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Price: £7.99

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2.0 out of 5 stars Featherlight indeed, 31 May 2015
This review is from: MG (Audio CD)
It's tragic to think that the same man who wrote such beautiful and idiosyncratic instrumentals as 'Oberkorn', 'Christmas Island', 'Agent Orange', 'Kaleid', 'Painkiller' and the rest could stoop to such generic, sterile rubbish. Gore's talent for melody has completely deserted him, and instead he's wasting time making the same bland junk churned-out by countless laptop amateurs. Remember the feeble 'Spacewalker' from Depeche Mode's 'Sounds of the universe'? (No, didn't think you would.) Multiply that piece of fluff by 16, and you have 'MG'. At least he got the title of 'Featherlight' right – that sums up just what a load of insubstantial pap this album is. For God's sake, Martin, just retire with your millions, and let us remember you as you were from 1981 to 1998.

Bass Guitar Exercises For Dummies
Bass Guitar Exercises For Dummies
by Patrick Pfeiffer
Edition: Paperback
Price: £14.18

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1.0 out of 5 stars A near-total misfire, 30 Oct. 2014
Slightly mystified by the positive reviews of this book. None of the other reviewers have mentioned any of the negatives. So here goes:

1) Pfeiffer incessantly refers the reader to his other book in this series, Bass Guitar For Dummies (he even specifies which edition you should buy). While I can understand him wanting to hype his other work, it's extremely annoying here. It interrupts the flow of the text and of the exercises, and makes this book incomplete in itself. If you buy this, you're going to have to shell-out for the other book too. The back cover blurb, unsurprisingly, doesn't admit this.

2) Pfeiffer's writing style, and what he calls his 'strange sense of humor'. What he means is a lot of very cheesy non-jokes, like referring to things on a 'need-to-know basses'. Dear God. Most readers probably skip acknowledgements pages; I'd recommend doing that here, unless you want to churn your stomach with Pfeiffer's tributes to his yoga colleagues ('I am buoyed by your love and balanced by your Reiki').

3) You will need to be able to read music before you begin reading. Many of the staves are accompanied by bass tab, but this is printed ludicrously small (especially given the wasted space in the margins of every page, as per all For Dummies books), and the numbers are hard to read. In some places, such as a hopelessly brief part on 'Breaking down rhythmic notation', you are expected to know in advance what all different note and rest values look like in standard notation. Pfeiffer explains none of it. Again, the blurb or introduction should admit that you will need to be literate in notation before they begin reading.

4) The section on warming-up and strengthening one's fingers is very slight.

5) Too little of the book is actually anything to do with exercises. Instead the chapters concentrate on such nightmarishly muso-ish topics as 'Building the groove skeleton', 'Setting up with the groove tail' (Paul Young's fantastically bland AOR hit 'Ev'ry time you go away' is held up as an ideal example of this) and 'Trippin' on triplets'. I'm sure that it's possible to deconstruct basslines in this manner and in this extent, but a) such things don't belong in a book on bass *exercises*, they belong in a book on bass *theory*, and b) mastering all of these terms and patterns would turn you into an incredibly boring bass player.

This book is a misfire on all of the above counts.

Feeling Clever
Feeling Clever
Price: £0.79

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1.0 out of 5 stars A steamer, 19 Feb. 2014
This review is from: Feeling Clever (MP3 Download)
An absolutely steaming, stinking, honking pile of desperate, ultra-polite, wannabe indie dung. No ideas, no impetus, no talent. A dismal voiding of the sonic bowels, like listening to a fifteen-going-on-fifty-year-old version of David Gray on the toilet. A few ill-placed 'whoah-oh-oh's in lieu of anything of note. Dig the über-smug title and abysmal graphic too.

Hesitation Marks
Hesitation Marks
Price: £6.74

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1.0 out of 5 stars Mojo entirely gone, 4 Sept. 2013
This review is from: Hesitation Marks (Audio CD)
For this comeback album Trent Reznor has enlisted Russell Mills to reprise his role as sleeve collagist from The Downward Spiral. Even the typography harks back to 1994. Don't let the cover fool you - this album is the work of a contented, extremely rich husband and father, not the young industrialist who used to make offensive videos back in the mid-1990s. Reznor's talent seems almost completely spent. The lyrics are nothing new for him, the songs lack the twists and turns of his old work. Hesitation Marks sits halfway between an attempt to rake-up past glories and an extension of his pretentious and uninteresting soundtrack work. NIN has returned, yes, but as a pastiche of itself.
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Boogie Down Productions Presents...Sex And Violence
Boogie Down Productions Presents...Sex And Violence
Offered by westworld-
Price: £20.00

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1.0 out of 5 stars Yikes, 27 Aug. 2013
Never mind the gangsta crap that comprises the album. Just look at the cover. Possibly the worst, most ineptly-drawn album sleeve illustration of all time.

More Light
More Light
Offered by nagiry
Price: £8.37

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1.0 out of 5 stars Turgid, sagging, bereft of ideas, 14 Aug. 2013
This review is from: More Light (Audio CD)
If you're thinking of buying this album, here's the level of artistry you can expect:

"Like Hepatitis C
Or any STD
You're to be avoided
You're to be avoided"

It's ironic that the same song includes the line "obsessed by other people[']s lives", as Gillespie is obsessed with other people's songs. To the extent that he has no ideas of his own. "Rocks" was The Rolling Stones' "Rocks off". "Burning wheel" was The Stones' "2,000 light years from home". "More light" is yet more of this tedious spot-the-difference. "2013" recycles exactly the same lyrical themes that Gillespie used on the title track of "Exterminator" thirteen years ago, and he hasn't become any better at songwriting (or singing) in the intervening time. The only interesting aspect of this album is the fact that Primal Scream now appears to be a duo of Gillespie and Innes, with their bandmates reduced to "guests". This is, presumably, for financial reasons. My, what a revolutionary you are, Gillespie.

Sex Mix
Sex Mix
Price: £9.99

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1.0 out of 5 stars Boycott this defective product, 6 Aug. 2012
This review is from: Sex Mix (Audio CD)
Like many Frankie fans, I'd been looking forward to this latest release in the Element Series for many months. So my heart sank when on 8 July 2012 this notice was posted on ZTT's site: "Please note that due to, as they say in the trade, a 'technical f*** up', mono masters were sent to press for CD1 tracks 01-05. One channel is mirrored on both sides."

The note continued: "If and when a suitable stereo master becomes available, we will offer this as a free, lossless download". But the whole point of the Element Series is that they are physical products: good CDs in good packaging. Learning that a corrected download would be available for free - "if" a stereo master turns up - was no consolation.

In the time since that notice, dozens of angry messages have been posted on the relevant Facebook pages and sites, including a review from Frankie guitarist Brian Nash. At least two members of the band have "looked into" having this album withdrawn.

Despite this, ZTT and Salvo decided to release this faulty product regardless. They have insulted the fans with offhand comments, saying that "Phil Spector ... would have been delighted", and then attempted to cover-up the error by saying that the first five tracks are "in glorious mono as the only master tapes available were mono". The story thus changed to "no stereo versions have been located. The label felt it would be better to have these tracks on the collection in this form rather than not including them at all". This directly contradicts the earlier admission of, and apology for, the technical error.

Not only are the affected tracks in mono, they are not in true mono. They comprise the sound signal from one channel, copied onto both. It's a duplicated single channel. If you do this to, say, a Beatles recording, some instruments or voices will be completely absent. That's exactly what's happened here. That arpeggiated guitar. Missing. Synths and things. Missing. Percussion. Missing.

The first five tracks on this CD are, therefore, faulty, and this album should be boycotted. The band themselves have made publicly clear that they're angry about it. This product should be withdrawn, corrected and reissued, and those who have already bought defective copies should have theirs replaced.
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