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The Angriest Man in Brooklyn [DVD]
The Angriest Man in Brooklyn [DVD]
Dvd ~ Mila Kunis Robin Williams
Price: £7.00

2.0 out of 5 stars Quite bad., 15 Sep 2014
If the film with such stars as Mila Kunis and Robin Williams did not get the wide cinema release, there is a reason for that. “The Angriest Man in Brooklyn” is supposed to serve as a reminder that, despite how s***ty your life may seem at this particular moment, it is actually a wonderful thing to be alive. Instead, it’s an embarrassing attempt at comedy/drama with absolutely no cinematic, humorous or emotional value. Every scene felt like a staged attempt at acting by a group of amateur actors trying to play out a story of redemption. They fail.

You might even fail to notice that Peter Dinklage also stars in this.

I'm So Excited! [DVD]
I'm So Excited! [DVD]
Dvd ~ Javier Cámara
Price: £10.53

3.0 out of 5 stars Strained and barely exciting. Bring back the drama!, 15 Sep 2014
This review is from: I'm So Excited! [DVD] (DVD)
I am a fan of Almodóvar films, which usually have the perfect amount of tragedy and humour. "I'm So Excited!", which in a way is a typical Almodóvar film (packed with all the familiar actors) and yet it felt like a farce gone wrong. It feels like a very horny (and quite tasteless!), very gay parody of airplane-disaster movies, that lacks the laughs. "I'm So Excited!" neither lives up to its tag nor its exclamation mark.

There are a lot of gay men, free-flowing alcohol and hard-core drugs, fright and terror and suicide attempt and orgy and numerous confessions. Things lacking are genuine amusement and fun.

Almodóvar does an excellent drama. Sadly, the hilarious disaster-movie parody is absurd, rather than entertaining.

Callus Remover Callus Removing Gel from Simon & Tom. Home use Pedicure KIT. Enriched with Moroccan Argan Oil & Vitamin E. Metal scraper included.
Callus Remover Callus Removing Gel from Simon & Tom. Home use Pedicure KIT. Enriched with Moroccan Argan Oil & Vitamin E. Metal scraper included.
Offered by Beauty Solutions Ltd
Price: £29.90

2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars Good foot-care product., 12 Sep 2014
This Callus Removing Gel is very similar to Scholl Hard Skin and Callus Express Treatment 50 ml. You apply the gel onto the hard skin area and
Massage it for a minute or so. Then, using a metal scraper (which is included in the set), you scrub the excess gel and dry skin off your feet.

1. You should be wearing gloves, which are not included and your housework gloves are not the best option. Thin gloves similar to the ones sold in the hair dye product would be the best option. The scraper which is included is not the best instrument. I was expecting much more skin to come off (I remember I was being astonished with the amount of skin that was removed when I used the Scholl product. Still, excess dry skin DOES come off.
2. Massaging the feet for one minute did not really work for me. I have hard skin on the heels, not on the whole sole area, and I found it's better to leave the gel on the hard area for a few minutes than try to massage the foot, inadvertently putting gel on tender arch skin.
3. The bottle is 100 ml and last for a while, but is also quite expensive. Perhaps due to a fact that there are a few natural ingredients, such as Argan and tea tree oil and Aloe Vera.

All in all, good product.
(I received the product for free for a fair review.)

Ain't Them Bodies Saints [DVD] [2013]
Ain't Them Bodies Saints [DVD] [2013]
Dvd ~ Casey Affleck
Offered by HarriBella.UK.Ltd
Price: £8.90

2.0 out of 5 stars Slow and melancholic., 8 Sep 2014
I love Rooney Mara as much as I dislike Casey Affleck. Here, yet again, Mara shines, she is ethereal, while Affleck is comfortable in the role he is playing one film to the next - Southern underdog. "Ain't Them Bodies Saints" is a tragic love story, a lazy meditation on romance of two young sweethearts. There were a couple of heart-breaking scenes in the film, but generally, it dragged on, beautiful, but tiring. It had all the elements of a good film, but it left me emotionally disconnected and not really into the whole drama.

"Ain't Them Bodies Saints" is a fusion bag of gorgeous images and sounds trapped in an only partially-developed narrative. It reminded my of Terrence Malick, and it's not a good thing.

Captain Phillips [DVD] [2013]
Captain Phillips [DVD] [2013]
Dvd ~ Tom Hanks
Price: £7.00

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5.0 out of 5 stars Wow., 7 Sep 2014
"Captain Phillips", as I found out from watching one hour worth of extras on the DVD, is the true story of a cargo ship skipper, whose vessel was hijacked by pirates off the coast of Somalia 2009. From the very first minutes of the film I was HOOKED and only breathed out once the credits started to roll (yes, it helps if you do not know the outcome of the events prior to watching this pulse-pounding thriller/documentary).

Tom Hanks plays an unexceptional guy at the heart of an exceptional disaster. He plays a no-nonsense captain with a lot of courage - yet he is no superhuman. Hanks was superb, I thought - throughout the film and at the end, during the scene of his emotional collapse. Opposite him, Muse (played by newcomer Barkhad Abdi) is all skinny cheekbones and malnutrition and nail-biting orders.

The whole film felt like creeping hysteria. "Captain Phillips" is a gripping, tormenting, brutalizing and surprisingly thought-provoking film! Recommended!

Timberland Boys Earthkeepers Casco Bay Slip On Loafers C43X3R Navy Blue 5 UK, 38 EU
Timberland Boys Earthkeepers Casco Bay Slip On Loafers C43X3R Navy Blue 5 UK, 38 EU

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5.0 out of 5 stars Amazing! Will definitely buy bigger size for future use!, 7 Sep 2014
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
These shoes are amazing. They are perfect for casual fit (worn with jeans or corduroys) and are extremely soft! The suede is not so rich in colour, but I don't mind - the shoes were worn for a whole day for the first time, including air travel, and I received absolutely no complaints about them from a 10-year old wearer. The sole is white rubber so won't stain the flooring.

Will definitely buy again!

All the Rage
All the Rage
Price: £6.02

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2.0 out of 5 stars Not the best collection of short stories., 27 Aug 2014
This review is from: All the Rage (Kindle Edition)
I read a piece of advice in one of the reviews - you almost have to go back and re-read the stories one you finish each and every one of them and have an insight as to what is really happening in the narrative. I simply did not have will/power/desire/any interest to re-read the stories. Some of them (2, to be frank) I liked and enjoyed, the rest are depressing, self-indulgent and lacking any "rage", instead there is an abundance of monotonous and repetitive inner dialogues, depressive observation and no redeeming final at the last page. You are never really told what the story is about (and yet the author is speaking to you - i.e. using the second person narration), you are given a number of clues and then bam!, the ending is revealing and yet there is no real satisfaction.

I love short stories, I almost prefer them to the multi-page novels. But A.L. Kennedy's creations left me untouched.

Robot & Frank [DVD]
Robot & Frank [DVD]
Dvd ~ Frank Langella
Offered by MediaMine
Price: £3.89

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4.0 out of 5 stars A heart-warming novella., 27 Aug 2014
This review is from: Robot & Frank [DVD] (DVD)
I liked this film! “Robot and Frank” made for one good viewing. There is no killer punch, but it is such a heart-warming, humane, poignant tale of unlikely companionship between man and machine. If you want a simple but entertaining story, an antidote to crashing and loud dystopian tales of near-future, give this short film a go. It’s enjoyable, well-written and very-well acted (at least by the two main characters!).

Boyhood [Blu-ray]
Boyhood [Blu-ray]
Dvd ~ Patricia Arquette
Price: £15.50

4 of 10 people found the following review helpful
3.0 out of 5 stars A stylish and bold experiment that lacks any real drama., 27 Aug 2014
This review is from: Boyhood [Blu-ray] (Blu-ray)
First, the interesting, the intriguing, the positive. Twelve years of filming same cast was an ingenious idea. It's remarkable and often surprising to watch the children grow and their characters develop. The adult are getting old as well, of course, reminding us how fickle life really is. Both children and adults age gracefully.

I agree, the film is a masterpiece, it's something unique and quite enjoyable (and deserves an extra star for the ambition of the project!).

And yet, for about three hours nothing really happens. Every 15 minutes or so the characters age, and the scenes depicting the life of the dysfunctional (but likable) family are picked up at random. We, the audience, become close the characters, we know them and we root for them, we become part of the family - yet, the story is deficient. There is no real story, there is just life.

Colorless Tsukuru Tazaki and His Years of Pilgrimage
Colorless Tsukuru Tazaki and His Years of Pilgrimage
Price: £6.99

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4.0 out of 5 stars A mystery., 27 Aug 2014
I love Haruki Murakami, I love the way he writes, he usage of words, his rich imagination. When I read his books I am always charmed off my feet with the inhabitants of the worlds he creates. I enjoy their company, I relate to them easily, I am sad when our ways part. Same happened here. I immediately liked the [colorless] Tsukuru and his friends, his growing pains and imaginary erotic adventures.

Once I reached about 95% of the book, I realized that sooo many things that I were keeping in mind, waiting for the metaphorical gun to shoot, would not come to anything. Yes, the many interesting and exciting events in the book (i.e. the sixth fingers, the man who accepted death from another person, the dream-like night scene and subsequent disappearances - to name a few) are mentioned, dwelled upon, considered - and then Murakami just moves on, never to pull the curtain up, never to explain, never to satisfy my (and, I am sure, yours) curiosity.

Did he - did he not? I am talking about Tsukuru and the even that took place when he was twenty. Personally, I think he did not. But my best friend thinks he definitely did, and it all got muddled up, metaphysically and in Murakami's imagination.

There is a mystery, still. Which will never be revealed.

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