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The Sherlock Holmes Collection (23 Disc Box Set) [DVD] [1988]
The Sherlock Holmes Collection (23 Disc Box Set) [DVD] [1988]
Dvd ~ Jeremy Brett

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1.0 out of 5 stars great series but WORST dvd package, 1 Sep 2003
The reason I gave this just one star isnt because I think the show itself is not good: on the contrary it is THE Sherlock Holmes show (when I first saw Jeremy Brett as Holmes I was shocked cause he was so perfect as Holmes).
1. In my package there was no official booklet of any kind (I really expect some effort)
2. There are NO special features - and there should have been, since I suppose many people would have been interested in knowing more about Brett's work on the character, the way the written stories were adapted for television, about the impact os Sherlock Holmes on contemporary detective and police stories, etc... this really REALLY hurts this DVD package, since I already have the 'vanilla' series as they are on VHS tapes already
3. There are NO subtitles - not just for people who's mothertongue is not English, but for hearing-impared also, this is a real shame, since Sherlock Holmes is a cultural herritage of kind, and it should be accesible to everyone
all in all, I AM VERY DISSAPOINTED, so if you already have the whole series taped from television, DO NOT BOTHER TO SPEND HUGE AMOUNT OF MONEY for something you already have. This DVD package will not bring you much more.

24: Season Two DVD Collection [DVD]
24: Season Two DVD Collection [DVD]
Dvd ~ Kiefer Sutherland
Price: £12.76

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5.0 out of 5 stars nervewrecking entertainment at its best, 1 Sep 2003
There are several points that are specific for TV shows, and in all of them 24 surpasses all other 'police/politics drama' TV shows:
PLOT: 1st series was, of course, a kind of introduction to the characters and to the discourse of the the show. The narrative is based on the 'real time' method of storytelling, meaning that all the events are depicted as they would happen in 'real life'.
This demands several paralel plots, so the dynamics needed for TV wouldnt be lost, ie. so the show is not boring. In series 1 the real time factor is much more obvious, since 95% of the story happens in Los Angeles, during the day od the presidental primary, and there is almost complete interdependance of all of the story elemnts: the main plot (assasination attempt, CTU insider traitor), abduction of Jack Bauer's family and Senator Palmer's campaign are all intevined in one complex story, and they are causal to one another. The most disappoining fact of series 2 is the fact that the story of Kim Bauer is completely independant from the main plot, and is not in anyway important for developing of the events. It only functions as characterisation tool for Jack Bauer.
On the other side, the main plot is really more exciting than in the 1st series: there is a nuclear bomb that is about to explode in Los Angeles, President Palmer is in the middle of a coup d'etat, betrayed by his closest aids, and there is a possibility of World War III happening - and it's all up to Jack Bauer to prevent these disasters.
THE CHARACTERS: I think that real efforts had been made by the writers of the series to further develop all characters: Jack Bauer as the ultimate middle-aged (yes, thats right, middle-aged) hero who is coming to terms with his responsabilties to his family and his country, Palmer as an uncompromising but still very skillful politician/president, Sherry Palmer as vindictive and highly intelligent woman, George Mason as an unwilling and weak hero who is faced with the worst possible motivation for determination. In my opinion, only the character of Kim Bauer and her boyfreind Miguel were a real let down: she is a spoiled brat, at times even very stupid and irrational, and I can only think that her role in the plot is to make the viewer even more nervous and jumpy.
DVD: It is really exciting to watch the whole series as close to real time as possible, it really pushes the element of time passing and hours/minutes to the surface - it is THE way to watch this. There is a bonus DVD with 45 deleted scenes, and a 1.5 hours of "making of" 24 feature.
This is well worth the money if you are willing to invest in an intelligent series that does not just demand your time but your brains as well.

Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne Expansion Pack
Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne Expansion Pack

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5.0 out of 5 stars the story unfolds, 8 July 2003
there are two basic reasons why people buy Warcraft games:
1. single player campaigns
2. multiplayer online playing
I will try and point out the changes, modifications and developments in TFT (The Frozen Throne) compared to RoC (Reign of Chaos)
1. the single player campaigns further develop the story of the Warcraft universe, starting in the aftermath of where RoC ended - ie, the great battle where Humans, Orcs and Night Elf Sentinels united against the Undead Scourge and the Burning Legion. The focus of the story is on two main characters whose fate we didnt discover in RoC, Undead hero Arthas and Night Elf DemonHunter Illidan.
The plot of TFT sets them against each other, as was previously implied in RoC - and the high point of the expansion set is their clash, but as I do not want to post any spoilers, I will just leave it at that.
Playing the sinlge player campaign is meant to gradually introduce the player to new units (2 new units per race), new heroes (9 in all) and modifications made to the existing ones, which is more than necessary for those players that later wanna play custom map games and online games.
You can play the campaign in NORMAL or HARD mode. For the relatively new player (I say relatively because as TFT requires RoC to be installed, I suppose noone can really be completely new to the game) NORMAL is the mode to begin with, as the HARD mode is REALLY HARD (AI attacks are more frequent, with more units that are upgraded, stronger creeps that get in your way, etc).
Important thing is the campaigns are very diverse (although there are some, not many) tasks that are repeated from RoC, and are, in fact quite challenging, sometimes even very hard, to complete (and this is for NORMAL mode).
There are many campaigns where you have to protect your hero from dying, then there are timed tasks (you have to finish something in a specific timeframe), there are classic SEARCH and DESTORY EVERYTHING IN SIGHT type of tasks - and also, some chapters of the campaigns are 'solve the puzzle' types.
Also, there is a hidden level campaign, based on a very much liked and played TOWER DEFENCE type of map. Also, we see a kind of comeback of use of ships, which was used in Warcraft II campaigns a lot.
The Warcraft Universe is developed further: the player meets many completely new races and landscapes, and also finds out history of the known races. The order of the campaigns is: 1. Night Elf Sentinels, 2. Alliance (Human) and 3. Undead Scourge.
The Orc campaign (and the Orc story) is separate from the main plot of TFT, but it follows up on the Orcs and their new homeland. It is made more as an RPG type of game than classic RTS, where, instead of massing an army of units, you only control heroes, and you have many tasks to finish using just them. The Orc scenario is very fun, and a real refreshment. It is also quite long, which is not a bad thing. Since the Orc campaign which is featured on the cd is just act 1, Blizzard has announced acts 2 and 3, which I suppose will be free to dowload from, but dont take my word for it.
2. the online aspect of playing has been almost radically changed: the intorduction of 4 new heroes (each race gets one) + 5 neutral heroes changes the gameplay a great deal. The limit is still 3 heroes per player, so choosing from 9 (4 race ones and 5 neutral) makes the game strategically more challenging.
One of the big changes is also in the treatment of creeps - the money that a player gets is significantly smaller, so the purpose of creeping has been changed from creeping to get gold to creeping to level up the hero. Also, leveling of the hero(es) is much faster, so you can get high level heroes pretty fast.
a big intoduction is the fact that players can now build their own, race-unique shops, in ther own bases, which stock various items (potions, scrolls, weapon-inducing items, town portals, etc).
there are also taverns, where you can choose from 5 different neutral heroes to balance and improve the race you're playing with (most of the neutral heroes you get to use in the single player campaigns).
A big change is also that the food limit is upped from 80 to 100 food, meaning you can produce a much more varied armies.
Also, the emphasis on resources has been moved from gold to wood (ie. buildings and upgrades take MUCH more wood than in RoC)
there are many changes, these are just a few of them. Blizzard's tradition is to introduce patches to the original form of the game, balancing out the gameplay on bnet, based mostly on reactions of the players, so I expect that TFT will have its own patches which will influence the small but important details of gameplay.
In the end, to everyone who has followed the Warcaft series TFT will not be a disappointment. I found that TFT served it's purpose very well, being a well-tought, well-made extension pack, with many surprises on top of that.

Cracker - The Complete Collection [DVD] [1993]
Cracker - The Complete Collection [DVD] [1993]
Dvd ~ Robbie Coltrane
Offered by WorldCinema
Price: £39.99

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4.0 out of 5 stars excellent - but a bit outdated, 11 Jun 2003
when I first watched Cracker, I found it to be disturbingly true and to the point, in terms of the potrayal of the main character Fitz, not played by a sexy good looking nor charming in-the-early-30ies kind of an actor, and not built on idol-igy, but on a realness of Coltrane's persona and charisma, as well as in-your-face truths about humanity's deep dark tendencies.
Coltrane's part is an uncompromising account of a profiler, dealing with criminal cases, not out of proffesional ambition, but out of personal indignation of the causes and consequences of violent crime.
The series good points are that it is not sugar-coated like many similar USA tv shows of that time, and it seems like the American producers have cought on, in recent times, trying to show the more real and human face of both cops and people connected to solving crimes.
This "more real" face means showing "hero's" weaknesses and downfalls (in Fitz case alcohol and gambling addiction).
The weakest aspect of Cracker today seem to be storylines, which are often held together by the performance of Coltrane himself, and are many times ended by a twist for twist's sake.
Nevertheless, Coltrane is a sure enough and strong enough reason to see this.
In the end, I give it four stars because there are no subtitles and no extras. For the price it is being sold, that could have been included.

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