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Glass Top Coffin
Glass Top Coffin
Price: 13.99

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2.0 out of 5 stars Glass top coffin, 15 Feb 2011
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This review is from: Glass Top Coffin (Audio CD)
I was very curious, as a prog rock/70's rock fan, to discover this album. Especially after reading all the reviews for this and Ramases previous effort.Yet what I felt when first hearing the album was pure boredom. Sure, there are some fine melodies and great arrangements, but the album lacks of character and dynamics, it's all very linear and definitly too pop/folk oriented for me.Then again, I gave it several other spins before putting the cd back in its case and the case on a shelf were it will gather dust, but I didn't find anything that I thought was either interesting or original or exciting.
Now, for those who like their music over-worked, over-produced and somehow a bit sterile (and those aren't criticisms), Glass top coffin will provide plenty of satisfaction.
A nice album that's definitly not for me.

Offered by skyvo-direct
Price: 12.03

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4.0 out of 5 stars Very pleased!, 19 Jan 2011
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This review is from: Angelfire (Audio CD)
Let's start with the beginning. I'm a huge Deep Purple fan, and a huge Blackmore fan. I absolutely love dP with Steve Morse and I am terribly dissapointed in Blackmore's current and recurrent project Blackmore's Night. So when I heard that Steve Morse was gonna be doing something somehow similar than Blackmore-meaning a more acoustic project fronted by a female singer- I was less than excited, but still interested.
First of all, I'd say that Sarah Spencer is no Janis Joplin or Kate Bush, but she has a nice smooth voice.
The songs that Steve wrote are very Steve Morse-like (think Sometimes I feel like screaming meets material from his solo works), but played in another mood, a softer mood, that really suits Sarah's voice.
The arrangements are amazing, and even if there isn't quite a groundbreaking song, they all fit nicely together and create a nice patchwork of soft-rock songs, country-type songs or ethereal compositions and even sometimes the usual Morse shredding. Sometimes "heavenly", sometimes more down to earth, this album really requires more than one listening to get into. There's a lot of depth in this album, the production is very clean but not sterile, the playing is simple-or so it seems-but not boring.
Frankly, this is a very good surprise, I'm pleased that I tried it and din't just push it aside just because of some clichés or prejudices.
If you like steve Morse, and would like to hear his softer side, go for it!

From Books & Dreams
From Books & Dreams
Price: 10.26

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5.0 out of 5 stars Get the message, 29 Dec 2010
This review is from: From Books & Dreams (Audio CD)
In the last ten years, I have been buying a lot of 70's re-issues, and there is all type of bands and artists and all type of quality. Some labels (like Akarma) have a bucketful of those bands who released incredible albums and had to wait to get a cd issue to get some recognition (Fuzzy Duck,Dr Z,...).
Anyway, few albums really stand out from the massive production made in the 70's, and you often realize why those bands didn't make it big, but I have to say that MESSAGE is one of those excellent bands, and frankly this is one of the best albums I have bought or heard.
A great mix of Black Sabbath, King Crimson, Genesis with an original sound, great musicianship and great compositions.
If you're into those forgotten bands, this one is defintly worth getting.
One of the best surprises along with Fuzzy Duck, Granicus, Flower Travellin Band, High tide or Josefus.

Motorhead - The World Is Yours (Classic Rock Presentation Pack)
Motorhead - The World Is Yours (Classic Rock Presentation Pack)

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4.0 out of 5 stars No fillers. Strong all the way!, 24 Dec 2010
This is a review for the cd only.

It's been now about two decades that Motörhead releases albums after albums without any novelty or surprises. and I guess in a way, it's what you expect from a Motörhead album, but I thought that the last few albums really were scrapping the bottom of the barrel and that frankly the last time Motörhead had released something great was the "Sacrifice" album.
So, here we are again with a new Motörhead album, nothing new again, but the album is very strong and there are no fillers here. Even if there are no Orgasmatron, Capricorn or Sacrifice, all the songs are solid and the whole sounds much better than the 5 or 6 last releases.
I'd say this is a nice surprise. Lots of heavy riffs, lyrics and strong drumming (what else coming from Mikkey?)to satisfy any Motörhead fan and even put back some faith in their more recent discography.

I'd say that with the packaging, the funny drawings in the booklet, the songs and the tight production, this definitly feels like an album that was done with pleasure rather than out of obligation.
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Black Masses
Black Masses
Price: 10.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars Black masses indeed!, 6 Nov 2010
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This review is from: Black Masses (Audio CD)
Of all the Electric Wizard releases, this must be the darkest and gloomiest. Sure Dopethrone remains their masterpiece in terms of atmospheric discomfort, but Black masses puts you in that same state of numbness. Unpolished, heavy, deafening , Black masses is aggressive, not in terms of sounds, but in terms of heaviness and repetition. Again the songs feel like one long song ending in a long outro as if you were part of some kind of Black mass indeed!
The packaging is awesome, the pictures and illustrations are the perfect companions to the dark and suffocating music.
Black masses is a return to the Dopethrone atmosphere after the "easier", but still excellent Witchcult today.
A must have for all doom worshipers and beyond...
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Shatter EP
Shatter EP
Price: 10.30

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4.0 out of 5 stars Shatter, 29 Oct 2010
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This review is from: Shatter EP (Audio CD)
If you are familiar with Celtic Frost, then you will know what to expect from Tom Gabriel Warrior, frontman of Triptykon.
This EP is a nice companion to the debut album Eparistera Daimones. Featuring 2 typical dark metal Celtriptykon tracks, 1 ambient track reminding of some of the explorations from "To mega therion", and 2 Live tracks from Celtic Frost played at a festival by Triptykon.
Just like Eparistera Daimones, Monolith or To Mega Therion, Shatter features dark and heavy music.
Of course if you hesitate between the two Triptykon releases, go for the album, you'll get more for your money.

Come Taste the Band [35th Anniversary Edition]
Come Taste the Band [35th Anniversary Edition]
Price: 14.44

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4.0 out of 5 stars CTTB35, 28 Oct 2010
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
I have read the other reviews, and I have to admit that I feel very different about the remastering and the remixes.
CTTB is one of Deep Purple's finest moment, less hard rock oriented than Burn, but sharper and stronger than Stormbringer.

I have little to say about the remastered version, other than the fact that the volume is quite low for a new release (a remastered version of an old album in this case, but still a new release). I had put the album in my 5 discs player, and right after came my daughter's Hannah Montana cd, and the difference in volume and dynamic was a world of difference! Yes, Hannah was MUCH louder and CLEARER than CCTB!Shame.

It was my main concern, as I thought that Kevin Shirley did a pretty crappy job with the sound on both the new Iron Maiden album and the Black Country Communion (lots of compression, lack of brightness and medium,...). I think that here again, there's a lack of dynamic.

So, unfortunatly for me the remastered sounds a bit flat.

Now, for the Remixes, I have to admit that Shirley did the usual job of keeping the extra vocals or solos tracks and let the songs run till the end, which is nice as die-hard fans (like me) crave for every extra note.
This said only a couple of songs really have extra music (Comin' Home, Gettin Tighter).

I think the general sound of the remixes doesn't do favour to the sound of the album, and especially to Ian Paice. His playing and sound on this album are very sharp and clear, but Shirley added effects that makes him sound heavier and a bit messier...Too bad.

Nevertheless, the remixes are highly interesting and the bonus tracks are a delight!

So, I guess, all around I am a bit dissapointed, especially by the remastering, but still CTTB remains a masterpiece, very ahead of its time and still fresh sounding.

The remaining question will be: why changing the running order of the songs (well, two songs)on the remixes?
You keep on moving, often seen as the swansong of dP in the 70's, is now in the middle of the album...Doesn't make a lot of sense!

Having been listening to this album since I was 6 years old (34 years ago!)makes it hard for me avoid comparaison with the original sound, but I'm sure it is the case with most people who will buy this edition.

Anyway, don't miss it!

In Live Concert at The Royal Albert Hall (3CD+2DVD)
In Live Concert at The Royal Albert Hall (3CD+2DVD)
Offered by Fulfillment Express
Price: 22.05

5.0 out of 5 stars Opeth all the way., 27 Sep 2010
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
As a HUGE fan of their latest release Watershed, I'm a bit dissapointed that only one track from this album was played that night.

This said, this dvd/cd set is just great! Opeth is a brilliant band, their music is very inspiring. Who would have ever thought mixing Camel and Morbid Angel would do the trick?

Mikael's comments in between songs are sometimes a bit "silly", but actually when you watch him on stage, it fits the character, and gives yet another dimension to Opeth's already large spectrum of talent.

The bonus for me, would be the tribute to Deep purple (the cover), my all-time favourite band.

This is a great great great live release!

Decade: The Best Of 1981 - 1990
Decade: The Best Of 1981 - 1990
Price: 6.34

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4.0 out of 5 stars Why I got this one., 23 July 2010
To answer to a previous review, the point of this "best of" might simply be to satisfy people like me: I really like the first three albums of The Stranglers and own them, but I also wanted some hits like Golden Brown, always the sun, Skin deep,...Without really wanting the entire albums. So there I went, I got myself this "Best of" release, and I am quite pleased with it!
Sure the completists will want more than just another best of, but for me this works just fine.
Great tunes, a bit of punk, a bit of goth, a bit of 70's and a lot of 80's.
Good stuff for the average fan.

Price: 7.41

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3.0 out of 5 stars Some kind of work in progress, 13 July 2010
This review is from: Elements (Audio CD)
Mixing the music and the musicians of Yes and Toto is quite an interesting concept.
The result is less interesting. Yoso leans more towards Toto with hints of 80's Yes.
No long compositions here or over the top prog/ classical themes.
Short tunes with good refrains to sing with, nice vocal harmonies, some interesting guitar work (although Sherwood is no Lukather) and good keyboard playing.
Now, the first negative point would be the length of the solos, they are way too short to get really interesting, and the keyboards solo are practically unexistent.

The second negative point would be the will of doing this album as a trio, letting Sherwood doing the guitar, the bass and the drums...I really don't get that (Budget? Misplaced arrogance?), especially since Yoso "Live" features a drummer (Lou Molino) and a guitar player (Jimmy Haun) while Sherwood takes the bass duties-at least this is what I understand from the Youtube videos, because nowhere on the cd are those fellow musicians credited!.

What you get on the studio album, drum-wise is a shy imitation of Jeff Porcaro (weither it is Sherwood playing himself or a drum programation, I still can't tell!), and surprisingly a basic bass playing, miles away from Sherwood's playing on the live cd.

So what about the bonus cd?
Well, it's definitly better in terms of musicianship, even if the sound is not fantastic and some of the classics sound rather generic (Rosanna for example).
Now why did Sherwood have to sing Owner of a lonely heart? It's definitly too high for his range and Kimball would have been perfect there.
As oppose to the studio cd, here the rhythm section has a great heavy sound, very similar to the Squire/ White one from 80's/90's Yes.
The rest is interesting but never transcendantal...Too bad!

Overall, the studio album sounds like a well-produced Sherwood demo with good singing from Bobby Kimball, and the Live cd sounds like a band that's not just there yet. For such high-class musicians, I find it sad.
Maybe next time.
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