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Official Sony Multitap 2 (PS2)
Official Sony Multitap 2 (PS2)

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4.0 out of 5 stars Official Playsation 2 Multitap, 19 Jan. 2004
When the PS2 was released there was a slight panic in which everyone did not like the fact that there were not four controller ports. Sony's answer to this was the MultiTap 2. It may be slightly overpriced at over £25 (correct at time of review) but it is a necerssary piece of equipment allowing four players (with four controlelrs) to frag it out in four player action (or 8 people if you purcahse a second). It looks stylish with the PS2 and is a very useful piece of equipment. But I feel that if Sony had released the Playsation 2 with four controller ports it would not look as stylish as it does and perfectly built. A bit overpriced but still well worth the purchase.

DVD Lens Cleaner with Audio & Set-up Modes (PS2/Xbox)
DVD Lens Cleaner with Audio & Set-up Modes (PS2/Xbox)

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5.0 out of 5 stars PS2 DVD Lens Cleaner, 19 Jan. 2004
After finding that my PS2 was giving me disc read errors on some games and DVDs I decided to give it a full 'valet'. I purcahsed this DVD cleaner and have had no troubles with the usage of it. It comes in a choice of languages. Once your language is selected an animation is diaplyed while the DVD cleaning takes place and then you have the options to either test the audio, test the sound or stop the DVD. I did all three and my PS2 is working just as well as it did the day I purchased it. When you take the DVD cleaner back out you can see the dust and lint left behind from the cleaning process (this should be wiped off for next time. After I did this I cleaned all the vents out and checked that all the games I had had problems with wrre working and it works excellently. Fantastic product which has saved me the hassle of having to purchase a new PS2.

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5.0 out of 5 stars Playstation 2 Memory Card, 19 Jan. 2004
When I opened the box to my Playstation 2 and set it up I was suprised to find I could not save games as there was no memory card included. However as soon as I went out to purchase one I was not diapponted. It looks perfect in the console, sleek and slim and has an exttra 7mb of space than the previous offering - the PS1 1mb card. It is also 200 times faster than the original which gives it more speed and power. It does not lose savegames at all and is perfect for saving every game - however you cannot save Playstation 1 games on it but can transfer them for storage. To conclude it is a very necersarry and brilliant piece of kit matching the PS2 in style and quality.

Sony PS2 Console (PS2)
Sony PS2 Console (PS2)

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5.0 out of 5 stars Sony Playstation 2 Console, 17 Jan. 2004
Since being launched the Playstation 2 console has gone from strength to strength including the new satin silver and black versions which include a DVD infra red sensor. With its 128-bit emotion engine it delivers everything crystal clear in sound, graphics and gameplay. Whatever you want it to play thats compatible it does so better than some other things around designed to do that one thing solely.
Console - 10/10: Built to perfection and with dark, sleek colours the black version is gourgeous even in light rooms. You can stand it horizontally or vertically and it has a beuatifully crafted black ridge effect. Even the disc tray looks to be hidden.
Games - 10/10: The PS2, undeniably, is the best console for games with more and more bestsellers appearing every month (Grand Theft Auto, Hitman, Metal Gear Solid) and each game is depicted in its own way getting bettter and better as the console shows its full power.
Reliability - 9/10: Now the console is extremeley reliable provided that you take time and car over it and perform regular monthly cleaning of dust from it. However opening the case during the warranty period is inadvisable. If the console collects dust where it is be sure to clean oout all the vents and run a DVD cleaner through it at least every 50 hours of playtime.
Performance - 10/10: The console surpasses every other console in this area by looking good and staying good. There have been a lot of nightmare stories appear about disc read errors or DREs. This is becasue people do not take care of the console and give it regular maintenance. My Playstation has survied a year now of vigourous playing and regular maintenance and it performs just the same it did when I pulled it from the box.
Controller - 7/10: Although it has many improvements and looks the same as the previous DualShock controller I find that there is one major fault. If you play button bashing games such as FPSs or racing games it jjust doesn't stand up so I reccomend you purcahse a cheap controller for these games as the DualShoc 2 can go horribly wrong such as buttons can stop working and the reaction to pressing slows.
Graphics - 10/10: The graphics are fine tuned and excellent on this console. They may not be as excellent as Xbox but they are consistently excellent on many brilliant games in the marketplace.
Gameplay - 10/10: Unlike other consoles the gameplay is slick, fast and reliable. Delivering an excellent game is down to gameplay and many games do this surpassing expectation of this console which is another reason to get the console as it is excellent with the games too.
Other Media - 10/10: The Playstation 2 is not just about playing PS2 games. It also plays CDs, DVDs and old PS1 games making it an excellent console to purchase being the all round one on one console. DVDs are playe with no picture or sound trouble, however you may start to experience problems if you do not give it its regular maintenance. Also some DVDs can take up all the memory and stop but there is about a 0.01% chance of this happening. CDs, whethr bought or burned of your own bands tracks it plays excellently. Plug your console into an AUX socket on a hi-fi or buy the 5.1 speakers and you could get blown away. Whether you've just bought the latest rock album or you've burned your bands own music onto a CD-R you will have no trubles whatsoever. Finally I bring myself to the PS1 games. What can I say apart from the console plays them brillaintly and plays 99.99% of them no trouble at all and sometimes faster than expected depending what menu options you have chosen.
Memory Card - 10/10: The final piece of necerssary hardware. Ideally you should purchase one of these with the console. They are black, 8mb in length and match the console right down to the word 'card'. They are also 200x ffaster than the previous PS1 memory cards and if treated with respect will return the same favour.
Overall - 10/10: The perfect console for everyone - hardcore gamer, sports gamer, action gamer, racing gamer, simualtion gamer, RPG gamer, all round gamer and family gamer. This is truly the console that should take pride of place in any home - whether it family or your own. A gorgeously made console right down to the four letters "SONY". To conclude - buy it or it will feel like a funb part of your life is missing - a stunningly magnificent piece of machinery well worth the wait for.

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Price: £4.78

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5.0 out of 5 stars The White Stripes - Elephant, 16 Jan. 2004
This review is from: Elephant (Audio CD)
The White Sripes latest album, Elephant, is slightl different in nature to some of their previous albums. From hard rock (Little Acorns) to a more mellow side (Seven Nation Army) they prove here that they are a truly innovative and excellently talented band. This is a great collection of works and I wonder now why they have never quite got round to doing anything like this before. To start the album you are drove into a downtempo "English-like" song - Seven Nation Army which was also the single from the album and then you are thrown into the more hard rock style of Black Math. From then on the album rotates between these two genres with the little helping hand for you through debt in Little Acorns. To conclude The Stripes have truly surpassed themselves in this offering.

xXx [DVD] [2002]
xXx [DVD] [2002]
Dvd ~ Vin Diesel|Samuel L. Jackson
Offered by Qoolist
Price: £1.26

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5.0 out of 5 stars xXx - DVD, 16 Jan. 2004
This review is from: xXx [DVD] [2002] (DVD)
xXx was one of the major film and DVD film releases of 2003. It provides non-stop "Pedal To The Metal" acton from the opening sequences to the grand finale. Vin Diesel provides an electryfying perfomance on the screen (and thats not just in Anarch 99's club) from jumping cars of buildings to diabling bombs on submarines. The film opens on Xander Cage (Diesel) stealing a senators brand new Corvette and doing something you wouldn't do unless you owned at least ten of them. After cameras are fitted to the cars Xander records himself driving it and tsking apart all of the laws the owner wants to come into action. Then after this he delivers the car by airmail at least 250 feet down after he jumps off a bridge.
Later Xander is recruited by the NSA to investigate Anarchy 99 in a new 'criminal reverberation scheme'. When Cage passes all this he is sent to Prague and from then on finds himself in a hybrid of beautiful girls, mad men and a set of beautifully gleaming cars.
On the DVD there are animated menus and some extra special features including a "making of" as to which you would expect from this sort of film. Fianlly, also worth mentioning, is the fact that everything from the film to the box at is thought of excellently with fine detail and is truly a work of art for any Vin Diesel fan. xXx is truly a masterpiece of action, violence and sexy ways of life.

2 Fast 2 Furious [DVD] [2003]
2 Fast 2 Furious [DVD] [2003]
Dvd ~ Paul Walker|Eva Mendes|Cole Hauser
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Price: £2.68

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5.0 out of 5 stars 2 Fast 2 Furious - DVD, 13 Jan. 2004
After "The Fast And The Furious" was released in 2001 it was going to take a lot to match it. "2 Fast 2 Furious" excels in this and every field. Since Brian O Connor let Dom Toretto escape at the end of the first film he has lost his job and dissapeared - racing with a clean attitude and travels his way to Mexico with a brand new Skyline. He seems now to have a habit of winning any NOS-filled race he enters. Then he is captured after one such race by the police and offered an ultimatum - jail or his record wiped clean along with unlikely parter Roman. Will he accept?
The DVD features excellent picture and subtitle quality and the animated menus simply add to the racing. You can even choose which car the menu is based around. To put it simply: this is an excellent film to go alongside its predecessor proudly. With high-fuelled races and quick-fire action scenes you'll be hanging on your seat every quarter mile!

In Time: The Best of REM 1988 - 2003
In Time: The Best of REM 1988 - 2003
Price: £3.00

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5.0 out of 5 stars REM: In Time (1988-2003), 10 Jan. 2004
The concept of this album promotes and draws a wide array of various music listeners to REM. From the catchy "Great Beyond" to the slow, tear jerking "Everybody Hurts" this album offers something for everyone. This album is great for the casual REM listener or somebody who is interested in the band but "hardcore" listeners should stick to the elder albums as there is not everything a true REM fan wants here considering it is mainly thir work from when they moved to the "Warner" label. This album is completely tasteful and is an example of the pure talent REM possess. Some unknown tracks are laso thrown in for good measure such as the previously unreleased "Bad Day" and the not so known "Stand." If this album does not appeal to anybody in the slightest way you should have no interest in REM but believe me you are missing out on one of the most perfect, long-term groups ever to hit the Earth. It is with work like this that REM attempts to strain even more people to give them a chance. So if you are interested in a wide variety of music pick this up and if you're not happy then you cannot appreciate the passion and excitement that goes into this music.

The Fast and the Furious [DVD] [2001]
The Fast and the Furious [DVD] [2001]
Dvd ~ Paul Walker
Price: £2.69

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5.0 out of 5 stars DVD - The Fast And The Furious, 5 Jan. 2004
Vin Diesel, Paul Walker and a rounded of cast of racers, girls and cops - the perfect action movie cocktail. When "The Fast And The Furious" made its debut in 2001 it made every adrenaline junkie wanting high speeds, stunts and action wish come true. Straight from the beginning we see the muscle-grinding action begin.
The fim opens on Paul Walker testing out his Mitsubishi Eclipse on a race track in the sun. Unfortunatley the test doesn't go too well and Brian's temper is spinning, along with his car.
From then on the film evolves with plot twists and moving revelations. Even though action films are rarely seen at award shows they are still extremeley well made and have some of the best cast and team behind them like "The Fast And The Furious".

Offered by DVD Overstocks
Price: £3.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars Evanescence - Fallen, 4 Jan. 2004
This review is from: Fallen (Audio CD)
Evanescence were little known in 1998 and originated from Little Rock, Arkansas. Made up of four band members (Amy Lee, Ben Moody, John LeCompt and Rocky Gray) they started making EPs in 1998 and their Original debut album 'Origin' was released in 2000 on a small scale. It was only when their first single 'Bring Me To Life' was released with Daredevil that they accomplished major fame. Since 'Fallen' was released it has gone triple platinum. The album itself is a true work of art alongside 'Origin'. From the hard rock of 'Going Under' to the soft, mellow sound of Amy's piano playing in 'My Immortal' it shows that the band have real, original talent unlike some other rock bands who fill the charts with tasteless and vulgar music. 'Fallen' is an album which truly deserves every award or recognition it gets.
1 - Going Under: The second single to be released by the band, 'Going Under' sits firmly in the hard rock category. Amy Lee's voice blows you away in this with lyrics like "Im Going Under, drowning you" and "I won't be broken again" it begins to reveal to the listener the dark, chilling lyrics that this band can write along with the excellent guitar work.
2 - Bring Me To Life: The first single seems to be slightly mellow at the beginning but suddenly rips that away by blasting you once again in hard rock. This single is all about discovering the world to be a bigger place than just yourself. It has excellent drum and guitarwork and was also featured in the 'Daredevil' movie. This single also features Paul McCoy of the band '12 Stones' singing the male vocals.
3 - Everybodys Fool: Not a single but still an extremely good song. Amy's voice is used almost in the same way as in 'Going Under' but this song doesn't use as much semi-rap. Certainly this is one of Evanescences best non-single songs.
4 - My Immortal: The third single to date is the first of two songs on the album which fits in the mellow category as it focuses mainly on Amy's vocals and piano work. It is quite a tear-jerking song, bringing out emotions.
5 - Haunted: The track which gives a real insight into the gothic side of Evanescence with really dark lyrics and great instrumentals. Also this is the song which features the controversial line: "Saving me, raping me, watching me". Do not be put off by this line however as nothing like this is featured in any other songs.
6 - Tourniquet: A cover version of a previous song entitled "My Tourniquet". This is the only cover song on the album and is a song sung with power, feeling and emotion. It will blow you away with striking lyrics and more great instrumentals.
7 - Imaginary: Almost seems like a remix to Bring Me To Life at first but is a slightly more mellow song with a creepy touch with haunting singing and varying chilling music styles. This is a truly painful song and seems to be a song written from experience by the way the words are chosen.
8 - Taking Over Me: Another song to sit in its place at hard rock but this still has some deep, thoughtful lyrics and varying styles in different places. This may appeal to those who like different styles of rock in one.
9 - Hello: The second song featuring Amy Lee's vocals and pianowork heavily. This has a slightly sarcastic yet mentally disturbed edge to it in a way with lyrics such as "has anyone told you shes not breathing" and "dont try to fix me im not broken"
10 - My Last Breath: This is my favourite song on the whole album. It has a perfect cocktail of deep, thoughtful but mellow lyrics and hard rock instrumentals. Excellently thought out lyrics with greatly chosen words such as "raptured". This song should be definetley considered as a single as it truly is excellent.
11 - Whisper: Featuring the vocal talents of The Millenium Choir in the background this is the perfect ending to the album summing up all the elements of what Evanescence are about: Rock, Thoughtful Singing, Great Instrumentals and a mixture of mellowness, emotion and captivating vocals.
To conclude, this album is perfect for a rock listener who likes a little of everything. It is not a christian album, but will appeal to everyone who has a good taste in music.

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