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Krusell ColourCover Clip-on Case for Sony Xperia Z1 - Black
Krusell ColourCover Clip-on Case for Sony Xperia Z1 - Black
Price: 12.19

1.0 out of 5 stars looks cool but very poor build, 4 April 2014
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Dropped my phone once, wasnt even a hard drop and the corners of the case cracked...

getting this thing off is also a pain as it drags on the covers for your sim card slot and gets caught

very poor for the price

Denon AH-C400 In-Ear Headphones with Microphone
Denon AH-C400 In-Ear Headphones with Microphone
Offered by home AV direct
Price: 79.90

1.0 out of 5 stars Very poor from denon, 15 Jan 2014
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After owning the ah-c300 for the past year sadly gone faulty i thought i would take a step up for the new ah-c400 considering they had dropped over 100 sincei last looked at them.

Expecting the same amazing sound quality i was excited to try these..

First look was great, finally a set of headphones i can rely on without the weight or the 300s and the awkward ear hook that causes pain after an hours use....

tried first song.. everything sounded great (bass light song, male vocals) then the next song that was horrendous, the female vocals shattered my eardrums even at low volumes it was so painful to listen to. and the third song which was a more bass heavy song... disgusting... the earphones rumbled and everytime a major bassline hit it gave a patheticly quiet rumble. then i tried a fourth song, a mixture of female and male vocals a little bit of bass and instruments etc, again failed heavily.. the drums were off every time the symbol was hit your eardrum shattered, every time the bass drum hit the whole song went quiet or you couldnt even make out it was there every time the female singer came into play i had to turn the volume down. the male singer sounded great and the acoustic guitar was also complimented..

Im no bass junkie, i dont require alot of bass i just require enough so that the likes of drums or basslines are noticable to add to the quality of the songs like they are supposed to, but these earphones failed to provide that.

also the cable failed to fit into my android phone correctly (xperia z) due to the design of the 3.5MM jack slot which also is another negative as the 300s fit perfectly fine.

The 300s while being terribly designed, heavy and quite sore to use for periods of use were so much better quality wise, every song i threw at it sounded fantastic, also only had to put most songs at half of my volume as they are quite a loud set of headphones, but these are just a shocking upgrade... wasnt expecting much from armature drivers but i was expecting enough.. at a price tag of 79 im not satisfied with the quality in any way. i wouldnt even pay 40 for these...

Who knows, maybe its a defective set, im sending back for a refund and going for a pair of RHAs, i would have went for the 300s again but the design is starting to be a pain.

i wouldnt reccomend this to anyone really...

combine the design of these headphones with the quality of the 300s and then you have a 200 pair of headphones, shame denon failed to deliver here... i was expecting much more from them after recomending them to all my friends after the 300s

EDIT:::: after recieving my pair of RHA ma750 i am astounded by the quality of them. The RHAs sound exactly like i expected the ah-c400s to sound like.. they werent perfect at first but with tweaking equaliser settings to a preffered sound they are amazing, but tweaking was expected as it always is with any pair of headphones. not Bass heavy but just the right amount of bass kick to make all songs enjoyable along with great acoustics and vocals not piercing vocals like the ah-c400s

Guilty Gadgets  - 5m 5 Meter Metre Single 1 X RCA Plug To 1 X RCA Socket Audio Video Phono Socket Extension Male Female Cable Lead Plug Black
Guilty Gadgets - 5m 5 Meter Metre Single 1 X RCA Plug To 1 X RCA Socket Audio Video Phono Socket Extension Male Female Cable Lead Plug Black
Offered by Guilty Gadgets
Price: 5.06

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1.0 out of 5 stars wrong item TWICE, 22 Dec 2013
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What you get sent are male to male connecters not female to male.

very very poor will not be using "guilty gadgets" again

5m Single RCA / Phono Male to Female RCA Phono Audio Video AV Extension Cable Lead Wire
5m Single RCA / Phono Male to Female RCA Phono Audio Video AV Extension Cable Lead Wire
Offered by CDL Micro
Price: 2.09

1.0 out of 5 stars Not even a 1 shop would sell this quality, 21 Dec 2013
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
ordered 3 of these, all 3 the male connecter snapped with a slight riggle. poor quality, cheapest possible matterials used. lucky for me the male connecter did not snap inside anything important other than in each other.

Packard Bell 15.6-inch EasyNote TE Notebook - (Silver) (AMD A4-5000 1.5GHz Processor, 4GB RAM, 500GB HDD, DVDSM DL, LAN, WLAN, BT, Webcam, Integrated Graphics, Windows 8)
Packard Bell 15.6-inch EasyNote TE Notebook - (Silver) (AMD A4-5000 1.5GHz Processor, 4GB RAM, 500GB HDD, DVDSM DL, LAN, WLAN, BT, Webcam, Integrated Graphics, Windows 8)
Offered by Smart_Electronics
Price: 348.00

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5.0 out of 5 stars so far so good, 12 Dec 2013
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Ordered this for my dads Christmas, opened it up to set it all up and so far im amazed by the laptop..

for 300 I was expecting it to be slow and filled with useless, annoying and resource consuming ad apps but to my amazement it was almost empty of those.. there are a few Packard bell apps as expected but not much else.

the laptop runs smooth and has shown no issues so far.

Windows 8.1 really is a great operating system, it makes things so much simpler by adding app based programs aswell as having your standard desktop programs.

the appbase programs are fantastic almost wiping out your need to use the browser for e.g. Netflix app can now stream in HD and play 5.1 surround on pc with the windows 8 app which it cant on windows 7 downwards as Silverlight doesn't support it, finally Netflix feels worth the money.

Internet explorer... im actually really impressed with this.. ive always had a severe hate for I.E but after using it with windows 8.. it feels much better, more in tune with the OS than chrome or firefox does... not that you will use it much due to the wide selection of apps available for facebook, mails, amazon etc.

if you're looking for a cheap laptop, this is the one for you.
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Smiffy's Count Duckula (Medium)
Smiffy's Count Duckula (Medium)
Price: 27.69

3.0 out of 5 stars Great costume.. however you get what you pay for.., 20 Oct 2013
= Durability:1.0 out of 5 stars  = Fun:5.0 out of 5 stars  = Educational:1.0 out of 5 stars 
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This review is from: Count Duckula Costume (Toy)
The grey blazer/jacket/waistcoat that comes with this is super poor in quality.. infact.. its about the only poor quality item in this set other than the gloves however its an important part of the costume. not only is it poor in quality, its held together with velcro.. looks quite tacky, the cape however is fantastic quality and covers most of the cheap tacky look of the jacket.

it was only for a one time wear so im not too fussed about the tacky jacket but just remember cheap costumes come with cheap items

29" x 45" Thick Soft Fleece XL Cushion Pet Mattress Bed for Dog/Cat
29" x 45" Thick Soft Fleece XL Cushion Pet Mattress Bed for Dog/Cat

1.0 out of 5 stars 5 inches thick? more like 2.., 4 Sep 2013
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thickness of this is nowhere near 5 inches.. its 2 max.. and it flattens to a pancake when the dog is lieing on it.. i have a greyhound so i need a nice thick bed to cushion his skinny figure. although he lies on this.. i dont know if he will be getting much comfort from it.. it seems warm enough for him.. but i got it because of the thickness description..
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Red Rover
Red Rover
Price: 0.00

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5.0 out of 5 stars Found myself a new band!, 28 Aug 2013
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This review is from: Red Rover (MP3 Download)
absolutely brilliant! i love this band already!

The lead singer has such an amazing voice range and knows how to put emotion into her songs..

Arctic Cooling Freezer A30 CPU Cooler
Arctic Cooling Freezer A30 CPU Cooler
Price: 28.18

5.0 out of 5 stars Silent but violent, 17 Aug 2013
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I bought this fan to replace the stock amd fx 8350 cooler due to the fact that the sound levels were reaching 100db+ and the avg temp was around 40 degrees even on a cold day. My case has an extremely good amount of airflow due to the large 140mm fan (maybe larger) at the front the 120mm at the back (to expel the hot air) and 2 120mm fans on the side. I thought at firs that maybe the case fans were poor, but after testing I realised that they were probably the only thing keeping the cpu as cool as 40 on avg.

After ordering this i was quite sceptical about the size as my case has only a 185mm width and this has a 160mm height.. i knew i was going to have to sacrifice the side fans but from the reviews i felt like i had to.

Installing the cooler itself was fairly simple (i used arctic silver articlean to clean the cpu) however when it came to applying the thermal paste i was very concerned... normally suppliers ship out enough thermal paste and a little bit extra with there tubes.. but in this case all that was shipped was just the right amount needed and no more which in a way is a good thing i guess but also a bad... i followed the instruction to apply the paste as it asked to put 4 lines along the 4 copper pannels that have been flattened at the bottom to realise that i hadnt done it fully even and as i got half way on the 4th pipe i had ran out of thermal paste.. although this was slightly my fault i feel as if a little more paste should have been sent.. not much more.. just a little more.. after a few miniutes of trying to even out the paste i had managed to do so...

after worrying about putting the cpu under load incase the thermal paste had not settled in correctly i decided i'd bite the bullet and put on BF3 on ultra graphics. the max temp reached was 53 degrees with min temp at 13 degrees. and the best thing of all, SILENCE! there was no rattling of my case due to an inadequite cooler (the stock cooler litteraly rattled my case around) and no more frustration from downstairs who could hear this rattling as they were watching the television.

The paste seems to have settled in fine and on average my cpu temp is reporting 15-25 degrees with a max reached so far of 58 degrees (4 hours non stop gaming) and these have been recorded on fairly hot days. compared to the 40 degree average and max of 80 degrees using the stock cooler on a very very cold day with 2 extra 120mm side fans.

If you have an AMD CPU and a big enough case (mines is cit vantage x11 case) then this is the cooler for you.. its big and violent but most of all it is silent. I might even consider OCing my cpu knowing that i have a more than sufficient cooling system installed.

Afterglow Universal Wireless Amplified Stereo Gaming Headset (PS3/Xbox 360/Wii/PC DVD)
Afterglow Universal Wireless Amplified Stereo Gaming Headset (PS3/Xbox 360/Wii/PC DVD)
Price: 63.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars AMAZING Product.. BUT....., 14 Aug 2013
= Fun:5.0 out of 5 stars 
After reading all the mixed reviews on this product I was quite sceptical of getting it.. however I was looking for a wireless headset that would suit my needs without a huge price tag.... this was the cheapest and what seemed the best looking and best sounding option.

I had to order my product through a different company as Amazon almost never seemed to have these in stock and I hate delivery from amazon as it is usually some budget grade delivery company or free delivery takes 5 days to deliver so I ordered at the same price through a different company.

The product itself is amazing and I had it working in seconds from plugging in the usb wireless receiver, the instructions are fairly detailed and are easy enough to follow. I did initially have a struggle getting the audio mode to work however this was because instead of my sound card being used at the default sound on my OS it chose the afterglow wireless as the default sound (1chanel only) after switching that around all was perfect. The 3 different audio modes are GREAT, ofcourse depending on what you are doing or listening to will depend on what audio mode you use.

I like to use the gaming mode (green) when I want a bit of a sound boost from songs that are quieter or when im gaming (for obvious reasons) and it works like a charm, im experiencing games like dead island on a whole new level, actually being able to hear zombies before they floor me is much better than jumping off my seat because im suddenly attacked by a zombie that I didn't hear approach until it was right in my face, it also adds amazing sound to skyrim, I can look away from a person who is speaking and depending on how im looking at that person the sound fades away into one ear or goes very quiet if I face away which is brilliant and almost perfectly realistic.

The audio/normal mode (blue) is incredibly good, although it can be a bit quiet depending on the song you are listening to, possibly the best sounding headphones I have ever owned (I have owned many)i usually hate over ear headphones so I prefer listening to speakers when listening to music however my speakers have became obsolete thanks to the sound these headphones produce, everything is so clear and perfect almost studio quality.

The Bass mode (red) is perfect for bass heavy songs, your ears actually vibrate when you hit a heavy bass song with this mode on, its an experience ive never experienced before and I was lifted off my feet by it, again making my speakers obsolete as in bass heavy songs I have to turn the volume down or the neighbours 3 doors away can hear which is quite frustrating.

connectivity, I had these headphones al around the house even in the garden and only once did I lose connectivity and that was for a slight second and I was probably about 25 meters from the wireless usb adapter which makes these a great wireless device. However the usb device is quite large and can block another USB port that is in use which can be quite annoying

design/feel, although the design looks amazing to look at in the dark or just on your desk, they don't look so good on your head.... it makes you look like you have a huge head and the clear plastic band just ruins it (even when its lit up in the dark) so as someone has already said, you'd need some pretty big balls to wear these outside in public, but then again they were not intended for that but more for home pleasure. The feel of the product for me is perfect, the ear cups fit my ears perfectly and they don't feel too heavy on me (some people complain about the band being too heavy on the head)

Overall - this is probably the best headset you are going to get for this price, especially considering its multi platform and wireless, feels great, looks great and sounds incredible. Yes there are few reviews with issues but these are faulty headsets, im sure if you returned to get a replacement for your faulty headset you would not regret it. In total i feel as if i have spent 200 for these because they look feel and sound so professional.

EDITED - 5/5, ive gotten over the usb size and used these headset for a few more songs especially bass heavy songs and im so blown away by it, i reccomend listening to hoodie allen - you are not a robot with bass mode on and prepare to be amazed

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