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Saunders "Balirear" (Isle of Man)

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Price: £2.51

5.0 out of 5 stars a different read, 24 Nov 2014
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This review is from: Wolfsgate (Kindle Edition)
well, if like me, Historical romance is not really your thing then think again. Wolfsgate is good, very good.

I read this mainly because I loved Cat Porter's MC book - her writing was exceptional.

Yep gave this five stars because it had everything in it for me, a beginning, a middle and an end - a hero, a strong heroine, good strong plot, erotic and of course the Cad!

for those who do love Historical romance stories. You are in for a treat.

The Tango: Sexual Awakenings #2
The Tango: Sexual Awakenings #2
Price: £1.29

4.0 out of 5 stars It Takes Two, 23 Nov 2014
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Well you know the idiom “it takes two to Tango”? it certainly applies to Rhys and Violet in this next instalment.

In book 2 we definitely see a very different dance between Violet and Rhys and it picks up where The Waltz left off and Angelica Chase moves the tempo substantially in this instalment.

Violet pays for her lie. She hurt Rhys and he thinks that she made a fool out of him.

Lies, deception, no matter how harmless you think they are or who it is going to protect someone always gets hurt and Rhys got hurt. Violet pays for her deception and is met with silence.

Then everything changes when she receives a text form Rhys: the Barracks. One hour. ……… but her elation is short lived by the three letter word that follows the message.


She soon understands exactly what RED means. Rhys was gone and she was about to meet the version of the man that took his place.

“I’m going to let you ride my c**K tonight, but you wont be in control. Nice and slow, Mrs Harvell, or I’ll make it hurt.”

And then deception, secrets and lies come to the forefront again but this time its not Violet who is keeping secrets.

Roll on book three - the suspense is killing me!

The Waltz: Sexual Awakenings #1
The Waltz: Sexual Awakenings #1
Price: £0.77

4.0 out of 5 stars Slow and steady but............theres more to come!, 23 Nov 2014
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Pssssssst have you heard about Angelic Chase? Nope neither did I until I came across this series.

Well we all know what a waltz is. That slow, gliding dance that is performed effortlessly and nimbly.

A bit like Violet’s life - gliding through a loveless marriage, ignored by a cheating husband who doesn’t just cheat on her with one woman - nope he has two.

Tired of listening to her husband “dancing” around, Violet decides it time to sever the marriage and asks for a divorce.

Unfulfilled sexually by her husband - Violet decides give herself a year of sexual exploration. She comes across an adult only chat room on the Internet where she begins a back and forth conversation with a mystery man. Soon Violet decides to meet this stranger at the pub called the Rabbit Hole.

The mystery man is drop dead gorgeous and soon they begin a sex only - no strings attached relationship.

Despite their decision to keep to the “no strings attached” rule they soon fine their feeling going in a very different direction and the Waltz soon becomes a tango.

This story is Erotic with a capital E and yes there is a cliff hanger but at least you can move straight onto book 2.

Her Master's Teacher
Her Master's Teacher
Price: £3.15

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2.0 out of 5 stars As Expected, 10 Oct 2014
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Allegedly Holland Strong is the youngest master-in-training. At 18 his training started. At 21 he is going through the process of learning how to procure orders, research targets, obtaining women and training them to be courtesans. The story tells us that not every person in the business is like him - each of them have their own style, their own flair of power and prestige. Holland Strong uses his youthful looks and dimpled smiles to lure, and enrapture……………..but we should let him fool us because his person is anything but…………

so before you get into this book don’t for one minute be fooled into thinking that this is a typical student/professor romance. Its not.

From the minute Claire lays eyes on Holland she knows and feels something is off and yeah she of course is attracted to him and of course he is very attracted to her - she is intelligent (so your told ), good looking and knows a thing or two about the brain (yep she is a Professor of psychology) and human psyche.

He is Master Aiden’s protégé (remember that sadistic b*****d from book 1)?

His target? target Claire Elliot - his psychology professor and ten years his senior.

His challenge? To suck her in and train her as his first Courtesan for the “Society”.

Lily white tells us that this journey would be a test of intellectual superiority and his Professor is his ultimate challenge……and this is were I began to question the plot.

As a professor of psychology she believes that (her theory) Stockholm Syndrome is a defence mechanism - a way for the victim of abuse to protect their own ego against the wrong they have suffered and if that person is able to understand the mechanics of how Stockholm works they can take steps to prevent it happening when they find them in an abusive captive situation. Of course to understand it you have to put yourself in the situation but Clair didn’t count on Master Aiden.

Aiden and Rebecca (his “Courtesan”) are featured also in this book. If like me, you absooooooluuuuuutely despised Aiden in the first book well you will despise him even more in this one. Nope could not feel one iota of love for that sadist b*****d and what he continues to do Rebecca well no words to describe that on here!

Holland now that was a different matter. I actually felt something for him .

So in true Lily White fashion she has produced yet another story about manipulation. Ultimately this was (for me) just another story, with a questionable plot and a theme that I have become bored with.

Fighting Temptation (Men Of Honor Book 1)
Fighting Temptation (Men Of Honor Book 1)
Price: £1.85

2.0 out of 5 stars Cringeworthy!, 5 Oct 2014
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over the top with the crying, over the top alpha, too long- the storyline could have been condensed and the narrative was just too repetitive

His Wild Desire: A Death Lords MC Romance (The Motorcycle Clubs Book 1)
His Wild Desire: A Death Lords MC Romance (The Motorcycle Clubs Book 1)
Price: £0.77

4.0 out of 5 stars not your usual biker story, 5 Oct 2014
Grant “Wrecker” Harrison heir apparent to the Death Lords MC club which dates back to the days of Vietnam. He’s third generation Death Lords and he walks as if the very ground submits to him. He reeks of animal sexuality and is “stepbrother” to Chelsea.

Wrecker has been the star attraction of all Chelsea’s dirty fantasy’s and has been since her mother married his father the “Judge“. At fourteen Wrecker was her first crush and her first fantasy…..her first everything.

They are completely unabashed in their want and need for each other, their connection sexually combustible but Chelsea wants their relationship kept under wrap until she graduates and isn’t ready for the town to find out that she and Wrecker are more than stepbrother and stepsister.

Small towns though are not in the business of keeping secrets. ….in small towns everyone knows everyone’s business ranging from the type of tampons that are used to the number of bags of crisps that are eaten in a week and of course everyone has an opinion and has no problem sharing that opinion.

Of course their secret is discovered and to she is blackmailed. Wrecker finds out and dishes out the wrath of the club.

There is certainly nothing bland about this story. Ella Goode has provided a mixture of everything that kept me entertained, lots of laugh out loud moments, dirty mouths, biker attitude, secrets and club members who don’t give a f**k.

There is more coming form Death Lords MC club and Ella Goode. Once thing is sure her characters will keep you entertained. Wonder who is next?

Crazy Good
Crazy Good
Price: £2.43

5.0 out of 5 stars Five Stars, 7 Sep 2014
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This review is from: Crazy Good (Kindle Edition)
No review needed - just one word - exceptional

Hard Roads
Hard Roads
Price: £2.40

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5.0 out of 5 stars one of the best Biker stories I have read, 22 July 2014
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This review is from: Hard Roads (Kindle Edition)
I don't think I have enough words in my vocabulary to describe this story.

So let me quote from the book:

'life hadn't been kind to either of us. we were both born into lives that neither of us wanted and we both had to go through hell to find each other. We cant hate on the pain and tragedy that form our lives, because it might be what's needed to lead us to our destiny. People meet and become acquainted in the events and turmoil that shape us into who we were meant to become'

If there is one thing you do this year then read this book. It was just unbelievably good.

Never Me
Never Me
Price: £1.85

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5.0 out of 5 stars A great read, 19 July 2014
This review is from: Never Me (Kindle Edition)
So she says she is a whore - not the paid type she does f**k for sport. Her favourite game is to go after other women’s men - a bit like fishing. With no moral compass she casts her line, she hooks them and winds them in. Last count she had netted 17 men.

But then she meets - Spencer Thomas Diamond - lawyer and a very different fish. She makes it clear to Spencer what her end game is - she will only have him once and then will walk away until she hooks the next one. But no matter what bait she used on Spencer he doesn’t bite.

Spencer sees right through Nadine and casts a very different line to the one she has thrown him - he sees a woman starving for the right kind of attention. He talks to her, gets to know the real Nadine and they end up sharing deep secrets. Spencer discovers that at 16, young and vulnerable Nadine thinks she is in love. She gives her innocence to the person she believed she loved only for him to rip her innocence apart - hurt and healing herself in the wrong way.

So game on. He nets her, hook, line and sinker……………….

I made the mistake of starting reading Never Me at 9 p.m. and found it hard to put it down but by 1.30 am. I had to give it up as I was having a Ben Turpin moment (crossed eyes) . 10 a.m I closed the last page and smiled.

Having read Titan and Room 212 (both very different books) my biggest challenge writing this review was finding the right words to describe this story. Kate Stewart has crafted a very fulfilling storyline that gave me some great laugh out loud moments, great characters, a warm and tender romance with some hot and heavy passionate moments.

Never and forever are both infinite words alternate in meaning and both just as meaningful. How many times have we said them and how passionately do we feel about them when they cross our lips? Nadine was a 'whore ' a thief of men , she was never going to love a man, never going to trust, never going to be a woman in love. She was never going to let a man hold her heart in his hands…………………that was until she met Spencer. Spencer became her never and forever.

I loved it!

Hardline (The Hacker Series, Book 3)
Hardline (The Hacker Series, Book 3)
Price: £3.99

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1.0 out of 5 stars whats next?, 23 Jun 2014
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I absolutely disliked it with a passion - what a selfish, manipulating **** Blake Landon was but the author committed the ultimate Cardinal sin and didn’t warn the reader that this goes onto a book 4! So now that I have got that off my chest let me focus on the review.

So we know that Blake Landon was a software mogul. He was also controlling - extremely- but he met his match with headstrong independent Erica Hathaway - or so we are led to believe.

So as per the norm with these kind of stories, both have pasts and secrets of course we find out about them.

Her past is in the form of Daniel Fitzgerald Politician but also her father and a murdering sociopath. Not a lot to say on this except he met her Mother, allegedly fell in love and then dumped her when she found out she was pregnant. We know that her Mother met and married Elliot who promptly sent her to boarding school once her mother died and that’s all we hear about Elliott ( up until now).

Blake Landon an intimidating dominating man with dark desires and who fought tooth and nail for what he wanted. He is portrayed as “perfection”. Beautiful, wildly successful, rich and charming to boot but then get to glimpse of what he is like in book 2 and then its unleashed in book 3 and that is where my Kindle hit the bedroom wall.

What didn’t I like - well most of it. All over the place in respect of the plot and I didn’t like the message that was coming out of this story . Meredith Wild leads us to believe that if you love someone so much you basically give them what they want.

Erica Hathaway exuded liquid charisma like a burst water main when it came to men. What she had I didn’t get. Each man she was involved with fell for her Blake, Mark, James, Max, Isaac. It was over the top.

Erica Hathaway was a poor character, a major procrastinator using every excuse in the book for his behaviour and hers. I don’t know why she was supposedly like a moth to a flame when it came to men but she clearly had poor judgement. Her continued grovelling to Blake really irritated me because that’s what he wanted, that’s what he needed, he loved her!. What happened to that independent feisty woman? She somehow got lost in this plot and whatever flame she had was completely snuffed out by Blake Landon.

Blake Landon is not dominant but more of a manipulator - he manipulates positions to the point where any decisions that were made were the ones he wanted.. He had too many double standards for my liking and he breached the boundary in their relationship when he dished out her punishment and then what about that ultimatum?

“you don’t want to be owned, is that it? You don’t want to belong to me as much as I want to belong to you, is that right?” she didn’t want to be owned and she very rarely answered to anyone. Blake knew this but kept trying to change her. His ultimatum? “if you marry me that is going to change. Permanently.” “I want control, Erica but I am not going to take it from you. You have to give it to me. You opened the door. Now you have to walk through it”

So there you have it people.

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