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Einstein's Relativity in Metaphor and Mathematics
Einstein's Relativity in Metaphor and Mathematics
by Enders A. Robinson
Edition: Hardcover

2.0 out of 5 stars Some interesting content but badly structured and terribly written., 9 May 2015
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I was very interested in coming at Relativity from both the point of view of metaphor and mathematics: this book promises such in the title, but ultimately fails to deliver - reading, as it does, as a series of loosely-related articles rather than a cohesive work on the subject. The half of the book dedicated to metaphor is ludicrously wordy to the point of obscuring the points being made - you have to wade through chapters and chapters to understand what could have been described in a few pages. Additionally that section breaks its promise not to feature mathematics. The 'maths' section is even more loosely structured than the 'metaphor' one. From a technical standpoint, you will need some basic A-level mathematics to understand either section fully; I have a maths degree, yet the author made it a chore for me from start to finish with his lack of clarity. Very frustrating.

Dreamers Disease
Dreamers Disease
Price: £4.99

4.0 out of 5 stars Good stuff - only criticism is that Stormzy always sounds ..., 15 April 2015
This review is from: Dreamers Disease (MP3 Download)
Good stuff - only criticism is that Stormzy always sounds like he's imitating Roots Manuva, both in the tone and rhythm of his voice. One to look out for though, wouldn't be surprised if his first full-length album turns out a bit special.

Looper [DVD]
Looper [DVD]
Dvd ~ Joseph Gordon-Levitt
Offered by HarriBella.UK.Ltd
Price: £2.95

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1.0 out of 5 stars Ice-cream on bacon, 29 Mar. 2015
This review is from: Looper [DVD] (DVD)
This is a film with an interesting premise (mafia victims being sent back in time to be executed) that fails to deliver an interesting or even plausible plot - which involves the hitman's future self being sent back in time for him to execute. Story-wise, that's about it. For some unknown reason telekinesis is crow-barred into the film without having any bearing on the story - it's like putting ice-cream on bacon. Now for the 'characters' (none of whom have distinct characteristics): I found it impossible to like or care for any of them, spending much of the film wishing that they would be killed (there's a lot of killing in this film). At one point the film-makers try to inject some mother/son emotion into proceedings - it fails very awkwardly. Overall it's way too long, with plenty of extraneous scenes that serve only to muddy rather then propel the story. To summarize: good premise, über-tenuous plot, zero characterisation, casual violence on a grand scale - typical Bruce Willis fodder. It is truly one of the worst films I've ever seen, an utter insult to the intelligence and an embarrassment to the film-makers. Oh, and the dialogue is often inaudible - I had to rewind repeatedly. Don't waste your time.
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Nokia Lumia 820 SIM-Free Smartphone - Black (Windows)
Nokia Lumia 820 SIM-Free Smartphone - Black (Windows)

3.0 out of 5 stars Very responsive and works fine, but ..., 19 Jan. 2015
A mixed bag. Coming from Symbian (a Nokia 6220 Classic candybar, 5mp), I was expecting to be impressed - but am not particularly. The camera, while very responsive (both to start up and focus), is poor: pictures are grainy and certainly too blurry and washed-out for printing. The videos taken don't justify the HD resolution of the camera - when viewed on a large computer monitor they look like VGA scaled up. (I might expect when viewing on the phone itself as it's only 200-odd pixels per inch, but in practice I haven't found the phone's relatively low pixel density to be a problem yet - no noticeable blurring of text for example; the screen, for me, is fine). Audio quality (I listen to music a lot) sadly grates - sounds like listening I'm to Radio 1 on FM (at least via the audio jack - I haven't tried a Bluetooth headset). However, I like the responsiveness of the system overall - no lag as far as I'm concerned. HERE Maps are uniformly excellent and you can download them prior to travel (low footprint) to eliminate data costs. And it's easy to find places of entertainment etc in your location - and very speedy to lock on to your position. Lack of apps on Windows Phone might be a problem for others but I found everything I needed (mainly travel oriented). And I found the Operating System easy to understand and navigate - a very short learning curve. So if you're looking for a cheapish handset that's good to use on the go, and not too bothered about sound/photo/video quality, then you can't go wrong. Battery life is nowhere as good as my old Symbian thing but at least you can carry a spare, which I can happily live with. The handset itself has nicely rounded edges so is comfortable in the pocket, though it's not as 'grippy' as I'd like. And the physical buttons are well positioned. Overall I'd imagine that for many users the ease of use makes up for the poor quality audio (playback) and photo/video (recording) experience, but if you are even vaguely fussy in either of these areas I would give this handset a miss. Still, I got mine second hand (as-new) for £100 and feel I got more than fair value.

60 Rolls Of Regina Impressions 3 Ply Toilet Roll Tissue Paper Wholesale Job Lot
60 Rolls Of Regina Impressions 3 Ply Toilet Roll Tissue Paper Wholesale Job Lot
Offered by Miller Medical Supplies
Price: £24.09

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5.0 out of 5 stars Changed my life, 8 Nov. 2014
Unaware as I was of such a recent invention, I must rate it as a most useful addition to my bathroom armoury. Thanks to kindly reviewers bringing it to my attention, I have undergone what can only be described as a veritable revelation in the realms of personal hygiene. No longer am I shunned in polite society. People now do not think twice about sitting next to me on the train, and creatures of the fairer gender no longer turn their noses up point-blank at my advances. As for usage tips, I can assert that the so-called 'folding' technique, of which I have read so much, is indeed a top tip - reducing as it does the dreaded 'finger-pop' syndrome that is prone to engender that disgruntled 'Clarkson' expression on the user's face. Gentlemen (or ladies) of the more hirsute kind will surely find this a particular boon. This bum-per 60-roll pack contains more than enough for a single sitting. Footnote: the curious spindle-like appendage on my bathroom wall, which hitherto had served as an occasional scratching post, now has a permanent use in our now-smiling, nay grinning, household. We now refer to it as the 'loo-roll holder', a phrase I feel may catch on once the wider world comes to know of this fantastic new use for paper ... it is even perforated for ease of detachment. Fellow reviewers, spread the word!

The Miners' Hymns [DVD]
The Miners' Hymns [DVD]
Dvd ~ Bill Morrison
Price: £7.75

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5.0 out of 5 stars Deeply moving and more, 7 Sept. 2014
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This review is from: The Miners' Hymns [DVD] (DVD)
This is a film which creeps up on you; if after a few minutes you are not hooked, it is well worth giving it a little more time. I first came to it via the soundtrack (by Jóhann Jóhannsson), which on its own is stately, beautiful, almost religious. The film, like the music, is reverent and heartfelt - but more than that, it succeeds on an artistic level. If you are not moved by the early footage of miners and the Thatcher-era mayhem, I should be surprised. This is - both emotionally and artistically - an outstanding achievement by Bill Morrison and Jóhann Jóhannsson.

The Inheritors
The Inheritors
Price: £11.38

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5.0 out of 5 stars Controlled chaos, 29 July 2014
This review is from: The Inheritors (Audio CD)
I'll stick my neck out and tip this record as a classic - one which listeners and pundits will be returning to and referencing in decades to come. Why? Because James Holden has taken an idea, a methodology (too cold a word!), perhaps a manifesto, and, with vigour and rigour, brought it to uncompromised fruition. It's hard to know where to begin when trying to describe The Inheritors. For sure, where much modern electronic music merely repeats, amid the repetition there's a wonderful sense of evolution in each of the pieces presented here, which work like wordless songs. Darker than, say, Cluster, but not overbearingly so, it only takes a listen or two to become hooked; you'll find yourself slipping into a timeless zone, at once engaged and hypnotized. It's satisfies both intellectually and emotionally; you can project yourself right into it however you please. The overall sense is one of integrity amid the controlled chaos. No cheap tricks here. And sonically it's warm and beautifully crafted. I simply won't be able to leave home without it on my phone. A keeper.

Off The Record
Off The Record
Price: £16.30

4.0 out of 5 stars Surpisingly good, 29 May 2014
This review is from: Off The Record (Audio CD)
Brilliant liner notes by Karl himself allow us fascinating insights into how the music on this album came about. Based on unused melodies and long-lost rhythmic snippets gleaned from his time with Kraftwerk, this record is a tour-de-force of Bartos' skills as both percussionist and tunesmith. (Indeed it becomes clear that his role in that group was far from peripheral: former bandmates Schneider and Hütter may have been the conceptual overlords but it was Bartos who delivered much of the musicality.) Singing often with a vocoder-style vocal treatment, our man from Düsseldorf delivers a sonically accomplished album of electro songs brimming with humour and pathos, stopping just short of dipping into self parody. In short, it's much better than you might expect.

Ready To Die
Ready To Die
Price: £7.99

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3.0 out of 5 stars What could have been, 26 Oct. 2013
This review is from: Ready To Die (Audio CD)
Somewhere in the mush of the mix there's some rocking music trying to be heard on this album - the band feels tight, and the re-introduction of Williamson has invigorated the writing (musically), riffs and soloing just as you'd have hoped. But the mix needs more depth, space, bass and (of course) less compression ... essentially, some 'whomp'. Then we come to Iggy's vocals, which sound at best strained, if impassioned; and his lyrics, which needed more time spent on them. With a little more effort on his part, and control over the final product, this could have been a great album. Still, it is at least delivers way more than The Weirdness, and also tops Iggy's last solo(-ish) rock album, Skull Ring. Put another way, it's Iggy's best rockout since Beat 'Em Up (2001).

Cushelle Toilet Tissue White 4 Rolls (Pack of 10, Total 40 Rolls)
Cushelle Toilet Tissue White 4 Rolls (Pack of 10, Total 40 Rolls)
Offered by Alex Shanks Ltd
Price: £20.64

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5.0 out of 5 stars No Winnits, 8 Aug. 2013
As loo paper goes, this qualifies among the best. Unlike many others it's not prone to the dreaded 'clagging up' - an issue that can prove particularly distressing for relatively hirsute gentlemen (or ladies). Also, many lavatory papers require double folding before application (i.e. 4 layers); Cushelle however can be single-folded with confidence - no danger of your finger popping a gruesome hole in it and ending up with an expression like a Daily Mail columnist. Plus you get to look at fluffy koalas while your digits work the breech. Don't delay, purchase today. Your fundament will never look back.
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