she discovers that not everything is as it seems but people are hiding secrets – secrets that involve her and now her once happy life in is danger.

Oz has grown up knowing one thing – he will have a future in the Reign of Terror club. But when Emily arrives Oz is given his first assignment and unfortunately messes it up. Now he must do anything to get back into the good books with the club, even if that means babysitting Emily. But Oz isn’t prepared for the attraction he feels towards her, especially when everyone is hell bent on them being together. Can they overcome the obstacles that are trying to force them apart?

There’s no denying that McGarry is a fantastic writer. She has a keen eye for detail and can write smouldering romance and hit all the right spots in a YA novel and I still believe she has that even though I had problems with Nowhere but Here. The issue for me was the characters. In all honesty I just found Emily such a hard character to like. From the start she’s very stuck up, unapproachable, overacts at the littlest thing and she’s just generally a hard character to love. I understand that she has a hard time trying to know her biological father and how difficult that could be for a teenager but, Emily brings a lot of it on herself. She listens to her everything her mother says – which half the time is lies – instead of trying to see how she feels about her father and make up her own mind. It’s not until Emily has to stay with her extended family and Oz that she slowly starts to change, but she still wasn’t great. I didn’t really understand the whole insta-connection with Oz. The first time she sees him she automatically hates him but within minutes, she feels a connection to him that isn’t explained. The same goes for Oz though. He constantly tells Emily she needs to leave, get out their lives because it causes too much stress for Emily's grandmother whom Oz is very close with. But within minutes, Oz is swooning over Emily, wanting to protect her. I didn't get it. Both characters were just very naive and I wasn't invested in their relationship as I would have liked to be.

There are a few sweet moments in the story and enough danger to keep you turning the pages, but with it's slow pacing and the book being far longer than it really needed to be, it's one that I found I had push myself through rather than enjoying it to it's full potential.

Waking the Dragon (Vale of Stars)
Waking the Dragon (Vale of Stars)
Price: £0.86

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5.0 out of 5 stars Hooked from start to finish!, 8 July 2015
Waking the Dragon is the first book in the ‘Vale of Stars’ series by Juliette Cross and I thought it was fab!
The author is new to me and I wish I had known that there was a series that this tied into before I started it, not because it spoiled my enjoyment of this book but simply so I could read them, which I plan to do soon. I enjoyed the world that we are thrust into- Men and women with wings, capable of flying, known as Morgons and very dragonlike but they don’t shift, they are a human version of a dragon. They are living in a world alongside humans and with all species like this….. there is unrest on both sides. Gladium Province is a more forward thinking area where humans and Morgons live in peace, forming businesses, allegiances and relationships but not everyone is happy about this. Human women have begun to turn up dead, drained of blood and posed, everything points to Morgons especially when it keeps happening in their territory and that’s how we meet our leading lady Moira Cade. Moira is a journalist and getting this story could land her the job she has always wanted and because of her brother in law, she has an in….. but, in order for her to be allowed to investigate, she must agree to protection from the Morgon Guard. Of course she agrees but that is until she meets and spends a bit of time with the Captain – Kol Moonring. Used to doing things however she pleases, she is less than happy to have a domineering, protective, stoic Morgon following her around and stopping her from getting the job done – not to mention that he makes her feel all kinds of things she really doesn’t need to be feeling around him. Passion will ignite between them, forging a deep bond and making a dragon crazy with soulfire but when another more dominant force decides that Moira is just what he’s looking for….. where will that leave Kol? What will Kol do to save Moira? And just how will Moira crack the case when she is picked to be the next victim?
I loved this book – it has romance, murder, intrigue, dragons, feuds, fights, action, sexytime…. I could go on but if you like all of those in a story then you will love this! Oh, did I mention the HOT dragons??? Well there are plenty of those too. Moira was a great character, quite independent, career driven, relationship phobe, all wrapped up in a bunch of wit and sassiness – just the way I like them. I admired her drive and determination, she wasn’t afraid to utilise the people she knew to get what she needed or where she needed to be and it shows just how well thought of she is when the help is given straight away and she also wasn’t afraid to take risks. Now Kol, if ever there was a perfect partner for Moira it wold be him – they challenge each other at every turn, disagree about lots of things, she has to learn to be flexible, he has to learn that she is her own person and they just clash in a good way. I like these kinds of relationships, they frustrate each other, deny what they have and bam! when it hits them – the sparks fly. There’s no denying their chemistry and that lead to some rather steamy sexytime.
The story was incredibly easy to get into and understand. As I mentioned – there are murders happening and Moira will investigate with the help of Kol – but that is just the tip of the iceberg. There are discoveries to be made because we need motive, then we need the enemy(ies) and to understand what’s happening…. We need a whole lot of information on dragons and their history so that the story can unravel. We get to travel to new places, sometimes forbidden, sometimes scary but always meeting new characters and broadening the world that much more. Both Moira and Kol have personal hurdles to overcome so that they can progress with each other and that’s without all of the fighting and action the story brings. I was hooked from start to finish, I really couldn’t put it down and the romance really got to me here – to the poit where I actually felt it in my gut & heart which is really rare these days. I definitely look forward to more and I’ll also be checking out the authors other books very soon.

Beyond The Veil: A Muse Urban Fantasy (The Veil Series Book 1)
Beyond The Veil: A Muse Urban Fantasy (The Veil Series Book 1)
Price: £0.00

2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Really well done!, 8 July 2015
Beyond the Veil is the first book in ‘The Veil’ series and what an introduction it was!
We are introduced to a world where Demons exist and live on Earth is various guises/skins. Demons don’t really value humans but something they deem even worse than that are half-demons which are classed as lower than the low and most are killed at birth. Charlie Henderson just so happens to be a half demon who was once named Muse but for the last five years has successfully lived the ‘human’ life she so craved, leaving everything and everyone she knew in the past including her ex boyfriend Akil who also happens to be one of the Princes of Hell.
It’s only after an assassin pays her a visit and then her place of business explodes that she is forced to ask for help from the one person she said she never wanted to see again – Akil. He welcomes her with open arms but at what cost? Why has he always been there for her? Protecting her, Loving her? He is more than willing to provide her with information on the assassin so she can work out why and who wants her dead…..but should she start looking a little closer to home? With more than one suspect and multiple attempts at her life….just who can she trust?
I really enjoyed this book, I thought it was original, engaging and action packed. I liked Muse’s character, she had a vulnerability to her that appeals and makes you take up her plight. She does go through a change throughout the book and comes into her own quite a bit that sheds the victim image she has for the most part. I really liked the connection she had to Akil, I thought they shared a good chemistry and it was easy to get caught up in their need for each other. Akil seemed like the doting, patient suitor who was happy to wait in the wings for Muse to do her thing and happily brought her back into the fold when she needed him, giving her a home. She gets other male attention from the assassin – but you’ll have to guess at how that plays out.
The storyline was fab! There is a lot of action in the story especially when multiple attempts are made on Muse’s life, when there are things exploding around you, other things chasing you, people trying to rob you of the air you breathe and extinguish your fire…. There are going to be fights aplenty, car chases and decimation. There’s also the fact that Muse has to embrace her demon and learn control throughout the story and through this we find out a lot more about demons, half demons and the veil. The story is also filled with lots of misdirection, twists and turns which truly keep you on your toes whilst never quite working the whole story out but keeping you engrossed throughout. The world building and the characters are really well done, it opens up a really interesting premise with Princes of Hell ruling the sins, the limitations of demons, the Veil and what it’s for, why half demons are hated and how they live in our world but I really wanted to go through the Veil and see the other side. I am satisfied with the ending, it is left open for much more growth but showing great potential and I will look out for the sequel.

Beautiful Liar
Beautiful Liar
Price: £3.99

4.0 out of 5 stars A good read! Enjoy!, 8 July 2015
This review is from: Beautiful Liar (Kindle Edition)
I hadn't heard of this book before I was asked to take part in the blog tour. It's not often I get to read new adult, unless it's my own books so I jumped at the chance to read this. And I was quite surprised by it.

At nineteen years old, Nina Baxter has more responsibilities than most people her age. Her mother is an alcoholic and so it's Nina's job to look after her fourteen year old sister and try to bring in as much money as possible to help keep their family afloat. However, her mother seems to be determined to ruin things because she can't control her drinking and it results in her sister being put in the foster system. Nina has no choice but to turn to the one person she hates and ask for work.

Alexander Noble - party animal, womaniser and honestly doesn't care about anything. He'll inherit millions of money and therefore, doesn't lead a normal life which includes working. But when Alex meets Nina he knows she's nothing he wants in a women. But for some reason, Nina and Alex can't keep away from each other but will Nina be ever to trust Alex?

I really enjoyed Beautiful Liar. It was a very quick read and gave me just what I was looking for in a new adult read - interesting, exciting, steamy, mysterious, just a little bit gritty and hot. It's a story that keeps you on your toes but you can't predict the ending - will they get their act together or not? It was a nail-biting read at times and also sometimes, even though it has some small clichés, it was still pretty enjoyable.

I liked both Nina and Alex. They have two completely different backgrounds so it was enjoyable to see them come together and how they would fit into each others worlds. Nina was of course more likable than Alex. It took time for me to like him because he's such a douche to start with but he definitely grows on you as you read their story.

In all, Beautiful Liar was a good read for me and I hope you all enjoy it just as much!

Saint Anything
Saint Anything
by Sarah Dessen
Edition: Paperback
Price: £7.99

0 of 1 people found the following review helpful
3.0 out of 5 stars 3.5 Stars!, 8 July 2015
This review is from: Saint Anything (Paperback)
Sydney's always been close with her older brother Peyton but when Peyton starts getting into trouble and hanging out with the wrong crowd, it drives a wedge between them. And even more so when Peyton drink drives and injuries a teenage boy and is then sentence to seventeen months in prison. This causes Sydney's life to change. Her life is overshadowed by what her brother as done. Her mother and father barely take notice in her and so Sydney does everything possible to make herself invisible in everyone else's world too. It's not until she starts a new school and makes friends with Chatham's where she suddenly isn't so invisible. Sydney knows she needs to speak up to her family, especially when she seems to be the only one carrying around the guilt for what her brother did. But can they all truly move on? And can Sydney find her lost place in her family?

I've only ever read one other book written by Sarah Dessen and I'm glad I can now say, I've read two and it's a really enjoyable YA contemporary read that I'm glad I've read.

In Saint Anything, Sarah Dessen writes a deep story about real life events and by writing this, brings awareness to teenagers, not just in regards to the implications of driving drunk but also with trying to have an honest relationship with parents and not hiding your feelings. I really hope this message gets across to teenager the way it speaks to me as a parent.

I really liked Sydney. She's a teenager that has been through a lot and seems to be suffering for her brother's mistakes. I could understand why her mother did the things she did but she took them out on the wrong person and I felt so bad for Sydney. All she wanted was to fit into the family she loved and couldn't do that because she was always pushed aside for her brother. At times it was emotional to read the emotions that Sydney was going through but I'm glad she had the Chatham's there because they became the family she needed to support her. Layla and Mac we're great! Layla is a best friend everyone wants and is truly a lovely person. And Mac, a quiet guy but nice as well. The romance does take forever to come into the story though, it's a least over the halfway mark. While I enjoyed the first part of the story it did go a little slow because at times it was like there was no attraction between Mac and Sydney. I was starting to worry that nothing would happen but I guess you could say the story focuses more on Layla and Sydney's friendship for the first part and then moves on to Sydney and Mac.

As I mentioned, Sydney's mother really only focuses on Peyton and really pushes Sydney aside. At times I hated her mother. She was really hard to like and even more towards the end. She frustrated me to no end and I just wished she took more notice in Sydney. And that Sydney's father would have spoken up more. It's clear they weren't the perfect family but once they reconsider their faults, they quickly took to repairing them even though it was a long time coming.

In all, Saint Anything is a story about family, relationships, love and real life events and while I enjoyed Just Listen just a tad more, this is still a good read that will leave you wanting more from Sarah Dessen.

The Last True Vampire: Last True Vampire 1
The Last True Vampire: Last True Vampire 1
Price: £3.99

2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars I can't wait for the sequel!, 8 July 2015
The Last True Vampire is the first book in the series of the same name and I really enjoyed everything about it.
I’m a sucker for paranormal romance – when it’s done well – and still love the Vampire stories as much as ever so this appealed to me straight away. In the story we find an old vampire who is just living, not enjoying life and full of despair because he is the last vampire. He is the last because the enemy wiped them all out, very nearly Michael too but he survived…just. Now he is alone, he can’t turn any of the Dhampirs, can’t breed and has no want for power…..until he meets Claire. Her blood calls to him, he has never wanted anyone the way he wants Claire and one taste will never be enough.
Claire was only trying to steal Michael’s watch so she could afford her rent but there was something about him that pulled her into his arms, into doing things she wouldn’t necessarily have done – but once the watch was her, she was gone.
Both Michael and Claire can’t escape the connection they shared that night, he needs to find her because she is his ‘tether’ she has given him his soul back and he can finally become the powerful vampire he is meant to be, he can create his race again but how can that be when Claire is human? Claire is thrust into Michael’s world of blood and death as she becomes the target of an age old enemy who are determined to eradicate the vampire race once and for all.
I really loved this book, it seems vampires are making a comeback lately and if they’re all going to be like this then I’m a happy lady! I liked the premise of the book with Michael being the last vampire and holding the fate of his race in his hands, we are given a few flashback scenes of Michael throughout the book to show what happened to them and why he was the only one left. It’s plain to see that he is living half a life and is quite pitiful when we meet him, he even has to force himself to feed and all of the Dhampirs know that he is weak. Because he is the last of the ancient ones, he also carries the burden of being the one to hold all of the history of the vampires and the consciences of the slain collective and also the current dhampirs. This is a heavy burden indeed. He has practically given up hope when he finds Claire and it takes him a while to understand why he feels the way he does which gives Claire opportunity to leave, meaning he will have to find her. I thought Claire was a great character, you could tell she was a survivor and had those skills so she was never going to take the mating bond lying down. I like it when they fight like that, more times than enough the men are swept away with the realization that they have found their one and the women take some convincing which is so much fun to read. I loved the way these two clashed, both as stubborn as each other and unwilling to bend – that is until the bad guys came knocking. They definitely had the chemistry that makes you get involved in the relationship and that is topped with some nice sexytime and a great surprise.
As I said – the story was great and the premise too. I liked how the enemy was linked to Michael’s past and how they made their presence known, there is also a few things to discover about the enemy too. Much of the story is about the relationship and how they get together, the enemy becoming more active and involved especially when it’s clear that Michael has found his mate but the story branches off for some of the secondary characters too which I enjoyed because I like to get to know everyone and know what is going on in all areas. This is done with multiple povs which I think enhanced the story here, it helped to build the other characters up so that you could get to know them more and also get into the mindset of the enemy who aren’t short on their own drama either. There are also some great fight scenes and action throughout as Michael takes on anyone who means Claire harm, adding an element of danger that kept the plot exciting. I was very satisfied by the ending of the book, obviously with it being book one it is left open for more and book two seems set up so now just for the wait – great start though and I’ll definitely be reading the sequel.

Chasing River: A Novel (The Burying Water Series Book 3)
Chasing River: A Novel (The Burying Water Series Book 3)
Price: £5.99

4.0 out of 5 stars A very heart-warming but thrilling read with a steamy romance story, 8 July 2015
Another fantastic instalment from K.A. Tucker!

Amber Welles has wanted nothing more than to leave her home-town of Sisters, Oregon to go and travel the world and so, after a bad break-up and with two years worth of saving tucked away, she takes the leap and decides to go travelling. It's in Ireland that Amber is nearly killed by a bomb except she's saved by a stranger who runs off before she gets the chance to thank him.

River Delaney does everything he can to keep his older brother out of trouble but Aengus loves getting himself involved in dangerous things and so when River finds out Aengus is planting a bomb in a park, River follows him and in the end, ends up saving a young American tourist - Amber. River knows he needs to lay low but when Amber discovers where he works, it's somewhat hard to stay away from her and soon he finds himself seeking out Amber's company.

But with the secrets River is hiding, will he ever be able to be truthful to her? And with Amber leaving Dublin soon, is there any point of starting something they know will come to an end?

What a great read! K.A Tucker has definitely became one of my favourite new adult authors as I find myself always looking forward to her stories and they never fail to disappoint and Chasing River was no different. A very heart-warming but thrilling read with a steamy romance story - just what everyone wants right?

I loved that this story was set in Ireland. I've visited the country once before and I loved it but, reading about Ireland in Chasing River definitely makes me want to head back to see all the sights that I missed out on the first time around. The first two books in the series are set in Oregon and so with this being Ireland, it was a refreshing change. K.A. Tucker does a fantastic job describing the country, writing everything which such detail and with all the back information into Ireland's past, that it definitely feels as though you were right their with Amber and River.

Amber has always been a character I've liked since we first saw her in Burying Water. Amber is Jesse's brother so if you've been following the series you should be quiet familiar with her. She's such a likable and kind character. I love that she finally decided to to follow her dreams. It proves how much of strong character she is. I think she was quiet sheltered in Oregon and by travelling it opens her eyes to the world and also to the secrets that her family have been hiding to. When Amber meets River to me it felt like fate. They are great characters on their own but even better when their together. So there were many lovable and touching scenes between them. With River being the new character the series, along with his family is always a wary thing because you never know how you'll feel about them. But there's simply nothing to worry about. River is amazing! He hasn't always made the right choices in the past but he's never been a bad guy. He's always looking out for his family and now of course Amber too. It was also great to see the return of Ivy. Ivy is a non-friend of Amber's. They went to school together but hated each other. And Ivy just happens to be in Ireland when Amber so I was glad to see Amber reaching out to her. And of course the next book in the series is about Ivy and she's in San Francisco. Aah! I can't wait to read that.

In all, Chasing River is another great read from K.A. Tucker and I can't wait to read Ivy's story next!

Gold (All That Glitters Book 2)
Gold (All That Glitters Book 2)
Price: £2.99

2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars A seductive and tantalizing read, 8 July 2015
Gold is the stunning follow up to Diamonds by author K.A. Linde and what a fantastic read it was!

Bryna's had her heart-broken once and she's determined not to let it happen again. She's decided to become the very thing Jude accused her of being – a gold digger and now Bryna has set her sights a guy she’s just met who loves plashing cash about. Buy Bryna knows she needs to play this one cool if she wants the results she’s looking for. So let the game begin……

I didn’t know what to expect before heading into Gold. Bryna’s story blew me away in Diamonds and I couldn’t help love the girl and want the best for her. But Bryna’s life is never easy so I couldn’t have expected it to be all hearts and flowers. She definitely doesn’t make things easy on herself. She can be cold, serious and deceiving at times but then she can be this fun girl that is completely her opposite. I really loved both Bryna’s. Of course I liked her more when she’s being herself but there’s something so mesmerising about the serious Bryna. The way her mind works, wow. She’s smart and not afraid of speaking her mind. She knows what she wants and definitely isn’t afraid to go after it. If I’m honest I was torn to which Bryna I wanted to come out on top at the end. But like I said before, I wanted the best for her so I knew a life of gold digging couldn’t make her truly happy.

Bryna always has so many men in her life that it’s such a whirlwind to keep up. In Gold alone there’s a handful of different guys – who the hell do you root for? But for me it was between Hugh and Eric and maybe even a little bit for Jude. Ssh, don’t hate me. I would have loved for Jude to realise his mistakes and be a better person. And Hugh was just lovely. It was great getting to know him! And Eric was this big thing that just came out of nowhere. I certainly wasn’t expecting Eric.

Gold isn’t just about Bryna’s gold-digging life though. It’s about her self-discovery and finding true happiness. It’s a seductive and tantalizing read – one that’s hard to put down once starting and, it’s a story that K.A. Linde has written well. So in all, definitely a hit for me and it’s one I think you should all pick up.

Jesse's Girl
Jesse's Girl
Price: £4.70

4.0 out of 5 stars Well written!, 8 July 2015
This review is from: Jesse's Girl (Kindle Edition)
Maya Henry has always wanted to be a rock star. So when career mentoring day rolls around she gets the chance to shadow Jesse Scott – one of Nashville’s biggest teen idols. But when Maya finally meets Jesse Scott he isn’t what she expected especially when he announces that he’s planning on retiring the music business and Maya can’t fathom why because she wants what he has and thinks he’s crazy for giving it all up. But Jesse pushes Maya to want more from her music, even with no band, he believes she has the talent to make it big if only Maya will consider going solo…. Can Maya really make her dreams come true?

I love Miranda Kenneally’s books and I’m so pleased that the Hundred Oak series is still going strong. Jesse’s Girl is book 6 in the series and while I didn’t enjoy this one as much as the last few, it was still a fabulous read.

As I mentioned I didn’t quite enjoy this one as much as the previous books but that’s down the own personal preference because I’m not a huge fan of the music star stories where the main character tries out for a music show or the main character falls in love with a music star. I knew that going into this story but it’s Miranda Kenneally so I couldn’t miss out on her book. And even though I didn’t enjoy the music background as much as I did previous books where it’s featured baseball or running etc, I still thought Miranda wrote a good story and I still enjoyed it.

Jesse and Maya were likable characters – yes even Jesse once we get to know him. There each had their own style – Jesse liked country and Maya is a little punk rocker. But Jesse really opens Maya’s eyes up to trying new and different styles and I liked that. They had a good connection once they got over the introduction parts and the humour between them made for some entertaining reading. I did enjoy the moments they had together. They were touching and sweet. Their romance was cute. It’s more a hate-love relationship rather than insta-love which is always good. I loved the support system that Maya had around her and how much she started to support Jesse whom didn’t really have much of a support system. For me though, I didn’t like Jesse as much as I thought I should. He was an okay character but he was pretty predictable at times. I wish I’d liked him more.

In all, Jesse’s Girl is still a well written story that is quite fun and entertaining. It may not have been a favourite of mine but I still can’t wait for more from this author.

Pure Blooded: Book 5 in the Jessica McClain series (Jessica McCain)
Pure Blooded: Book 5 in the Jessica McClain series (Jessica McCain)
by Amanda Carlson
Edition: Paperback
Price: £9.98

5.0 out of 5 stars Action packed adventure, 5 July 2015
Pure Blooded may be the fifth book in the series but it is still as awesome as book one and a series that is one of my favourites.
Following book four Jessica has some problems; she has changed the course of fate and something that should have happened in the future will no longer be happening, so fate has it in for her. Her father has left their territory in pursuit of the rogue pack and is currently camped in the swamp lands of Florida and is at a stalemate with the enemy so, it’s up to Jessica, Rourke and co. to fly down there and help out. The thing is… danger is coming for Jess in every direction and her enemies are not above using those closest to her to achieve their goals. Jessica is in for the fight of her life.
This is another fabulous read in the Jessica McClain series and it is a series I have championed from the very beginning. I love everything about it – the characters, the different species, the world – I also love how it straddles the lines of Urban Fantasy and straight out fantasy and I always wait for the next book with baited breath. Fifth book in and it is still awesome, filled with danger, death threats, action, magic and romance with our heroine stuck right in the middle. Jessica became something special in the last book, more so than previous books and now the word is out – people want her and want her power. She has matured a lot but also has new powers to break in so it’s like watching her get to grips with her shifting abilities again. One of the things I love about those she surrounds herself with is that they are loyal to a fault and she is just as loyal to them and all are willing to die for each other. At the heart of it all, Jessica is pack so it wasn’t a long shot to think that she would head straight back into danger for them and that’s exactly what she does.
I really liked the change of scenery again, the author isn’t afraid to use different settings that tie in so well to the story and as you can imagine with Florida being a multi-cultural state, you are going to get different belief systems that include magic. I have to say, the enemy in this one looked to be unwinnable and possesses immense power but it went so well with the progression of Jessica’s character. The things that happened gave the story an eerie, mysterious and evil feel and it was very atmospheric and also stretched the imagination a bit- but doesn’t all hocus pocus? She has help from a couple of sources and both will make you smile but you will always understand the danger they’re in and all won’t come away unscathed. It will take everything she has…. But she will still need more as fate catches up to her and decides that the only way to right her wrongs, is if she dies! So she is straight out of the frying pan and straight into the fire. You think the last enemy was bad? Think again!! This is brutal, it is deadly and when fate wants you dead – how do you survive?
Again Jess has a fabulous supporting cast, they all champion her and non-more so than Rourke who will be with her every step of the way. She will have to call on each and every one to overcome what fate has in store. I really feel for Jess and Rourke, no sooner had they found each other then all hell broke loose! They’ve had to deal with sadistic Goddesses, Vampire Queens with agendas and Jessica’s nearly fatal trip to hell so it’s totally understandable that Rourke be super protective of her –even if she can look after herself- but I love this side to him, he is a primal man and even if your mate is capable, it’s hard to push aside those instincts. I love how their relationship is developing, their magic is evening up and their love adds a balm to the deadly situations they find themselves in. To be honest, I don’t think anyone could be the man/shifter that Jess needs other than Rourke and his beast.
To sum it up – This was another action packed adventure for Jessica, Rourke and the gang, I love where the plot is headed, I love the progression of the characters even the secondary characters, I like the new characters that were introduced, I liked some of the reveals that were shared and I’m excited to see where it will go next…. I’m thinking the missing witches need finding ;)

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