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4.0 out of 5 stars Repeat herself.....never, 21 April 2003
This review is from: Music (Audio CD)
Music sees a brilliant shift in styles from her last album Ray of Light. Whilst it would've been easy for madonna to stick to a tried and tested formula, shes brave enough to bring Mirwais into the fold to produce some of her most daring and clever music to date. Those who found her last single Amrican Pie a bit off putting will have been pleasantly surprised by the sound of Music.
It kicks off with Music, an outstanding retro dance number that spirals off at the end in an exuberant fashion. An out and out ode to the freedom of dancing and a good summation of what madonna has done through her career.
Impressive Instant follows perfectly and is another clever dance number that chops up vocals, adds some intruiging sounds and has Madonna wanting to "singy singy singy like a bird on a wingy wingy wingy", excellent.
Runaway Lover is the lowpoint (bar American Pie) of the album. A bland dance number with cliche lyrics and distinctly un-memorable melody. Reach for the skip button on this one.
I Deserve it is a highlight. We get to hear madonnas voice closer than we ever have before and its in fine form. Its a folk ballad about her husband with some electro beats to spice it up. The melody is pretty and full of hooks.
Amazing continues in the tradition of Beautiful Stranger, and whilst it fails to match up to its predecessor, it still provides a nice slice of guitar dance pop.
Nobody's Perfect is a fine song with a mournful melody, although it is somewhat ruined by the over use of a vocoder on Madonnas voice. The outro of the song is particularly effective.
Dont Tell Me, the second single, is an outstanding piece of invention. An infectious acoutstic guitar riff is chopped up, stuttering and starting all over the place, while madonna sings the fine melody and crazy lyrics in a manner not unlike Sheryl Crow. The highlight of this song however is the gorgeous string ending, the sound of beauty and invention on your stereo.
What It Feels Like For A Girl is the albums lyrical highlight, and the track itself bubbles around your speakers warmly. Its essentially a power ballad, but with an ultra hip production. One of a trio of songs that rank as the best in her career (Music and Dont Tell Me being the others).
Paradise is a beautiful string laden climax to the album that sees madonna borrow heavily from the Air school of chill out. Fans of their moon safari album will like this.
The album proper ends with Gone. Another folk ballad where madonna sings resiliantly "selling out is not my thing", no kidding. Its a good album closer and ruined by the lazy production and treatment of American Pie that hits in like some unwelcome afterthought.
This is a very good pop album (though not without its faults)that sees madonna trying things no other mainstream pop artists would dare to. After almost 20 years in the business, madonna still sounds like the freshest and most innovative pop artist out there. Keep it up Maam.

Wings At The Speed Of Sound
Wings At The Speed Of Sound

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3.0 out of 5 stars Nice songs, shame about the album, 21 April 2003
This album was one of the biggest selling albums of the 70's, amazingly. Released at the peak of Wings' popularity, it featured two very big hit songs that stand as the best thing on here. To say this was a somewhat bland trough that they had fallen into would be unfair as Wings had spent much of 1975 on tour, and this album simply stands as a means to give them more tour material.
Let Em In is a daft yet catchy song in which Paul namechecks most of his family, it has a somewhat hypnotic quality to it. The Note You Never wrote is symptomatic of one of the albums major flaws. Paul in trying to make Wings a "proper" band gave its other band members a vocal slot. This songs is a perfectly good McCartney song that most fans would rather have him sing. That said Denny does a presentable job with it.
Shes my Baby is another catchy pop song that hits all the right notes without actully doing much, but its lyrics are daft as any Paul has written comparing his baby to gravy?
Beware My Love is a fine mid 70's rock song with a searing vocal from Paul, and Jimmy McCulloch's Wino Junko is one of the other band members more presentable efforts.
Silly Love Songs is the best song on the album, a great melodic bass line, and some wonderful harmoic interchanges between Paul and Linda. It was a smash single in 1976 and probably the reason the album sold so well.
Cook Of The House is sung by Linda and has a 30's throwback feel to it. Time To Hide was written by Denny and the pair of songs back to back are neither bad nor good, just album filler.
Must Do Something About It is sung by the drummer Joe Englis, but it could really have done with Pauls intervention. Sann Ferry Anne is yet more filler, but Warm & Beautiful is one of Pauls finest melodies throughout the whole period.
The extra songs on the re-masters arent great, although Sally G is a B-Side that acts as a fine stab at country music, and was recorded in Nashville.
This is an album that is so inoffensive it almost becomes annoying. Its not a bad album, but there is nothing that grabs the listener. Its all catchy pop music, but as far as Pauls talents go it underacheives.
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Band On The Run [2 bonus tracks]
Band On The Run [2 bonus tracks]
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Price: 8.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars At last a classic, 21 April 2003
Pauls solo career for the 4 years post the Beatles had been a rather patchy affair. After starting off with two decent albums, he followed that up with two very below par Wings efforts that prompted much mocking of the Wings line up, particularly the inclusion of Pauls wife Linda on keyboards. Here however, reduced to the three core members, Paul, Lindaa & Denny, they produce the kind of rock/pop music that the seventies were meant for.
Recorded in Lagos, their surroundings meant that they recorded an album that had a consistent sound about it, something all Wings previous efforts had failed at. Kicking off with two of pauls best songs, Band on The Run and Jet never fail to lift you up, two of pauls finest rock songs that both follow the theme of flight and escapism that runs throught his whole album.
Bluebird is a delightful acoustic number that again follows the theme of flight, although those expecting a Blackbird part two should look eslewhere. Mrs Vandebilt one can only assume is about returning to nature with its tribal like shouts of Ho-Hey-Ho .
Let Me Roll it still stands as one of Pauls best, a song he performs today with passion and vigour, and one that has been described as out-Lennoning Lennon. The heavy riffs over an organ fuelled drum beat are fantastic, and one cant wonder if the songs lyrics were also aimed at lennon (" I cant tell you how I feel, my heart is like a wheel....Let Me Roll It to you").
Mamunia is Pauls back to nature approach again, but is more successful than Mrs Vandebilt with a delightful melody and acoustics that celebrate the rain as Paul intended. No Words was a co-write between Paul and Denny, and both take turns in shring the vocals. Probably the weakest cut on the album, it still makes for good listening.
Helen Wheels was the single that preceeded this album, and was originally only included on the American version of the album. Its a bit like The Ballad of Paul & Linda, rocking along to great effect, although Lindas vocals often seem a little harsh on the ears. Its B-Side Country Dreamer is included on the re-mastered releases, and that is a pleasant acoustic number originally recorded for red Rose Speedway but never used.
Picassos last words was written in the company of Dustin Hoffman, and recalls the great painters last hours. It works as another great McCartney character song with french sounding horns and a great melody.
The closing 1985 works as a fantastic climax to a fantastic album. This is Pauls musically most consistent and cohesive work. Great songs mix together with excellent production to produce an album that really does make wings sound like a band on the run. It would catapult the band to the kind of global succcess that only the Beatles could better. This is the album Paul had bordered on making for a few years and finally found the focus to do so. It is brimming with great tunes and creativity. Excellent.

Wings Wild Life
Wings Wild Life

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2.0 out of 5 stars It was recorded in a kidding, 21 April 2003
This review is from: Wings Wild Life (Audio CD)
When Paul decided that his post Beatles future was with another band, you can be sure that he had very different visions of how this band would work in comparisson to his old one. This is extremely evident on this album, all songs being composed and sung by McCartney himself, with the only noticeable backing vocals being provided by Linda.
Wings were essential a backing band for Paul, yet on this album they fail to do even that to good effect. This album suffers in so many ways. The band was new, it was recorded and released only a few months after Pauls excellent Ram album, and so it is glaringly short of decent material, and Paul decided to record it in only a few days.
Mumbo is a nothing jam trimmed down into a 4 minute album opener. Its a decent enough effort, but as album openers go its possibley the worst of his career. If Paul was trying to alienate his fan base he was going about it the right way as the albums second song Bip-Bop is as insipid as he's ever been. An annoying melody (that will linger in your mind for days), and gibberish lyrics set panic stations on full alert. One crap song can be put down to playfullness, 2 in a row of such a poor stature indicate that the artist has actually lost it.
The next few songs go some way to improving the album however. Their "reggae" cover of Love Is Strange is lovely and possibley the best thing on the album, whilst the incredibley mournful Wildlife (which kind of echos This Is A Mans World), begins a line of thinking that Paul would follow for the rest of his career. Paul executes the song perfectly providing a great vocal to a haunting melody.
Some People Never Know and I Am Your Singer are rather nothing acoustic songs that meander on for over 7 minutes to no great effect. The album picks up again with the delightful Tomorrow and the poigniant Dear Friend both based around the piano. Tomorrow being a simple number that could've been recorded by the Beatles, Dear Friend being an open letter to John asking him to put all their very public problems behind them.
And then the original album is over. Just about 8 songs, only 4 of which are worth going back to, and 2 piffling little "links" that add nothing to the album. Fortunately the added extras included on these re-masters are the best songs on here, and the reason for purchasing the album.
Give Ireland Back To The Irish is Pauls response to the Bloody Sunday Masacre wich when compared to John & Yoko's Luck Of The Irish ("Lets dance over the rainbow like leprachauns") sounds like the most intellegent political song ever. It is however not the most intellegent, the most interesting thing about it being that it was banned by the BBC.
Mary Had A Little Lamb is Pauls first stab at making music for children (something he would pursue alot during his solo career), but makes for painful listening if you're an adult. Little Woman Love is excellent, a Fats Domino like piano number that draw close comparison with Lady Madonna. Mamas Little Girl was recorded for Red Rose Speedway but never released until 1990, amazing given its a beautiful acoustic number sung about his daughter, and is better than anything else on here.
This is one of Pauls worst solo efforts, and is only worth buying for completists only. There are some good songs here, but the high standards Paul had set himself in the Beatles were all but a distant memory. It took Wings a couple of years to find their feet. This was the starting point and it shows. Its just a pitty Paul was so flippant about his music at this point meaning some songs that could have been great, were lost amongst all the mediocrity.
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Venus And Mars
Venus And Mars
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3.0 out of 5 stars Venus & Mars is alright tonight, 20 April 2003
This review is from: Venus And Mars (Audio CD)
If following Band On The Run up was a daunting task, it certainly doesn't translate on listening to this album. Recorded in New Orleans, there is a certain spirit to many of the songs that was obviously inspired by their surroundings (just as Band On The Run had been inspired by Lagos).
This to my eyes was simply an album made to give wings some quality filler to play live when they hit the road for their 1975 world tour. Full of fun rockers that would manage to fill the arenas that Paul and Wings were selling out.
Venus & Mars / Rock Show fulfills this criterea perfectly and kicks the album off in the most rocking of seventies of styles. The haunting Love In Song is a Mccartney ballad that is sadly overlooked in any kind of Wings retrospectives, and You Gave Me The Answer is Paul at his 1930's music hall best.
Letting Go picks up where Let Me Roll It left off on Band On The Run ( a laid back, riff laiden delight), but fails to match the high standards of its predecessor. Magneto & Titanium Man is a rollicking showcase for pauls vocals, as is the bluesy Call Me Back Again.
The songs delegated to other memebers, Spirits of Ancient Egypt and Medicine Jar are pleasant enough, but are no substitute for McCartney originals, and the ballad Treat Her Gently shows a sentimental mccartney at his most melodicly conscious, but to suprisingly little effect.
All this is made up for the really quite fine Listen To What The Man Said which breezes along with a summery melody and some rather fine saxophone. The extra songs are among the worst added to these McCartney re-masters, but all in all this works out OK as an album.
My main complaint is that once you've heard the live versions on the live album Wings over America (1976), the versions on here sound flat and lacking in the kind of zest and enthusiasm they require to be treated with. The album as a whole would have also benefited greatly from the inclusion of its preceeding single Juniors Farm and the B-Side Sally G, both of which are better than everything on here.

Offered by hi-5films
Price: 15.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars Ram?!?!? Rubbish album title, 18 April 2003
This review is from: Ram (Audio CD)
OK so you get a bit worried when the best group in the world has just split up and its two main men are bickering like a couple of school girls. Not when you get delivered albums like this. This is inspiration on record.
The best description ive heard of this album is that its like a patchwork quilt. Many erratic, brilliant musical ideas all sewn up to make a highly cohesive piece of work.
Too Many People is the best song on the album in my opinion. An excellent, scathing, vocal from paul, wild guitar playing and drumming, oh and he starts howling like a dog. Aimed at John & Yoko, who were certainly beginning to like the sound of their own voices far too much during this period, it talks about people preaching practices and about lucky breaks and can understand John being peeved by it, he wrote How Do You Sleep as a response. This was a good tune though.
3 Legs appears to be another dig at his former band mates and its sung with a bit of a comedy edge. Ram On has a delightful piano intro, and youll never hear such a good / haunting song sung with a Ukelele.
Dear Boy was written about Lindas ex husband, and it cements the impression that Paul & Linda were becoming increasingly cut off, particularly from their past. They became a self relient family unit, and only the most hard hearted of people couldnt warm to this image of happy domesticity.
Unlce Albert sounds a little insane, but its a great track made up of 3 parts. All of which flow together seemlessly. It was a number 1 apparently in the US.
Smile Away is a great rocker that sees Paul cut lose with another raucous vocal. Heart Of The Country is a bit dull. It plods along and Monkberry Moon Delight is much more inviting as a result. Again, quite insane, the lyrics and vocals really do make for a fun song.
Eat At Home is a fantastic throwback tune that recalls Buddy Holly at his best. Long Haired Lady is a little ruined by Lindas vocals, and never really finds its feet. This is made up for by the beautiful Back Seat Of My Car. A good summation of how Paul and Lindas love for each other had bred a new lease of life in the pair. A song about young love really.
The poorly re-mastered version includes Another Day and Oh Woman Oh Why, the single and B-Side that preceeded the album. Why Paul insisted in leaving some of his best songs off his albums in the 70's continually gripes me. These are two great songs. Another Day being a nice character song with lovely harmonies and a breezy melody, and Oh Woman Oh Why being another slightly insane work, but with a great drive and melody to it.
This album is truly briliant. Not one to be played at all times, you have to be in the moood I find, but when you're into it its unbelievably good. Dont be put off by the lack of standout tracks, in their own way they all standout as a collective work. Excellent!

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