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Price: £6.59

5.0 out of 5 stars Electronica reignited., 29 May 2014
This review is from: Unpatterns (MP3 Download)
The album Unpatterns has 17 tracks, and pushes 320KBPS quality to the very limit. Each beat is polished and individual, clamoring for its rightful attention. In line with their ADSR track style, each track has infinite variety and depth, and rises slowly to break the surface with their rythm. Listening to the techno thump, kick of bass and the organic notes push music into the future is the highlight of my day. My favourite tracks are Cerulean, A Species Out of Control and Put Your Hands Together. The rest accompany well into the album's fold.

Bright Lights
Bright Lights
Price: £6.60

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5.0 out of 5 stars Redefined pop music AGAIN, Ellie!, 17 July 2012
This review is from: Bright Lights (Audio CD)
The fact is, many people write off Ellie as a niche artist, for the few, not the masses. Right as I write this review, 'Lights' fights a battle against 'Florence and the Machine' for 6th place on the charts. Something is holding 'Lights' there, yes?

Well, I hated pop music and dismissed it as shallow and lacking tune. Buying this album (because of the beautiful artwork, full of otherworldly warmth and a sense of wonder at the world, reflecting the originality and the theme of this debut album), deciding to give Pop another chance to win me over, this album had me HOOKED. I feel that this album is a personification of life and its bad and good moments, its thrills, memories, and reality. For all those haters out there, unblock your ears (spiritually) and just do something normal, listening to this album. That's what I perceive this abum to me now. The soundtrack to Life. Right now, Discovery and Wonky, even Unpatterns (yep I'm a electrodance fan) are collecting cyberdust! Now, I believe in Pop and am waiting for Ellie's next album (bought Call My Name, good but not AS good, you know).

Addicted to the synth-layered pop and thumping beats of 'Lights', the thrill-ride-of-horror bass tunes and wavy lyrics of 'Little Dreams' and the metaphoric and lyrical beauty of 'Salt Skin' and the dreamy dance-like lyrics of 'I'll Hold My Breath'. ONLY like 'Guns and Horses', 'Starry Eyed', 'This Love' and 'Your Song'.
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Exspect EX882 - In Ear Earphone - Black
Exspect EX882 - In Ear Earphone - Black

3.0 out of 5 stars Shockingly good detail, not good construction! Don't buy it!, 17 July 2012
For this price, I was expecting something cheap as chips and something less lasting than THAT, but these earphones still continue to amaze. They fit into my tiny ear canal, and the bass is incredible. Feels like a mini-concert on full volume all on its own. There are many that buy earphones like these for 20 bucks or more, and my advice is: Save your money and buy those.

They'll last you longer, have better noise isolation, whisper cancellation and will tread lightly on your wallet (in the long run).

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