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Rape: A Love Story
Rape: A Love Story
by Joyce Carol Oates
Edition: Paperback
Price: £6.20

5.0 out of 5 stars BRILLIANT ! A book one must read... yet not for the faint-hearted, 23 Oct 2013
This review is from: Rape: A Love Story (Paperback)
I'd never yet read anything by Joyce Carol Oates. After a close friend strongly recommended her work, I told myself I'd give it a try. Having looked up the disheartening long list of Oates's published books, and seeing most novels were close to 500 pages, I decided to go for a novella, and 'take it easy'. That'd be shorter; lighter, too.
Little did I know that the novella I'd pick out (for no other reason than the intriguing title- how on earth could `rape' be a 'love story'?) would be anything but easy.
Reading 'Rape' was like getting a big cruel kick in the stomach. I took it up on a Monday evening; could not put it aside- till it was 'over'.
In this story, when catharsis comes, it is superbly crafted, its morals shining bright, in quirky paradox: what we're shown here is... triumph. The triumph of friendship; the triumph of love.
This book isn't one you get over with. Though the story itself brings closure, the feelings it awakens are not easily put to rest.
The brutality of those starting pages -the torture, in body and soul, of Teena Maguire; the anguish and terror of young Bethie; the seemingly endless, hopeless fight against cruelty and machismo of provincial America- all that stays with the reader.
This is a book I'll not forget.

Body Brush
Body Brush
Offered by beautifully organic
Price: £7.42

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4.0 out of 5 stars Good 'texture' of bristles, nice, soft brush - but handle too short !, 10 Feb 2012
This review is from: Body Brush (Misc.)
I'd been desperately seeking for a good body brush, which I could use for my usual -DRY!- body brushing.
This brush seemed perfect.
When it arrived, I was pleasantly surprised by its lovely bristles: not too hard, not too soft. Great! But- one BIG snag: the handle's much too short for this brush to be used easily on one's back.
So- this will do fine for brushing limbs and front of body... Until I find THE brush, which I can use ALSO for hard-to-reach back and loins.

Grammaire méthodique du français
Grammaire méthodique du français
by Martin Riegel
Edition: Perfect Paperback

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5.0 out of 5 stars Probably the best grammar we have today -in French- about Contemporary French, 19 Dec 2010
French is one of the three languages I grew up up with, and having lived in France for most my life (plus: being a linguist, though I dislike most linguistic jargon and obscure 'theories' [sic]), I can safely say I qualify today as a 'native French speaker'.
This book is, quite simply, the best grammar of French available today on the market (Note: It's written IN FRENCH, so requires sound knowledge of both spoken AND written Contemporary French).
I'd not qualify it as 'too high-brow', but must say, it is definitely NOT intended for people starting out in French (obviously!)- or even studying French at, let's say, 'intermediate' level.
For anyone with adequate fluency in French -and, at heart, being a genuine 'grammar lover'- this book is excellent: it's clear, well written, and also (a big plus, that!) pretty exhaustive when it comes to 'special cases' (ah, those Gallic tricks in tense, mood, and aspect... not to mention noun determination).
So- if you're intent on learning really GOOD French (especially the written language); determined enough (this isn't an 'easy' book); and thirsting for logic and clear rules (but able to accept, as well, that there ARE, as often in French, no clear-cut 'rules'...): this is the book for you.
Both copies I have of this grammar being in hardback form (with paper and printing of superb quality!), I couldn't say much about the quality of the 'paperback'. edition (Payot publishers may, in that respect, prove somewhat inconsistent).
Perhaps someone owning a paperback copy might put in a short comment about quality of the paperback?
My advice to serious advanced students of French: buy this grammar! Here in France (but also in many European universities with high standards in French Linguistics: Warsaw, Budapest...), it's -by far- the best reference we have today.

L'Oreal Derma Genesis Day Cream 78015
L'Oreal Derma Genesis Day Cream 78015
Offered by MH Hair & Beauty Ltd
Price: £11.85

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5.0 out of 5 stars A wonderful day cream for mature skin (face, neck, and undereye area), 25 Sep 2009
This cream was launched by the French firm L'Oréal only a few months ago (Spring 2009). The result -so say L'Oréal- of seven years of research [sic], it DOES come up with remarkable results.
'L'Oréal Derma Genesis Day Cream' seems to me best for women in their forties or fifties (around the change of life- or 'menopause').
It works perfectly for my type of skin (normal-combination), but would probably do equally well for dry skin.
One can use it around the sensitive eye area: I didn't develop any redness, itching or allergies (a rare thing for me!).
The cream comes in 'airless' packaging, with a pump-system tough enough to go on working even after the bottle has crashed to the floor quite a few times (who's never clumsy?!).
A cream extremely pleasant to use- smoothing easily into the skin (no long 'blending in' needed); leaving a fresh, pleasant fragrance (lovely, and 'barely there'). In fact- once I've applied this, I never feel it's there (smoothes in instantly). It must be fine under foundation, as well (though I never use one myself).
Skin remains healthy looking, dewy and supple all through the day.

Bottom line: an incredibly low price for such a great quality product.

Definitely an A++++ !

Note: This is L'Oréal's 'Derma Genesis Day Cream' with NO built-in SPF ('Sun Protection Factor'). Texture and fragrance differ very slightly from the one WITH built-in SPF -the '78017' variant- which one may find slightly sticky.
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