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Mr. John F. Myhill "freethyboy" (Northampton, UK)

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The Complete Collection
The Complete Collection
Price: £19.99

5.0 out of 5 stars something beautiful, moments in time worth preserving, 4 Dec. 2015
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William Wharton's novel are magical, that's all I can say really. Mostly told in first person style in the historical (or narrative) present tense, they make ordinary activities (and some extraordinary ones) become something special, something beautiful, moments in time worth preserving. This collection contains all his works in English (there are apparently a few late ones only published in Polish) and include eight novels and three memoirs, although many of the novels read like memoirs. It's often hard to distinguish between what is real and what is not in his work, part of his charm. "Birdy", "Dad", "Pride" and the Christmas-themed "Tidings" are my favourites, and at this price a real bargain for such wonderful novels about love, connections, self-worth and, yes, magic.

Price: £8.99

4.0 out of 5 stars Sung in Hindi but works for me!, 19 Feb. 2014
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This review is from: Firdous (MP3 Download)
Heard a track on the Prog Magazine show on TeamRock Radio and loved it straight away, and despite the fact that I don't speak a word of Hindi (other than any borrowed words long since adopted by the English language!) I'm really enjoying this album. It's clearly very influenced by European and American rock music, especially prog rock acts such as Porcupine Tree, but with the additional flavours of India. It's very melodic, mostly uptempo and gentle on the ears without being bland. I really wanted to buy a physical CD of theirs (being a bit old fashioned as I am) but until that's possible this download is an excellent purchase. Try Raastey first, apparently their biggest hit at home and I can see why.

The Dangerous Brothers - Dangervision [DVD]
The Dangerous Brothers - Dangervision [DVD]
Dvd ~ Rik Mayall
Price: £7.00

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5.0 out of 5 stars Unusually dangerous, I trust you'll agree..., 14 Jan. 2009
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I remember these from the 80's, although I must have missed some (and the Kinky Sex episode was definitely new to me as it was apparently banned at the time!), and the good news is that they are as funny as they ever were. When this arrived from Amazon a couple of days ago I couldn't wait to put it on, and soon after my wife came in to ask what I was cackling so loudly about! Brilliant - if you like mindless comedy violence and low-life perves, which if you're a fan of Rik and Ade you must!

While there are hints of The Young Ones, and it's certainly not a million miles away from Bottom, the closest similarity is their Comic Strip Presents masterpiece "Mr Jolly Lives Next Door", which involves much the same drunken violence - the Dangerous Brothers episode Babysitting reminded me a lot of Mr Jolly, especially the gin consumption.

If you remember these from the first time around, the DVD is highly recommended as the sketches still stand up very well (ooh er missus). Amd if you don't, but you know and like Rik and Ade's other work then this is not to be missed. If, on the other hand, you are a person who values taste and decency, and has no wish to see anyone sticking dynamite down their trousers, avoid like the plague. Unusually dangerous, I trust you'll agree.

Music Of The Spheres
Music Of The Spheres
Offered by Assai-uk
Price: £5.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars Stirring stuff!, 12 May 2008
This review is from: Music Of The Spheres (Audio CD)
I love Mike Oldfield's music, and especially his repetitions and reworkings of familiar themes, something I know some reviewers see as lazy and/or boring, but I find the restatements and variations fascinating, and I love it when an almost familar tune from one album becomes something quite different on another. This is a fabulous example of taking Oldfield melodies old (and new) and taking them somewhere spectacular (well, outer space to be exact). I found this very stirring as well as beautifully restful, and it's wonderful to write to.

If you're new to Mike's music thanks to the new exposure he's got from Classic FM for this, can I suggest you also try his Millennium Bell which is similarly stirring and melodic, but with a dash of club music as well!

Iriver 40GB MP3 Player with FM Tuner H-140
Iriver 40GB MP3 Player with FM Tuner H-140

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5.0 out of 5 stars YOU WANT ONE!, 4 Aug. 2004
I won't add anything technical to the other reviews, they seem to have all that covered, I will just say THIS IS BRILLIANT! My wife bought it for me and it proves she really loves me - although she is now depressed at how long I've been spending at my PC uploading my entire CD collection, but 40g is a lot to fill!
The only minor problem I've had with it was mentioned by another reviewer, that the database function only works with MP3 files. Most of mine are WMA format, as I've found it really easy to copy my CDs using Windows Media Player, especially as when connected to the internet it provides album and song titles for me and I don't have to type anything in! However, because of the way Media Player saves files (artist name as directory, each album title as a sub-directory) it's just as easy to find what I want as with the database. The I-River is organised like Windows Explorer and can be manipulated on the PC using this, so I've had great fun adding single b-sides and other isolated tracks onto albums, or making up my own "albums" of b-sides and singles. For an ex-library assistant and a data analysts like myself organising the songs is half the fun!
One thing I've found is that uploading reminds you what's in your record collection, so you either re-discover all sorts of good stuff that was hiding on your shelves, or you notice obvious gaps where you haven't upgraded to CD from your old tapes and LPs (if you're my age, anyway), which in my case has been to Amazon's benefit as I then order masses of CDs to fill the holes!
By the way, anyone worried about the legal position, if you copy your own CDs onto your own player for personal use, that's fine. It's only if you copy other people's CDs, or distribute (free or for money) copies that you're being naughty, since this is actually stealing from the labels and artists. And anyone who reckons the labels can afford it, remember that the lower their profits the less likely they are to support new artists and "minority interest" acts (i.e. good artists who don't sell millions). SO DON'T STEAL THEIR MUSIC,okay?
I've nearly finished uploading my collection, so I'll be looking about for good downloading sites next - but I'll make sure they're legal, thanks very much.

Take Care
Take Care

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4.0 out of 5 stars Wire fans buy this now!, 2 Jun. 2004
This review is from: Take Care (Audio CD)
I was a big Wire fan in the late 80's during their second musical phase (the albums on the Mute label like "The Ideal Copy" and "A Bell Is A Cup...") when they were very electronic and hypnotic, and this solo project from Wire's Graham Lewis dates from the same period. I wasn't massively keen on it at the time when I bought it on vinyl, but it grew on me over the years and when I saw it available on CD here I jumped at the chance to get it, and it was well worth it. A bit left-field, slightly odd angles in the music, but very stimulating music, and if you liked what Wire were doing at the time you won't be disappointed.
Best tracks are "Could You?" which is quite gentle and almost elegiac, and opener "ABC Dicks Love". An album with lots of interesting noises and bizarre titles, which also includes two tracks written for Michael Clarke (the trendy choreographer who used to dance with his bottom cut out of his tights). Nice.

Rex The Runt: The Complete Series 1 [VHS] [1998]
Rex The Runt: The Complete Series 1 [VHS] [1998]

25 of 25 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars You Can Get This on DVD!, 25 May 2004
This video is fab, very quotable, and very funny - but it's only the first series, and it's only on VHS... and by chance I discovered that Amazon.Com (the US site) can sell you a DVD set of both series! Yes! It's a bit pricey but well worth it if you have a multi-region DVD player, as it includes a lot of episodes from the second series I missed during its patchy and irregular airing on TV. Follow the link below to the US site and have a look.

Invisible Men
Invisible Men
Offered by rapid17
Price: £6.74

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4.0 out of 5 stars Feel Good Pop Surprise!, 30 Mar. 2004
This review is from: Invisible Men (Audio CD)
Most of Anthony Phillip's excellent albums are largely instrumental classical/folk albums in the same spirit as early Genesis (he was their founding guitarist, leaving after second album Trespass), but THIS is different. More akin to 80's "pop" Genesis and especially longtime collaborator Mike Rutherford's work with his Mechanics, this is Ant's proper pop LP, after a few pop songs before, on "Sides" for example. Working as a duo with Richard Scott who shares vocals with Ant, this album mixes uptempo feel-good songs with slower ballads. Synths and drum machines are used well in combination with some nice guitar work and occasional flutes and other wind instruments.
"Golden Bodies" is a great opener, a bouncy song about being out of the office and in the sun, followed by the best lyric on the album in "Women Were Watching", one of two songs about the Falklands conflict, focusing on the lives lost by soldiers who joined up "cause it was better than the dole" and who "never thought of turning back" because of the women waving them on from the shore - one woman in particular, possibly a reference to Mrs Thatcher?
"Traces" is a pleasant slower number about lost, or possibly unreturned, love, then comes a strange but compelling track, the second Falklands song, "Exocet". A disjointed rhythm, dark and squelchy synth noises and lyrics basically from the missile's point of view! Back (with a certain amount of relief) to the bouncy pop, "Love in a Hot Air Balloon" is a joyful song about, well, love in a balloon! Funny and sweet, one of my favourites. "Going for Broke" is another energetic poppy bopper that keeps the spirits up.
After that, to be honest, the next few songs are merely "okay", quite nice but nothing outstanding, with perhaps "Guru" and "My Time Has Come" closest to the highs of the earlier songs. The three cloing "extra" tracks, however, are excellent. Despite its title "Trail of Tears" starts as a jaunty synth instrumental, but then turns into a slow, stately and hypnotic progression of chords which is one of my favourite Ant pieces ever. "The Ballad of Penlee" is an emotional piano led song about the Penlee lifeboat disaster, sensitively done and always gets to me. Finally "Alex" is a rousing uptempo instrumental that leaves you on an up.
Despite flagging a bit in the middle (easily remedied with CD programming) this is an excellent and intelligent pop album, that despite the giveaway 80's production sheen has aged very well. Highly recommended.

Mad Monster Party
Mad Monster Party

1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars Oddly pleasant, with a couple of corkers, 30 Jan. 2002
This review is from: Mad Monster Party (Audio CD)
A previous reviewer heard some scratches and "comedy sound effects"(?) on this that I failed to pick up, but as they thought Vincent Price sang "One Step Ahead" when it was, of course, Boris Karloff (yes, the Boris Karloff) we won't pay them too much mind.
Anyway, fans of this cult animation should make this an essential purchase, especially while we wait for the DVD release (if it ever happens), as it brings back many fond memories. If you don't know the film, but like comedy horror songs like "The Monster Mash" (not a song on this CD, as it wasn't in the film) then you should give this a try.
Amongst the spooky instrumentals (best is the atmospheric "The Baron" which opens the CD)and wild jazz numbers (reminiscent of "The Mask") there are also some James Bond style brass and strings themes, and Phylis Diller's over-the-top "You're Different" (sung to her monster mate).
There are also two excellent songs - the title track, and "Never Was A Love Like Mine", sung by the husky-voiced Gale Garnett, who could have given Dusty a run for her money. Gorgeous, and quite Bacharachy.
Fans of the film, buy this now, without asking any more questions, or the Count will get you! Everyone else, give it a try. It's a very upbeat album, and always makes me smile. Try it.

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