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Campus Refill Pad Laminated Card Cover Headbound 120 Pages 90gsm A4 Ref 400013925 [Pack 5]
Campus Refill Pad Laminated Card Cover Headbound 120 Pages 90gsm A4 Ref 400013925 [Pack 5]
Price: £11.00

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5.0 out of 5 stars Quality notepad, 13 July 2013
Lovin' life with these fab notepads! Always use them for university notes and whatever kind of note I make. Makes my notes look clear and tidy.

Price can be a little high especially if you're a student. But when it's on offer it's a great deal!

Overall, lovely notepad with good quality and lasting paper.

Fly By Night
Fly By Night
Offered by skyvo-direct
Price: £7.15

5.0 out of 5 stars Rush's first real classic, 31 Jan 2013
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This review is from: Fly By Night (Audio CD)
Rush's self titled debut album was, to many people, not much more than a straightforward, Led zeppelin influenced rock album. While a good album, it wasn't until they released their followup album, the excellent fly by night, that rush really started to show a lot of promise in the progressive rock genre.
This album contains many of the bands most well known tracks, that are still loved by many today. These tracks include the iconic title track, the eight minute epic, by tor and the snow dog, and also the superb, beneath, between and behind.
This album is also the first to feature Neil Peart on drums, and this definitely shows. This is because the album is much more intricate and interesting, both lyrically and musically.
So overall, fly by night is a brilliant progressive rock album, and is well worth your time and money. This is also one of Rush's best albums, and is up there with masterpieces such as 2112 and permanent waves.

Periphery II
Periphery II
Offered by hotshotrecordsgermany
Price: £19.98

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5.0 out of 5 stars Superb follow up album!, 16 July 2012
This review is from: Periphery II (Audio CD)
Periphery II: this time it's personal is the new album from one of the modern forerunners of the progressive metal genre, Periphery, and this album proves that the band is still worthy of that title.
This band are often labeled as a Djent band (even though Djent is not a true metal subgenre), because they use heavily palm muted guitar and bass riffs. However, these are much less common on the new album.
One aspect I do like about Periphery is that they don't take their lyric writing too seriously, as three of the song titles, Muramasa, Ragnarok and Masamune are references to the Final Fantasy series, as well as with tracks such as The gods must be crazy and probably my favourite title, Facepalm mute.
The vocals on this album are a good mix of both growled/shouted vocals and clean sang vocals. Both of these vocal styles, while they are nothing groundbreaking, do fit the musical style very well.
This brings me onto the musicianship and songwriting on this album, which are both incredible. The guitar parts are very technical and also quite varied, this album features both heavy, distorted riffs and softer passages with the occaisional use of strings and piano music.
My favourite tracks on the album would have to be Ragnarok, for its melodic chorus, as well as the beautiful, instrumental outro. As well as the song Facepalm mute, because the musicianship on this song is some of the tightest on the album, it also has a brilliant multi- layered guitar track with both distorted and clean playing at the same time.
However, superb musicianship and songwriting are present on just about the full length of the album.
Overall, Periphery II has a very dense feel in terms of music, it is very complex and also fairly lenghty, clocking in at around 69 minutes.
In conclusion, Periphery II: this time it's personal, is a superb followup to their self titled debut album, as it continues their heavy, progressive sound, but also builds on it by removing some of the Djent sounds and adding more varied music. This album shows that progressive metal still has a lot going for it, and Periphery are definitely near the top of the prog metal ladder. This is one of the best metal albums I've heard in 2012, and I would highly recommend it if you are a fan of Periphery, or progressive metal bands such as Tesseract, Meshuggah and Vildhjarta.

Original Album Classics
Original Album Classics
Price: £17.02

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4.0 out of 5 stars Nice low price, good place to start for Mr Vai, 8 May 2012
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This review is from: Original Album Classics (Audio CD)
I have always been a fan of the original album classics box sets, as they offer a simple set of five cd's in cardboard sleeves for a competitive price. If you are new to Steve Vai and want a cheap set to start off with, then this is your best starting point. My only complaint with this set, is that while flex-able, passion and warfare, and fire garden are all absolute classics in the shred genre, the other two albums seemed like slightly odd choices. I think albums like the ultra zone and real illusions: reflections would have seemed more appropriate, however this is still a great value pack.

Mozart: Complete Piano Concertos
Mozart: Complete Piano Concertos
Price: £33.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars Excellent value, superb quality Mozart!, 8 May 2012
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For less than £30, you just can't go wrong with a 10 disc box set like this. Now I'm not a classical aficionado, so I can't do a major, in depth analysis of Barenboim's playing, but to me the music sounds excellent. The sound quality is also very good.
Overall I am a huge fan of these EMI mini box sets, for their extensive range, and value for money. So if you want to hear some top quality Mozart, for a great price, buy this now.

Kingston Technology DataTraveler 101 Generation 2 16GB USB Flash Drive - Black
Kingston Technology DataTraveler 101 Generation 2 16GB USB Flash Drive - Black
Price: £6.45

5.0 out of 5 stars Good price, works fine., 8 May 2012
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For less than £8, you really can't go wrong with this usb stick. The design is sturdy, and there's no cap to lose. There is also plenty of space on here for this amount of money. I haven't had any technical problems so far, and it writes information at a fast speed. So overall, a great product.

The Devil's Rain
The Devil's Rain
Price: £10.09

3.0 out of 5 stars Not their best, but still enjoyable., 7 May 2012
This review is from: The Devil's Rain (Audio CD)
Before I get into this review, I'd like to say that I am not a total Danzig era fanatic. I enjoy all periods of the misfits history, so I will not be biased in my opinion.
This is the first album from the misfits since the superb 2003 covers album, project 1950. As well as the first album of original material from the band since the also excellent 1999 album famous monsters.
So the question now is, how does this new album compare to the misfits previous albums. While it is no way near as good as their early albums such as the legendary walk among us, static age, or even famous monsters, this is still a fun album overall.

1.The devil's rain- The album's opener has a dark, midpaced feel to it. The chorus is catchy, and while this track lacks any real energy, its still a decent song. 7/10
2.Vivid red- This is one of the weaker songs on the album, while it has a cool evil feel to it, the song just doesn't grab me that much, there's nothing that makes me want to mosh or sing along to it. 5/10
3.Land of the dead- This track is a rerecorded song from the single released in 2009, and this is one of the best tracks on the album, this is the first track with any real energy, a good choice for a single. 8/10
4.The black hole- This song is probably my favourite song on the album, this track is cheesy and great fun to listen to. The vocals are cool, and the chorus is brilliant, overall a great track. 9/10
5.Twilight of the dead- Another great track here, this song was the b-side to the land of the dead single, and in my opinion is better than the land of the dead song. It is another cheesy, horror influenced slice of fun punk. 9/10
6. Curse of the mummy's hand- This song is another weak moment on the album, this is quite a mediocre track, nothing stands out much here, although it still has some decent instrumentation. 6/10
7.Cold in hell- A lot of people seem to resent this track, simply because of its repetitive lyrics. Although I enjoy this track, as it has a cool 50's feel to it. 7/10
8.Unexplained- Slightly forgettable track, the vocals seem somewhat out of key with the guitars, not the most interesting misfits track. 5/10
9.Dark shadows-Another somewhat uninteresting track, the vocals are decent, while this isn't a bad track you'd be forgiven for forgetting it. 6/10
10.Father- The vocals are yet again fairly off key, although the guitar work is more interesting than on some of the previous tracks. 6/10
11.Jack the ripper- The tempo really cranks up on this track, the lyrics and the energy in this song are very reminiscent of the graves era misfits, overall a great track. 8/10
12.Monkey's paw- This track is a decent ballad style track, the vocals really fit the style of the song, even if the lyrics are somewhat strange. 7/10
13.Where do they go?- I really enjoy this track, both jerry and the backing vocalists do a great job on the chorus, the overall feel of this track once again has a very 1950's vibe to it. 8/10
14.Sleepwalkin'- This is a very slow track, also the vocals don't really work here, this is probably my least favourite track on the album. 4/10
15.Ghost of frankenstein- This track has a little more energy, and while it is somewhat uninteresting, it still has some of that old horror feel to it, especially with the lyrics. 6/10
16.Death ray- This track is a damn good way to close the album, the speed once again cranks up, there is much more energy to this track, and while the vocals could be better, this track is still enjoyable. 8/10

So in conclusion, while this is definitely not the best album the misfits have ever done, and while it isn't a punk classic, this is still a decent misfits album. I would actually give it a 3.5 rating overall. I can't deny that there are some patchy tracks, however there are also some really great misfits songs here. So if you consider yourself a true fan of the band, who will listen to any era of the band. Then you should check this out.

The Empire Strikes First [CD + DVD]
The Empire Strikes First [CD + DVD]
Price: £9.55

5.0 out of 5 stars Possibly their best album!, 28 April 2012
Bad religion are one of my favourite punk bands of all time, they have released many classic albums over the past 30 years, and this album is no exception.
Out of all their albums, this one is easily my favourite, as it includes some absolute classic Bad Religion songs, such as the epic sinister rouge, the superb anthem Los angeles is burning and the high energy let them eat war.
This album also shows that even after three decades, the band still has a lot going for them, both lyrically and musically.
It also shows that there are still many real punk bands out there who still care, and still have a strong political message, so if you are a fan of punk music, or bad religion, then this album is essential!

Tubular Bells
Tubular Bells
Offered by DVD Overstocks
Price: £14.99

5.0 out of 5 stars Epic classical/ rock symphony!, 28 April 2012
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This review is from: Tubular Bells (Audio CD)
Mike Oldfield's 1973 debut album was a revolutionary album. It sounded nothing like any other mainstream music at the time, and is also one of the most beautiful and complex albums ever released. This album is often considered to be more of a symphony than simply two songs, and with good reason. This album has so many instruments, and so many are played by Oldfield himslef, this is almost a one man orchestral piece!
The most well known part of the piece is the eerie opening section, with the piano playing a simple melody, which is slowly built upon by many more instruments. However, the rest of the piece is not to be missed, it sounds superb all the way through.
One thing I will say however, is that this album is not the be all end all of Mike Oldfield's music, he has released many classic albums since this one, this is also not my favourite Oldfield album, it is just beaten by the excellent Amarok.
Although, if you are looking for a completely unique album, with many different instruments, and classical levels of complexity, this is an absolute must have!

Offered by EliteDigital UK
Price: £14.95

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5.0 out of 5 stars Breaking the boundaries of progressive music!, 6 Mar 2012
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This review is from: Amarok (Audio CD)
As many people have already said, this album is particularly difficult to review, as it is simply one unbroken, hour long track of instrumental epicness, however here goes.
This album was released in 1990, after what I think is easily Oldfield's worst album, the bland and mediocre pop effort, Earth Moving. So this album was a definite return to form for the classical/ prog master.
This not an album which you immediately love from the first listen, there are some very strange melodies used here, as well as some questionable sound effects, the most well known one being the (in)famous Thatcher impression at the end of the album, this is definitely not easy listening music. However, if you take the time to absorb all the melodies and really pay attention, this album is an absolute joy to listen to.
Some of the sections are just beautiful, some are mysterious and some are almost funny. The best thing about the album in my opinion, is that because there are so many different styles and ideas playing, it's hard to get bored listening to it. You also discover more about the music. I have listened to it many times, and I still don't fully understand it. However in my opinion, Amarok is definitely Mike Oldfield's best album.
If you are just introducing yourself to the progressive rock genre, then this probably isn't a good album to start with due to its sheer length and complexity. However if you enjoy the genre, and are looking for a completely unique album, then buy this, for its complete beauty and innovation.

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