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Vapoursson Rexza DUAL KIT | Electronic Cigarette Starter kit | 2 X Micro USB Rechargeable Battery | 2 X Cloud Clearomizer | 10ml Tobacco Liquid | 2 X Silicon Holder | 2 X Coils | UK Wall Plug | EU Plug | E Shisha | Premium Vaping
Vapoursson Rexza DUAL KIT | Electronic Cigarette Starter kit | 2 X Micro USB Rechargeable Battery | 2 X Cloud Clearomizer | 10ml Tobacco Liquid | 2 X Silicon Holder | 2 X Coils | UK Wall Plug | EU Plug | E Shisha | Premium Vaping
Offered by Cigee
Price: £39.95

4.0 out of 5 stars Cheaper direct from Vapoursson, 10 Jan. 2016
£25 with free delivery direct from Vapoursson website (currently £33 with seller Cigee).

Pretty good compared to others which I have tried. Good value at £25 if you are after 2 units. Easy to charge and fill with liquids.

Cream ivory faux fur oblong sheepskin rug 70 x 140 cm washable
Cream ivory faux fur oblong sheepskin rug 70 x 140 cm washable
Offered by Rugs Supermarket (Dispatched Within 12 Hours)
Price: £15.75

2 of 4 people found the following review helpful
1.0 out of 5 stars Poor value for money..., 18 Oct. 2015
We should have listened to the smaller number of reviewers saying that this is vile tat, rather than the larger number of reviewers saying it is okay!

Even bearing in mind that this rug is a low price (£16 when we bought it), it is really really unpleasant! It looks fake, is thin to touch, has a poor backing and, all in all, it has that genuine feel of a very cheaply made mass produced rug.

Apologies to those people that own this rug (and think it is nice), but I'd ask you to visit a shop and look at a £40 genuine sheepskin rug, eg, such as Dunelm are selling at the moment. You would then realise how awful this product is and what poor value for money it actually represents.

However, if you only have £16 to spend and want a rug that looks like a tenner (noting the seller's packing and posting costs), then this may be the rag for you.

Dove Men + Care Extra Fresh Aerosol Anti-Perspirant Compressed Deodorant - 125 ml
Dove Men + Care Extra Fresh Aerosol Anti-Perspirant Compressed Deodorant - 125 ml
Price: £3.60

1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Nice can do, 7 Oct. 2015
Smell is pretty good. Like lemons pickled in freshly cut grass. My description is as useful as theirs. Fresh. How does one describe such a non-descriptive description. Marketers hey. Anyhow, I like it and it kept me from humming after 12 hours of hiking/scrambling/climbing, so it works well.

The can is a handy small size, good for travelling. If you take it hand luggage you'll be smuggling 25ml more than allowed, so watch out for the anti-perspirant police! Should last for several weeks, so you could buy their smaller 75ml can as a do all for a 2 week holiday.

Fair price delivered for £1.90 subscribe and save. Can't remember it being cheaper in anywhere else, but would like to know if someone sees it less elsewhere.

Yoobao Executive Leather Case for iPad 2 - Black
Yoobao Executive Leather Case for iPad 2 - Black
Price: £25.34

1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Definitely recommend, 26 Feb. 2012
Had to return two Yoobao iSlim cases after the auto wake/sleep function did not work on both and there seemed to be strength issues with the corners of the cases, but I'm very happy with this Executive model case - good all round protection, nicely made, auto wakes/sleeps perfectly...

You can't go far wrong with this case, particularly at this price point, but there are still other cases that I prefer the form and design of better...

Philips Sonicare HX6731/02 HealthyWhite Deluxe Rechargeable Toothbrush
Philips Sonicare HX6731/02 HealthyWhite Deluxe Rechargeable Toothbrush
Price: £139.50

4 of 5 people found the following review helpful
3.0 out of 5 stars Great brush, but first has broke after 14 months, 25 Feb. 2012
Very good electric toothbrush, perhaps not the quietest, but it's not like I've tested 20 different brushes so can comment particularly incisorly, scuse the typo pun...

Lots of other satisfied people, but I'm writing this review 14 months after owning and unfortunately it has gone wrong. It seems that the coupling pin between the innards and the detachable toothbrush head has become defective and no longer delivers the vibration correctly to the toothbrush head.

Note that there is another of this type of Phillips HealthyWhite Deluxe toothbrush for sale on Amazon which seems to be the same brush, and this brush has quite an unhealthy proportion of 1 star reviews because of defective brushes putting people out of pocket - sounds like mine's got a similar fault.

I'm sure that if you buy one of these and it keeps working for 5 years, you'll have got your money's worth, have saved bills at the dentist and have better looking teeth. Do factor in that brush heads will cost you £10-15 a year on top.

So, a love hate review really. It comes with a 24 month warranty, or at least mine did when I bought it Nov 2010, and I'm thankful that Amazon have agreed to act as intermediary in the return, their usual excellent customer post-sales service. They are sending me a new replacement straight away, I'll simply post them back the faulty one and keep my fingers crossed the replacement lasts longer than another 14 months!
Comment Comment (1) | Permalink | Most recent comment: Mar 7, 2012 2:00 PM GMT

Yoobao iSlim Leather Case for iPad 2 - Black
Yoobao iSlim Leather Case for iPad 2 - Black
Offered by SeventhContinent
Price: £6.99

3.0 out of 5 stars BEWARE!, 9 Jan. 2012
Beautiful case, very well designed.

However, unless I have received a dud, this case DOES NOT support the ipad2's auto wake/sleep function. I had to use a fridge magnet to trigger the sleep/wake option to show up in "settings/general"' and, I suppose not surprisingly (because the case did not do this automatically), thereafter the case fails to turn off or on the iPad when closing/opening. I would rate the product 1 star for this, but I will assume it is a faulty case for now - I have seen a YouTube vid for this case which showed a chap reviewing it with the function apparently working - plus when he turned the case upside down, the front cover flap stayed in place. Mine just flaps open, which suggests to me that the magnets are not strong enough for either job.

I did a fair bit of reading and thinking about cases - I wanted one to protect front and back, edges all around against scratches etc, mainly for use around the house, for it to still be very sleek and low profile and not detract from the iPad's wonderful form. What's the point of swaddling it up in a clunky big cover, or adding too much extra weight, or taking away from its looks and the ease of use. I wanted real leather, not PU. I wanted the front cover to stay shut when the case is inverted and I wanted the auto sleep/wake function built into the case.

I also wanted a stand feature, but not the alternative where half of the case serves as a base and the iPad sits in a groove etc - this would not make a very sleek and attractive picture frame or alarm clock of the iPad I believe. This case is perfect in that respect - when folded up, all you pretty much see is the pure face of the iPad, with no cluttering from the case. Also, I think that the tri-part folding design on this case is better than the Apple Smart Cover and other cases quad-folding design, as when folded just into three you end up with a much more secure stand - it is not as close to vertical as a stand folded into 4. I was worried about sleepily reaching out in the night and knocking the iPad off my bedside table face forwards onto the floor or something. Testing this case, I am not worried about that. A little more variety in stand angles would be nice, but of course you can't have it all in one case.

The only other slight cons I can think of, is that with the front cover folded fully back magazine style, the inner microfiber material makes the iPad a little slippery to hold. The iPad wont stick to a single palm. But then this is what gives a soft protection to the screen, so one cannot have it both ways! The rear of the case has a leather centre part and the surround is a relatively hard and robust rubbery plastic material - just with a little give to it, which makes inserting the iPad a doodle. This rubbery surround part is also quite tactile, but it is not grippy like rubber, more smooth and velvety to touch. Putting a corner of the case down on a flat surface, you feel only very limited grip or resistance - the leather is more grippy. I do wish the leather was slightly thicker; it feels a tad on the measly side, which means the case is not quite as luxurious in feel as it could have been. Yoobao penny pinching, but I'd have happily paid a little more for slightly better/thicker leather.

The front of the case has a quite solid inner to each of the 3 folding elements, which resists bending and thus the front screen would be protected against a modest knock from a sharp object.

Case longevity - as this is a lower profile case, I would not expect it to last quite as long as a bulkier and more substantial case. The folding spine part, which is just one piece of leather with microfiber backing, appears to perhaps be a weak spot, but this is to be expected. Add more strength and one would prob take away from the sleek design and quality of user experience. Time will tell, but if it deteriorates significantly within 12 months, I would return for another or seek a refund. My point about slightly thicker leather would have helped here though.

All in all, and on the basis that my magnet issue gets sorted, this seems to be an excellent case which meets my needs well. Bear in mind that you would be lucky to drop the iPad in this case onto a hard floor and for the iPad to suffer no damage though - it is not a heavy duty case in that respect. For out of home use, packing into cabin baggage etc, I will possibly buy the "Cool Bananas hard cover case"' in black, which is currently £19.10 on Amazon. The iPad inside this Yoobao case will fit snugly inside the Cool B case, and from the reviews it sounds like the iPad would then withstand a drop on to concrete if inside both cases!

EDIT 13/01/12

After 24 hours of the case being fitted to the iPad, the auto wake/sleep function began to work intermittently, perhaps turing the ipad on about 70% off the time, but only turning it off 20% of the time.

I received a replacement case from Amazon, superior customer service as usual, but the smart wake/sleep function on this one is also much the same. After reporting this to Amazon, they have asked me to contact Yoobao... TBC...

EDIT 25/02/12

When, as delicately as possible, I removed my iPad from the replacement case to post it back to Amazon (after concluding that the faulty auto wake/sleep function made it not what I wanted in a case), my case also seemed to want to break at its corners, so I would agree with the reviewer after me as well who noted this problem. Take an iPad in and out of this case 10 times and I fear you would break a corner.

I did contact Yoobao and their customer service was excellent, so as a company I think you can have faith. Since mid Jan I have been using the "Yoobao Executive Leather Case for iPad 2 - Black"' available for a reasonable price on Amazon and while this is not perfect in terms of form and design in my opinion, it does offer better protection, notably at the corners, the auto wake/sleep function works perfectly, and removing the iPad is easy (not that I do this a great deal, but it's nice not to worry I'll break my case!)... All in all a good all rounder at a fair price... I still like the circa £45 Stilgut case and maybe I'll get that one day, but for now this Executive is a lovely little leather case.

No Title Available

5.0 out of 5 stars Wahoooooo, 3 July 2011
The original hard liquorice sticks, say no more - no other substitute.

Hmmm don't you just love chomping on that flat bit!

12.50 is such a great price with free delivery, thank you to Amazon!!!

Look no further; cannot be bought for cheaper at retail outlets...

Toshiba PX1661E-1HF4 640GB 2.5-inch External Portable Silver Steel Hard Drive
Toshiba PX1661E-1HF4 640GB 2.5-inch External Portable Silver Steel Hard Drive

1.0 out of 5 stars Avoid this hard drive, 5 May 2011
Lovely looking Hard Drive (HD) device, small, compact, USB powered, good capacity in gigs, comes with a protective case. Cheap price per gig. One might easily be lured, as I was.

As other reviewers have reported (across the range - look at the other colours, gig sizes for more reviews), the two HDs which I have had also arrived with loose cases. I just snapped the cases back together and forgot about that point. However, I am now of the opinion that this was not just sloppy finishing, quality control or packing etc, but is in fact indicative of a rather poor product quality throughout.

I am on my second one of these HDs within just a few months. The main fault which I have experienced three times is total hard drive failure, whereby the device wipes itself of all data and requests to be formatted when connecting. The first time it happened I gave it the benefit of the doubt. The second time I returned it to Amazon and was sent a replacement. Now the replacement has failed. Both hard drives have also regularly suffered from corrupted data during tranfer - the old fave: "cyclic data redundancy check" (with safe eject always used). This is unlike the four other (western digital) hard drives which I have, that have all been subject to comparable usage. These have been working fine for several years.

I use this device for back up purposes in the most part and always have my important data on at least three hard drives at any one time, so I am not crying at losing the childhood photos or something. Nonetheless, do I really want to be going through this trouble of backing 100s of gig up from various sources every month or two. I have lost confidence in this device having even a hint of longevity and will now be seeking a refund and moving away from Toshiba.

I am thankful for Amazon's excellent customer service!

(It has also happened to a friend who purchased the same.)

No Title Available

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5.0 out of 5 stars Great projecting pencil, 21 Aug. 2010
Lovely weight, attractive design, slim, practical size, pleasure to pick up.

I prefer this weight/diameter for a pencil, but have the broader diameter fountain pen.

Competitive price for twenty and a half squids delivered to your door.

For thirty pounds or so including engraving, this would make a great gift.

Fossil JR1034 Ladies Brown Leather Strap with Brown Dial
Fossil JR1034 Ladies Brown Leather Strap with Brown Dial

2 of 3 people found the following review helpful
3.0 out of 5 stars Query?, 20 Aug. 2010
Is this watch on special offer for 37.49 because once you snip the two lines of thread closest either side of the face to replace the battery (which might last how long if unlucky?), the thread will fall out with wear and holes will be left, or you have to restitch it yourself?

Thoughts appreciated!

It certainly looks like a nice watch, natural leather & cotton, comfortable, functional, stylish.

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