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Sea to Summit Premium Silk Sleeping Bag Liner with Mummy Hood
Sea to Summit Premium Silk Sleeping Bag Liner with Mummy Hood

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1.0 out of 5 stars Awful build quality, 24 Mar 2012
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I bought a pair of these for our round the world trip. They didn't last more than 2 nights - the stitching is terrible and just seems to fall apart if you even look at it. I have now re-sown the lining in about 5 places and they are still coming apart. Do yourself a favour and avoid this product.

Sabatier Professional 5 Slot Oak Knife Block
Sabatier Professional 5 Slot Oak Knife Block
Offered by Emporium Cookshop & Homewares
Price: £83.00

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1.0 out of 5 stars Looks nice, horrible to use, 2 Dec 2010
I bought this set elsewhere (not on Amazon). First impressions when getting it out the box were good - the knives look very handsome,and the holder is solid and stylish. However, my misgivings started when I pulled out the chef's knife. The handles are huge and square. I don't have small hands, but I found the handle almost unmanageable - it feels like they want to turn 30 degrees so that the handle sits diagonally.

It doesn't get better. The blade of the chefs knife (as far as I'm concerned the most important knife in the set) is very shallow and the blade does not have a curve at the end. This means that you can't do the standard rocking motion without exerting significant and tiring pressure on your wrists.

The rest of the blades are ok (not great, but ok), they all suffer from the massive handles. They are also pretty blunt first thing out the box - a big no no in my book.

all in all I would heavily recommend that you avoid these like the plague. Awful.

Canon PowerShot A1100 IS Digital Camera - Silver (12.1 MP, 4x Optical Zoom) 2.5 inch LCD
Canon PowerShot A1100 IS Digital Camera - Silver (12.1 MP, 4x Optical Zoom) 2.5 inch LCD

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2.0 out of 5 stars Poor colours, low on settings, 26 July 2010
I recently bought one of these to use in situations where my SLR is too bulky to carry. It's a nice looking camera, fits into your hand very comfortably. However, the image quality is appalling - everything seems slightly out of focus and the colours look washed-out and dreary. I figured it might just be an iso/colour balance setting that was off, but the menus are so cut down that there seems no way to change these settings.

I compared taking identical photographs with this camera and my partners IXUS 95 IS and the difference was absolutely startling. I was so dejected by the whole thing that I ended up just giving the brand new camera away. Waste of time. Avoid.
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ENEL9 EN-EL9 Battery for Nikon D40 D60
ENEL9 EN-EL9 Battery for Nikon D40 D60
Offered by Invero
Price: £5.39

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1.0 out of 5 stars Don't waste your time, 2 Dec 2009
I should have known better, it seemed too good to be true and it was. This battery will not charge in the Nikon charger that came with my D40. It must have had some charge when I first got it, because it seemed to work in the camera when I tested it. Of course, when I actually needed to use it it was dead and it won't recharge and it's too late to send it back. Massive fail.

If you've got yourself a D40, then my advice is don't bother getting another battery. I've found that you should be able to take over 1000 pictures on one charge, and I've never been in a situation where I needed more than this between charges.
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Black & Decker Simple Start Battery Booster/Car Starter
Black & Decker Simple Start Battery Booster/Car Starter

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3.0 out of 5 stars Not a complete waste of time, 12 Nov 2008
I bought this item as it was the only thing available at short notice (I usually like to read reviews and shop around). I plugged it in to charge and then checked the reviews here to see what others had experienced. Obviously I was dismayed by the many negative responses from other customers.

I thought that I would add my views on this item because there is not much information here if you:
a) Have a petrol car with a capacity <= 2.0l
b) Have a battery that is not completely flat, but cannot not start the engine

if you fail any of these conditions, then run, run and never look back.

Anyway, here are the pro's of the unit:

- It is well engineered (B&D got this right at least), it feels sturdy, and everything tucks away into a nice, neat and small package.
- It works (after 15 minutes the thing beeped and my car started first time).
- The whole 'plugging it into the cigarette lighter is quite nice (especially if it's raining at the time).
- It has a female connection which enables you to use it as a portable power source (you can charge cell-phones etc off it).
- The female connection can even be used to re-charge the unit while you drive, which is quite nifty.

And here are the cons
- Ok, having a battery booster that can't boost a dead battery is pretty pants in anyone's book.
- It takes ages to re-charge (15 hours the first time, and then roughly 12 hours after each use)
- Running through the cigarette lighter makes it slower than 'attach to battery' units. 15 minutes is a long time when you're sitting there staring at the dashboard and feeling like a lemon.

All in all, this item is not the complete waste of time that other posters have said, but for the same price, or a bit more, you can get something that boosts a dead battery.
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No Title Available

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1.0 out of 5 stars Might be good if they ever get around to sending it, 6 Sep 2007
I'm sorry that I cannot review the product, instead I will review the seller. I ordered one of these over a week ago and it still hasn't been despatched. There has been no word about what the delay is, or even when it might be resolved (if ever). Personally I would advise people to get this product elsewhere.

Guild Wars Factions
Guild Wars Factions

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5.0 out of 5 stars Great new additition, 5 July 2006
= Fun:5.0 out of 5 stars 
This review is from: Guild Wars Factions (Video Game)
I came to Guild Wars fairly late, and so had not nearly finished the first one (it's huge!!) by the time Factions came out. However, I'm such a fan that I had to get it. I am glad that I did!

Factions is set in the world of Cantha, which has an oriental theme going on. The graphics are still as breathtaking as the original and it is fun to take on new monsters (and rain fiery death down apon them!)

I must say that you level up much faster in Factions because the quests(even the wussy early ones) give you lots of XP. Having said that, the missions are a bit more difficult than the last, but I think that this only adds to the fun because you have to be careful about what spells you take with you.

There are a lot more spells now so you can put together some really devastating combo's. The new characters are pretty nifty too.

All in all it is a great game that will keep you playing for ages, well worth the money!

Creative ZEN Vision:M 30GB MP3 / Multi-Media Player - Black††
Creative ZEN Vision:M 30GB MP3 / Multi-Media Player - Black††

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4.0 out of 5 stars A great little gadget!, 14 Jun 2006
I have heard that people often sing the praises of the item they have bought (even if the item is rubbish) because they need to justify the purchase (it's called cognitive dissonance). I will therefore try to be as objective as possible.

I bought myself one of these bad-boys a couple of days ago (after a lot of deliberating and research). It was delivered swiftly and without any hassle - well done once more Amazon! Overall I am very happy with it.

The things I liked about the Zen:

-The resolution of the screen is great, it almost has to be seen to be believed, and the depth of colour is fantastic.
-There was no hassle connecting it up and putting my music onto it, it very quick and easy. Surprisingly quick, in fact, considering how much music I transferred.
-I can still use whatever mp3 application I like on my computer (I use i-tunes, but the point is that I am not forced to use any one program).
-The touch-pad system is great! As far as I am concerned it is just as easy (if not easier!) to use than the ipod wheel (I do not understand why people said it was too sensitive, I think it's fine). It also has some great shortcut features so you don't have to scroll through millions of artists to get from Bob Dylan to Pearl Jam or whatever.
- Battery life!!!! hahahaha I laugh in the face of the i-pod's one hour video (sorry, couldn't help objective... think objective..deep breaths..)
- The sound quality is everything I could ask for.
- The radio and microphone are quite nice to have in an ooh-look-what-I-can-do-naa-naa way (but I'm not sure I will ever actually use them).

The things I didn't like about the Zen:

- It is not quite as sexy as the ipod. (Mind you, since both the zen and the ipod can apparently be scratched by a sharp hydrogen molecule you're probably going to be wrapping it up anyway)
- It doesn't come with a wall-charger which really pissed me off! Grrrr!
-I have had a few problems getting some of my videos to play on it (the video just freezes up). Though they could have been dodgy AVI's.. still they work on my computer..

All in all, I think this is a great product! I feel as if I've owned this thing all my life and I would definately recommend it to anyone.

Guild Wars Special Edition (PC CD)
Guild Wars Special Edition (PC CD)

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5.0 out of 5 stars Awesome!, 5 April 2006
I was drawn to this game when I saw the preview video (and also by the fact that there are no monthly subscription fees). Boy was I not disappointed! The game is massive (like, massively massive, you know?) with a great storyline and breathtaking graphics. I also liked the fact that you can do missions by yourself or with others, and if you feel like a good fight you can just head to the PvP area (I, like, 0wn3D you d00d!). I'm going to be playing this game for months, I highly recommend it.

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