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Velociraptor! [Explicit]
Velociraptor! [Explicit]
Price: £3.49

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5.0 out of 5 stars More of the same but different enough..., 22 Sep 2011
I'm always worried when one of my favourite bands knocks out a new album. The Enemy's first release was mint, as were the debut offerings from Pigeon Detectives and The Twang. Their follow-ups however were universally disappointing and even The Courteener's Falcon took some listening to before their "evolution" won me over. Kasabian on the other hand can seem to do no wrong and go from strength to strength with each new release. They seem to have the perfect balance of maintaining their established sound whilst evolving the music enough to make it sound fresh. Velociraptor is a strong contender for album of the year with only the Arctic's, "Suck it and See" threatening for that crown. No need to deconstruct the whole thing track by track; just crank it up and be blown away.

Twisted Wheel
Twisted Wheel

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4.0 out of 5 stars The future from the past, 12 April 2009
This review is from: Twisted Wheel (MP3 Download)
I saw these guys supporting The Enemy in Swindon and despite the sound not being the best, the powerful music and down-to-earth but clever and often biting lyrics were enough to convince me I may have been watching THE band of 2009. Though their list of influences may be discerned from the tracks on the album, they haven't simply reworked older ideas from classic bands like The Clash, The Jam, SLF, The Buzzcocks, The Ramones and the like. This album is of a fresh new band with a touch of nostalgia for the greats. There are a lot of bands barking up the same tree right now but these lads have got the mix pretty much spot on. Buy it and enjoy it..!!!

Etymotic Research ER-4P Portable In-Ear Earphones
Etymotic Research ER-4P Portable In-Ear Earphones

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5.0 out of 5 stars Worth Every Last Penny...!!!, 16 Feb 2009
Over the years, I must have tried literally hundreds of different earphones, each with their own benefits and drawbacks. The in-the-ear style have always been personal favourite due to their sound isolation and discrete size. However, they can be uncomfortable and also have a tendency to work loose in the gym when pounding the treadmill. I even found a hybrid in-the-ear with ear hook arrangement that I thought would be the answer to my prayers but these too have a habit of working loose. I fly a lot with work and therefore also require an earphone that combats the overbearing ambient hum that accompanies air travel. I've tried several makes of noise cancelling earphones but have been left feeling cheated by their tenuous claims. Finally, I demand accurate sound reproduction; being in a band and producing a lot of the tracks myself, I rely on a good sound reference to ensure the final mix is exactly what I require. Wouldn't it be great if I could find a single pair of earphones that would meet all my needs?

When I came across the ER4P I was instantly drawn in by their impressive claims although I did manage to retain enough cynicism through previous experience to carry out further research. Reviews ranged mainly from "pretty good" to "astonishing" with the odd dissenter thrown in for good measure. The major gripes seemed to be from reviewers who knew little about what they were dealing with and so gradually I became convinced to invest.

They arrived in a neat, if cheap looking, plastic accessory box, complete with spare rubber and foam tips as well as a shirt clip, jack adapter, soft carry case and other items. Out of the box I noticed that the plastic moulding, where the cable enters the earphone, looked a little bit scruffy, like you'd expect from a much cheaper set. One of the reviews I'd read had mentioned this so it wasn't a complete surprise but it didn't inspire confidence about the manufacturer's exacting production standards. However, I then plugged them in and fitted the earphones snuggly and firmly, deep into my lugholes and hit play...

Now, if you can imagine it were possible to jack the perfect sound source directly into you central nervous system you might be somewhere near to appreciating the sensation of wearing these earphones. Every little detail is as sharp as a razor and you can hear the most subtle nuance of fingers on guitar strings. If anything, the sound is too perfect, and small, normally imperceptible flaws are delivered directly to your audio receptors. The bass tones are as punchy and clear as the higher frequencies and there is no muddying of the sound with clarity throughout the spectrum. Having played live music for many years I thought my hearing was way past its best but these earphones have given my ears new hope.

In addition, the seal on the earphones is so good that the sound attenuation massively outperforms that of over-hyped noise cancelling sets. That makes them unbeatable when flying and in the studio the noise isolation proves invaluable. And they are so snug that no amount of treadmill pounding will shake them loose, especially with the shirt clip supporting the weight of the cable. The price may seem like a major obstacle but I suspect that if you're reading this then you've already accounted for that. This kind of sound reproduction doesn't come cheap and they are worth every last penny.

Etymotic Research ER-4P Portable In-Ear Earphones

I've recently had cause to return the earphones to Etymotic under the warranty after I managed to snap the end off of one of the transducers whilst changing the foam tips. I'm not sure if this is a common fault or a one-off but Etymotic handled the repair perfectly and their customer service and efficiency is amongst the best I have ever experienced. It's nice, and indeed quite rare these days, to deal with a company that gets it right with both the product and the aftercare and Etymotic have certainly secured my loyalty and my voice of praise.

Imation 18646 CD-R 52x 25pack Spindle
Imation 18646 CD-R 52x 25pack Spindle
Price: £5.30

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5.0 out of 5 stars Trust you precious data to the best brands, 5 Dec 2008
If you're gonna save your precious data then you should do it using the best CD-R or DVD-R media available. There are cheaper options but I've learned from bitter experience that you get what you pay for in the data storage world. No point saving a few quid if the data is unreadable 2 years down the line. Imation or Verbatim every time.

The Annual 2009 [2CD + DVD]
The Annual 2009 [2CD + DVD]
Price: £13.70

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2.0 out of 5 stars Probably the last MOS Annual I will ever buy...!!!, 5 Dec 2008
I'd have to agree with the more negative reviews here. Just the inclusion of Basshunter's "Now You're Gone", has blown any credibility of the Annual series all by itself. I think maybe The Annual has had its day.

Waterpik Cordless Dental Cleaning jet irrigator wp360
Waterpik Cordless Dental Cleaning jet irrigator wp360

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1.0 out of 5 stars Great idea runied by poor manufacture, 20 Nov 2008
Despite reading some early critical reviews regarding poor battery life I decided to give the Waterpik a try. Functionally it does everything it claims on the box and it beats old school flossing any day of the week. Unfortunately, within a couple of months, and despite a disciplined charging regime suitable even for the poorest Ni-Cad battery technology, the Waterpik failed to charge after around 3 months use. This is like buying a car that you can only refuel 5 times and totally unacceptable. From extensive research on the internet it would seem that Waterpik have completely failed to address this issue and as such don't deserve a penny of your hard earned cash. I urge you to steer clear of this product and research alternatives.

Creative Zen Vision: M - 60gb Multimedia Player
Creative Zen Vision: M - 60gb Multimedia Player

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5.0 out of 5 stars Hitting the iPod where it hurts...!!!, 21 Dec 2006
If you want to be a fashion victim then buy an iPod. If battery life isn't an issue then choose the iPod. If you like to be controlled by software instead of the other way around then ipod and iTunes is the way to go. If sound and video quality are not your prime concern (which would be an odd thing for anyone buying a music/video player) then go for the iPod. If you really must have a player that is a fraction slimmer that the competition, then once again, I urge you to buy an iPod.

However, if you want to buy the best at what it does, if longer battery life would be of conveience, if you require the best in terms or audio and visual quality, if you wish to avoid compatability issues with video and audio formats, if you want to transfer music and video in a familiar Windows-style navigator and if you want all this at a price lower than it's nearest rival then you must, absolutely must opt for the Creative Vision M

In addition to the features hinted at above, the Vision M also has a built in FM radio, sound recorder with intergral microphone, AV out facility for watching you stored videos on TV and much much more.

Buying an iPod is an easy (lazy) choice given all the hype, but anyone wanting to make a smarter choice in personal multimedia players would be well advised to look closely at what the Vision M offers. Don't be sucked in to the iPod hysteria.

I'd owned my 60GB variant for around a month at the time of writing this review and as yet I'm struggling to find fault with the player. The control interface is excellent and probably the most intuative of any gadget I've ever owned. Only mind control would make navigation any easier. Loading media has been a breeze with complete hassle free transfers and conversions. I can't believe anyone would want to use iTunes after experiencing the Zen Vision's PC interface.

I'm constantly disappointed these days with products that fail to live up to expectation or designs and functions that miss the point completely. However, here is a product that is spot on. Currently there is none better than the Creative Zen Vision M.

The iPod is dead... long live the Zen...

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