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Tokyo Dome In Concert
Tokyo Dome In Concert
Price: £15.62

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5.0 out of 5 stars Live as Hell!, 1 April 2015
This review is from: Tokyo Dome In Concert (Audio CD)
I'm seriously having a blast listening to this album: it's raw, it's muddy,it's frantic, it's exciting, it's Live, Live, LIVE!
The band is absolutely fearless and tight, the energy is captured perfectly and the sound is the one of a rock'n'roll concert! The set list is a killer, not a weak track in sight! Of course nobody and nothing's perfect, and there are many complaints one could have (see other reviews), but I'd be much less enthousiastic if this album had been polished and reworked in the studio. If you can't stand a Live album, then just look the other way.

Price: £14.07

4.0 out of 5 stars Yule and Paice., 13 Feb. 2015
This review is from: Squeeze (Audio CD)
As a huge Ian Paice fan, I bought this album years ago on Lp. It's never gonna be as good as Burn or Made In Japan (drumwise), and it's never gonna be as good as a VU album, but like many said in other reviews, keep in mind that this is more of a solo effort from Doug Yule helped by Ian Paice on the drums, and you'll be able to enjoy a good soft rock, laidback early 70's album. Nothing extraordinnary here (neither from Paice nor from Yule), but a fine piece of music anyway, and for Paice fans a rare occasion to hear him outside the Purple family.


5.0 out of 5 stars Incredible piece of 70's rock., 25 Nov. 2014
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This review is from: FRANKENSTEIN MONSTER (Audio CD)
Frankenstein Monster is an absolutely stunning album! Thank you Francis for bringing back the spirit of your lost brother Baz (who was once part of Necromandus), and along the spirit of 70's rock. From Black Sabbath to Genesis, Free to Hendrix, and more, it's all there. Brilliantly played, I must say this is the album I've been waiting for from Francis Dunnery since "Eat me in St Louis". This is definitly a guitar-driven album, electric guitar that is. The soloing is amazing, I've been missing it for so long. I've always been a great fan of Dunnery's tapping guitar style...Fabulous!
It has the feel of a power trio, although it also features brilliant arrangements and collaborations. The overall production is quite rough and definitly has an early 70's vibe to it, I guess it could be called retro-rock, but Francis Dunnery is way above the mass of bands and artists producing that type of music (although some others are really good at it too!).

This is frankly a great surprise, as I came to this one after buying the "Whole new world" It Bites box set. I have liked Dunnery's previous solo albums, but there's always been something missing, and I believe it was the 70's spirit and the abuse of the electric guitar!

Thank you Baz, thank you Francis! Amazing album!

Songs Of Innocence
Songs Of Innocence
Offered by MEGA Media FBA
Price: £10.74

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4.0 out of 5 stars Songs of..., 23 Oct. 2014
This review is from: Songs Of Innocence (Audio CD)
At first, I didn't think this album was anything special. As a matter of fact, this was quite a disappointment for me as I read that the album was a return to their roots, and that frankly, I can't hear anything from their early days in here. I find it hard sometimes to hear the band itself in the production, there's a lot going on, sometimes way too much. The Miracle being a good example of a song that should have been a rocker (given the riff and the subject), and is turned into an over-produced electro-pop affair.

But it's definitly a grower.

And guess what: this album is worth BUYING if only for the second disc, featuring 2 bonus tracks, a great 22 minutes acoustic session (numbers from the album in a more stripped down version), and a couple of alternate versions (actually three).

I almost prefer this bonus disc.

The rest has already been said: more introspective than the previous albums, no immediate hooks, but a lot to discover in the music, the lyrics and the production.

Price: £9.99

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4.0 out of 5 stars Electric, 29 Sept. 2014
This review is from: Plectrumelectrum (Audio CD)
Of the two new Prince's releases, if I had had to chose only one, I would have picked Art Official Age (probably because of the cover that has a 70's feel to it).
How wrong would I have been!
PlectrumElectrum is definitly the more guitar-oriented one-well, of course! It's in the title!. It's the kind of Prince I like. It sounds like good old rock/funk from the 70's and there's some juicy guitar work. As always on a Prince album, there's an odd song or two, but it's mainly a very good album all the way through.
As for the other release (AOA), it's the funk/rap/RnB kind of collage, with odd sounds, low and high pitched voices, which to be honest is my least favourite side of Prince.

So, if like me you prefer the rocking Prince, go for this one!

Price: £17.19

5.0 out of 5 stars Organic., 23 Sept. 2014
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
A fantastic piece of music from John Zorn. Probably one of his easiest ones, but extremely organic and peaceful. Don't expect any free-jazz or hard core, nor any classical extravaganza, just feel-good ambient (but not lounge!) music.

The Ocean At The End
The Ocean At The End
Price: £13.74

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4.0 out of 5 stars The party goes on., 23 Sept. 2014
This review is from: The Ocean At The End (Audio CD)
The Tea Party are an excellent band with a relatively low profile. I accidentaly tripped on their "Alahambra" ep and was hooked by their mix of rock, middle eastern and goth influences, and to my ears their musical affinities with The Cult.
As for the guitar riffs and licks, they probably find their origin in Zep's HotH or Physical Graffiti. Not a bad thing at all, to say the least.

This album is no different in terms of influences and it's a return to a more classic rock sound than some of their previous efforts (Transmission for ex).
A great example of "mystic" rock in all of its glory.

The Doors, The Cult, Sisters of mercy, The Mission,Zep...If any of those bands are in your good book, so should the Tea Party and this latest effort is good way to start.

Different Shades Of Blue [Ltd. Edition Digibook]
Different Shades Of Blue [Ltd. Edition Digibook]
Price: £9.99

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3.0 out of 5 stars Set him free, Kevin., 23 Sept. 2014
While I like Joe Bonamassa, I'm not a rabid fan either. To be honest I like his hard rock side better, and believe his best job was with BCC.
First, I would like to start with the content of the booklet, which to me is nothing but an exercise in self-indulgence from Kevin Shirley.
I'd like to start there, because I read it before listening to the album, and by reading Shirley's comments what I should have heard is a sublime, mature, extraordinnary piece of music...And clearly it's not.

There's also many comments from Shirley on how he forged Bonamassa into the bluesman he is, on how bad the whole BCC experience was for Joe, etc...Is that really necessary, unless you have an overblown ego or you're unsure of your product?

Ok, the music and Joe...

Frankly when I heard the first track (the very Black Dog-ish Oh Beautiful), I started to believe all the crap said in the booklet: it's a great song, very mature, with an amazing guitar solo and great mature singing. I just love it!
The next track (Love ain't a love song) is a fine track too, and I very much appreciate Joe's reference to Tommy Bolin in the guitar solo.

After that, it's all downhill. It never gets bad, but it never gets great either. It's a display of different shades of blues (yes, just like the title) that never really takes off. I probably would have been fine with it , if it wasn't for all the greatness I was suppose to be witnessing and that never happens (again Shirley's notes). It's not because you add horns (much too much of that!) and some keyboards and some Doo-whap that a song becomes something un-usual.

On the positive side, I'd say that Joe's singing is much stronger than on previous releases, that his guitar playing is quite awesome and that Shirley's production (for once) is pretty good (did he finally found the treble button?), and that all that makes up for all the lack of creativity.

So, all in all it's not a bad album, but it confirms to me that Bonamassa-while being a brilliant guitar player-is not a great composer. He always has a bunch of great tracks per album, but the rest is often just above average, and that the input of this team of composers (incl. Jonathan Cain from Journey) just doesn't do it for me.

I'm certainly no expert, but I'd say that it's time for Bonamassa to cut off the umbilical cord from Kevin Shirley.
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Price: £9.99

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4.0 out of 5 stars Strut, 22 Sept. 2014
This review is from: Strut (Audio CD)
Wow, I'm quite surprised that the two previous reviewers only gave 3 stars to this album, as I've been listening to it all week end long and very much enjoyed it!
Having read that Kravitz had gone back to his roots for this album and that "Strut" was a more guitar-driven album, I was a bit dissapointed at first, because "Let love Rule" it aint.
The two first tracks are Kravitz going Funk/ Disco and that really threw me off. But then I thought that was a nice surprise and a nice take on his (I guess) other roots (other than the more r'n'r ones).

The rest of the album strolls between rock, funk and other 70's era references, but sounds very much modern.
The production is crisp and avoids the fuzzy sounds of his early albums, but most of all also avoids the somehow electro-pop mish-mash of his turn of the century albums.

To my ears there are some real crackers on this album, the two opening tracks, "Frankenstein", "She's a Beast" as well as the oddly cheerful and somehow naïve "Happy birthday".

I'd say that unlike the two previous records, this one has songs that stick with you and has tracks that immediatly stands out, weither you will like or not is another story.

Now, Kravitz 's comment about "Strut" being a more guitar-oriented album seems a bit odd to me, as in my opinion it lacks a few solo or a strong riff here and there, but otherwise, I think it's a very fine return from a man who lately spends a lot of time on the silver screen.

"Strut" grooves and rocks elegantly and leaves a funky aftertaste in your mouth. I like it!

Graz 1975
Graz 1975
Price: £9.99

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4.0 out of 5 stars Coup de Graz, 17 Sept. 2014
This review is from: Graz 1975 (Audio CD)
While Deep Purple MKII was the ultimate live band, MKIII was a close contestant. Graz 1975 is one of the last 3 dP shows featuring Blackmore on guitar, it was also recorded for the release of what would become "Made in Europe" (at least part of it), and is now released for the very first time officialy in its entirety (well, sort of).
The say the least, the music on this cd is brilliant, with the powerhouse MKIII absolutely on fire playing their classic 75 playlist including songs from both MKIII albums and some older tracks.

You Fool No One and Space Truckin are playgrounds for Blackmore, Lord & Paice showcasing their absolute brilliance (although, hell, they cut the drum solo so that the show would fit on 1 cd...Shame!), while Mistreated is where Coverdale shines as a (still) very young rock/blues singer.

Not to forget the stunning bass performance of Hughes (while his vocals and "whooping" might not be to the everybody's taste...).

The classic songs are accompagned by the then newer tracks from Stormbringer (Stormbringer, The Gypsy, Lady Double Dealer) which didn't get played that often by MKIII or any MK at all for that matter.

This recording is a testimony of a band on the verge of breaking up, but not giving up. It's very angry and as most 70's dP live releases, very dangerous. It's a fearless band playing as there was no tomorrow (which...).

The other reason why this is an absolute must have, is that-as I stated before-it is the first time that that show appears officialy ( as oppose to the other releases in that same serie).

Now the question is: do you have to be a dP die-hard fan to buy this one?
I'd say that for the casual fan it's a very good show to have, but maybe not the absolute must-have, but when it comes to the die-hard fan, this is one of the most exciting release that's been made availble in a long while!

The only reason why I gave it a 4 stars it's because it's missing the drum solo (in YFNO) and probably the encores (Goin Down and Highway Star), although maybe these two weren't recorded back in the day...

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