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SoundDock® Portable digital music systemGloss  - Black (discontinued by manufacturer)
SoundDock® Portable digital music systemGloss - Black (discontinued by manufacturer)

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5.0 out of 5 stars Great piece of kit, a few tips though, 10 July 2012
This is really in response to NorfolkBooks review where he/she has moved all his/her cd collection onto iPods.

Please note, MP3 is NOT CD quality. Never will be. Even the best commercial speakers (and this one is definitely a cracker) will only output the quality of the input, ie MP3.

So before you sell your CD collection, and if you like your music, please do one thing - rip the music into a LOSSLESS format. LOSSLESS means there is no LOSS of quality of sound. MP3 is a LOSSY format, ie you lose a huge amount of quality.

Obviously, for your iPods your having to rip to Apples MP3 format, but if you use a free program like EAC Copy (google it) for PC, or MAX from (also free), you can rip to both versions. 1 MP3 for your iPods, and a LOSSLESS format such as FLAC or Apple Lossless.

You can always easily convert LOSSLESS to LOSSY, but NEVER LOSSY to LOSSLESS. And once your cd is sold, its gone, and with it, cd quality.

For any iPod Touch / iPhone users. try this...

Download the free FLAC player app from the App store. Rip an album into FLAC format using EAC Copy, and into MP3 format. Load the FLAC into FLAC player via iTunes and the mp3 the normal way.

Now play both through your Bose soundock. There we go, now you understand. :)

On this Soundock, great sound, brilliant battery life (Bose quote 10 hours but that, unusually, is at max volume, you can expect around 16 or so hours with normal play volume)and a spinnable dock so you can hide the dock if your playing the sound thru a laptop for instance.

So yeah, great soundock, sorry if I got a bit techy above but PLEASE understand the massive sound drop you get through any MP3 player (not just Apples). And avoid selling your cd collection before you have used basic Google 101 skills to fully understand what your losing with no lossless backup.

(Tip 2: when you rip to CD, don't use iTunes, use Windows Media Player, or EAC Copy etc and go into the preferences or options and select the best bitrate to rip to the best quality available - 320kbps. The "Bitrate" is the quality, as said before, you can convert down, but never up!)

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Twin Pack Highspeed Professional 200Mb / 200 Mbps / Homeplug Powerline Compliant Fast Ethernet Bridge Adapter for ADSL / Cable / NTL / Virgin Internet / Sony PS3 / Playstation 3 / Xbox 360 / Nintendo Wii / HD Video Streaming / EN and Blu-ray / PC - Full 30 day no quibble money back guarantee
Twin Pack Highspeed Professional 200Mb / 200 Mbps / Homeplug Powerline Compliant Fast Ethernet Bridge Adapter for ADSL / Cable / NTL / Virgin Internet / Sony PS3 / Playstation 3 / Xbox 360 / Nintendo Wii / HD Video Streaming / EN and Blu-ray / PC - Full 30 day no quibble money back guarantee

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3.0 out of 5 stars Was ok, till it failed, 27 Sep 2010
Fairly plug and play although did require a few attempts to get it up and running. Once up, it did the job it advertises for 18 months until I woke up this morning to find one of the units was completely dead.

As this was the second brand of powerline where one unit failed inside 2 years I'm looking around for an alternative which offers an extended warranty, unless I hear from elektroworld.

So its fine, until it stops working.

HP Photosmart C6280/EN 8ppm A4
HP Photosmart C6280/EN 8ppm A4

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5.0 out of 5 stars Excellent Purchase, 15 Aug 2008
Ill be honest here, ive only ever owned one other photo (hi quality) capable printer before - the Canon i865 which was well reviewed at the time i bought it, some years ago.

I got sick of having seperate scanners and printers taking up valuable space in my small study room and a random spot in an Apple reseller shop we noticed this printer.

My wife liked the clear pop up LCD display and the fact it had all the functions you would want in a family all-in-one unit, so we took a gamble and purchased it.

Wow. Easy to set up, and i MEAN easy. One other thing on my "must do" list was be capable of printing from anywhere on my home network. This printer comes with an ethernet connection which i hooked up to my router (Apples Airport Extreme) ran the installation software and in 5 minutes i had a network printer which (unlike my Canon) works flawlessly, with minimal setup.

Installing the ink was very easy too. Each of the 6 ink cartridges has a specific colour and shape on it which you align to its corresponding position and just push it in till it clicks. So easy, especially with the help of the step by step guide from the LCD display on the printer, which also guides you through the whole setup procedure. If your a tech idiot like me, dont be afraid of this machine, its your friend.

Whereas i had issues in Word, or Photoshop, or directly from My Pictures printing (on occasions) with Canon not being recognised, this printer is always visible when switched on. 2 weeks after purchase and printing is seamless and pretty quick.

So it scans better than my previous scanner (ironically a HP scanner) producing extremely clean and consistent scans from its source via its flatbed top scanner.

And the print quality? I love Canon (cameras) but hand on heart this prints photos 10x better than my i865 ever did. The worst thing about the i865 was that blacks often were extremely muddy, and looked horrible at certain angles - and this was using official ink and recommended paper.

The c6280 prints what you see, at a quality that beats my expectations for a non pro bit of kit. In fact, i dont think some of the original 35mm prints from Boots looked as nice as some of the scans and reprints ive done from years gone by. Really wonderful.

The software given is functional, without being really expansive. Obviously isnt going to replace anyones Photoshop, but does the job of collating your library of photos, enabling basic crops, red eye removal, b&w conversion, resizing etc Ive also printed a few images where ive tried HP's "colour correction" and "auto resolution" and for quite a few images the results have been much much better than the originals.

The LCD on the printer itself not only guides you thru the whole installation process, step by step, it also enables you to print without even needing a pc switched on. Plug in a memory card directly to the printer (Compact Flash, SD/MMC, XD or Sony's MS/Duo) or attach a camera directly using the cameras USB cable, and you can both print the image directly (even making basic edits like red eye removal)with no pc switched on, or actually copy the images directly to pc from the printer.

No idea on how quickly it uses up ink yet, the ink tool tells me im still near full ink and ive been using it quite a bit on 10x15 prints.

So downsides? Well its quite large, which given that its a all-in-one isnt really surprising. Ive rearranged my room to make a space for it so all the family can get to it easily, and it now sits on its own printer trolley.

When it prints it can be a little noisy and vibrates, marginally more than my i865 did, though it does seem to print photos much quicker than the Canon did.

And like all printers the ink can be a little expensive, but there isnt a printer out there with "cheap official ink" - its how these guys make their money. You just got to look about for good web dealers - ive managed to find a site which sells 13 cartridges of your choice for £21 so that puts it on a level with Canon in my experience.

If you want a high quality photo printer and scanner all-in-one unit which is easy to set up, has lots of options, but doesnt bewilder you with them all at once, promises network capabilities and does what its meant to with no problems from Windows then i really cannot recommend this unit enough, it makes me look a better photographer than i am!

Sorry for the long review, hope this helps people. What i really wanted to get across was this machine does everything i wanted, and it does it brilliantly. Far better than id hoped at this price point.

Pros: Easy setup, Prints from PC / Memory Cards / USB, Networking is easy and works, High Quality prints and scans, LCD screen showing clear print previews and enabling corrections with no pc switched on.

Cons: A little noisy with some left / right vibration as it prints, quite large as all All-In-Ones are, I hadnt seen this printer sooner!

5/5, 10/10, 96/100

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