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Light on Yoga: The Definitive Guide to Yoga Practice
Light on Yoga: The Definitive Guide to Yoga Practice
by B. K. S. Iyengar
Edition: Paperback
Price: 10.49

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5.0 out of 5 stars the complete text, 26 Nov 2010
while there are, excellent works on yoga which may be used to better understand
specific physiology of joints, muscles, tendons, ligaments, nerves, connective tissues and so on, and for understanding joint range of movement resetting
and essential fundamentals of stretching, ie, how it works, what muscle
loading and movements do what to which joints and other muscles, and so on,
such as the recommended series 'key muscles of hatha yoga' and 'key poses of hatha yoga' [ray long] and eg, 'yogabody' [judith hansen lasater], still, this textbook
by b.k.s. iyengar is easily the most comprehensive guide to serious hatha yoga..

some complain that its too complicated for beginners, yet where do you draw
the line in omission, simplification, even dumbing down a serious textbook..
obviously, the advanced asana are not meant for the beginner[!]
this definitive text cant be reviewed only on the basis of someone
'trying out' yoga, or exercising curiosity about yoga..

even tho the advanced variations of asana etc may not be for everyone [yet]
still, for anyone half way serious they are and must be an encouragement..
altho of course its obviously best to start and practice with a good teacher
its also obvious that mr iyengar has gone to great lengths to provide for even
the serious student remote from any genuine teacher, providing structured
interrelated yoga practice over years... this is virtually unique,
and demonstrates the lengths and depth of this great teachers vision
for all his students.. even if you are a beginner, even if you do use
other excellent yoga texts [eg; 'yoga the iyengar way' by the mehtas]
still, if you are at all serious, you cannot go past this pivotal
yoga text by b.k.s.iyengar himself..

even without detailed explainations of the golgi organ reflex etc,
if you practice the asanas etc as demonstrated and explained
in this text then you, your brain and your body will come to
understand how it all works, which is another reason
for this being an acknowledged master text..

Love - the Untapped Source of Power
Love - the Untapped Source of Power

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5.0 out of 5 stars love - in his own words, 11 Dec 2008
this audio cd is maharshi in his own words.. with unobtrusive sitar spoken fourty years ago.. not so long after he started teaching meditation..
maharshi passed away in feb this year [2008] at around 90..
this beautiful discourse on love, and the untapped source of power that lies within, was spoken by maharshi to students of meditation, with a gentle certainty and intimacy which make it virtually unique today..

tramsferred to audio cd, it is still not readily available, and sells on ebay for 70 usd.. my copy from [total eleven pounds with postage, to australia] arrived well packed [typical of amazon] in good time in a nice secure case.. the sound quality, even given the age of the original and transfer factors etc, is clear and very real..

its like having maharshi sitting there with you, speaking of love etc..

this tape was simply not available outside of TM courses etc..

this historically significant very special discourse by this very special mahesh yogi especially at that time of his unfolding mission to teach meditation, is unreservedly recommended to anyone..

any, meditators and especially TMers should fall over in joy at the mere
prospect of having these wonderful discourses in maharshis own voice sent to them at this nothing price..

as a gift for any friend, especially a meditator or yoga person, this cd
would be very speial indeed..


Bhagavad-gita (Classics)
Bhagavad-gita (Classics)
by Juan Mascaro
Edition: Mass Market Paperback

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2.0 out of 5 stars biblified gita with omissions, additions and errors, 4 Nov 2007
from the first word of the gita;'dharmakshetra' mistranslated as 'truth'
to the last words spoken by arjuna mistranslated as 'Thy Will Be Done'
for 'i shall act on your words', the last words of krishna tarted up with added 'soul' and 'Light', and plain simple errors such as having duryodhana tell bhishma that the enemies army is unlimited, instead of
our army being unlimited,this gita is replete with additions, omissions,
interpretations [from a judeo-christian view] instead of translation.
real meanings have been omitted. bible-speak, souls, harmony, purity,
have been added thruout, which sounds good, with thou shalts, thy this and that etc, especially if the bible is important to you . .

side by side comparison with the acknowledged excellent translation of lars martin fosse - with sanskrit text, eight pages of translation and
explanations of the names and 'nicknames' and a good intro and index,
shows this translation/interpretation to have not only errors, but changes
of meaning which alter the discourse and understanding of it . .

why have reviewers given it stars? aside from novices and jaded christians
looking for something to [?] this gitaholic cant work it out.. perhaps if
there were no other english translations available, one might understand
some wishing to get 'any' gita onto the market, but since 1962 when this
trnsltn was first published, there have been other, good, translations !

recommendations; if you are 'intelligent' and wishing to discover
what the bhagavad gita is, and what krishnas discourse to arjuna is, including specific instructions and descriptions of meditation and
meditative states, try the good translation of lars martin fosse,
2007 edition available on the net.

if you simply want a more or less gita with lots of bible-speak,souls,
harmony, purity, Light repeated over and over, to make you feel good,
maybe this is the gita for you..

if you are one of the reviewers seeing the good in mascaros translation
including the scholars, have another, closer, read.. and why not also
get the readily available fosse translation, and do a comparo..

for the first six chapters only, with sanskrit text, excellent commentary and info on vedic philosophy and mechanics of meditation, the maharshi mahesh yogi translation, tho hard to get, has it all..

my only concern here is that you, will buy this translation read it and
think 'well thats the ghagavad gita' and not read another translation..
thinking 'i've read it now, i know what it says, very nice'..

for those who have not read the gita, lucky you.. its all ahead of you..
there's masses of material on the net, but for a first book, based on availability, accuracy, readability, i still recommend the 2007 fosse translation, and the mmy 6 chapters only..

prabhupadas hare krishna version has merits altho the repetitious translation of 'krishna consciousness' isnt much help to a beginner..
[unless you want to join the hare krishnas and become a bhakti]

much of individual words are correct or arguable, the two stars is for
the errors, biblification and alteration of the discourse and meanings..

ps - if youre really keen, the excellent work by winthrop sargeant would be very hard to go past, based on a 15 yr effort, with dictionary sanskrtit, raw translations, and mr sargeants final version, side by side, one verse per page, with excellent copious additional material, suitable for serious students and truth seekers or teachers..

it is structured for study, or you may simply read the translation direct from page to page.. when that interesting perhaps vital concept arises
you have the translations and useages there on the same page..

the original admittedly rough review still stands, making its


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