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SH "'The Scorpion Hunter'" (The Netherlands)

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Sony CFD-RG 880CP - Ghettoblaster - Sony XPLOD Portable AM/FM Radio CD/USB/MP3/Cassette Player
Sony CFD-RG 880CP - Ghettoblaster - Sony XPLOD Portable AM/FM Radio CD/USB/MP3/Cassette Player

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4.0 out of 5 stars My journey that led me to 'The Beast'!, 5 Sept. 2012
I am one of the few people in this world it seems, who still have a tape collection they actually want to listen to. Sure you can download MP3s left, right and center these days but either you are in it because of the authentic tape-sound or because you simply are curious what you did record on it 20 years ago.

For years I was using a Sony TCM-50DV cassette player to listen to my tapes. While the TCM is still in production there is absolutely no sound quality whatsoever and when you were using headphones, it sounded like you were sitting inside a coke-can - It simply was appalling. So I needed to make a decision what to do about my collection. Scrap it OR try to go out and find a decent, low-cost player. I decided to go for it!

When you are trying to find a tape playing stereo system in the 2nd decade of the 21st century, you sometimes feel (just like a cassette) that you do not belong into these times anymore. The lack of quality choices is sad yet I did come along a few products which gauged my interest.

After some extensive research, the one product that got high water marks across the board (and which Amazon reviewers rated the best as well), was the JVC RV-NB 10. These days out of production, you can still find this 'mother of modern-day boom boxes' being sold for as much as EURO 550,00 (!!!). In the last few years JVC kept the series alive but replaced the tape deck with an iPod docking station (go figure). I therefore tried my best to find a used RV-NB 10 but it was impossible without spending a fortune. At the same time, some copy-cat knock-offs, which look identical to the RV-NB 10, are being made by some 3rd-tier companies (also available via Amazon unfortunately). Don't be fooled into buying those; its a total scam.

Next I read about the Sony CFD-S07CP (EURO 65.00) and the Philips AZ3856 (EURO 90.00). Both have a decent design, seem to offer a decent sound but the more I looked at the Amazon reviews, the more it seemed that those too would not be the winning ticket. Either users complained that the tape deck was generating excessive noise while playing the tape or that the unit was suffering from overly noisy power adapters, with replacements not even fixing the problem. While Amazon customer service is great, who needs the aggravation of dealing with faulty products and returns? Hence, the search had to continue and after some more digging I finally ended up with the Sony CFD-RG 880 CPB.

The first thing I thought when I saw the picture of this deformed obscurity was that H.R.Giger must have been involved in the creation of it. A mixture of an industrial looking, hardened silver blob and eye-gouging red monster speakers and bass-woofer, it appears to be some of sort of alien device forgotten back on LV-426. This creation of an obvious engineering mad-man got my immediate attention and I started reading the product details. The more I read, the more I realized I should not judge this mighty blazer by its cover and give it a fair chance to proof its worth. The fact is, the Sony CFD-RG 880 CPB is a great piece of audio fidelity.

Short of being able to convert tapes into MP3 files, you can do everything else. With a built-in USB port, FM/AM Tuner, MP3, CD and cassette player, you can convert CD tracks into MP3 and save it to your USB or you can connect your iPod via AUX and use it as your player. The speakers create as much as 20W of boom-basstic sound: Two 4-inch 4W speakers with separate 0.08-inch tweeters and a scary 5-inch 12W woofer. And for the crazy nutters amongst us, it comes equipped with a sound power gauge and light sync, that will create the matching light show, while you blast the sound and show your neighbor once and for all who is boss. And the tape deck you ask? It runs like a charm. No cracking noises while playing, no eating-my-tape incidents, it simply does what its suppose to, while allowing me to choose from various pre-set equalizing options and various bass-modes. In fact: It makes my original Prince `Sign "O" the Times' tape from 1987 sound like the man himself is standing next to me, jamming his guitar to the maximum - That's how good that sound is.

In the end, I pulled the trigger on this merchant of bass. Funny enough, while this product does not seem to gauge a lot of interest in the UK nor the U.S., German Amazon users are over the moon about this audio extravaganza and I can only agree. Give the Sony CFD-RG 880 CPB a shot (especially if you want a decent tape player like me). The value-for-money here is absolutely guaranteed and given the struggles Sony is having these days, it seems they finally knocked one out of the ballpark for change.

All in all, I hail to thee my mighty 'Beast'!

Mafia II (PS3)
Mafia II (PS3)

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3.0 out of 5 stars Mafia II - GTA4 meets Goodfellas?, 11 Jan. 2011
This review is from: Mafia II (PS3) (Video Game)
Plenty has been said about this game already but I wanted to take a closer look at some of the key PROS and CONS, also in light of the fact that many have referenced Grand Theft Auto 4 as an example of what a sandbox game should look like. Having completed Mafia II it seemed like the game tried its best to improve on the GTA4 gaming experience, with some (in-my-mind) useful features. Below I want to summarize those and some general observations, hence beware that spoilers will follow:


- Music: As GTA4 taught the industry a lesson on the worth of original licensed music, Mafia II walks the same line with a great soundtrack. Dean Martin, Fats Domino, Bing Crosby, John Lee Hooker, Little Richard, Chuck Berry - The list goes on and on. Over 100 original songs; several radio stations to choose from (during the 40s era even with WW II news updates from Europe - nice touch).

- Cars: From the get-go I had the feeling of being teleported back into the 40s/50s with the authentic look and feel. The cars (as in GTA4) are based on counterparts (though some look strikingly close to the real original - Example: Shubert Frigate / 1953 Chevrolet Corvette). The fact that you can collect up to 10 cars in your garage is a nice bonus (instead of the GTA4 parking-infront-of-the-apartment option; with reload sometimes certain cars being gone). Local body shops allow you to tune the performance, repair damages, purchase different sort tires, change the color of your car or even change the license plate. When driving you can see your speed-o-meter and even have a deceleration button to quickly shift down to the permitted speed limit (very handy when wanting to avoid cops). The cars handle differently, especially when it has snowed or rained. All these features are a welcomed upgrade to GTA4.

- Cops: The AI of the local police is far more advanced than of GTA4. Want to steal a car and are being seen? Dispatch puts out a warrant for your arrest and you need to hide and change your clothes. Accidentally drove too fast or ran over some pedestrians? Dispatch announces your license plate to all units and you need to ditch your car or have your license plate changed. When you are running from the police (given your wanted level), the police will aggressively follow you, chase you down and shoot at you. Speeding off like in GTA4 is not enough - Getting away from cops will take skill and patience - A nice challenge.

- Guns: Squeezing off a few rounds on a legendary Thompson or an MG 42? The game makes it possible, offering over a dozen authentic pistols, shotguns, submachine guns, rifles and machine guns - You even get to throw some grenades in certain missions. While I have never shot any of these guns in person before, each gun does have a unique sound to it. When using a Thompson Model 1921, you will know what I mean.

- Graphics: The city, the cars, the people - It looks beautiful. Especially inside buildings (mall of Jewelry robbery, meat factory, Joe's apartment building, observatory at the end) it all looks amazingly rendered onto the console. I cannot claim it is more stunning than GTA4s Liberty City but at least it is equally as beautiful. Driving through Empire city is a real joy.


- Playing Time: A lot of people have complained about it and it too is a thorn in my eye. The game is completed in under 10 hours. Playing it a 2nd time you also realize how many cut scenes there are in the game. It reaches a point where (similar to Metal Gear Solid 4), you can spend almost as much time 'watching' the game as 'playing' it. The cut scenes are great and obviously a lot of time and effort has been put into them but after a while they disrupt the pace of the game and you find yourself skipping them. A `less is more' approach on the cut scenes would have been useful.

- Gameplay: Most missions can easily be summarized with: `drive somewhere, kill/beat someone or drop someone off, drive home, sleep, next chapter'. Maybe the hope was that the repetitiveness of it all could be disguised with the amount of cut scenes involved but as others have highlighted, the game is in dire need of some side-missions. Especially, since after having completed the game, you cannot go back and continue your saved game. Though you can re-play individual missions, this is highly unsatisfactory. Furthermore, certain missions in the game make little sense (example mechanic Mike Bruski - Joe invites me to see him whenever I am looking for a job aka stealing cars for him - After the initial auto theft; there are no other missions to be had - Why bother building a whole cut scene/story around it if I can only get 1 job from him for the entire game? Seems rather pointless and there are other nuances that leave you scratching your head too: turn lights/faucets/fans on and off; why include that option if it is not utilized in the story? Or having phone booths across the entire city, which are only being tied into the story ones). All these features are rather strange and unfulfilling.

- Storyline: While Mafia II again learned from GTA4 and included likeable and less likable characters in the story (Roman Bellic / Joe Barbaro anyone), the finale of the story must feel like an utter anti-climax to most people: broke and no money, best friend getting killed, living in a rat-hole of an apartment. The fact that I cannot drive the cars I collected and explore the city in more depth, because you can not continue a complete game, adds insult to injury. The marketing of this game left me with the impression that I would work my way up to the higher ranks of the Cosa Nostra. In reality, even infamous Henry Hill walked away with more to show for than my character Vito Scaletta. Sure, it leaves all sorts of scenarios open for Mafia III, but I felt short-changed to say the least.

Summary: My bottom line verdict is 3/5 stars. This game had a bunch of great, new ideas, how to extend on the GTA4 gaming experience and add more depth to the whole gameplay. The whole setting in the 40s/50s is a nice experience. Unfortunately, the game falls short in playtime and gameplay. Overall, I am interested to find out how Vito's life continues, maybe with a great setting in the 60s/70s, potentially elevating him up to being a boss but certain changes will have to be made to the game, before I would commit to buying Mafia III.

NFL Football Head Coach 2009 (Playstation 3)
NFL Football Head Coach 2009 (Playstation 3)

5 of 5 people found the following review helpful
2.0 out of 5 stars 10 reasons why NOT to buy this game, 10 Sept. 2010
Why beat around the bush when you can have a Letterman-like Top 10 list - Here we go:

#10: When a free agent approaches you no player stats can be seen - How on earth are you suppose to determine what a player's worth is without being able to check his resume?

#09: Some free agents are being offered to you over-and-over-and-over again. Even with a full roster this happens. How many times can you push the skip/ignore button? Then when an interesting player does come along, you have 10 seconds to make up your mind if you want to bid or not - For every player. How realistic is this? NOT !!!

#08: When skipping an event (for example: DRAFT) the user end's up with half a dozen or more signed players for positions which you did not need players for.

#07: No cap-room penalties when cutting players. Yes, you pay a heavy fine but it does not count against next year's cap space. As far as I know this is a 2010 NFL rule - Why is the in-game 2009 season like that?

#06: When coaching an actual game, the atmosphere in the stadium is sub-zero. All the cheers you know from scoring a TD in Madden or stopping a 3rd-and-long attempt are gone - It's one monotone-reminiscent-of-a-C64-computer-audio file. Furthermore, the voice-overs (this time from the Offensive and Defensive Coaches) do not match the action on the field. Case: Somebody just scored a TD against me - My DEF Coach goes 'Now that's what I like to see - Well done' - WHAT? Last but not least, it rains way too often (as always in Madden) - At times you think you are playing in the Amazon jungle; drip-drop monsoon style.

#05: The screen font is microscopic at times - Often the information on your TV is hard-to-read. The mattes (black bars on top-and-bottom of screen) shrink the on-field navigation and aspect ratio. You are forced to adjust your TV settings to 'zoom' for a decent view. What were they thinking?

#04: The players and the crowd look like beefed up 2-D animations. When the players run over the field they look like Robocop-in-motion - Is this really a PS3 game?

#03: It is not uncommon the game freezes during every couple of games and you lose your progress (even with autosave). And no, it is not because the disc has finger prints on it or because my laser-head is covered with gunk. This is simply a poor, buggy pressing (ggggrrrrrrrr).

#02: With 2 minutes to go in each quarter, you cannot change your play - That's right. Had a previous 3-and-1 and did a QB sneak? Now you are stuck with that exact play for the new set of downs. What good is the HUGE Motorola advertisement throughout the entire game if I cannot tell my QB to change the plays - Oooooh, the agony & frustration.

#01: In the U.S. this game was released as a 'bonus game' together with the regular Madden 2009 in a 'collector's edition' box and you can see why: With all the issues I mentioned before how could you ever consider publishing it as a stand-alone release? Well folks, they pulled a fast-one on us and all who did purchase it, we got fooled BIG TIME!

The sad part is that certain elements (like building up the skill level of your staff, bidding for players and competing with other teams or stealing plays from opponents) are all great new ideas but they are isolated highlights in a mediocre sub-standard game. Looking at the results I am convinced the game was designed by a bunch of high-schoolers, developed by a group of pre-teen's and tested by....naaahhhh, no way this game got tested because if it did, no tester would ever want to be associated with this mess - Out!

Assassin's Creed II (PS3)
Assassin's Creed II (PS3)
Offered by DVDBayFBA
Price: £8.98

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4.0 out of 5 stars The Snapshot Review: Pros vs Cons, 19 Dec. 2009
As enough reviews have already been written about this game, I decided to simply summarize some personal key observations, having completed this game recently. Please be aware that this overview contains many ** SPOILERS ** - Hence, if you have not played it yet or have not completed the game, you may want to stop reading NOW.


- Fantastic Graphics & Visuals (e.g. beautifully rendered cities, such as Florence, Venice and Rome - sets a new visual standard for a GTA kind-of-game)

- Excellent Voice Acting & Body Expressions of characters (e.g. unlike Oblivion IV, the sentences spoken match lip movements; a wealth of voice actors give it a real sense of adventure)

- Great detail of incorporating historic figures and their information (e.g. working with Leonardo da Vinci to decipher CODEX pages or have special weapons being build is quite cool)

- Assassins Tombs provide different kind of challenges (e.g. the 6 tombs are fun to explore and beautiful to look at - keeps matters fresh while trying to complete the game)


- The 'Glyphs' are not on the map (e.g. there are 20 puzzles to be solved to reveal the so called 'The Truth', a sequence of video's apparently showing Adam & Eve in Eden - To solve a puzzle, you need to find a so called 'Glyph' on a building in a given city, to activate the puzzle - The problem is that these Glyphs (once spotted) are not indicated on your map afterwards, meaning if you do not want to bother finding the 'Glyph' right away (some take quite some time to find), you will have to remember in which part of the city, this building is located, to come back later. If you wait too long and have activated all 'viewpoints' in Venice for instance, this can become quite an ordeal (e.g. having to run through the city, trying to find 1 building amongst thousands.) Also, while it is easier to find these 'Glyphs' in the so called 'eagle vision', the picture becomes so dark, that you frequently fall from buildings or are losing orientation all together, as your compass is not even displayed anymore).

- Complex Puzzles towards the end (e.g. based upon the comment about 'The Truth' above, you will find that as you proceed with solving these puzzles, they become more and more complex, using a serious of numbers and later symbols combinations to crack codes. If not numbers, many of the puzzles have a heavy religious, biblical undertone to it - Meaning, unless you read the Bible at least once in your life (or at least parts of it) you will be running into some challenges (e.g. trying to match biblical characters with timelines for instance).

- Purpose of 'treasure boats' unclear (e.g. through several cities, you will find boats which have coins which you can collect - However, the boats are not part of the 330 treasures you need to find overall - Hence, you do not know how many there are in the game nor what ought to happen once you found them all - somewhat confusing).

- Mega rich and nothing to spend it on (e.g. half way through the game, you can have anywhere between 200,000 - 300,000 cold coins collected, especially if you have fully restored the city of your villa, and get paid % by the shops - The problem is that you will not be able to use this money on anything worthwhile, once you upgraded your armor and weapons to maximum capacity - By the end of the game I had 465,000 coins and could do nothing with it - Hence, finding all these treasures becomes a little of a pointless exercise, really).

- Repetitiveness of finding treasures, doing races and finding viewpoints (e.g. I saw some other comments who were also referring to the repetitiveness, that start to creep in after a while - Somehow the game does not manage to keep you engaged in the storyline enough, so that you do not mind, having to do the same things for hours to come - GTA IV somehow did manage to keep things fresh all the time - Am unsure why that is).

- Occasional jittery frame rate & jerky controls (e.g. towards the later part of the game, you will be in situations where you find yourself surrounded by 6, 8 or even 10 guards - If you have hired a bunch of thieves, it will even be more - At that point the game is clearly starting to have issues trying to handle as many as 14 fighting man + all the by-standers around it. Furthermore, at times during combat (or when jumping from/to buildings) the controls do get a little iffy and you may find yourself having to do the same jump attempt several times, before you are successful).

- Character Shaun Hastings annoys relentlessly (e.g. While 99% of all the voice actors and their dialogue are very well done, Ubisoft decided to throw us a curveball with the character, portraying technical nerd Shaun Hastings, voice acted by British author Danny Wallace - The character focuses predominantly on being ultra sarcastic, painstakingly annoying and anything but helpful or courteous - At some point, Shaun really took the fun out of the cut scenes and I needed to mute my TV - Not sure what Ubisoft was thinking here).

FINAL WORD: All in all I hope this summary helped you a little - While quantity wise, the CONS outweigh the PROS, quality wise this game does convince. AC II is a good role-play game, fun to play (at least most of the times) and one of the PS3 highlights of 2009.
Comment Comments (3) | Permalink | Most recent comment: Jan 5, 2010 8:42 PM GMT

The Trap: What Happened to Our Dream of Freedom? - an Adam Curtis film [Clamshell Case]
The Trap: What Happened to Our Dream of Freedom? - an Adam Curtis film [Clamshell Case]
Dvd ~ Adam Curtis

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5.0 out of 5 stars The Curtis Trilogy comes to an excellent conclusion, 19 Dec. 2009
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
The director behind the powerful and multiple award-winning documentaries such as ' The century of the self' (2002) and 'The power of nightmares' (2004) presents to us with his final look at today's society with 'The Trap - What happened to our Dream of Freedom'.

Originally aired on BBC in 2007, but never officially released (due to the problem of copyright and Curtis' frequent use of BBC archive footage), Curtis presents three 1-hour episodes, displaying his signature director style and ability to construe a wealth of historic facts, ultimately putting together a breath-taking puzzle of eye-opening proportions.

In this series Curtis deals with the modern concept and definition of freedom and how today's society has accepted a fine-knitted web of illusions, providing us with the preconceived feeling of freedom, whereas reality is quite the opposite. Speaking to a wealth of Nobel prize winners, economists, political philosophers, historians, psychiatrists and politicians, Curtis' manages once again to 'unpeel the onion' and reflect upon society as it should be seen today.

Last but not least, the quality of this DVR is very good and should be rated as a 4 out of 5 in terms of picture quality - The audio is 4 1/2 out of 5. Very good copies of a product which will probably never see the official 'light of day' due to its many copyright issues.

How best to describe this documentary?

Riveting - Fascinating - Astonishing - Spectacular - Miraculous (to name but a few)

The Power of Nightmares: Rise of the Politics of Fear - An Adam Curtis Film [PAL - Clamshell Case}
The Power of Nightmares: Rise of the Politics of Fear - An Adam Curtis Film [PAL - Clamshell Case}
Dvd ~ Adam Curtis

3 of 3 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Oustanding example of top-notch investigative journalism, 26 Nov. 2009
Every now and than comes along a piece of investigative journalism, so powerful and truth telling, after you have finished reviewing it, it feels like you had reconstructive laser surgery of the eye and layers of grey and mist have been replaced with clarity and sharpness. This is probably the best way to describe BBCs 3-part, 1-hour long 'The Power of Nightmares' documentary.

The films compare the rise of the Neo-Conservative movement (Republicans) in the United States and the radical Islamist movement, making comparisons on their origins and claiming similarities between the two. More controversially, it argues that the threat of radical Islam as a massive, sinister organised force of destruction, specifically in the form of al-Qaeda, is a myth perpetrated by politicians in many countries and particularly American Neo-Conservatives, in an attempt to unite and inspire their people following the failure of earlier ideologies.

What did movie critics have to say?

'A fluid cinematic essay, rooted in painstakingly assembled evidence, that heightens and cleanses your perceptions" (Entertainment Weekly) - A superb, eye-opening and often absurdly funny deconstruction of the myths and realities of global terrorism" (Variety). Furthermore, the films were awarded a BAFTA in the category of 'Best Factual Series'. Additional awards were given by the Director's Guild of Great Britain and the Royal Television Society.

All in all, another Adam Curtis masterpiece - Another milestone in documentary film-making !

Offered by b68solutions
Price: £18.99

4.0 out of 5 stars The game that makes you die a 100 lifes - Literally, 25 Nov. 2009
This review is from: WET (PS3) (Video Game)
When WET, the acrobatic 3rd person shooter by Bethesda (the same guys behind the `Elder Scrolls' series and `Fallout 3') was released in September `09, the reviews which came with it did not really help the gaming community make up their minds if this was a definite purchase or not. If you simply relied on a quick review on YouTube you saw plenty of fancy action and cool grindhouse-like visuals, under-layered by an uber-sweet soundtrack. However, once you started reading the magazines the picture got somewhat confusing.

When the PSM3 publication gave it a 71% in its #119 issue and highlighted `relentless combat, stylish visuals, hot new heroine and slow motion' I was pumped to finally having had found a game to bridge the waiting time until GoW III or Assassin's Creed II were out. However, then came PLAY magazine and buried the game with a measly 41% rating accompanied by comments such as `WET is mindlessly violent and devoid of fun' or `WET is a great concept, but one whose execution screams for another year of development - Everything is in need of further honing, from the horrible controls to the animation and rewards system'. So you can imagine having read these two reviews, did not help me neither.

So like the brave gamer I am I flipped the coin and decided to buy WET in order to find out the real story myself - and truth be told I am only semi-disappointed. While the game itself looks and feels like a +6-hour `Kill Bill' episode, supported by 1 of the best action-packed, Tarantino-like soundtracks I have ever heard for any game (e.g. Gypsy Pistoleros, The Chop Tops, The Hypnophonics, Knock Galley West and Creepin' Cadavers), the repetitiveness of the `die-retry-die again-retry again' missions were surely irritating at times and provided countless moments of utter frustration. With your bonus points (an accumulation of mission completion time, acrobatic kill skills and multiplayer kills skills) you can rack-up points to improve either your acrobatic skills or your weapon skills. If like me you spent your first +20,000 points on acrobatic skills though, only to find out that you could also increase the damage and fire rate of your weapons, you would eventually reach a mission which was borderline impossible to pass (somehow though, with a lot of retries, I always managed). Furthermore, at times the game has life-saving checkpoint auto saves, at other times it is stupendifying and mind-boggling how some checkpoints were chosen. Scenes like when Ruby jumps out of an exploding plane and has to dodge all incoming debris or when chasing a gang of bikers by jumping from car-to-car, doing her best `Trinity' impression, are guarantees to have you fail over, and over and over again. This all leads to the fact that this game is not for everyone and also not for the occasional gamer, as frustration and disappointment will kick in quickly.

So my verdict is this: In terms of gore, blood and violence it is a mixture between a `Dead Space-light' and a `Killer 7' - In terms of action, it surely borrows from `Prince of Persia' and any other decent jump-and-run RPG. All in all, I think WET is worth the money, provides plenty of hearty action, a solid 'Tarantino-like' story and cinematography, all at an affordable price - Give it a try and you might just fall in love with Ruby and her blood-thirsty ways - I eventually did.

Rocky: The Complete Saga [Blu-ray] [1976]
Rocky: The Complete Saga [Blu-ray] [1976]
Dvd ~ Sylvester Stallone
Offered by lightningdvd
Price: £21.85

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1.0 out of 5 stars The worst let-down in blu-ray history to date - PERIOD, 23 Nov. 2009
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
If you scroll through the catalogue of modern day movie-making history, there are only a few real jams which still await to be seen in its full glory. When this box set was announced, a universal sigh of relief could be heard, as Rocky fans around the world started saving their hard-earned cash for this blu-ray extravaganza. The fact though that Amazon increased the pre-order price by about 20 pounds a few weeks before its actual release, probably should have been a sign for the things to come. However, nothing on this planet could have prepared us for this cataclysmic, monumental let-down and sheer conversion catastrophe under which this box set has been released to the general public.

The fact of the matter is, that this box set (especially Rocky I - Rocky IV) has to be the biggest disappointment of any blu-ray release EVER and Rocky fans should boycott this product unilaterally and send a letter of complaint to Amazon, for even having offered it to us. Viewing it, at times I was unsure if I was watching a blu-ray, DVD or VHS copy as the massive amount of grain, dirt, softness, vertical scratches and noise splotches ruined all the viewing pleasure I was looking forward to. At that point it becomes irrelevant if the Audio is an impressive DTS-HD Lossless Master 5.1 or of the likes. The unbelievable reality is that this historic franchise has been brutalized by an equally historic failure in investing the proper time, energy and money, to give us (the fans) what we have been waiting for, for such a long time, namely seeing these movies with all its glory and punch-out performances and in TRUE blu-ray quality.

The financial backers and executive engineers behind this project should be ashamed and owe all of us a major apology for having released this filthy piece of stinking garbage !!!
Comment Comments (11) | Permalink | Most recent comment: Aug 14, 2012 8:52 PM BST

Heavy Metal in Baghdad [DVD] [2008] [Region 1] [US Import] [NTSC]
Heavy Metal in Baghdad [DVD] [2008] [Region 1] [US Import] [NTSC]
Offered by passionFlix UK
Price: £17.49

3 of 3 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars Heavy Metal in Baghdad - The somewhat different look at Iraq, 23 Jun. 2009
'Heavy Metal in Baghdad' is a feature film documentary that follows the Iraqi heavy metal band Acrassicauda from the fall of Saddam Hussein in 2003 to the present day.

Playing heavy metal in a Muslim country has always been a difficult (if not impossible) proposition yet after Saddam's regime was toppled, there was a brief moment for the band in which real freedom seemed possible. That hope was quickly dashed as Iraq fell into a bloody insurgency.

From 2003-2006, Iraq disintegrated around them while Acrassicauda struggled to stay together and stay alive, always refusing to let their heavy metal dreams die. While facing certain death on an almost daily basis, these 4 friends managed to somehow survive 'hell on earth' and to this day keep their act alive.

The film won 'Best Documentary' at the Warsaw Film Festival and was part of the Toronto and Berlin Intl. Film Festival selection

The Corporation [DVD] [2006]
The Corporation [DVD] [2006]
Dvd ~ Mikela Jay
Price: £5.99

22 of 23 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars The movie which 'the establishment' does not want you to see, 23 Jun. 2009
This review is from: The Corporation [DVD] [2006] (DVD)
'The Corporation' is a 2003 Canadian documentary and another one of those films you will not see in any theaters near you, because it touches on a subject which makes those in power feel very uncomfortable.

THE CORPORATION is a well-organised and deeply fascinating docu-film about the growing prominence of large global businesses, and the way that their decisions are impacting the world.

The film shows how corporations have ballooned in size and power since the industrial revolution, and explains the laws and loopholes that allow them to remain nearly unaccountable for their actions. If they break a law, they are willing to admit guilt and pay the fine, because the profits outweigh the penalties. Therefore, they continue to cause serious environmental problems by dumping waste into rivers and oceans and by depleting natural resources, resulting in irreversible damage to the earth which also poses a serious threat to human life.

Beyond environmental issues, the film shows how corporations exploit underpaid labourers in third world countries, violate basic human rights, make deals with foreign countries who are known enemies of the U.S., and in some instances perpetuate fascist regimes. Valuable, informative talking-head commentary comes from a diverse group including Ray Anderson, CEO of carpet manufacturer Interface; Sir Mark Moody-Stuart, former chairman of Royal Dutch Shell; Dr. Vandana Shiva, feminist and ecologist; Milton Friedman, Nobel prize-winning economist; Marc Barry, corporate spy; Joe Badaracco, professor of business ethics at Harvard; and activists Noam Chomsky, Howard Zinn, and Michael Moore.

Providing useful references to major news stories that illustrate various corporate developments, and good information about how the system works, THE CORPORATION empowers viewers and shows them that they can realistically enact change. For that reason, this documentary makes real progress, encouraging viewers to take the world's future into their own hands and away from corporations whose sole interest is profit.

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