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Mario Kart DS (Nintendo DS)
Mario Kart DS (Nintendo DS)
Offered by CD DIXIE
Price: £17.49

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5.0 out of 5 stars another reason to love nintendo, 30 Nov. 2005
Buy this now!!! If you don't have a Nintendo DS, buy Mario Kart DS and a Nintendo DS now!!! This is an incredible game. The gameplay is flawless and there are three engine sizes as normal with a Mario Kart game (50cc, 100cc and 150cc) with 16 new race tracks + 16 classic race tracks from the previous Mario kart games (even 4 from the Gamecube version of the game!). There are a couple of new weapon pickups and the sparks-boost from the Gamecube version of the game is a welcome addition. Also, the ability to make your kart 'hop' when power-sliding round corners (or to get more height from jumps) is another thing I'm glad Nintendo brought back. It doesn't stop there - battle mode is back and the courses are as well-designed as the N64 and SNES versions of the game. One-player mode is great, but the game is even more fun in multi-player mode - racing and battling. You can connect with other players that are within a 10m radius without the need for extra cables and you can play the game against anyone else in the world from one of 7,500 wi-fi spots in the UK free of charge!! In short - this is the best game for a portable games console ever!!! Thanks Nintendo!!

Pac Pix (Nintendo DS)
Pac Pix (Nintendo DS)
Offered by Clickforgamesltd
Price: £6.50

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5.0 out of 5 stars Buy this now!, 31 May 2005
This review is from: Pac Pix (Nintendo DS) (Video Game)
This is a great game!! Its a cross between an arcade game and a puzzle game. You draw pacman (using 'magic ink') to eat the ghosts on each screen, and to stop him from walking off the screen you draw walls to deflect his movement. You need to clear the screens of evil ghosts before the time runs out, but as the puzzles get harder and ther ghosts become more difficult to eat, you get new abilities such as arrows that you can draw to stun ghosts and activate switches, and bombs that you can draw to destroy walls and stun ghosts.
Its an innovative game idea and very addictive. I can't stop playing it and recommend it to gamers that are looking for something unique and fun for the Nintedo DS.

GameCube Console & Zelda: Wind Waker Pak
GameCube Console & Zelda: Wind Waker Pak

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5.0 out of 5 stars The best Game ever and the best Console ever!!, 12 Sept. 2003
The Gamecube is small, but very powerful. The controller is ergonomic so it fits your hands comfortably (unlike the PS2 and Xbox controllers) and it also has built-in rumble. The graphics, sounds and playability of the Gamecube system is unrivalled. Also, despite many games being released on all formats, the Gamecube offers the best and most games that are specific to that console - Zelda (Wind Waker), Metroid Prime, Mario Sunshine, Rogue Leader etc...long list. Nintendo still offer cute games, but have diversified now to provide top quality gaming also for game players that prefer more serious action.
Wind Waker is the best game ever - if you want a second opinon search the web for any newsgroup to read their comments. The controls are intuitive and the level of interaction between your character (Link) and the other items and characters is unrivalled. Nintendo have opted for cel-shading for the animation and it adds a 3D anime feel to the game. I've shown this game to friends of mine that don't even play video games and all of them were hooked after just a few minutes. This is the best package. Also, the Limited Edition version of Wind Waker has a bonus disc including two version of the N64 classic Zelda game (Ocarina of Time) on your Gamecube. This is also an excellent game, although not as good as Wind Waker.
The only negative thing about the Gamecube and playing Wind Waker is that you will become addicted to playing on it very quickly and you might never leave your house again...

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