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Aqua 25 Section Stacker With Polka Dot Lining
Aqua 25 Section Stacker With Polka Dot Lining
Offered by The Giftery
Price: £11.95

4.0 out of 5 stars Beware - this is NOT Aqua, 31 Mar 2014
Only 4 stars and that is only because the description is wrong - it is NOT Aqua, but more a pale blue.
The product itself is very good - just what I was looking for - some way of tidying up my earring collection, and this fits the bill. I have more than one pair of earrings in some of the 'squares' but it doesn't matter - I've stored like with like, and they are easy to find, don't get tangled up with other items and are kept dust free as I also have a lidded top box which is cream. These two colours look lovely together (even though I had wanted/expected the Aqua!).
A very clever idea, and yes I probably will be buying other trays in due course.

Lente Designs® Amazon Kindle 4, Touch and Paperwhite case in 'Smithy Stripes' design
Lente Designs® Amazon Kindle 4, Touch and Paperwhite case in 'Smithy Stripes' design
Offered by Lente Designs
Price: £24.99

5.0 out of 5 stars Highly recommended, 29 Mar 2014
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
I chose this cover for my new Paperwhite having previously had an 'official' leather cover with light for my Kindle Keyboard. There's nothing wrong with the 'official' ones, but they are expensive and slightly boring.

This cover ticks all the boxes. The fabric is very tactile - a strong canvas, and the design of the fabric is fun, eye catching and definitely not boring. The design of the cover is very good. It fits the Paperwhite perfectly, the front cover is held shut by a strap with a snap magnet, but when opened and the Paperwhite instantly comes to life, the cover folds back, is secured by the magnet and then is easy and comfortable to hold. I love Lente Designs - they are a British design company and have a very good website where all their products are available often at slightly cheaper prices than on here. We as a family have several of these covers for different devices and all are equally as good. Thoroughly recommended.

Lente Designs® Amazon Kindle 4, Touch and Paperwhite (& 3G) protective cover case Green Cornflower floral design with purple seeds
Lente Designs® Amazon Kindle 4, Touch and Paperwhite (& 3G) protective cover case Green Cornflower floral design with purple seeds
Offered by Lente Designs
Price: £18.99

1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Love it!, 29 Mar 2014
I just love this case. I already have another Lente Designs cover (Smithy Stripes which I also love) but when I saw this I just had to have it. The fabric is lovely, a very tactile canvas, and the cover design is gorgeous. These covers are excellent, because like the 'official' Kindle covers, opening the cover 'wakes up' the Kindle instantly, so you can start reading straight away. The cover is held shut by a strap with a magnetic popper, but when reading, the cover is designed to fold back and is held securely folded back by the magnet - very clever. The advantage of having the cover like this is that then there is more to hold onto, your thumb can slip up inside the back and front cover and it is extremely comfortable to hold. I would never ever have a Kindle without a cover of some sort, and for me this ticks all the boxes. In the past with a previous Kindle Keyboard I had the official Kindle leather cover with the light, but the official covers are very expensive, and these Lente Design ones are just brilliant - and they are designed by a small British company - they have their own website and their prices are usually a little cheaper than on here and their customer service is second to none. Give them a go - I'm sure you will be as pleased as I have been.

Kindle Paperwhite, 6" High Resolution Display with Next-Gen Built-in Light, Wi-Fi
Kindle Paperwhite, 6" High Resolution Display with Next-Gen Built-in Light, Wi-Fi
Price: £109.00

9 of 11 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars FANTASTIC! BRILLIANT! AMAZING!, 19 Mar 2014
I could go on.

I have now had my Paperwhite since Christmas and everything about it is amazing.

I bought my original Kindle Keyboard having seen for the first time a friend's Kindle in America in 2010 - when I came home the first thing I did was to buy the new Keyboard model which was just being launched. I loved my Kindle, but there were definitely limitations - notably the size and lack of light. I purchased the official Kindle cover with light, which was ok, but only ok - this gave uneven lighting to the screen and I was always aware of it which took away from the reading experience.

For me to buy a Kindle in the first place was quite amazing because I am not a natural book lover! I read, but not as an automatic everyday occurrence - just when on holiday - so for me to want to buy a Kindle to read was quite extraordinary.

What brought about this change - it was the ability to purchase, and mostly free, all the classics that I either wanted to read for the first time or re-read the few that I remembered reading a long time ago. It was amazing to be able to choose books and have them automatically delivered to a reading device within seconds. I still marvel at this nearly four years on.

When the original Paperwhite was launched I thought that this was amazing and would now be everything that the Keyboard wasn't - it was, except for one thing - the dodgy screen. I was so disappointed as I longed to be able to have the Kindle with the inbuilt light. I read every review - the more I read the sadder I became. On occasions I was tempted to just buy it - perhaps I would be lucky and my Paperwhite would have a perfect screen, or maybe I could just get used to it. But no, I decided to wait. I thought that in time, the problems would be sorted and the next generation would be the one to have.

I am so glad I waited! When I saw that the next generation of the Paperwhite was being launched last Autumn I checked through all the specifications and not only had the screen been sorted, but there were also some other improvements - the dictionary for one. I love the instant dictionary and often used it on my Kindle Keyboard, but this new dictionary is even better because the words you have looked up are saved so at some stage you can go back and look at them, and learn them!

As Christmas was just around the corner I decided to wait and have it as a Christmas present - it was a long wait as I really really wanted one of these brilliant new devices. I don't normally get very excited about receiving presents, I prefer to give them, but this year was very different! Meanwhile I read every review written by the lucky new owners, and luckily the screen problems of the first generation seemed to have been sorted.

Christmas arrived, and at last I was able to unwrap the long awaited Paperwhite. Oh my goodness - it is just so good! It has answered all my wishes for an e-reader. I love the touch screen - although I wasn't that sure that I would, and I was sure that I would miss the page turning buttons, but actually I'm really glad I don't have to use them any more as I now realise that the click of each page turn was a really annoying noise! The touch screen is just right - just the right sensitivity. I don't find any problem with having to touch the screen in a particular way, in a particular place - I either swipe, or I just touch on any part of about 3/4 of the screen to move forward a page. Obviously to turn back a page is a smaller left hand section, but that's absolutely fine. The menus at the top are intuitive - ok different from the Keyboard menus, but very obvious as to what is what. I definitely don't miss the keyboard - it always rather annoyed me. How often when reading is it necessary to type something? This is not a computer - it is a reading device. The new hidden keyboard is just perfect - it just appears when needed, and disappears when not required. Having dispensed with the physical keyboard it has made the Paperwhite a smaller device which is just perfect. Its small enough to easily be carried around, but not too small to be of use. The screen is the same size as the original Keyboard model.

The set-up was child's play. I just switched it on, it picked up our wi-fi and I was away. Registered the Paperwhite to me, and there were my books in the cloud for me to download as I wanted. It doesn't bother me that I can't have thousands and thousands of books on the one device - they are all available as and when I want them. When I've finished reading a book, I move it into a 'read' folder and then remove it from my device - I have no wish to have books on my Kindle which I've read.

For me the 'icing-on-the-cake' has to be the inbuilt light! It is amazing - I love it. Its not just that I read in bed at night, which I do and it is quite invaluable for this use, but just every now and again its really good to be able to have the screen brighter or dimmer depending on the lighting conditions - and its so easy to do.

Without a doubt it is absolutely essential to purchase a cover primarily to protect this amazing device - its worthy of protection - but although I usually go for the extras designed by the same manufacturer, this time I decided to be different. Last time I had a leather cover which was 'classic' this time I wanted something a little more light weight and more fun. I chose a Lente cover. These covers are very good - a small British company designing covers for devices. I love this cover, because its made of canvas, so it is light and hardwearing, but the other benefits are that like the 'official' covers, the Paperwhite automatically comes on when the cover is opened. The cover can be folded back and clips with a magnetic catch so that it doesn't flap open or get in the way. When it is folded back like this it is really comfy/easy to hold. I just slip my thumb in the fold if I'm holding it, but mostly I read with the Paperwhite supported by a small cushion so it is really really easy to touch the screen and there is never any risk of changing pages or menus by mistake because the Kindle itself is not being held.

The choice of books available is increasing by the minute - books I wanted several years ago are now in the e-format so my new mantra is that if its available on Kindle that's what I get. I am in the process of thinning down our paperbacks - we just don't need to store lots of books which no one else is going to read - I am donating them to our local charity shop so that other people can benefit from them in more ways than one. I probably would not buy reference books for the Kindle, or if I did, I would more than likely get the 'hard' copy too - I feel that there should be a discount offered if both an e-book and actual book are purchased - I have done this for a few books. I like the ease of use of having a book on my Kindle, but sometimes, depending on the type of book, it is easier to be able to look at a paper version, hence having both formats.

I am not a natural 'book reader' - there are huge gaps in my reading experience which I am now trying to rectify. I love the fact, that if I hear about a book which someone is talking about, or I have read a review of a book, without any delay I have sourced it on Amazon and probably downloaded a sample - if I like it I have purchased it all within a few minutes - incredible.

However, I think the one downside to the amazing Kindle, is that I do wish I could access our wonderful library books - more and more of their books are being offered in e-book format, but the Kindle software is unfortunately incompatible - a great shame. There is a way of converting e book formats back and forth with Calibre, but I haven't had much experience of this to comment on it.

So, to sum up - this new Paperwhite has been well worth the wait - if you are wondering whether to firstly get an e-reader, then the answer is definitely yes whether you are or are not a book reader, and if you are then wondering which e-reader to get - well there is no contest - the Paperwhite wins hands down.

Samsung Galaxy Mini S5570 Sim Free Mobile Phone - Grey
Samsung Galaxy Mini S5570 Sim Free Mobile Phone - Grey
Price: £56.98

2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Excellent Novice Smart Phone, 11 Mar 2012
I am a long standing loyal Nokia customer, but my previous contract was too expensive and this Samsung Galaxy Mini Smartphone caught my eye. This is my first smart phone. I was extrememly apprehensive about moving to a smart phone - I couldn't really see any advantage over my faithful Nokia 6300 which did everything I expected from a mobile. Why would I want to be able to email, internet browse, play games, read my Kindle etc? However, when I was finally ready to take the plunge I decided to consider this phone as it seemed the best of the 'entry-level-range' phones, it had a good specification which I was surprised to find on a phone at this price point.

The one thing that I was really worried about with moving to a smart/touchscreen phone was the way one texted. I had seen people tapping the screens and each individual letter coming up - it seemed to me that this was not progress but going backward compared to the quick texting on a traditional mobile. When I was doing my research into which smart phone to get, the one thing that kept cropping up with the Samsung phones was the ability to 'Swype' type. This to me seemed ingenious. I wanted to see it working, so went into my T-Mobile shop and asked for a demonstration. The assistant couldn't find out how to use the Swype. I asked the other assistants if they had used it, or if indeed they had had any feedback from other Samsung customers. They said that they weren't really aware of its use, they had tried it and not liked it and that it didn't really work at all. I was very disappointed, but decided not to aim too high with my first Smartphone in case I didn't like it, and so the decision to purchase the Galaxy Mini was reached.

My experience of Swype? Well I consider it to be the best thing since mobile phones were invented. It is brilliant. So easy to learn, so easy to do, so quick, so reliable, so intuitive - I could go on, its just the best. The only problem I have (and this is only me!) is that because I am a touch typist I do not actually know where the keys are, so I have had to learn the placement of the letters on the keyboard to be able to do Swype!!! I really wish that Swype was pushed more by the mobile phone shops, every Samsung phone has it, yet I know so many people who have Samsungs but don't know about Swype. When they are shown the ease of use of Swype, they are converted in a matter of minutes and never go back.

The other thing which is a brilliant plus point with the Mini - (and I guess other Samsungs) is the voice recorder. I can press the button and it will record a text message, memo, email - and it is almost perfect. Obviously the punctuation is missing, but that is easy to sort. I can walk along the street, and record a quick text - just brilliant.

On the whole I love my Galaxy Mini, it does everything and more than I expected. However since buying it and using it I now realise just how amazing the new generation of smart phones is, and how much I now rely on being able to look things up, find out where I am, track my walks, keep up with my emails etc and realise a couple of limitations on this phone. They are, for me, its 3mp camera and the lack of auto focus. I really wish the camera was better and that I could macro focus - then I could use the bar code scanner app which I would really like. There are also a number of apps which friends and colleagues have which I can't get on this phone, possibly because the processor is lacking.

Would I recommend this phone? Definitely if you are looking for a smart phone without breaking the bank. Its a great size and so easy to use. However, if a better focusing camera matters to you, then maybe not - I am now looking to upgrade to the Samsung Galaxy Ace. If I had known how much I would use a smart phone when I was looking to move from my trusty Nokia to purchase my first smart phone, I would have gone straight for the Ace.

Logitech C510 HD Webcam
Logitech C510 HD Webcam
Offered by AOT (VAT registered)
Price: £49.00

5.0 out of 5 stars Really good., 23 Feb 2011
This is my first webcam and until I started to research which to get I really didn't know anything about them. The only advice I was given by my children was 'check out the megapixels, don't go for the cheapest webcam because this will have very few mp's and therefore a poor picture'. This was good advice. This webcam has 8mp - not the most on the market but more than enough. I looked into several webcams but only Logitech as I particularly like this make. Having chosen to buy this particular model it was incredibly simple to set up. The picture is really good, its easy to use and when I've finished it folds up and packs away in the included bag. All in all a very good purchase which does the job. I'm very pleased with it and highly recommend it to others.

Amazon Kindle Keyboard Lighted Leather Cover, Black (only fits Kindle Keyboard)
Amazon Kindle Keyboard Lighted Leather Cover, Black (only fits Kindle Keyboard)
Price: £19.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars Excellent but expensive., 7 Oct 2010
When I first decided to buy the fantastic Kindle3 I thought it was only right to get the cover designed for it.

My first thought on which cover to get was that both the standard and the lighted one were brilliant but about a third too expensive. Looking at the prices I decided that I should economise so I bought the standard cover without the light thinking that I already have a simple clip on light that would do the job fine.

Both the covers (excepting the light) are the same so the following review applies to both models.

The cover arrived (before the Kindle) and it is very very good. It fits the Kindle perfectly and in so doing gives protection. I really like the way that it is styled, the leather is gorgeous, the colours lovely (I bought the burnt orange) and it is so easy to use. It attaches to the Kindle in a matter of seconds, and in use is simplicity. I really like the elastic closure band, no fuss, just does the job. I also really like the way I can fold the cover back, fix it with the band and then either hold the Kindle with one hand or rest it on a cushion or in a book stand for 'hands free' use. The inside of the cover has a lovely 'felty' feel to it, so not only does it completely protect the screen and buttons of the Kindle, but it is also non slip so rests very easily on an angled surface.

Attaching my clip on light was ok, but after only a few days the battery was going down (because I was using the Kindle so much!) so I decided to think again about the lighted cover!

Having initially disregarded the lighted cover due to its cost I began to see the advantages over having a separate light. The light is always there! After kicking myself a bit over having wasted money on buying the standard cover I ordered the burgundy red lighted cover. It is brilliant! It is so clever just having the light there all the time, safely tucked away when not needed, but instantly available in low light. I thought the light would be uneven and therefore annoying but it is a very gentle natural light and becomes unnoticeable once absorbed in the reading - which is very very easy to do.

I don't understand why anyone having bought the best e-reader on the market will want to buy a cover which slips off or is just a stick-on cover. Don't hesitate about buying the best cover designed for the Kindle which does the job so brilliantly. Yes it is expensive but it will last, is a quality product and makes my Kindle look an even more amazing piece of kit than it already is in its own right.
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Kindle Keyboard, Wi-Fi, 6" E Ink Display
Kindle Keyboard, Wi-Fi, 6" E Ink Display

1,761 of 1,801 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars I just love it!, 18 Sep 2010
I just love it. I first saw an e-reader a few months ago when I was shown a Sony one - I wasn't that impressed. Then I was shown a Kindle 2 while in America - this was more like it I thought. On returning to the UK I thought I would have a look in more detail at the Kindle and compare it to other readers. How thrilled and surprised was I to log on to Amazon and see there right in front of me the all new Kindle 3! I read all about it with mounting excitement. It did so many things, was Wi-Fi (I don't need the 3G version), so many of the classic books are free, and it just seemed to have all the added extras to make it almost too good to be true. The most amazing thing was the price - I couldn't believe it. Although it was out of stock I thought I shouldn't rush into buying it, it wasn't my birthday or Christmas so how on earth could I justify buying myself a present?

I pondered this purchase for a few days, and gradually the reviews started coming in which confirmed all my aspirations for the Kindle - the more reviews I read the more I felt that I just had to have one. I placed my order on August 20th and also bought a Kindle cover in burnt orange. The cover came very quickly which was almost unkind as it felt incomplete (as obviously it was waiting for the Kindle)! I waited and waited for the actual device to arrive and kept checking back to see if I was lucky to have the 'dispatching' notice. When I read that other people were receiving their Kindles from a later ordering date, I decided to ring CS. They were very helpful and although they said I would still have about a week to wait, that very day I received the 'dispatching' notice and it arrived within a few days. If anyone else has been waiting longer than they think they should, my advice would be to give CS a ring - it can't do any harm.

I was so excited when I opened the 'easy open' box - very clever minimal packaging, makes such a change from all this horrid plastic that comes encasing everything.

My one dread about switching my Kindle on was that it would not recognise our WiFi and then I wouldn't know what to do. No worries. I switched it on, up came our WiFi network and within a couple of seconds I had downloaded a free book that I had been wanting. Amazing. All the instructions that came with the Kindle were superb. The simple fold-out paper ones in the box were brilliant and the manual actually on the Kindle is very good. I have looked through all of it, but every now and again I like to go back to particular sections of it to refresh my mind of how to do something.

The reading experience is brilliant. I am not a great reader - I would like to be, but there always seem to be other things to do and I find actually going in to a bookshop quite muddling. With the Kindle I can look in the comfort of my own home, find a book of interest, download a sample and click 'buy now' if I so wish. So much easier than going to the shop or library. I was recommended a book the other day while talking to a friend, within seconds I had it on my Kindle ready to read! How clever is that!

I very much like the in built dictionary. I changed the default dictionary to the Oxford English - very simple. When I am reading I just highlight the word and instantly the definition comes up. I can then highlight it and save it to look at a later date - my vocabulary is already improving (I have to add that this is a very old classic that I am reading with unusual and unfamiliar words!)

I find the different size fonts very useful. I also like the way the screen can be changed from portrait to landscape instantly. Mostly I read my Kindle in portrait with the keyboard at the bottom, but at night when I am in bed I change it so that the keyboard is at the top - I find this less intrusive and somehow easier to use.

Although the Kindle is compact and comfortable to use, I have found that I find it easier to prop it up in a stand on a table to be even easier when I am sitting on a chair, or in bed I lay it on a small cushion which just gets it at the right angle without having to hold it all the time. Luckily the well designed cover folds completely back and the inside of the cover is non slip. I think it would be very useful if it had a folding support at the back, similar to a free standing picture frame, so that it could prop itself up on a hard surface. Likewise Kindle should design some 'Kindle inspired mini bean cushion' for use on a lap or in bed.

All in all I think it is a superb piece of kit. I never thought I would want an e-reader let alone buy one, but I have and I am very very pleased with my purchase. I can highly recommend it to everyone.
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Hush Puppies Women's Pinkbud Sandal
Hush Puppies Women's Pinkbud Sandal

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5.0 out of 5 stars Just fantastic, so comfortable., 2 Jun 2010
I have these wonderful sandals in three colours, black, brown and red. I love them all. They are just the most comfortable sandals my feet have ever had the pleasure of wearing. They fit like a glove. The leather is the softest ever. I think they have an understated style - they will go with most outfits and occasions - I wear a pair for work or equally with jeans for a casual look. Obviously they don't have a heel, but there is just the slightest of 'wedge' effects. To walk in them feels like walking on a bubble of air covered with gorgeous leather, with soft, soft, leather straps. There is nothing that would be able to rub or pinch. I just love them. Give them a go, but yes the sizes do come up on the small side and I would agree they are perhaps a slightly narrow fit.

Nordic Walking [2004] [DVD]
Nordic Walking [2004] [DVD]
Price: £5.99

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2.0 out of 5 stars Disappointing and boring, 28 Mar 2010
This review is from: Nordic Walking [2004] [DVD] (DVD)
I have recently taken up Nordic Walking and thought that this DVD would be interesting and informative to have along side my classes. How wrong I was. The delivery is very dull and uninspiring (partly because it is dubbed with English) - anyone looking at this DVD for the first time wanting to find out about Nordic Walking will be very disappointed and left wondering what all the hype is about with this new 'fitness craze'. I managed to watch it to the end hoping that it would improve and inspire me to get up, pick up my poles, and go straight out for a long and invigorating walk there and then. It did none of this. I was left thinking 'why am I doing such a boring form of fitness activity', and 'why is it that I come back from every session buzzing when this DVD left me feeling like I want to go to sleep'? Thank goodness for my excellent instructor, I am glad that I have had several sessions with her before wading through this DVD.

If you want to watch this DVD my advice would be to borrow it from your local library, you will probably only want to watch it once.

Whatever you do - do have a go at Nordic Walking - it is fun, a great form of keeping fit and great to be out in the fresh air

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