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Prayer in C (2-Track)
Prayer in C (2-Track)
Offered by zoreno-uk
Price: £3.04

5.0 out of 5 stars melodic pop that sounds good at high volume in the car and this ticks ..., 1 Oct 2014
This review is from: Prayer in C (2-Track) (Audio CD)
I'm a sucker for repetitive, melodic pop that sounds good at high volume in the car and this ticks all boxes in that respect. Well packaged, perfect condition.

GPO Memphis Turntable 4-in-1 Music Centre with CD and FM Radio - Silver
GPO Memphis Turntable 4-in-1 Music Centre with CD and FM Radio - Silver
Offered by Big Box Shop

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4.0 out of 5 stars Great for mature users wanting to relive the vinyl experience, but not for hifi buffs., 24 July 2014
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This gets four stars based on the fact that it was bought for an 80 years of age mother who wanted to play her old LPs again. HiFi is not a consideration in this demographic just clear and loud sound, convenience, ease of use and the ability to listen to radio and play CDs as a bonus. This item scores highly on all these criteria. What is surprising is the radio quality - without an obvious aerial the sound from FM is outstanding. It looks impressive even if handling and picking it up betrays its plastic construction which in any case doesn't mean it's not sturdy. It has a modest footprint so fits comfortably in confined areas. The only missing feature for me and my mother is pre-sets for the radio. For the above use - recommended.

Levi's Men's 506 Straight Jeans, Worn Once, W32/L30
Levi's Men's 506 Straight Jeans, Worn Once, W32/L30
Price: £73.96

4.0 out of 5 stars As expected with a couple of caveats, 1 April 2014
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
I had a pair of 506 straight jeans which are the best fitting jeans I've ever owned. They are black and heavy duty denim but I stupidly wore them while cycling too often and created holes where the sun doesn't shine. I was annoyed to find that they are no longer available in this colour and quality but I found these at the same size and cut and went for for the darkest colour available. They are a great fit, very comfortable and the right size (although an extra half inch in leg would be nice). However compared to my original 506's the denim is quite thin and the blue is quite bright - althouygh to be fair this might be the contrast between them and my originals that highlight the difference. All in all happy to have a pair of jeans that look good on someone in advancing years!

The Lion's Roar
The Lion's Roar
Price: £7.43

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4.0 out of 5 stars Good pop, 16 Jan 2014
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This review is from: The Lion's Roar (Audio CD)
Came across this by accident after hearing a track in a cafe. Technology enabled me to point my phone and be informed within seconds that it was First Aid Kit. After checking out a couple of YouTube videos I ordered the CD and have not been disappointed at all. This is one of those albums you can play from end to end especially in the car and enjoyably anticipate almost every track. The vocal harmonies are probably the most attractive features but the musicanship, catchy melodies and production all combine to create a stand-out album. If you enjoy pop at its finest and have an eclectic taste (pop, country, folk at least) then you will certainly love this album. Looking forward to hearing the rest of their output.

Raja Babu
Raja Babu
Dvd ~ Govinda, Karshma Kapoor, Kader Khan, Shakti Kapoor, Prem Chopra, Gulshan Grover, Aruna Irani
Offered by Green DVD INC
Price: £9.99

3.0 out of 5 stars Introduction to Bollywood, 29 Jun 2013
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This review is from: Raja Babu (DVD)
This was the first full film I watched from Bollywood, it was shown by Channel 4 around 15 years ago, and I was captivated by the colours, catchy songs and sheer exuberance. The plot is daft, the acting over the top but it's a lot of fun. I ordered this so I could have a DVD copy with subtitles purely for nostalgic reasons. Sadly the quality of the picture is abysmal, much worse than the old VHS copy I have from its showing on TV. It's a crying shame that this film with its brilliant array of colours looks like it was made on an early 80's home camcorder. However what is truly disappointing is the last song of the film which featutes Govinda and Karisma Kapoor frolicking around a farm yard. Why disappointing? Because its been hacked to bits and reduced down to a around a minute from its original length due I believe to Indian censorship rules. Why this version has been released heaven only knows. Thankfully I still have my VHS copy where I can enjoy the full uncut version. (The cut scenes are mild by western standards but one can understand the horror of the Indian censors when this film first came out). So buy if like me you need a copy for your archive but don't expect high quality in the picture department. And hope that Channel 4 show it again one day so I can record it again in HD.

Run Lola Run [DVD] [2000]
Run Lola Run [DVD] [2000]
Dvd ~ Franka Potente
Price: £4.95

4.0 out of 5 stars A classic movie but poor quality picture., 20 Aug 2012
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This review is from: Run Lola Run [DVD] [2000] (DVD)
This is one of those films I can watch time and again ever since i first saw it on TV many years ago. The story and film is excellent. Sadly the picture quality of this DVD is mostly good but towards the later half the picture inexplicably jumps into what can best be described as rough VHS quality for periods of time ranging from a few seconds to a couple of minutes. For me this does detract from the enjoyment and you are jolted from a filmic world into a less visually pleasant one. I have no idea why this should be but if this is important to you, be warned.

Panasonic TX-L37ET5B 37-inch Widescreen Full HD 1080p 3D LED TV with Freeview HD - Black (New for 2012) (discontinued by manufacturer)
Panasonic TX-L37ET5B 37-inch Widescreen Full HD 1080p 3D LED TV with Freeview HD - Black (New for 2012) (discontinued by manufacturer)
Offered by 123Electricals4Me

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4.0 out of 5 stars Almost perfect 37" TV, 30 May 2012
This was my first foray into large screen LED TV land, having lived with a 22" Samsung LED for about a year after a CRT before that. I spent a lot of time researching as I do for most tech items and I can honestly say I think I have the best TV for the money on the market right now. I went for 37" as this seemed the best fit for my 15' square room and sure enough it's the perfect size as I'll explain later.
I would have ordered from Amazon but a local dealer was offering it for £650 with a five year warranty which looked a good deal and I am always nervous about electrical goods being handled by delivery services, especially one this advanced and expensive.
Setting up was simplicity including the stand and because the TV is so light, I could do this unaided. The TV is aesthetically pleasing and looks really stunning. The screen is quite reflective which is apparent only when the sun is streaming through your windows - the picture is still very visible but you can see reflected items in the room bouncing back at you. I must stress this has not been a big issue as I watch most TV in the evening anyway. Positioning the TV properly will help.

After going through the auto setup routine the first thing I did was switch to channel 50 on Freeview to see how HD terrestrial TV fares. I was knocked out by the quality of the picture and the other three HD channels didn't disappoint. Be warned though: you will begin to resent watching standard definition channels very soon as they now look like 80's VHS in comparison. Having said that, placing yourself a proper distance from the screen will result in very acceptable picture quality on SD - it's just that HD is so good you find yourself drawing close to the TV to immerse yourself. I've found between 9 and 14 feet works best for me.
You will almost certainly need to play with the picture settings, the defaults are either too dark or too bright and garish. Once you have it tweaked the picture looks fabulous. Watching a film, whether broadcast or from DVD, resulted in what appeared to be a video recording. A strange effect that made it look like a news item recorded today and which utterly ruined the filmic look that I love about film. Thankfully this was down to a setting called "Intelligent Frame Creation" which was set to Max. I changed this to Min and it restored filmed material to its rightful look.
The angle of view is outstanding - from either side the picture remains bright and sharp with no noticeable darkening.

TV Guide/Information
I had already read about Panasonic's inability to produce a guide that didn't shut off the channel you were watching when activated so I wasn't surprised to find this TV was no different. But it still mystifies me why they can't sort this out, my Samsung has no trouble showing the EPG with the channel continuing in a small window with sound. The guide itself is very well laid out and clear even from some distance.
You can select an information panel with the remote that doesn't interfere with the picture and sound and can show you now and next for the current channel. This is also customisable in terms of seconds on screen which is very useful.

The sound isn't going to win any awards for deep bassiness but for everyday use I'd say it's very good and at high settings quite loud and clear.

I can't comment on the 3D quality of source material as I don't own a Bluray (yet) or play computer games. I've read the BBC are planning some limited 3D broadcasting from the Olympic Games so will be able to test it then. The simulated 2D to 3D effect is quite good though especially on HD broadcasts and the included glasses are very light and virtually unnoticeable on your head. I didn't really buy the TV for 3D so this is not a great deal for me.

Internet (Viera Connect)
One of the many reasons for choosing this set was the built-in WiFi - I didn't want to be messing around with dongles, especially expensive dongles. It works a treat using the built-in apps that include iPlayer, YouTube, Netflix, Facebook, Twitter and a few others I'll likely not use. I was disappointed that LoveFilm is not there since I have a subscription and have no desire to watch films on a computer screen. I tried iPlayer and was very impressed by how easy it was to use and the stunning picture quality when HD options are chosen.

Icing on the cake
I found out there was an app from Panasonic called Viera Remote which turns your smartphone into a remote control. I downloaded this free app to my Galaxy S2 and sure enough it allows me to use my phone as a remote control which is impressive enough. What blew my socks off was the fact that I can play videos, music, photos from my phone through the TV over the WiFi network with no lag and stunning quality. HD videos look amazing though there does seem a problem with the ability to stream HD video recorded by the phone which I am looking into (HD video downloaded from YouTube works fine). Photos are displayed as a slide show with overlaid cheesy jazz music which you can thankfully turn down or off.

The only shortcoming for me is the lack of a timer to switch the TV on at a predetermined time which again my Samsung achieves effortlessly. I am used to using the TV as my alarm clock but this one has no such option, merely allowing a timer event to be set so the TV outputs a signal for an external recorder to use.

I would heartily recommend this TV and am very glad I chose it. I would love to give it 5 stars but the guide problem and lack of `on' timer are just irritating enough to knock one star off.

atFoliX FX-Clear screen-protection film for Samsung Galaxy S2 (i9100) - Crystal-clear screen protection! Top quality
atFoliX FX-Clear screen-protection film for Samsung Galaxy S2 (i9100) - Crystal-clear screen protection! Top quality

4.0 out of 5 stars The best protector I have seen so far, 24 Jun 2011
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
I was undecided for a while about the benefit of fitting a screen protector but I came to the conclusion that sooner or later I might accidentally scratch the screen and then regret not having applied a protector. I went for the Folix based on the best average ratings and others' comments.
When it arrived (and it was sent from Germany so took longer than expected) my first worry was that as only one is supplied I had just one chance to get it right. I think it's worth pausing and contemplating before heading straight into applying as I believe this will help you to get it right first time.
My second concern was how to ensure the screen on my Galaxy S 2 was as clean and dust free as possible. A microfibre cloth (small) is supplied and I used this to the best of my ability. Dust is ever present so I tried to keep the delay between cleaning and applying to a minimum. Then came the nerve-wracking application! I started at the top of the phone as there are two cutouts there but only one at the bottom. I used the supplied card to squeeze out any possible bubbles. The result looked great except for one tiny area at top left where I believe a single dust particle must have been lurking. It looks like the front facing camera hole and is perfectly round but fortunately is largely obscured by the Casemate that also protects this phone.
So application successful. What about using the phone with this protector on?

It is a very flat film layer that doesn't display the mottled look that other protectors I have used have. Keeping the screen clean seems to be a different affair now. Without the protector I could clean the screen with the corner of a shirt, or any cotton based material but the protector doesn't seem to respond nearly as well to this kind of material. Instead I find the cloth you get with spectacles does the best job of polishing up the screen now.
As far as sensitivity to swiping and tapping is concerned I haven't noticed any difference. Within a short period of time you forget that there is a protector applied. But I do feel a sense of reassurance that it's there every now and then.

It can leave a kind of finely grained rainbow pattern where your finger tip has swiped the screen and I find myself trying to wipe this off occasionally. It's noticeable mostly against very bright backgrounds. This in itself doesn't really affect the sharpness or quality of the display so is not a major issue but I mention it for those who would be worried by it.
I think they are stingy with only supplying one protector. The blurb on the Amazon page when buying says it can be washed in water and reapplied but this is not mentioned anywhere on the packaging.

I would recommend this protector to owners of Galaxy S 2 phones. You know how great this phone is and like me you will want it to stay as new looking for as long as possible.

Wonderful Today: The Autobiography of Pattie Boyd
Wonderful Today: The Autobiography of Pattie Boyd
by Pattie Boyd
Edition: Paperback

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4.0 out of 5 stars Long awaited..., 9 Jun 2009
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
I had been looking forward to reading this for a long time having waited for this paperback version. I came to it as a Beatles fan so was naturally more interested in her story from 1964 onwards. The enduring feeling after finishing the book was one of some sadness for Patti. She was victim of her beguiling looks to the extent that she never established her own personality properly, always being overshadowed by her husbands' near infatuations with her. I really enjoyed the detail of who met who and who attended whose party during the 60s and 70s periods but felt that I would have liked to have known more about day to day life for her during these heady days. I'll be honest: the chapters dealing with Patti's early life were not that riveting to me and she certainly comes across as having led a privileged life from the beginning. But she acknowledges this and it doesn't seem to have affected her humility at all. The book ended all too quickly, I would have liked a couple of more chapters. Overall I came away feeling that I would very much like to meet her and that having done so, I have a feeling I too would be charmed and beguiled like her beaus before.

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