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Edifier Exclaim E10 2.0 Speaker System
Edifier Exclaim E10 2.0 Speaker System
Offered by Emax
Price: 69.95

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5.0 out of 5 stars Edifier e10 review, 20 May 2013
02/06/13 - now down to 49.99 at Currys! Bargain!

-Sound is very well balanced and musical for desktop speakers.
-Good value (unlikely you can get better alternative at this price).
- good update to tv, pc or ipod sound if you have space and want something cheaper than soundbar (if you don't need digital inputs)

-(Vertical) angle is fixed too high, and ruins the sweet-spot.
- Bit bulky for a desktop system

Just got these, from high st retailer, where they are end-of-line for 59. I was considering buying a simple hi-fi set-up, but in the end decided these would be better because i mostly listen to stuff sat on/near the pc anyway. They have replaced some Logitech X-140s which were great value but developed a bad buzzing. I also compared the e10s the edifier Aurora 2.1 system: the Auroras sounded ok, but switching to the e10s, the sound was much fuller and more vivid.

Reading the various TechRadar and PC pro reviews of these, I thought they might sound bright, but they don't - listening to them with no tone adjustments, they sound refined, not at all bright. Sound is very detailed and well balanced: listening to some tracks I know well, I've heard details on these I'd previously never noticed or only via headphones (Sennheiser PX-100s at moment). There is plenty of bass for my taste when listening to music, though for games and movies they wouldn't provide the really deep rumbles of a system with a sub, but the sound is very cohesive (unlike with so many sub/sat systems, where the low and high frequencies don't "gel"). Vocals are clear and sound natural. I'm surprised by the width to the sound-stage, and instruments and sounds seem to have positions well defined in space.

For 59 or less... really there's nothing to dislike. However, sat a little way into the depth of my desk they're angled too far upwards, so that the sweet spot of the sound is lost, which makes them sound dull. They're fairly bulky sat on my desk.

I got the Editors Keys Monitor Guard foam pads to sit these on: trimmed them down as the speakers have a relatively compact footprint. Cured passing vibrations onto the surface the speakers are stood on and improved the bass considerably,and the blocks angle the units down into line with the ears.

5star sound at the price now they're sat on these isolator blocks!

Philips SPA 6200 Wired Active
Philips SPA 6200 Wired Active
Offered by Shop4yoo
Price: 6.99

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4.0 out of 5 stars A great USB sound option for your PC!, 16 April 2012
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Convenient, cheap and greatly improves laptop sound, but not the best sounding amplified speakers, even for under 20.

+ Bargain price on Amazon vs alternatives
+ Ok sound, simple to fit/install
+ Good-quality built in mic, for skype etc

- they could clip onto the screen better
- sound not as good as some (Logitech X-140)

The sound is good, but, if you want to spend no more than 20, I think the Logitech X-140s can't be beat. These Philips SPA6200 are acceptable and a big improvement on my laptop's built-in speakers, but don't come close to the X-140s, which have a relaxed, refined, deep hi-fi sound, whereas SPA6200s are a bit shrill and have a slight boom.

SPA6200s are fine for listening to podcasts, general sound duties and are great for skype (built-in mic seems good quality). Its very handy to be able to move the laptop and take the sound with you - no trailing cables to speakers or connection to mains power. As with all USB-powered speakers, the max volume is not room-filling!

They clip to the side/top of a laptop screen but wouldn't clip onto a thicker desktop monitor, although they can stand (horizontally) on a desk. They do add a little weight to a laptop screen, so if your screen already pivots a bit freely, you might find it tips over holding these speakers. The speakers are too easily knocked off the screen as the clips don't grip brilliantly (on my screen at least).

TIP: I found best sound quality comes from selecting the 'bass management' enhancement feature, and selecting the boost level to 12db (at 75hz): best balance between making them sound richer whilst not distorting. The standard Windows (7) drivers these use also give you virtual surround, loudness and room-correction options.

Logitech 2.0 X-140 Loudspeakers
Logitech 2.0 X-140 Loudspeakers

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4.0 out of 5 stars Best sound quality for around 20, 23 Oct 2011
UPDATED review!!
I've had them for 1 year now.
Improves the sound of a flat-panel tv, laptop or creates a bargain i-pod/phone/player system. Beats sound of 'docks' costing silly money 100s more.

+Sound is very natural and well-rounded. The 'passive' second driver in each unit seems to really work to deliver a warm-ish, well rounded sound.
+price (they beat other speakers at this price point for lifelike-ness and warmth of sound)

- They are fairly bulky due to the height/shape, takes up more space on a desk or tv stand than some.
- They're not the best looking.
- over time, they developed a hum when plugged into non-earthed devices (mp3 player, phone, laptop), and there's a faint high-pitched buzz from left driver. So, they don't seem too well made inside.

4* because for me sound is more important than style, especially for the price. If you want looks, try the Logitech LS11 - PC multimedia speakers - 3 Watt (Total). There's also a version of those with a subwoofer for more bass, though I still think the X-140s will sound more natural.

Logitech LS11 2.0 Stereo Speaker System - Black/Silver
Logitech LS11 2.0 Stereo Speaker System - Black/Silver

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4.0 out of 5 stars Good value and look good, 23 Oct 2011
I've owned these speakers for over a year, have used them for music and speech hooked up to pc or mp3 player. Having tweaked my equaliser, i've just replaced my 80 2.1 speakers with these as the sound is more 'cohesive', even if they lack the deep bass.

+ The silence! A real problem with most low-cost powered speaker systems is the hum or hiss they make. This system makes no hiss or hum AT ALL. You really benefit from that if you sit close to them at a desk.
+ Output is limited, but its enough for playing games, internet radio, films and music if its plugged into a pc or tv. You hit the end of the amplification before the sound distorts.
+ Great sound stage - much better stereo sensation than my old 2.1 system that cost 4x as much.
+ For the money, and providing you have a decent equaliser on your device, they can deliver a good sound - competitive at the price, better than average for cheap desktop speakers.
+ VERY well made. I've moved them, packed them up and unpacked and, yes, dropped them (!), but they're undamaged.

- Not the best speakers for music at this price. No deep bass; bass can be boomy unless you tweak the equaliser to kill the mid bass; mid-range is a little constrained; mid treble bit too brash (@8KHZ, so kill that frequency with your equaliser).
- The separate power supply (though small and it stays cool) means several wires - though at least you can tidy is up using the built-in cable storage on the back of the speakers.
- With MP3 players I've found the amplification isn't really enough: no distortion, but simply too quiet at max vol.

If you want good looking, compack speakers that sound good (at this price point) and are well made, these are a good choice. However, if you're prepared to sacrifice looks and compactness for the best sound, I'd recommend the Logitech X-140 Multimedia Speakers (2.0) Logitech X-140 Multimedia Speakers (2.0), also for around 20. Bought a pair of those for someone else and they sound more refined, 'bigger' and more natural - I was really surprised - but they're a little bulky and not so handsome.

The Five Love Languages Singles Edition
The Five Love Languages Singles Edition
by Gary Chapman
Edition: Paperback
Price: 9.99

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2.0 out of 5 stars Worth a read - but fails to apply the love language concept to single people's lives., 25 Oct 2009
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
(For those who aren't familiar with the term 'love languages' this is 'love' in its broadest sense of the word, not meaning romance necessarily!)

As with any book on the five love languages, this Singles Edition will help you identify what your love language is, understand why the actions of others do/don't satisfy your love needs, and understand what makes others feel loved. Its a life-enhancing concept to grasp and apply to all sorts of different relationships.

However, this 'Singles' edition strangely makes minimal effort to apply the love language idea to single people's lives: the examples/applications given are largely based on dating/married couple scenarios! It fails to explore how single's love needs can really be met in non-sexual relationships, or how they can best love to others to build fulfilling, deep friendships - both things I was hoping for as a single Christian man. Why the emphasis on romantic applications in a book for singles? Anyway, Its a great shame Chapman doesn't explore in this book the love and intimacy that it *should* be possible for a single Christians to experience (and offer others) within the church.

So, it doesn't merit the 'singles edition' tag - I wonder how different the examples/applications given in this Singles edition are to those in the other editions of 'The Love Languages'? It felt to me like the 'Singles' tag was slapped on as an afterthought. For all that, the explanation of the love language concept still makes it worth a read, even for single people...
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