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by Hannah Fielding
Edition: Hardcover
Price: £15.99

5.0 out of 5 stars Passion, love and misunderstandings set against a stunning Spanish backdrop., 16 April 2015
This review is from: Indiscretion (Hardcover)
Written in a flowing, vivid style, Hannah Fielding's "Indiscretion" grips from the first. Alexandra is a beguiling heroine, caught between the cultural demands of her British and Spanish families, and Salvador a compelling, charismatic hero. The path these two must tread before they achieve their deserved HEA is fraught with misunderstanding, as well as with malicious interference and spite from others, but the shimmering attraction between them is always as taut as a thread. The southern Spanish backdrop is brilliantly described, so at all times I felt I was there. A powerful and romantic story, one to savour and enjoy.

The Time Between (The Crucible of Becoming Book 1)
The Time Between (The Crucible of Becoming Book 1)
Price: £2.03

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5.0 out of 5 stars A story about life, choices and the pain and love evoked by both, 18 Mar. 2015
In a fast-paced, snappy style, “The Time Between” reveals a heart-breaking situation between women, Shirley and Eldora, opening where both are at breaking point and stalled in their lives, finding it impossible to go forward. The novella shows how, through faith and honest, sometimes painful, discussion, Shirl and El rediscover a more open and true relationship and can then move forward.

This is not an easy book. The women have real issues and argue fiercely. The story, written mainly as dialogue, reveals the depth of pain and rejection both have had to deal with and at times I despaired of how they could be reconciled. “The Time Between” shows how that acceptance can take place. It is realistic and unflinching in depicting what actions Shirl and El need to take to accomplish this.

I would recommend the story to anyone who has suffered from feelings of dislocation from family and loved ones, and the feelings of betrayal once family secrets are laid bare. This powerful, poignant story had me in tears at several points as it is a vivid showing of what happens when natural feelings are denied. By the end I was so glad that Shirl and El found and reconciled with each other. Overall, "The Time Between" is a powerful and empowering read.
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Goosed! or A Fowl Christmas (The Feather Fables)
Goosed! or A Fowl Christmas (The Feather Fables)
Price: £3.06

5.0 out of 5 stars Original and Delightful Regency Christmas Romance, 22 Nov. 2014
"Goosed" is a wonderful Christmas story! It whisked me away to another time and kept me thoroughly engaged and entertained. As with so many of Linda Banche's work, "Goosed" is a delightful blend of comedy, pathos and romance, all set during a sparkling Regency Christmas that feels truly authentic.

Robert, the hero, is magnificent and made very human and original by his interest in birds. That interest is also a wonderful plot device and leads him to some interesting encounters with the other "hero" of the novel, the marvellous Machiavelli.

The heroine Julia is very much her own woman, with talent and justifiable pride in her paintings. Linda Banche always draws interesting and intelligent female characters, while showing clearly how women could be preyed upon in Regency times and how difficult it was for them to make a living.

The misunderstandings and dilemmas throughout the novel are all too human and all too real. My heart bled for poor Will, the other man who seeks to court the lovely Julia, and also for the older, widowed Lady Ellison. I do hope that Will finds another lady and that Linda Banche writes about him? I found him most engaging and his struggles as the younger son most compelling.

Machiavelli, the goose of the title, is a truly original character, wily and selfish and greedy, but sympathetic too as he plots to avoid becoming a Christmas dinner and spars with the local fox. Waddling and proud, he makes an unlikely but delicious cupid. His interactions with the other birds read almost like animal fables and the whole makes for great fun.

If you are looking for a bit of Yule magic and romance, please try "Goosed". You won't be disappointed.

Choosing to Be (The Naomi Chronicles Book 2)
Choosing to Be (The Naomi Chronicles Book 2)
Price: £2.37

5.0 out of 5 stars Can there be forgiveness between these two?, 8 Oct. 2014
Opening where "No Other Choice" stops, this novel reveals the often difficult and emotionally charged journey of faith that the two main characters, Naomi and Chaz have to make. They must learn to put aside fear and anger, to understand and to finally forgive. The author does not diminish the tasks in front of the young married couple, nor lessen the emotional stakes that are involved. As should be in a novel series exploring the deep issues of faith and history, this is a multi-layered read, unafraid to reveal how the struggle for reconciliation and forgiveness is an on-going one. This is also a study in a religious community, of the wonders of faith working through women and men.


No Other Choice: The Naomi Chronicles
No Other Choice: The Naomi Chronicles
Price: £2.63

5.0 out of 5 stars Romance full of insight and passion that is also a journey of faith, 8 Oct. 2014
The characters in this story are all well-rounded and finely shaded. The author writes in smooth, compelling prose and has penned a complex story of faith, love and redemption. The sights, sounds textures and culture of the time are cleverly brought to life and the choices of each character are vividly shown. The strengths of family are revealed but so too is the ugly prejudice that often blighted the lives of people who were perceived as being in any way 'different' from the American dream, either in race or faith...

On a more intimate level, Naomi has to learn how to love and take time for herself. Her new husband Chaz works hard to show her his love in return. But theirs is a marriage built on a lie and once that lie is exposed by a spiteful third person, will their relationship survive?

No Other Choice is an arresting novel with many surprises. I learned much from it.

Rough Waters (A Mossy Bog Book Book 3)
Rough Waters (A Mossy Bog Book Book 3)
Price: £1.99

5.0 out of 5 stars Fast-Paced Adventure and Romance, 30 Aug. 2014
5 Stars

With a hero as rugged as his name and a feisty heroine with pink hair, Maggie Touissant's latest romantic suspense is as excellent and exciting as ever. I admire her settings, the small-town intimacies, the clash of danger, the realism of her characters and their relationships. If you are looking for adventure, a fast-paced read, toe-tingling romance and high stakes, 'Rough Waters' has it all. There is missing treasure, a mystery of parentage, rare golden coins, a rotten ex-husband, a delightful family, a heroine, Jeanie, who doesn't know the meaning of giving up, two delicious guard dogs and an ex-army hero, Rock, whom I would like to take home with me.

The adventure comes quick and furious as Jeanie's shop, business. home and life come under threat. Is Rock all he seems or is he, as her toad of an ex-hubby Avery suggests, connected to the Mob?

A satisfying and engaging romantic suspense.

A Distinct Flair for Words (Love and the Library Book 3)
A Distinct Flair for Words (Love and the Library Book 3)
Price: £2.86

5.0 out of 5 stars A Delicious Regency Romance Series that Keeps getting Better and Better, 13 Aug. 2014
A Distinct Flair for Words introduces the reader to two lovely characters, Frank and Felicity. It's tricky to write angst-free, amiable characters without making them bland but Linda Banche succeeds brilliantly. Her Felicity is effervescent and bubbly without being foolish and Frank is decent, steadfast and appealing - a young man uncertain of what he wants in life but determined to make his way. These two are reunited - they were once great childhood friends and now come together as adults, meeting in the library. Again, 'Pride and Prejudice' plays a key role in the story and there is a wonderful sub-plot where Felicity writes another slant on the famous story from Mr Bingley's point of view.

The Regency world of publishing is explored and cleverly shown to be both different from and similar to the modern writing world. There are sub-plots involving the other young men in this series, so we see them again in several lovely reunions. We also see a sub-plot romance between two book-worms (who utterly deserve their HEA) and ducks again make their appearance, to excellent effect.

This is a super story, full of deft touches and humour. There is even a sinister suitor who vies for Felicity's hand, while the doubts and delights of falling in love are vividly shown and expressed. I believe Linda Banche writes young men very well indeed.

A treat.

Guernsey Retreat (The Guernsey Novels Book 3)
Guernsey Retreat (The Guernsey Novels Book 3)
Price: £2.32

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5.0 out of 5 stars Contemporary Women's Relationship Novel set in Guernsey, 5 Aug. 2014
Part romance, part women's relationship fiction, part mystery, Anne Allen's 'Guernsey Retreat' is a companion story to her novel, 'Finding Mother' and explores similar themes, except in this case it is a father who is found. Louisa, the heroine of the story, is a loving and sensitive young woman who has just suffered the devastating loss of her mother and the brutal severing of her relationship with her ex. Fearful of another rejection, she travels to Guernsey in the hope of connecting with her father Malcolm, a man she has never known. Malcolm had a passionate and heartfelt relationship with her mother Susan before circumstances compelled him to return to Canada before he knew Susan was pregnant with their daughter. Louisa meets Malcolm and they begin to learn about each other, but old family history and murder stand in their way. There is also a mystery regarding a ruby necklace said by Malcolm to be tainted.

Meanwhile Louisa finds herself drawn to Paul, who works at Malcolm's health resort, La Folie. But what are Paul's true feelings for her? Are they friends or more?Throughout the novel there are delicious hints of romance.

'Guernsey Retreat' is very enjoyable, both as a gentle romance and as a study in families and what makes a family happy or not. Anne Allen explores the subtleties of modern relationships in a compassionate way while revealing the workings of karma and choices in life. The sights, sounds smells and cuisine of Guernsey provide a vivid background to the story and make it all the richer.

How Did We Become Angry? (Lamb Ministries 7x7: Biblical Recovery for Women Suffering from Trauma & Abuse Book 1)
How Did We Become Angry? (Lamb Ministries 7x7: Biblical Recovery for Women Suffering from Trauma & Abuse Book 1)
Price: £2.88

5.0 out of 5 stars A Practical, Sympathetic Guide to Recovering from Hurt and Anger, 7 July 2014
This is a heartfelt, practical guide, with clear steps for the reader to work through in order to discover a personal path to healing. Using biblical and modern examples, the books shows why anger can overwhelm a person and reveals how that person can take responsibility and allow faith to comfort and point a new way forward. With prompts to write letters, explanations of the LAMB ministry and more, 'How did we become Angry' is useful and inspiring. I would recommend it to anyone who feels stuck in a cycle of negative emotions.

From 'Why Johnny Can't Read' To "See Paula Write"
From 'Why Johnny Can't Read' To "See Paula Write"
Price: £2.03

5.0 out of 5 stars Inspiring, Jaunty, Honest Memoir, 2 July 2014
This memoir by Paula Rose Michelson is both a meditation in the healing power of faith and a frank, honest account of how it feels to not be able to read easily. I sympathized with the author's very real struggle and was inspired by her memoir. Written in a jaunty, engaging style, this would make a perfect audio book that captures the spirit and times of living and growing up in 1950s America, a time when dyslexia was not as well understood as it is now.

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