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The Aeneid (Penguin Classics)
The Aeneid (Penguin Classics)
by Virgil
Edition: Paperback
Price: 7.69

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3.0 out of 5 stars No fun not at all, 25 Mar 2013
Classicist and ancient Rome enthusiasts may enjoy this book, however personally I found it a terrible bore. Many describe Virgil as trying to imitate Homer which is visible but nonetheless futile. Far from the fantastical adventures of the marvelously witty Odysseus, the hero of the Aeneid suffers drollity after drollity and is too dull to describe. I understand that the Aeneid was written as a patriotic poem celebrating Augustan Rome though through this context is the only way to read it. The story lacks any intrigue or character consistency and the half hearted attempts at fantasy/adventure are so disappointing in the face off Homer and so many other writers. To top it off though i can't really blame Virgil for dying this story doesn't even have an ending, so you endure and there is no Rome or Alba Longa at the end.
I didn't hate this read though it was not particularly enjoyable either. As a contextual piece or if you just can't get enough of classics read it, it isn't/won't be inherently bad for everyone. However if you're just looking for an entertaining read shy away friends read the Odyssey or anything else.

Dogville [DVD]
Dogville [DVD]
Dvd ~ Nicole Kidman
Offered by ____THE_BEST_ON_DVD____
Price: 4.98

5.0 out of 5 stars Deep but really good, 17 Feb 2013
This review is from: Dogville [DVD] (DVD)
I rate the film 5* but i could understand a 4* rating. The film is really quite unique and i particularly liked that you could so easily sit through an almost 3 hour film that had minimal props and bushes marked only by a chalk* cirlcle that read 'bush'. The set quickly falls into the background to the thoroughly compelling story as you are caught up in Kidmans trials at the hands of Dogville. It is a very intense film with wonderful acting. With nothing else to look at it says the fact that the actors were enough to keep us interested is truly telling of their talent. I don't want to expose much of the story as it is probably best to go into the film knowing not too much and see how you feel at the end. I highly recommend watching this film

by Sylvia Plath
Edition: Paperback
Price: 6.99

4.0 out of 5 stars Good, 17 Feb 2013
This review is from: Ariel (Paperback)
I think Sylvia Plath ignited my love for poetry as i read 'Lady lazarus' and was touched by the deep and raw emotion that came through the pages. More than anything it is raw emotion that i get from Plaths poetry, i enjoy this but sometimes i feel her poetry is not easy to empathise with. Often the poems are uncomfortable to read which i have no problem with however it feels a bit like reading someones diary. For fans of the writer this is glorious as you feel a real closeness to her but i think my point is that you don't really gain very much it. Nonetheless Plath easily transports you into her world i love her word play, syntax and poetic style and generally enjoy all her works. Despite being flawed as everthing is 'Ariel' is a marvellous work that deserves all its long lived recognition and is a thoroughly worthwhile buy.

The Fool
The Fool
Price: 7.27

5.0 out of 5 stars almost too perfect, 17 Feb 2013
This review is from: The Fool (Audio CD)
Almost too perfect, i think i just prefer the first album but this one is still amazingly good. Theresa has a more prominent voice in this album but all the things that were good about the first album is kept up and warpaint maintain their path of awesomness!


3.0 out of 5 stars like a lesser version of the last one, 17 Feb 2013
This review is from: Bloom (Audio CD)
I'm a fan of Beach house and love their chilled out dreamy music but this album to me mostly seemed quite repetitive with the exception of a few songs. If you're new to the band you'll probably enjoy the album because it is not bad, just in comparisson to their others it is. I found it a little dull and way prefer listening to teen dream, for hardcore fans i understand the need to get the album but otherwise i'd take a miss on Bloom. Just to stress it is not bad but nor is it great.

Atonement [DVD] [2007]
Atonement [DVD] [2007]
Dvd ~ Keira Knightley
Offered by Door2DoorEntertainment
Price: 2.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars Perfect, 17 Feb 2013
This review is from: Atonement [DVD] [2007] (DVD)
An absolutely perfect adaptation, while Keira Knightley is often thought for beinpoor her performance in Atonement is faultless as are the rest of the casts. I'm a big fan of films that are stylistically and visually pretty and Atonement fulfills any aesthetic expectations. The story is one of how the misinterpretation of events through the eyes of a thirteen* year old girl determines the course of so many lives. In a sense Atonement is almost epic with it spanning many years, locations and characters. Do not put one the film looking for a light period drama however, the story is heart wrenching as well as beautiful you feel thoroughly drained by the end but i highly doubt you'll regret watching it and may well put yourself through it again and again saying as the film will always be saying 'come back to me'.

Vicky Cristina Barcelona [DVD]
Vicky Cristina Barcelona [DVD]
Dvd ~ Penelope Cruz
Price: 3.00

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5.0 out of 5 stars Love it, 6 Jun 2012
I loved this film the plot aside it would get 5 stars just for how beautiful it was shot and the music. I've been to Barcelona and the film made it look like a magical place. The acting alone could also get it 5 stars: Penelope Cruz is amazing as tortured and Bardem superb i also have a new found love for Scarlett Johansson. The story almost doesn't matter but fortunately it's also good, it is a look at love, the search for it and its many forms - good enough premise for a film and looked at well not hollywood nor overly pretentious a little stylised but in a good way. I personally don't see how anyone could go wrong getting this film, even if you don't enjoy as much as i did you certainly won't consider it a wasted sitting at the very least it'll brighten up your living room for a couple of hours.

Coco Before Chanel [DVD]
Coco Before Chanel [DVD]
Dvd ~ Audrey Tautou
Offered by streetsahead
Price: 3.75

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2.0 out of 5 stars Don't do it, 6 Jun 2012
This review is from: Coco Before Chanel [DVD] (DVD)
I was really excited to see this film but it failed my expectations in every way, not only was the story really dull but there wasn't even enough of that French style (which could make up for it) to keep me interested for however long the film was. I felt like the film was made up of a load of random fragments that didn't have much relevance or need to be shown ( for instance if it were about my life it would show an uneventful trip to a relatives house, then a day at the park then i meet a boy... we break up and now i'm a famous dentist); it was episodic and not in a good or stylish way. I know little about coco chanels life so i can't say how accurate the film was but if it is then she really didn't need a film to stretch out what little happened to her. If like me you still want to watch it i suggest you wait until you see ot on tv or borrow or because you'll likely watch it once feel sad that it's was bad then sell it or watch it accumulate dust while people who visit you will ask optimistically "Oh 'coco before chanel' is it any good?"
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A Brief History of the Third Reich (Brief Histories)
A Brief History of the Third Reich (Brief Histories)
Price: 5.39

7 of 7 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Very good, 2 April 2012
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This was a very good read, I bought it as some extra reading for my history a - level on Nazi Germany and it was very good for that purpose, it goes over key events from start to end of the third reich yet doesn't feel rushed and is easy to read. It isn't at all complicated so if you're looking for an in depth analysis of Nazi Germany this isn't the book however for some basic knowledge or to brush up on your knowledge it's excellent. I would highly recommend the book

The Secret Garden (Wordsworth's Children's Classics)
The Secret Garden (Wordsworth's Children's Classics)
by Frances Hodgson Burnett
Edition: Paperback
Price: 1.89

5.0 out of 5 stars Adore, 12 Jan 2012
Yes I adore this book and have done since I first read it, it is so sweet and so innocent and while the story is simple it is the very definition of charming. You need not know very much about the story it is simply about a little girl who begins the story very sour and ends very happy. Absolutely flawless I could read it over and over it never fails to cheer me up no matter what my mood and especially so on these dark winter days. A story of friendship,childhood and the joy that can be found in life; themes that I've never needed to look any further into. Whether for a child, teen or grown up I would highly recommend this book and if like me it will soar to the top of you're reading list.

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