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Che Guevara and the Mountain of Silver: By bicycle and train through South America
Che Guevara and the Mountain of Silver: By bicycle and train through South America
by Anne Mustoe
Edition: Paperback
Price: £8.46

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3.0 out of 5 stars A intresting look at Life in South America, 19 Dec. 2008
I can understand what the first two reviewers are saying when they mention the fact that Anne does not do a lot of bike riding during this trip.
This book in my opinion is more about South America than it is about riding a bike though South America
Anne Mustoe has been travelling around the world on her trusted bike for many years now and this book is one of the latest Anne has written.
Whilst in South America Anne decided to follow a route once taken by Che Guevara and his friend though Argentina, Chile and Bolivia.
During the trip Anne meets a lot of fascinating people from the very well off Chileans, to the poor Bolivians all of them having their own story to tell but all offering the same hospitality towards her.
Unfortunately some of the trip can't be done riding her trusted bike so she uses bikes and trains.
As a Railwayman myself i found the journeys she did by train in Argentina and into Bolivia very fascinating and a real eye opener.
During each chapter Anne speaks about Che's journey which was done some 50 years ago and also gives a lot of information into South American history which personally found very interesting and informative.
Some readers will say their are better Anne Mustoe books out there but as this one was the first one i have ever read i found it a very enjoyable read and will be reading more books of hers in the future.
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Two in a Boat: A Marital Rite of Passage
Two in a Boat: A Marital Rite of Passage
by Gwyneth Lewis
Edition: Paperback

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4.0 out of 5 stars Discovering what life is like at the mercy of the Sea, 10 Dec. 2008
I picked this book up by chance whilst browsing the travel section of my local library.
I have never read a book about life at seas before but as I have a interest in travel I thought I would find it a interesting read.
Gwyneth Lewis is a welsh poet who has spent some of her life battling depression and alcohol addiction.
Gwyneth and her husband Leighton decided to quit their jobs, buy a sailing boat and intended to travel around the World.
This book tells the story of the journey which at times causes such a strain of their relationship divorce seems only round the corner.
During their journey they face rough seas, dangerous port areas and damaged boat parts
Also midway though their voyage it has to come to a sudden end when Leighton is discovered to have cancer.
In each chapter Gwyneth gives a interesting insight into life at sea often quoting passages and stories from other seaman and sailors
The is story about one couple living their dream that at times seems like a nightmare but by the end is a journey of discovery and hope.
I knew nothing about life at sea before I read this book but they end I felt I had learned how life at life is one of the hardest to master.
A fascinating and heart warming read.
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An Englishman Abroad: One Football Fan's Story
An Englishman Abroad: One Football Fan's Story
by Martin Kerr
Edition: Paperback

5.0 out of 5 stars What can happen if you a English fan aboard, 10 Dec. 2008
I first read this book a couple of years ago and I still find myself as shocked and angry now as I did when I first read Martin's story.
Martin was a law abiding England fan who happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time in a foreign country.
Martin Kerr had travelled to France with his family for a two week holiday of sea, sun and most importantly football.
During the trouble in Marseille Martin found helped surrounded by rampaging locals when all of sudden he was hit and beaten from behind by plain clothes policeman.
Martin was then arrested, charged with three offensives he never committed and then locked up for over 7 weeks in a French jail.
On his return home he was classed as a category C Hooligan, sacked from his job and had to fight to regain his reputation.
This book tells of his time in prison with 15 other English fans who had also been locked up for offensives they never committed.
Martin's story will shock and anger you most of time but in other parts it will make you laugh and smile as he tells you about the camaraderie he and the other 15 lads shared together.
The over riding memory this book will leave you with is that the British and French governments have a lot to answer for and should hang their head in shame with the way Martin and the other lads were treated on the streets of Marseille 10 years ago.
A great read worth reading no matter who you support.

One Year Off: Leaving it All Behind for a Round-the-world Journey with Our Children (Footsteps)
One Year Off: Leaving it All Behind for a Round-the-world Journey with Our Children (Footsteps)
by David Elliot Cohen
Edition: Paperback

4.0 out of 5 stars One family adventure of a lifetime, 27 Nov. 2008
David Elliot Cohen an American had everything most people strive for in life, a good job and a wife & a family, the American dream as they call it across the pond.
Well for him it wasn't the life he wanted and he was not satisfied, he felt their was something missing in his life.
One evening David and he wife came up with an idea to travel all the way around the world for a year with their three kids.
All he had to do was give up his job, sell his house and get rid of most of their belongingness, crazy you might think but that's exactly what David and his family did.
When David and his wife told their friends and family about what they doing some thought it was crazy but others wished they had done it themselves at some stage in their lifes.
This book is made up of over 20 e-mails extracts David sent back to all them friends and family during their year long trip.
David and his family visited 16 countries during their trip and in each one of them countries gave him a story to tell in them e-mails.
The trip is not without it's problems and not everything goes to plan but they make it work and for that he and his wife deserve credit.
In his e-mails David gives some intresting insights in how he,the kids and his wife cope being with each other 24 hours a day, something most familes could never experience in their normal day to day activities.
A very intresting book that gives you a good insight into what life is like travelling with your family around the world all day everyday

Broke Through Britain: One Man's Penniless Odyssey
Broke Through Britain: One Man's Penniless Odyssey
by Peter Mortimer
Edition: Paperback
Price: £7.99

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4.0 out of 5 stars A journey of discovery and courage, 23 Nov. 2008
Back in the summer of 1998 Peter Mortimer decided to take a trip from Plymouth to Edinburgh a journey of well over 500 miles.
Now most people would do this either by plane, train or a automobile but not peter he decided he wanted to walk as much as it as possible.
Now you would think that was mad enough but Peter went even further by doing the whole trip with no money what so ever.
By deciding to take no money what so ever Peter was wholly reliance of the British people to house, feed and look after him during his 27 day journey from the bottom of Britain to the very top.
Peter's journey turns out to be one of adventure, pain, education and at times during the journey very though provoking.
During the trip Peter meets many people from all over Britain including farmers, priests, scout masters, a couple travelling around in a mobile library. a Italian Geordie and many more who take him in and provide him with food, company and most importantly shelter at night.
His places of shelter include barns, cottages, houses, churches, caravans, a scout camp site and even a cricket pavilion.
Peter's feet suffer the most throughout the journey and he is lucky that he meets a lady during the early few days on the road that heals his feet and explains to him how to take care of them during the rest of his journey.
Peter has many ups and downs during the 27 days but every time he thinks he can't go on he meets somebody new who helps lifts his flagging spirits and helps him carrying on.
Throughout the journey Peter discovers a lot about how different areas of Britain operate but most importantly he discovers a lot about himself .
This book is a very interesting read that leaves you with the feeling that no matter what situation someone may find themselves in their is always people out their willing to help and in my opinion that's what Peter's wanted to discover during this journey.

The Art of Happiness: A Handbook for Living
The Art of Happiness: A Handbook for Living
by The Dalai Lama
Edition: Paperback
Price: £6.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars Quite simply brilliant, 15 Nov. 2008
Quite simply one of the best books i have personally ever read in my 27 years.
No amount of views good book reviews could do this book justice, the only thing that could would be if you gave this book to everyone as soon as they learnt to read.
The Dalai Lama's is quite a special person who despite everything he has been though in Tibet still has so much warmth and compassion.
This book is a simple read yet within it's pages contains so much knowledge and wisdom that if all of us on the planet put into practice the world would be a very different place indeed.
Stop reading this review and go and get hold of a copy of this book in anyway you can and simply, enjoy!

Why Buddhism?: Westerners in Search of Wisdom
Why Buddhism?: Westerners in Search of Wisdom
by Vicki Mackenzie
Edition: Paperback

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4.0 out of 5 stars Why Buddhism ? Read this book and your find out why, 15 Nov. 2008
Why buddhism was put together by Vicki Mckenzie who first discovered buddhism in the 1970's a time when buddhism was very unknown in the west.
To make this book possible 15 other westerners who have also discovered buddhism tell their personal stories to Vicki.
The 15 people who tell their stories in this book come from all different backgrounds and countries and you discover each of them are at a different stage in their buddhism journey.
All of them first explain why they turned to buddhism and then explain what role it has personally played in all parts of their lifes.
The people who surpised me the most were the ones who despite being christian for the best part of their life decided to turn to buddhism.
As you read each chapter you discover some of them have completly embarced buddhism and become monks and nuns where others have just adpated buddhism in to their normal day to day lifes.
A very thought provoking book that gives a intresting insight into why buddhism has now become just as common in the west as it always had been in the east.
If you are considering practing buddhism in your life then this book will certianly give you a push in the right direction.

Blackfoot Is Missing
Blackfoot Is Missing
by William F Owen
Edition: Paperback

4.0 out of 5 stars A good fictional account of running recon in the Vietnam War, 4 Nov. 2008
This review is from: Blackfoot Is Missing (Paperback)
William F. Owen ran secert missions in Cambodia and Laos during the Vietnam War between 1969 and 1971. Blackfoot is Missing is a fictional book based his own experiences during them missions.
Billy Lake is a young american who drops out of Harvard and decides he wants to be like his father and grandfather and go and become a hero in war. Little does Bobby know that the their is no hero's in wars just casualties.
After serving with the regular grunts for a while Bobby joins a recon team who carry out sercert missions in cambodia and Laos.
The missions are highly dangerous, the american goverment denys they even took place and list all deaths as being killed in Vietnam.
Every mission Bobby and his team often risk their lives just to capture info about the enemy and slowly Bobby realises how harsh war is.
Death is never that far away and on many missions Bobby and his team have to be rescused after they are discovered by the enemy.
On his final mission Bobby discovers what a hero really is and discovers that it's not what he thought it was afterall.
I have many books written about the vietnam war but this is the first fictional one i have read, if other fictional ones are as good as this one then i hope i can find another one in a bookshop in the very near future.

By Any Means: His Brand New Adventure From Wicklow to Wollongong
By Any Means: His Brand New Adventure From Wicklow to Wollongong
by Charley Boorman
Edition: Hardcover

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4.0 out of 5 stars By any means read this book, 30 Oct. 2008
Its so easy for us these days to get on a plane and fly anywhere in the World and never get the chance to see the countries we travel though to get to our destination.
Well this was the same thing Ross Makin and Charley Boorman were thinking when they came up with the idea to travel from Ireland to Australia by any means possible.
In early 2008 Charley, Ross and Mungo (a cameraman) took up this challenge and it resulted in a fascinating journey of adventure and discovery that this book documents.
Their journey takes them though over 20 countries before they arrive in Australia and they use well over 100 different forms of transport to get though those countries.
The forms of transport they use include buses, trains, cars, pedal cycles, motorcycles, boats, an elephant, old war vehicles, tuk tuk's and many other local forms of transport.
As most people know Charley has a massive love of motorbikes but every time they get to travel by motorbike on this journey it rains.
During their journey they meet many fascinating people and for a short period of time become involved in their lives.
As this trip came so soon after his last adventure Long Way Down Charley often speaks about missing his family and it makes you realise how important family are to him.
The book is not too dissimilar from both Long Way Round and Long Way Down but when compared to them both I would say it's a good read in it's own right.

Gangs II
Gangs II
by Ross Kemp
Edition: Hardcover

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4.0 out of 5 stars Ross Kemp takes you into the deadly world on gangs, 30 Oct. 2008
This review is from: Gangs II (Hardcover)
Ross Kemp has spent the last few years travelling around the world to meet gangs from some of the most dangerous places on the planet.
This is Ross 2nd book on the subject and it accompanies the TV series shown on Sky1
In this book Ross documents his visits to Colombia, LA California, Poland, Kenya and Liverpool.
In Colombia he goes to the slums to meet a group called the paramiltlies who claim they have laid down their arms in an attempt at peace but Ross discovers otherwise.
In LA he meets up with the Black, Mexican and Latino gangs that are turning the southern part of LA into a war zone.
In Poland he meets up with the hooligans of Polish football who are causing the same mayhem on terraces in Poland that the English hooligans caused on the terraces in England during the 1970's, 1980's. And 1990's.
In Kenya Ross visits during the most turbulent time in the country's history and speaks to tribal group members who claim they are looking after the poor people who have been abandoned by a alleged corrupt government.
Ross also learns about the glue kids living in Kenya' slums.
In Liverpool he meets two young boy gangs who are raging a battle in one of Liverpool's council estates and are using weapons that wouldn't look out of place in a military arsenal.
A very interesting read that leaves you wanting more answers that the book and Ross can hope to give.

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