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Cold Blood (Dirty Blood Book 2)
Cold Blood (Dirty Blood Book 2)
Price: £2.40

5.0 out of 5 stars A great second instalment....story adds more and revisits older storylines too - a great read, 2 Jun 2014
So, this book sees Tara heading for Wood Point Academy (and no the name is not lost on me!!). This is a specialist school, and supposedly the best Hunter Training School in the country.

However, Tara wasnt ready for the shunning she got the first step she takes on Academy soil....for not being a pure blood Hunter.
Trying to ignore the whispers and words she trudges through her first week. Of course the obligatory blonde barbie bully and her cronies are there just taking every opportunity to make her feel worse than she is.
However, she meets two other "outsiders" - Logan and Cambria. Cambria is just a pure misfit, whereas Logan was last years new kid, but despite his good looks and intelligent, theres no clique to cater to both!

We meet the boy who saved Tara in the last book - hes called Alex, and he is assigned to train Tara every night and at the weekend. Hes not happy - he still sees her as a Dirty Blood, and Tara takes great pleasure in proving him to see WHO she is, and not what. Their relationship goes from hatred to almost a love relationship, but one that cannot be. Tara has mixed emotions about this, and its recalled really well.

And of course cant forget Miles - the hunter from the first book who turns out to be Leo's son - he too reveals as a mixed blood, but he is creepy. Calling Tara that he and her can rule and that he has a plan in the works.....and then he wants to meet her...

Of course it cant end well....
But what was the plan.....? And did he succeed in it?
Wesley is being promoted to be the leader of The Cause, so Tara is frustrated at not being able to contact him or see him....but when he shows up outside the Academys defense shield.....he reads Taras mind......and what had happened with Alex....
Something is changing in Tara too.....

One heck of a cliffhanger again, one that leaves one of the people Tara knows to be changed forever......

Sixth Grave on the Edge: Charley Davidson Series: Book Seven
Sixth Grave on the Edge: Charley Davidson Series: Book Seven
Price: £4.99

5.0 out of 5 stars another great installment - loving the slow revealing of Charley and love the writing style of Ms Jones, 31 May 2014
Ok, I'm not moving till i get me a Reyes.....No? Worth a shot!

The usual brilliant writing style that it is Ms Jone's - humorous, steamy, tension, mystery and a gorgeous being called Reyes - ahh phooey, forget hes the son of Satan, still want one!!

Ok, so in this one Charley and Reyes's relationship is still elevating and still as much a joy to read as it was when it was a will-they-wont-they storyline.
Charley has several new loads of information to digest - things that will make you think "uh oh" and others you're on the "WTF" book (in a good way!).
She seems to be looking at her role as the Grim reaper more, and seeing what she can do and shes slowly realising she has more power than she initially thought.

Of course theres a case or two for her going along, but this one is really revealing more about Charley and who and what she is.

Older storylines are visited - like Quentin the little boy she saved from possession and the nuns, and also the long term rivalry with ex best friend Jessica.....wont say any more about that one!

We're also giving glimpses into Swopes investigation into the prophecy that involves Charley which leaves to one heck of a cliffhanger making me want the next book NOW!!!!

In alot of the books we are introduced to Charley through her PI work, her family, her friendship with Cookie and the whole Reyes thing. Now we know her background, Ms Jones is stepping up the writing to show Charley as she is NOW and not her PI work, but more about her Grim Reaper side, and I'm enjoying reading this and finding out what is to be with Charley - or Charley and Reyes?

A FANTASTIC series, that i have loved since book one and have never had a boring time reading these at all.... of the things that i find brilliant is the little statements at the beginning of each chapter - i really hope they continue, they make me giggle!!


Release: Vampire Romantic Suspense series for adults (The Angler Book 3)
Release: Vampire Romantic Suspense series for adults (The Angler Book 3)
Price: £2.39

5.0 out of 5 stars wow - this one blindsided me...especially the end, 26 May 2014
Wow. This one hits you from the blindside!

The book is written so you keep holding your breath at every turn.

Rurik has been losing his hair. His blood thirst has increased beyond anything a normal vampire needs. The only vamps that lose their hair is the Nosferatu but they need to be voted in to the brotherhood.....but theres no way that Rurik could be a there?

Tane is pulled into his "brotherhood" clan, the Nosferatu to question about turning Rurik into one of them....which worries Tane, and so takes Connie with him rather than Rurik.
He buffs the questions well, but when they ask to see him, he requests Connie to get him. When out of the room, he uses their telepathic link to tell her to run with Rurik and fast.

They take Tanes boat and decide to go to Rome.....probably not the best idea in hindsight.
They take shelter in an abandoned orphanage that Rurik and his maker used to hide in.
While Kam sets about making sure the area is safe, Rurik is hungry...again.....
Only this time, Connie cant make him stop drinking and decends into a darkness.

The first face she sees is Kam, and is grateful for his protection.

They were losing Rurik.

Tane eventually catches up with them, and they take Rurik to his maker in hopes that her bond can help him.

I'm not writing the rest of the storyline - it kinda makes your jaw drop and something I've never seen in a vamp storyline occurs, and leaves you flabbergasted.

Another great instalment, the relationship between Connie and Tane increase as they find solace in each other watching Rurik fade away in front of them.....

Not sure if another book is planned, and if so, not sure how its gonna top this one, but ill definitely be picking it up!!

Hunting Colby: book 2.5 Shapeshifter Romantic Suspense (The Angler)
Hunting Colby: book 2.5 Shapeshifter Romantic Suspense (The Angler)
Price: £1.84

5.0 out of 5 stars A great novella to see other characters - not necessary to read the series, but its a good quick read, 26 May 2014
A novella in between books 2 and 3 which show Gwen, the werewolf and head of Tane's security trying to catch her mate. Colby.

she has chased him all over the world and he has slipped her grasp every time.

Giving up she gets summoned to New York to help train the new "baby" Nosferatu in how to fight.

And by some kind of coincidence, she is trying to find his vampire friend, who Colby is trying to find - Red, a member of his slayer team has gone missing and he was the vamp he was supposed to meet, ergo, hes the one he needs to speak to.

Gwen is pushed right to her limits with Colby. Hes mean, rude, cruel, confusing and clearly not interested in her.

Facing that fact, she resorts to finding this vamp together with Colby, finding that the Overlord has a secret illegal plot that is punishable by death.

Both Gwen and Colby wok together which leads to talking and realising each one had crossed wires...

Can this vamp that's missing be alive...?
Is Red still alive?
What will Colby do - a vampire slayer?
Can Gwen and Colby work through their issues, and more importantly, if they WERE to be together - Gwen's pack serves the Vampire King - and that goes against all of Colby's beliefs....

A great novella to see into other characters. The baby Nos "Mutt" - it would be great to see his character again and watch him develop and see if he can keep hold of his almost human thinking.

If you get a chance to read this, i would, but it doesn't spoil the series if you don't.

CATCH (Angler book 2): Vampire Romantic Suspense for adults
CATCH (Angler book 2): Vampire Romantic Suspense for adults
Price: £1.86

5.0 out of 5 stars A great second installment - storylines evolving and written well, 26 May 2014
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Continuation of book one, but approximately 18 months later.

Connie and Rurik have been travelling the world, but end up in Rio for New Year.....and its not a coincidence.....
Connie has been taking blood off Rurik but it doesn't seem to be fully satisfying her....confusion ahead, but not for long....

Tane is now King of Vampires and is in Rio.....being tortured, and somehow the torturers have got hold of the fact that despite us thinking that Connie was bound to Rurik - she isn't. shes bound to Tane, due to his older and more powerful blood.

Connie is kidnapped and taken to where Tane is. And the tests prove she does in fact belong to Tane.

Of course, its not smooth sailing, but somewhere along the lines Tane redeems himself from a baddie in the first book, to someone you like and can understand why he has a loyal following.

Connie and Rurik find themselves "guests" at Tanes home. Its too dangerous for them to be out alone.

We are introduced to werewolves for the first time, Gwen, head of Tane's security and also her brother Kam.

Theres murders being committed that the vamps have to try and cover up and catch the rogue vamp before their existence is revealed. But should they be looking closer to home?

Connie starts to actually LIKE Tane. which confuses her. She LOVES Rurik, but somehow Tane has wiggled into her heart...

Can this be resolved?
Colby the slayer is back on the scene, once again hired by Tane to find this vampire, but finds himself the prime suspect...

Alot more passion in this one than the first.
Nice to see werewolves making their entrance, and imagine they may have a bigger part to play later in the series.

Definitely one for the adults - especially the last few pages..!! PHEW!!

Dirty Blood
Dirty Blood
Price: £1.77

5.0 out of 5 stars A fantastic start to a new series, i loved it, and found it a complete page turner!, 22 May 2014
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This review is from: Dirty Blood (Kindle Edition)
It not often i give a complete 5 stars, but this book - and the series - i LOVED it! Devoured all 4 books and am gutted book 5 isn't out until later in the year!

This book revolves around werewolves. And you're chucked into the deep end with the story, which is brilliant.

Walking home after breaking up with her boyfriend - and her ride home, she hears a noise. And of course its down a dark alley - it sounds like someone in pain. Tara's conscience wont leave them be, she enters the alley to find a girl minute then a great hulking wolf attacking her the next.
Reacting on her instincts - shes never had a fight and has no idea how to! But she keeps the wolf away, and surprisingly kills it with a metal bar close by.
In shock she stares at the wolf's body who changes back into the girl.
She cant believe she just killed a girl. Even if she did..what, wait? Turn into a wolf??

The alleyway is shadowed by a man who tried to help her. He seems way too calm, and not surprised when Tara tells him about her turning into a wolf...he IS surprised she lived to tell the tale and the way she fought and how she killed the girl.

Walking her home, she freaks out. He alters her memory so she cant remember what had happened and leaves her in her own room and fine to sleep the night....

She wakes up the next day feeling sore and feverish. Her mum leaves her to rest it off....but the man is sat in her bedroom. And she doesnt remember who he is, and again freaks out about him! He tells her hes called Wes and he wants to know "what she is".....with no idea, she feels, again, completely freaked and no idea!
He restores her memory. She quiets. Relearns what she did, and demands explanations.

Werewolves exist. So do Hunters. Humans born with extra strength to fight and kill werewolves.

So whats this got to do with Tara?
Wes takes her to "a friend" - thats all we know.
But he is friendly to her, so thats ok.

Hes Jack, and his wife is Fee. They're full blooded Werewolves.
They believe Tara is a Hunter.

Who thinks its hilarious! If she was a hunter, why didnt she know? If its hereditary she would have known by now, right?
but after talking with Jack and Fee and given a book called "The Draven"......shes not so sure she ISNT.
Its arranged that Tara will visit Jack to learn to fight - or at least defend herself.

Wes takes her home (in his very nice sporty and sleek Aston Martin!) when they are jumped by a wolf, who identifies himself as "Leo". he calls Wes a "Dirty Blood", and aims this low shot at Tara too parting with a "what a shame, so much potential".
Asking what a "Dirty Blood" is...Wes seems almost ashamed by it. All it means is that one parent was a Hunter and the other was a Werewolf. Thats Wes, but she cant figure out why aimed at her....

So ensues a secret life for Tara. She keeps it from her normal friends and her mum. She learns to fight with Jack. She reads the Draven. She meets the rest of the group who are called "The Cause" - a group striving to bring peace between hunters and weres alike. Not everyone wants this, as bizarre as that seems (on both were and hunters sides)....theres a few in the group that appear hostile, some seem nice enough - like Miles - another hunter - the only other hunter in the group, so shes happy shes not the only one!

Can she keep this from her mum? More questions in her mind come up with that question. If it was hereditary, which parent was the hunter?? And why was she kept in the dark?
What about her friends?
Why is she so attracted to this Wes? Not a normal attraction (altho yeah, hes cute and she does fancy him!) but theres almost a physical pull.
Who's Leo? Whats Miles got to do with this??
Tara has a lot to get her head around....and the last shot to her - she too is a "Dirty Blood"...which means she had both as parents...but who was who??

I could write about this for ages and trust me when i say ive tried to not give too much away, but if you like Weres, a little bit of fighting, a little bit of romance and a lot of information and shocks - this is perfect for you!

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Bound to Remember, a Paranormal Romance (Book 1 of the Spellbound Series)
Bound to Remember, a Paranormal Romance (Book 1 of the Spellbound Series)
Price: £0.00

4.0 out of 5 stars An easy read, good start to a series, 22 May 2014
A well written, very easy book to read. Not much bad language or sex scenes so would say ok for latter YA audience.

So, Toni is our girl for the book. She is a doctor in her local A&E.
Ben is introduced at the meeting almost at the beginning of the book. He is a nurse and is told to shadow Toni so he can get the gist of the A&E.

But this isnt the first time Ben has seen Toni....and she has a canny resemblance to his ex....his DEAD ex....

Toni is smitten almost immediately, and within days she trusts Ben.
Staying at his one night she tried to find something to eat and decides to have some of the "tomato juice" that Ben drank the night before....

...only...yup - its no tomato juice. Its blood, and this heralds Bens confession of being a Vampire. But a good one, naturally!
Which explains night shifts, the red drink, the blotting in her memory that hes altered.

He DOES tell Toni about the ex that resembled her. He tells her about a witch who had spelled a fellow vamp to be able to walk in the sunlight. And believes she betrayed him.

Toni knows exactly what to do. She begs Ben not to alter her mind, even tho he insists shes in danger with the knowledge.
She has a friend that she met in Uni who used to claim to be a witch...maybe she was telling the truth? Could SHE spell Ben to be able to walk in sunlight?

This has a wierd twist to it. Ben's "boss" is Hades - yeah, THE Hades. And he and Toni have a history that Toni cannot remember and cannot ever remember being with him or being apart from Ben.

So they fly to meet her friend.
Will she help? Who's her mentor, and why is she so spooked?
Does her glimpse into the Underworld at Hades ring any bells - for her OR for Hades?
Shes adamant shes in love with Ben.
This puts her love for him, and life as she knows it in the balance.......

Leaves on one heck of a cliffhanger, and im itching to pick the next book up soon which i will be doing!!
As said at the beginning, a real easy read, no concentration needed, the pages flow, the characters are well written...i need to read the next!!

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Wild Things (Chicagoland Vampires Novels)
Wild Things (Chicagoland Vampires Novels)
by Chloe Neill
Edition: Paperback

5.0 out of 5 stars Mainly for Die hard fans to continue the story - but good to see a different species as the main storyline, 16 May 2014
i always enjoy this series, so i was a little shocked to find the newest had been released, and i hadnt even realised!
Shame on me!!

This one really does focus more on the werewolfs of the books - mainly Gabes pack.
At the end of the previous book, the police were at Ethans door at Cadogan to bring him in - but let slip that if he wasnt there he couldnt issue that, could he?
So we begin with this book with Ethan and Merit being hidden at the Breckenridge estate - well not in the actual mansion, as the were's were NOT impressed to find vamps there - especially as it was they yearly gathering for them.

At this gathering, they were attacked by harpies - which dont exist - and while Merit and Ethan were just as shocked as the were's and fought along side them - they were the prime suspects.

Cue AGAIN that Merit, Ethan, Mallory et al have the mystery to solve - kinda sucks to be them when theres a mystery in town as it seems to always fall to them - it would be nice to see a little more action from the other vamps in the area.

Merit owes a GP a favour....who pulls it in as a request to ask Ethan to become the Head of the GP. This leaves Merit with a lot of internal battles - personal and business.

The book has continuing storylines from previous books which is great. Im interested to see where they head, particular the baby that Gabe sees with Merit.

A little side note, this HAS to be read in order of the series, as a lot of it wont make sense, and if im honest the book is only for die hard chicagoland Vamps fans - which i happen to be!

Personally, i enjoyed it - as yeah its paranormal, but youre seeing past that and the people they are - no matter what species.

The Deadliners
The Deadliners
Price: £2.56

5.0 out of 5 stars An interesting take on what happens when you die....good read!, 8 May 2014
This review is from: The Deadliners (Kindle Edition)
A well written book, offering an alternative to what happens when you die.

"Deadliners" are basically spirits that take you to "the other side", or introduce you to the life as a deadliner. But you don't stay a Deadliner indefinitely. There is a lesson that you must learn to pass over to the other side - but its individual and no one knows what that lesson is. They also have the capability to "bargain" to give their assigned person an additional length of time on Earth to live.

We follow Danny and his group - Anna, Charlie, Milly and Reece.
Danny is the leader, having been there the longest. Reece is the newer of the group.

There are some majorly difficult tasks that these guys are given. Anna needs to take her mother over - and Danny's wife. Milly - as soon as she discovered her daughter was on the list to pass over - seemed to forget any assignment.
Charlie is overseeing a girl who has run away from the circus, but Reese is overseeing the Circus Owner who is NOT a nice man.

Anna is summoned from the Higher Beings, to be told she has fulfilled her Deadliners lesson as is to pass over.
Happy, but worried, she goes over to the other side, leaving the little group alone.

It happens slowly, but you see that each member of the group is struggling to manage.....some sort of negativity has surrounded them all, and they don't know how.

Anna is called back to try and help.

Danny feels he is owed to go to the other side, and is desperate to get there and feels that the only way to get there is to send more spirits to the other side.

Milly is constantly at her daughters side and neglecting her assignment.

Charlie is missing Anna, but is obsessed with his current assignment.

Reece seems to be going off the rails.....his assignment hears him, and Reece seems to want to take advantage of it...

Anna is gobsmacked at what her group is now. Long gone is the support, the fun, the general feeling of a family unit. In its replacement is angry spirits, fractured family unit, no support, and extremely stressed Deadliners.

Can Anna find the reason?
Can someone help her to the right answer?
Will the group believe her?
And more importantly, will it help change the ways they've slipped into?

A great book to read.
Yes, its an alternative view on what happens when we die, but it is no way religious and very easy to read.
The characters and the way they develop has been written brilliantly, and the storyline flows along.

I believe this is the first book of Ms Medhurst. If this is anything to go by - it won't be her last.

Read on behalf of the author in return for an honest review

Favorite Obsession: 3 (Royal Pride)
Favorite Obsession: 3 (Royal Pride)
Price: £3.72

5.0 out of 5 stars the best in the series so far! Loved it!, 25 April 2014
That's the first word that comes to mind.
Disappointment - because I've finished reading it!

For me, this was hands down the best of the series so far.

I was a little hesitant after Devlin's tale in the last book, bu i had nothing to fear.
This was a brilliantly written book, beautiful descriptions, captivating characters, and an extremely unusual storyline, which i couldn't get enough of.

I'm not going to write much about this as i don't want to spoil any secrets, but i will give you a general overview.

Josh is a human. He owns and runs the local bar and is guardian to Megan, a young shifter. He also is a "beloved human" of Mira, a female royal shifter. And he cant get his mind off her.

Mira, feels exactly the same way but according to Royal shifter laws, only the MEN are allowed to take human mates.
Mira has been the subject of a prophecy that states her cubs will herald a new dawn for the shifters. Shes also been given a time limit by the Council to find a mate by the end of the month....
The suitors that came for her......held no chance whatsoever of getting Mira's heart. But to be blunt, they didn't want that. They didn't care about Mira as a woman. They wanted to be involved in the prophecy.

One night locking the bar, Josh is stabbed fatally by a local hick. He literally has the knife in him up to the hilt and guts spliced open. Resigning to the fact he cant do anything, he lays, waiting to die. Something weird happened when he lay there. He was (in his mind) seeing a golden woman who said and did things that he cant get his head round......but he wakes up, alive, and with barely a scratch on his stomach.

The other shifters are trying to save his life by keeping him away from Mira - he has been pinpointed as a threat to be killed. But they cant see what, of all people, Devlin finally admits to seeing....

I loved it. I haven't read a book that i haven't wanted to put down in quite a while and i was worried id lost interest in reading...Ms Corrigan has rekindled it, and if you love your paranormal and with a lot of sizzling (and it IS sizzling - not seedy or unneeded sex) pages - you need to read this series!!

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