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Scoundrel Days: Deluxe Edition
Scoundrel Days: Deluxe Edition
Price: £12.21

4.0 out of 5 stars Excellent second album for A-Ha but this deluxe package could have been better, 2 May 2016
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For me A-ha was great only the first 3 years. The first 3 albums were top notch "Hunting High And Low" was pop at their best ("The Sun Always Shines On T.V." is the greatest pop song ever ! even rock bands like U2 or Coldplay love this track as much as I do !) and the album tracks are excellent whether they venture in pure pop territory like on "Dream Myself Alive" or in darker tones like "Living A Boy's Adventure Tale", "Here I Stand And Face The Rain".

Then came this extraorinary album "Scoundrel Days", some fans don't like it because it's darker and a little bit more violent that "Hunting High And Low" but I loved it because of that. Tracks like "Scoundrel Days" (love that intro), "I've Been Losing You" or "Manhattan Skyline" are more rock and edgier than ever before and that's what makes them great.

But for those who prefer A-Ha's pop sound, this album still delivers very good poppy tunes ("We're Looking For The Whales", "Cry Wolf") etc so this album was truly fantastic for me.

As for this deluxe editions whether it was "Hunting High And Low" or this one "Scoundrel Days" I was a little bit more disapointed. Because they put on all of their demos it seems (why the demos of all the album tracks and live versions) where a lot of great extended remixes and dub versions were left out. This is unforgivable !

"Hunting High And Low"'s edition didn't had the original extended mix of "Take On Me" ! come on guys, are you joking or what ! and this edition doesn't have the dub mix of "I've Been Losing You". I don't know maybe I'm not like other fans, some may prefer demos to remixes but I really don't. Especially since I didn't know about all of these demos, but this remixes were only available on vinyl back in the day and I do miss them a lot here.

But it's great to have "Scoundrel Days" tracks remastered (and they are really neatly remastered) but this edition could have been better.

One thing I like here though is that the U.K. edition of this remastered editions are displayed in a standard double-thin jewel case box, whether it was wrongly displayed in a digipak cardboard box in all the other european countries. Thank you the United Kindgom for that, I hate digipaks ! and this detail isn't mentionned anywhere in of all these reviews and trust me, for some fans like me, these things are a big deal too !

So I put 4 fours for the album itself and the remarquable remastering job but I took one star off because of the poor and questionnable track selection choices of this editions.

Then after that album came their masterpiece for me, the wonderful album "Stay On These Roads" but after that, A-ha ruined everything with their "East Of The Sun" album that really ruined A-ha's pop sound that they will never ever be able to recapture no matter how hard they try in all of their albums that came after "Stay On These Roads".

"Minor Earth Major Sky" and "Lifelines" were good attempts and I like them both very much but all the other albums were a big failures for me. So for me, A-ha died a little after 1988 and are really buried since 2002. R.I.P.

The Singles Box 2: 1986-1995
The Singles Box 2: 1986-1995

4.0 out of 5 stars This could have been better but it's still nice to have if you're a ..., 9 Mar. 2016
This could have been better but it's still nice to have if you're a Duran Duran fan.

The first singles box set (81-85) was much better and more lush since the CDs centers themselves were almost exact replicas of the English 7 inches centers but this time you have an "Ordinary World" scratched center for all CDs, it looks just plain awful, almost like someone made a mistake and tried to scratch them all with a pencil and and all the CDs then look the same (c'mon guys who the hell thought this was a good idea ?!).

And for some singles like "I Don't Want Your Love" (where's the dub mix ?!) or "Skin Trade" they could have digged EMI's vaults a little bit further (only one long form remix for this song and only a four track CD ?!) because a lot of remixes are missing unlike in later singles like "Violence of summer" (7 different remixes !) or "Too Much Information" (a 10 track-CD and many long form remixes even for its b-side "Drowning Man" !).

But let's no be too picky, for me it's a joy to finally have the "Notorious" and "Big Thing" singles especially, for those 6 first singles post fab-5 era, I would have paid that price already.

I don't think they have made a singles collection for Arcadia or The Power Station too (Duran Duran's 1986 side projects) : I know they not have seperately enough singles but maybe if they put together the singles of both bands, I know I would have bought a set like that too (just for Arcadia actually, since it also has Simon Le Bon as a singer, Arcadia always felt more like Duran Duran to me than The Power Station) and some tracks are magical there too ("Election Day", "Goodbye Is Forever" or "The Flame". I know those tracks are available on the remastered album "So Red The Rose" (which to me really feels like an unofficial Duran Duran 4th album) but I have always been a singles box set afficionado so I'm sure I wouldn't have resisted the urge to buy that kind of set too, believe me.

So I only give this set 4 stars because it could have been a little bit better I think, but it's still an irresistible set to buy and it's worth every penny (if you like Duran Duran).

King -2tr-
King -2tr-

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5.0 out of 5 stars I love this song, 23 July 2015
This review is from: King -2tr- (Audio CD)
I love this song. It's my favourite from the album "Communion" with "Take Shelter". "King" made me buy their album on the spot and I don't regret buying it. It turned me into a fan right away. Olly's voice is beautiful, the music is great and their music videos are very original and imaginative. Years And Years are like a breeze of fresh air in the world of rock and pop right now. Looking forward to get future releases and to see them performing live very soon too.

Price: £29.86

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1.0 out of 5 stars Love this song but the single in itself isn't as great as the others, 26 Nov. 2013
This review is from: Thursday (Audio CD)
First I want to say that I really love the song Thursday very much. It's very reminescent of West end girls : one of their first singles and I just love the sound the Pet Shop Boys use to have in the 80's. This brings back memories and it's very refreshing today to hear this song.

But when you're a fan you buy the singles for other things than the main song (and the Pet Shop Boys know that and have played with that for a very long time now). So usually when you buy a Pet Shop Boys single, you buy it, not for the main song but the (often) unavailable b-sides or extra-tracks that won't be found on a PSB album for a decade at least (since now they release b-sides or extra-tracks album compilations every 10 years or so).

And this is what disappointed me here. The 2 extra-tracks here are very weak and No more ballads even has very embarassing lyrics. Especially when you're used to Neil Tennant's astute and sarcastic lyrics (well most of the time but certainly not here). Even the single version of Thursday has the original album version butchered to make room for Example's rap and still make it under 4 minutes.

So there really is not much to save in this single release. Yes, the song Thursday (in its album form) is very good and the glossy cover is always a nice touch but the songs and remix in here are really forgettable. It's maybe time for the boys to make a break and come back in 3 years when a brand new album with fresh new and interresting material will be available. Personnally, I can't wait for that. But if you haven't bought this single already, you can forget about this one and buy the album instead.

Memory of the future
Memory of the future
Offered by SEDIVA UK
Price: £3.32

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3.0 out of 5 stars Great song, good tracks and a glossy cover !, 3 Jan. 2013
This review is from: Memory of the future (Audio CD)
Like a lot of Pet Shop Boys fans I guess, I was really looking forward to hear what Stuart Price had done with Memory of the future because it is one of the best songs of their last album but although Stuart Price's mix is good, I must admit, it makes me appreciate the album version even more. In this way it reminded me of Very's 3rd single "I wouldn't normally do this kind of thing" where even though the single version made by the Beatmasters was great, its release made me love the album version even more : because it was more simple, more direct and straight to the point. Strange, isn't it, this feeling of déjà-vu ?

Granted, Stuart have used here some great sounds, some of them are even like a blast from the past because they are like the ones used on I'm not scared (Eighth wonder's version written by the boys), but this new single mix makes this song sound even more pet shop boys-y than the pet shop boys' own version on the album and it kind of lost a bit of the appeal and uniqueness of the original version in the process which is a shame because the album version didn't sounded like anything the pet shop boys had done before but now with this remix and all its echoes, arpeggiator effects and powerful bass, it's like any other pet shop boys single of the past which I think is too bad, in a way. But this song is so great that either version is a real treat, a pleasure to listen to anyway, so it doesn't bothers me that much but I still think it was worth mentionning.

The other tracks of this cd are also good songs that could have made it to the album, the better one being One night but Listening and Inside have their own charm too. But in retrospect now, I find that Winner's single patch of new songs were the greatest because no extra-song can beat the quality of A certain "je ne sais quoi" this year even though In his imagination on Leaving's cd single was a good song too.

What surprised me the most in here is the cover of the single : the picture is odd but awesome and the glossy feel of the cover is amazing when you touch it : it's one of the reasons I always prefer to buy the pet shop boys records than to only download their songs because the pet shop boys are with their friend Mr Farrow as good designers as they are good songwritters.

Let's hope now that a 4th single will come out of Elysium in a few months : I would love nothing more than to buy an A face like that cd single, for instance, even though I know they might no do that because if there's one thing the pet shop boys aren't : is being predicable. But I can still dream about it, can I ?

I'm Taking Off
I'm Taking Off

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4.0 out of 5 stars More dance and less rock than his first solo album, 1 Aug. 2011
This review is from: I'm Taking Off (Audio CD)
In 2002 when his first solo album "Now or never" was released, I was expecting his album to sound like a Backstreet boys album and I was surprised to realize that he chose to left pop for rock and a more mature sound. And boy was he good at it, even his voice sounded rockier. It was Nick Carter like I've never heard him before.

And this time that I was expecting a "Now or never" sequel, again, I was in for a big surprise because it's this time that he chose to make an album with a sound much closer to a BSB album because I'm taking off is almost like "This is us" - the last BSB album - (part 2) but with more dance tracks.

Honestly, this album is so good, I'm really surprised that I didn't heard about it earlier. Maybe it's because, like with his previous album, the singles aren't chosen well.

"Now or never" had a lot of wonderful tracks like "Blow your mind", "I stand for you" or "I just wanna take you home" which just screamed singles to be released, but the official singles "Help me" and "I got you" were good tracks alright but not enough to be singles. I must admit that I only liked them after I saw their respective music videos. And this time I'm afraid, it's going to be the same thing. "Just one kiss" is a good song but there are tracks much stronger here like the wonderful BSB-like smash "Coma", "Falling down", "Not the other guy" etc. : all of these could have easily fit on any Backstreet Boys album.

Frankly, if I start to talk about all the songs I love in here, I'm going to talk about almost all of them really, so I'll just stop there.

Suffice to say that there are 13 tracks in the edition I bought but only 3 of them are fillers that weakens the whole listening experience I think, these are : "So far away" "Special" and "The great divide". But even without those tracks, you're still left with one hell of a very good 10 track album !

And who knows, maybe the next single(s) will include extra-tracks because "Now or never" got at least two that I know of : "Payback" and "Rockstar Baby" that were even better than some of the tracks of the original album.

As a Backstreet boys fan, I was a little disapointed by Brian Littrell's album, but all of Nick's albums have been very good, so far (I've never heard A.J.'s album though - 'cos I've never liked his voice, sorry).

But buy this album, you won't regret it because it's really good.

I really love the dance numbers "Burning up" (even thought I didn't liked it much at first, I recently warmed up to it : a warning to parents though, the lyrics of this one are a little bit hum...let's just say hot, (Naughty Nick, you surprised me there ;) the title track "I'm taking off" is great too (I loved the Star Trek reference "No Captain Kirk here to save me" 'cos I'm a big fan of the show "Falling in love again", "Coma" and the gentle songs like "Nothing left to lose" with its intoxicating little repetitive sound or "Beautiful Lie" his nice duet with Jennifer Paige.

And this time, Nick wrote the lyrics of all but one of the songs, well done and keep up the good work !

Right now I just hope we won't have to wait another ten years to get album number three !

Edge of Glory -2tr-
Edge of Glory -2tr-
Price: £5.29

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4.0 out of 5 stars Another great single from Lady Gaga., 1 Aug. 2011
This review is from: Edge of Glory -2tr- (Audio CD)
I've noticed that there aren't too many reviews about singles but for me, especially when I already have an album, I only buy the singles when they have something more to offer than just the plain album version and often awful remixes.

So it's important for me to know how good and different are both the single version and the remix included on a single, so now that I've bought it, I thought I might review this one because it might be useful to another possible buyer as well.

First of all, the song is of course a fan favourite and one of the best songs of her 3rd album Born this way (with maybe the song called Hair).

Then the single remix : it is not very different from the album version but I always prefer singles not to last more than 5 minutes because as good as the song can be, after more than 4 minutes, I get bored.

So I appreciated that this single version is exactly one minute shorter than the album version (4'20 instead of 5'20). She starts to sing almost right from the start and after the saxophone part, it is shorten a little bit and it ends by fading away earlier than the album version, during the repeated chorus.

The Cahill Club Remix was a pretty good surprise even though I wasn't expecting much of it. It's a good dance mix and it has the whole lyrics on it.

Finally, even though the cover art is not one of her best, it reminds the artwork of the album (which is always a good thing) and I always prefer a picture of her than a simple red christian sign on a black background (Judas).


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4.0 out of 5 stars An interesting re-release, 2 Oct. 2010
This review is from: Notorious (Audio CD)
When this album was released, I was a bit disappointed to say the least. Because there were only 3 of the band members remaining of course and also by the fact that after the optimistic pop of their previous album Seven and the ragged tiger (which I loved very much : I still don't understand why a lot of the fans are disparaging it because it was packed with hits Reflex, Union, New moon and it included one of the best songs duran ever released, at least to me : The seventh stranger).

But still, over the years, I must admit that the Notorious album grew on me. Mainly because of quality tracks like A matter of feeling, Hold me and Proposition. But to me, it is also filled with awful tracks like Winter marches on, So Misled or Skin trade : sad fillers that shouldn't have existed in the first place. And I'm convinced that Skin Trade & Meet El Presidente being released as singles instead of Vertigo or American Science is without a doubt what killed any chance of a fourth single to be released and one of the two reasons for the waning of Duran Duran's popularity in the late 80's (the other being their far less ambitious and more boring new music videos).

Now let's talk about this re-release. First the sound volume : improved a little bit yes, but not that much but still, I'm glad it is because when I tried to listen to my old Notorious or Big thing cd's after Duran, Rio and Seven's re-releases, the difference of volume was crucifying. Now, the damaged is repaired at least.

I appreciate the fact that both Notorious and Big thing have been released in clamshell boxes like the Duran and Tiger album. I hope they will release a clamshell edition of Rio as well one day because there is nothing sadder than a collection that is incomplete. Even though So red the rose was not released this way, I forgive them since it's not really a Duran Duran album, but not having released Rio the same way is really unforgivable, and yes, I will be willing to buy Rio a fourth time for 3 disc edition.

As for the bonus tracks, I'm glad to finally get to have the Duran goes dutch live cd and mixes I didn't had back then like Notoriousaurus Rex and the Vertigo Mantronix Mix, even though the ladder deceived me a little bit.

I was expecting an extended of the album version and it is, unfortunately nothing like it : with more awful trumpets and a brand new rhythm why, Duran, why ? The rhythm of Vertigo was really powerful and original. In the same way, I was also disappointed with the Big thing single and extended versions on the Big thing re-release because they doesn't sound like the album version at all as well. Gone are the times when Duran made respectful night versions of their songs and I think it's really sad.

But the content of the box is nevertheless amazing. The bonus cd has a slightly different sleeve : it's great to have a different picture from the same photo shoot as the album: it should have been the sleeve of the Notorious single instead of the plain black sleeve and the DVD is fabulous of course.

It's nice to finally have a dvd with the 3 videos not melted into each other like they were on the old VHS tape 6ixBy3ree and the live concert is great. I've never saw it before and they were all sexy as hell in it. And it's great to see them perform a View to a kill and Wild boys live.

My only disappointment with it was the way they perform Hungry like the wolf, it was barely recognizable. It reminds me the awful performance of Madonna's Like a virgin in her Blond Ambition Tour. My advice to these great performers : if you can't stand to sing all over again some of your old songs, it's better not to sing them anymore than to destroy their delicate atmosphere live.

But to resume I'd say that even though I'm not satisfied with all the content of these records, I must admit that this re-release was worth the wait and it's great to be able to enjoy these gems again with a high quality image and sound for the very first time. So thank you Duran Duran, and thank you EMI.
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Between The Lines (Deluxe 2CD Edition)
Between The Lines (Deluxe 2CD Edition)
Offered by tunesonline
Price: £21.19

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4.0 out of 5 stars Fantastic re-release as always with Edsel..., 21 Sept. 2010
Their Rick Astley re-releases all drove me nuts already and they kept the re-releases coming. Truly amazing ! Congratulations to EDSEL and their teams.

As a PWL fanatic myself, all I'm waiting now is for EDSEL to start digging Kylie Minogue and Dead or Alive's back catalogue as well : it would be like a dream come true. So Dear Tom Parker, get back to work, please please please...

My only complaint with these Jason Donovan re-releases (both Ten good reasons and Between the lines) is about the content of their booklets, where they often chose to melt the now legendary 80's and 90's sleeve covers with pieces of the vynil centers. Who bloody cares now how the 7 inches or 12 inches center pieces looked like back then : the important thing is to keep the pictures of the original sleeves intact ! You didn't do it on the Rick Astley re-releases and they were top notch : there the record covers were all unobstructed.

Well, let's just say I forgive you because the original Jason Donovan greatest hits album almost pictured them all already, but you've ruined to me a very sexy picture of a Rhythm of the rain record I've never saw before, so please EDSEL guys, never do that again.

Dedicated To The Moon
Dedicated To The Moon
Price: £10.29

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3.0 out of 5 stars I am a fan of Spagna and of Cherry Red re-releases but I won't be buying this one..., 11 Sept. 2010
This review is from: Dedicated To The Moon (Audio CD)
...because as someone already said here, there is a lot missing here from that period (1986-1987).

The Easy Lady single remix, its extended versions, there are at least 2 of them that I know of, and only one is included here and of course the Dance dance dance single remix and its extended as well. Even though it's true that they must be pretty rare because all those years I've never saw any of them ever released on any compilation of the 80's (are those tracks definitively lost or what ?!).

And it's also true that Every girl and boy (even though it was another of her U.k. hits) has no place in being here since it was released only a year later after this album and only should be included in a "You are my energy" (her 2nd album) re-release with the 2nd album singles "I Wanna be your wife" and "This generation" !

I love Spagna and I love the Cherry Red label (and I am very thankful for a lot of their re-releases : the Kim Wilde albums especially) but I'm not about to give away my hard-earned money for a release like that unless it is done in a proper way. A shame though because this album is really really rare.
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