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5.0 out of 5 stars Grace Kicks *ss, 12 Mar. 2007
This review is from: Nightclubbing (Audio CD)
This is THE best Grace Jones album which I first heard courtesy of my black stocking-clad friend Sarah Collins back in London UK in early 80's and it epitomises the dramatic world brought into view in 'Master and Servant' and 'shiny shiny leather' fetish clubs....Grace is ominous, parisienne, evocative and dangerous and makes other female singers look and sound like Barbie.. From the outrageously visualised androgyne look on the cover to the non stop darkness of tracks.. the percusion on this album is superb like Zang Tum Tumb clicks and bells and night 'cicada' sounds...

Grace paints mind pictures here which long presaged her sinisterness in the Bond movie.. she remains to this day truly mad, bad and dangerous to know and musically distinct from a smothering sea of vacuous bland female vocalists... for many years I ran my 'Open Channel D' radio show with clips of Grace as my virtual on air 'co-driver' on 'missions'... I can imagine GC as being good company in a fight or a fetish club...we need more women like this...

Buy this CD and shake up ur brain... she's as unique a voice and character as David Sylvian, Brian Ferry, Bert Jansch, David Bowie or similar unique one else like her and this is her best... spies and agents in Parisian smog, cruising cars, gloss lipstick, shiny bodywork and guns girls and a bulletproof heart... Grace must have seen the Bond film coming what a shame they pitched her against a suited woos like Roger!!..she should have been in The Matrix!!

One of my favourites here is Libertango - (I've seen this face before) where Grace relates the tale of her shadowy parisienne stalker... ha, that's me - I was that black clad gumshoe in turned up collar coat under the pale art-deco lamplight.. when Grace sings and snaps at you in French..zut know when you've been Tango'd !
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Bulletproof Heart
Bulletproof Heart

3.0 out of 5 stars a game of one half, 12 Mar. 2007
This review is from: Bulletproof Heart (Audio CD)
I am an absolute fan of Grace Jones and her stunning visual image and musical strength.. but have to say this of my preferred GC albums is lesser rated for me than Nighclubbing, Warm Leatherette, and Slave..

the first half is top Grace rock driving agressive pulsating and strong with BulletProof Heart title track, Driving Satisfaction, Love on top of Love all making this one of the best in car CDs in my collection but then it awkwardly mellows and ballads out into mish-mash over orchestrated production numbers like amado mio and dont cry freedom which to me sound like another of my least vie on rose and such...wishy washy

I prefer Grace at her most ominous and in your face gangsta like My Jamaican Guy, Nightclubbing, Pull up to the Bumper.. and her sensuous Parisian tracks with that hint of danger.. the ponderously produced ballads here are skip material to me... ( my own views of course_ Not her best but worth it to me for the tracks i can strip for the I-Pod in the car!

Cafe Arabia: Rai Roots and Mint Tea
Cafe Arabia: Rai Roots and Mint Tea
Price: £3.99

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4.0 out of 5 stars come with me to the Kasbah !, 12 Mar. 2007
wow you cant get better value than this!

the sleeve notes on these 'cafe' series are a piece of story telling worthy of any travel guide sunday smart magazine..semi fictional inventions..and the music is pulsating, eastern imbued rythmic and evocative...I half expected Sid James and the 'Carry ON' crew to emerge in my mind screen disguised as overweight dancing girls...a great CD of tasters of the various styles of arabia music.. go from here to the more serious electro-upbeat arabian beats and club CDs...but for a real taste of the basics of middle eastern Rai styles... this is arabia on a budget and great world music... one of the reasons why no one should be limited ever to listening only to their own inherited trap culture music... go out there listen and feel the sand under your feet !

Price: £15.27

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5.0 out of 5 stars invigorating, 12 Mar. 2007
This review is from: Songhai (Audio CD)
an absolute must for me, with dazzling guitar flamenco which any player will be stunned by, and the instantly recognisable double bass of the best player ever Danny Thompson...combined with Kora player Toumani Diabate.. this is a stunning collection of tracks with energy to spare..have had this album on cassette for years and worn it out in various cars,,, but really must get it on CD now that time and cars have moved on.. ha ha...fabulous mix of african and spanish music with energetic rythyms and that authentic 'cafe' atmosphere...if you listen to Noches en Vela on the Nitin Sawhney CD Philtre that also is an example of the type of music you can hear on this work.. it transports you to a high energy spain/africa mix that lifts moods and sparks up your day !

Secrets Of The Beehive
Secrets Of The Beehive
Price: £7.53

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5.0 out of 5 stars secret life, 12 Mar. 2007
This review is from: Secrets Of The Beehive (Audio CD)
I love this album, and the magnetism of Sylvian's unique voice and refreshingly different chordal and key changes and tones all combine to create a seriously magical set of tracks. Sylvian takes all that defining sound that he had in Japan and produces songs that only he could write,

Like Kate Bush he sings and composes in sequences and key changes to his own work, so different to anyone else, and how I wish I could write lyrics as he does at times.. poetry in motion indeed!. I like it all but I suppose Boy with the Gun is my fave track and anyone out of the 'few' who know my job history will know why I pick that one, wonderfully isolationist, thought provoking lyrics and intense atmosphere, he paints a picture of the lonely soul with serial tendencies and the cold weapon, beloved friend at his side.

Evocative indeed. For me also, the wonderful combination of the Sylvian drones and Danny Thompson's double bass style make this a winner. Danny is one of my favourite musicians ever, one of the key elements of my absolute teenage onward musicial influences, Pentangle.. (digress.. one of the only real bands ever where each of the 5 members excelled totally in their field as individuals even as stand alones.)

I play this in my car and it always reminds me of that wonderful separation between the outside world and the 'secret lives' one can sometimes dwell in.
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Offered by Fulfillment Express
Price: £8.52

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5.0 out of 5 stars Versatility, 12 Mar. 2007
This review is from: Philtre (Audio CD)
this is my second Nitin CD having started with Prophecy back in 2001 which I received courtesy of Pete Waddingham at V2 Records A&R and played a lot on my local radio's truly lamentable that I didn't get any of his other work until now, 6 years later. This is a different album indeed to Prophecy and a wealth again of guest vocalists. I was transported back to my fave New Orleans by the snappy blues intro to Dead Man then smiley and amazed at the smooth switch to eastern indian vocals and themes within a 'blues' track.. a classic example of the blending of genres which Nitin presents so well. This is followed up by the recited raga like Rag Doll then launches into the wonderful swirl of indian faux 'celtic' orchestrations of Mausam, reminiscent of Loreena McKennit and on and on with delights after delight.. a superb album - less harsh and socially critical than Prophesy but an intensely rewarding listen, especially for an eastern souled person like me. I wish I could play the sitar better than I do at times like this. The rest is pure Nitin magic.

An Ancient Muse
An Ancient Muse
Price: £13.59

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5.0 out of 5 stars celtic arabia journey, 28 Feb. 2007
This review is from: An Ancient Muse (Audio CD)
I liked this album off preview off her site and bought it recently and it appeals with the especial emphasis on the wonderful stringed arabian themes which suffuse some of the tracks. I am particularly into the arabian scales and imagery which evoke exotic locations and she captures the essence of the Celtic and eastern elements very well. For me, a great fusion of the 'folk' elements of both cultures and interesting to hear subliminal influences of some english folk drone backgrounds on tracks like 'the english ladye and the knight' which evoked for me the excellent multi vocal version of 'Traveller's Prayer' by the John Renbourn Group.

Listening to this wonderfully researched and presented journey reminds me of how much of my life I have spent on business trivia when I could have been dedicating it to this kind of art and music immersion.. how I wish I had the time. I lost time listening to this, a genuine trip of ages... some of themes and tunes were so 'familiar' even hearing them for the first time like musical 'inherited' memory!.. makes me realise how much of 'early' music was derived from similar scales and simplicity... unlike today's manufactured Mc Noise. Superb stuff !

Listen in Clear Light Vol. 1 Prologue
Listen in Clear Light Vol. 1 Prologue
Offered by Meganet France
Price: £6.79

5.0 out of 5 stars atmospheric top of the mountain stuff, 28 Feb. 2007
I have this album and luckily I got it free in my role as an independent A&R type radio person, from a french recording company which makes it an even better find. I will certainly buy the other two now I have seen them here. Being a complete asian music addict and dreamer i loved its atmospheric chants, sonerous bells, and dynamic beats... the eastern version of the gregorian chants... some fabulous rythyms and voices...all conspire to drag your mind away from the grey amorphousness of western drone society into a cloud hopping nirvana of eastern temple bells and chanting monks cleverly worked into intensive beats... very nice indeed... can't wait to hear the 'sequels'

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