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Tuzzster "wilfsdad" (el cerrito, ca United States)

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World Shut Your Mouth
World Shut Your Mouth
Price: £5.99

14 of 14 people found the following review helpful
1.0 out of 5 stars Terrible mastering, terrible value., 29 Sept. 2015
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This review is from: World Shut Your Mouth (Audio CD)
As a huge cope fan i have to say he's been poorly served by reissues, the distorted Jehovakill, the misprinted booklet for Peggy Suicide, and basic track omissions on Saint Julian such as the single mix of "Eve's Volcano"
The alarm bells were ringing after the first bars of "Bandy's First Jump". Thin brittle with no bottom end. This sounds like somebody took the 96 remaster, converted it to 128kbps mp3's and gave it to the mastering guy.
The man in questions has reputation at least in my book of being one of the worst mastering engineers i have had the displeasure to listen to.
Mr Andy Pearce who massacred the Icicle Works 'If you want to defeat your enemy ..." 3CD deluxe by rolling off all the treble and making it sound like a blanket was over the speakers does an awful job here. Maybe he was given bad files and did the best he could, but he has previous as mentioned above along with being the goto guy for Cherry Red reissues which are also less than stellar.
I don't really know what else to say here.
There are numerous spelling errors in the booklet (listing the release date as 1884!), and "Hey High Class Butcher" listed twice on the back sleeve as "Hey Class Butcher", makes you think the intern did the proofreading.
If you have the 96' remaster and the expanded Floored Genius 2, you have everything bar one track, the b-side version of "Pussyface", the latter of which is dubbed from vinyl and is a throwaway dance cut-up. They even manage to include the album version of "greatness" instead of the single mix on disc 2. The last three tracks on disc 2 don't even belong here as they are songs from "Fried".
What a disaster.

See The Fire - Albums, Singles and BBC Recordings 1982-1987
See The Fire - Albums, Singles and BBC Recordings 1982-1987
Price: £14.43

16 of 16 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars BBC sessions fantastic, but we've heard the rest before (with crackles), 6 Feb. 2015
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
As a RLYL fan of some 30+ years I've purchased pretty much everything they're ever put out, so it's time to review yet another piece of product from the Leeds boys.
Firstly, let's start with the good. Disc 3 is absolutely essential for any RLYL fan and is worth the price of the box by itself, and seeing as most fans will already have what's on Discs 1 & 2, that's a good thing.
What you get are three sessions, two Peel, one Janice Long, the latter of which is a revelation, having only had it on mono cassette taped off the radio for the last 30 years. The first session has the unreleased `Conscious Decision' which is actually the pick of the bunch, this when they were still a funk and sax post punk band. The second session contains an embryonic `Monkey's On Juice' and the other two songs are solid.
Now for the not so good. The caveat here is it should be a well-known fact to most postpunk collectors now, that most of the master tapes for bands signed to Red Rhino in the 80's are missing presumed destroyed when the headquarters in York went up in flames in the late 80's. So you're not going to get remasters from the original master tapes in most cases. The exception here is that their first demo tape was used as the basis for 3 songs on their first two singles and that's a good thing because it seems to have survived. Ironically and also irritatingly, Red Rhino issued both `Smashed Hits' and `Paint Your Wagon' on CD originally, and so surely it would've made much more sense to take any songs from them and re eq them instead of going back to substandard vinyl pressings. It's also possible that Gerard Cosloy who ran Homestead Records still has tape masters of `Cut Down' and `Crawling Mantra' singles since Red Rhino would've given him a copy of the master tapes for licensing.
Disc 1 is a straight reissue of the 2005 release. This means you get `Talk About The Weather' mastered from vinyl, with associated singles and b-sides. As was made known in reviews back then, the mastering of some of these songs is appalling being taken from different and in some cases significantly worse vinyl copies than those that appeared on the `Singles 1982-87' collection.
So I'm going to go track by track on this release and give you the definitive RLYL song version source, where asterisk means taken from vinyl:
Disc 1 Talk About The Weather

1. Talk About the Weather *
2. Hand on Heart *
3. Feel a Piece * (best version is on Smashed Hits CD)
4. Hollow Eyes *
5. This Today *
6. Sometimes*
7. Strange Dream *
8. Happy *
9. Beating My Head (Original Version)
10. I'm Still Waiting
11. Take It All * (best version is on Smashed Hits)
12. Happy (Single Version) * (best version is on Singles 1982-87)
13. He's Read * (best version is on Smashed Hits)
14. See the Fire * (best version is on Singles 1982-87)
15. Monkeys on Juice * (best version is on Smashed Hits)
16. Push * (best version is on Smashed Hits)
17. Silence * (best version is on Singles 1982-87)
18. Hollow Eyes (12" Version) *
19. Russia * (actually just `This Today' played backwards)

So what's missing?
The superior rerecording of `Beating My Head' from the `This Today' 12", which you can only find on the `Smashed Hits' CD, and the shorter 7" version of `Hollow Eyes'.
Now onto disc 2 which contains some significant errors. All tracks are taken from vinyl which is very annoying considering the album tracks plus a couple of singles could've been mastered from the original PYW CD released by Red Rhino in 1987.
Disc 2 Paint Your Wagon *

1. Walking on Your Hands (best version is on PYW Red Rhino CD)
2. Jipp (best version is on PYW Red Rhino CD)
3. Last Train (best version is on PYW Red Rhino CD)
4. Head All Fire (best version is on PYW Red Rhino CD)
5. Mescal Dance (best version is on PYW Red Rhino CD)
6. Shout at the Sky (best version is on PYW Red Rhino CD)
7. Which Side (best version is on PYW Red Rhino CD)
8. Tear Me Up (best version is on PYW Red Rhino CD)
9. Save My Soul (best version is on PYW Red Rhino CD)
10. Blitz (best version is on PYW Red Rhino CD)
11. Paint Your Wagon (best version is on PYW Red Rhino CD)
12. More Jipp (identical to `Jipp (Instrumental Mix)')
13. Chance (12" version)
14. Generation (best version is on PYW Red Rhino CD)
15. Spinning Round (best version is on PYW Red Rhino CD)
16. Hold Yourself Down (This is actually `Spinning Round (Crash Mix)' not `Hold Yourself Down')
17. Jipp (Instrumental Mix) (this is identical to `More Jipp')
18. Cut Down (12" version)
19. Running Fever
20. Pushed Me
21. Crawling Mantra
22. Hang Man
23. All the Same

So what's missing?
Well firstly `Hold Yourself Down' is not here, this error stems from the incorrect track listing for `Singles 1982-87' from 1994 where the same error was made. I guess nobody listened to it during mastering and corrected the mistake. The 7" version of `Chance' (same length song but the drums sound very weak) is not here which can be found on the original `Paint Your Wagon' CD, nor is the live version of `Shout At The Sky' from the `Crawling Mantra' EP. The 7" version of `Cut Down' is on `Smashed Hits' the version here is the longer 12" mix.

So on balance is it worth getting? Yes because you need those BBC sessions, you can ditch your copy of `Talk About The Weather' as it's identical to Disc 1, but you need to keep your old Red Rhino CD's of PYW and Smashed Hits, and Cherry Red's `Singles 1982-87' if you want the best available digital versions of these songs.

Maybe one day we'll get the definitive editions without errors and omissions, until then ....
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Talk About The Weather
Talk About The Weather
Price: £15.18

7 of 7 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars another day, another mastered from dodgy vinyl RLYL re-issue, 9 Feb. 2008
This review is from: Talk About The Weather (Audio CD)
Lets start with the obvious. EVERY track is mastered from vinyl. Cherry Red has been re-issuing Red Rhino material for some time now using vinyl as their source (Skeletal Family, etc). RLYL fans have had to endure many sub standard re-issues and rehashes of their early material. The shame of it is that their are CD versions of 'smashed hits' and 'paint your wagon' that came out back in the day that could've been used to improve this and the '82-87 singles collection'. The bonus tracks appear to be different vinyl versions than those used on '82-87' with 'take it all' in particular sounding pretty bad. It's missing the rerecording of 'beating my head' from the 'this today' ep, which is far superior to the 1st 7" version used here (this track is also missing from '82-87'). The insides are pretty good replicating the lyric sheet on the inner sleeve of the LP, and yet another eulogy from another fan. The music is brutal. RLYL were the best band to come out of goth ground zero (leeds/bradford area) in the 1980's, and were to say the least, uncompromising. More like the Doors on speed, than anything else. This and 'paint your wagon' should be in your record collection. However if you've already got the vinyl, you'll gain nothing by buying this on CD. anyway 5 stars for the music, minus 1 for the mastering and the gravestone marker added to the front cover. :))

The Strange Idols Pattern And Other Short Stories
The Strange Idols Pattern And Other Short Stories

5 of 5 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars Better than Lawrence thinks it is, 9 Feb. 2008
the 3rd LP by felt is a strange affair. Trying to reconcile the magesterial album tracks and poppy singles, they came up with this, a very schizophrenic album. Top tunes abound including dismantled king, and a rewrite of my face is on fire (felt cannibalized their own tunes a lot, probably showing a lack of material). The one gripe is of course that the original artwork not liked by Lawrence is not here, and even more dammning is the continual omission of "crucifix heaven", which is on the original LP and 1st Cd pressing on cherry red. Was he jealous of deebanks chops? who knows but it's damn shame as it is a fantastic track.

Price: £11.61

4 of 6 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars major label bling trumps artistic nous, 16 Mar. 2007
This review is from: Calenture (Audio CD)
After the magnificence of Born Sandy Devotional, the intimacy of In The Pines, and signing to Island records, it looked like The Triffs could do no wrong. Sadly, the need for hit singles and major label bling overcame the sure judgement that had gone before. You only have to hear the 2nd disc of rehearsals and demos to realize Calenture could have been a masterpiece of the 1980's if they'd followed that path. Some of the great tunes on this album are fairly well obscured by overly obtrusive production, synths, and a drum machine. And the liner notes indicating that this is a timeless piece of work are simply not true, it sounds like a late 1980's pop record. Still it contains some of my fave triffs tracks, 'bury me deep in love', 'hometown farewell kiss' and 'save what you can'. Magnificent. This and The Black Swan could've been so much better, instead they are the watershed for some fans like me, too commercial and too dated now to listen too, and unable to hold a candle to BSD. but oh, those demos, it could've been a contender. If only it hadn't been ruined by that damn drum machine!!

Magpie Eyes 1982-1985
Magpie Eyes 1982-1985
Price: £10.19

6 of 6 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars almost the best, but not quite., 8 Feb. 2006
This review is from: Magpie Eyes 1982-1985 (Audio CD)
The Loft were one of the better bands in the 1st Creation wave. A mixture of Television and Orange Juice, in fact they sound like an old Postcard band. This is a re-issue of Creations 'once round the fair' with 4 additional lo-fi live cuts. A nice booklet with band members participating actively. Includes their only two singles 'why does the rain?' and 'up the hill and down the slope' (which has a fantastice version of Richard Hell's 'Time'). a janice long session from 3rd jan 85, 'winter' from 'wow wild summer' compilation, and 4 uncredited live cuts with a bad edit during one song. Minus 1 star for not adding 'your door shines like gold from 'alive in the living room' comp, not giving any info on the live tracks, or the radio session (i had to look it up in ken gardners 'in session tonight' book). They could've been bigger than the Television Personalities, but ego (apparently) got in the way.

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