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Bursting Out
Bursting Out
Price: £9.42

5.0 out of 5 stars Superb Album, 18 Sep 2014
This review is from: Bursting Out (Audio CD)
In an interview given a couple of years back, Ian Anderson was asked by Rick Wakeman ‘What in your opinion was or is the best Tull line-up?’ to which IA replied ‘The current one, purely because they need to know how to play all the old stuff as well as the more modern tracks’. Love him as I do, I think perhaps he may have been being diplomatic to the current band members but perhaps would rather have said ‘The mid-70’s line up; John Evan, Barriemore Barlow, David Palmer, John Glascock and Martin Barre’. This is the line up on this, my favourite Tull album. I first came across JT during the early 80’s ‘Broadsword’ period and was assured, good as that particular album was, that there was a much better back-catalogue to dip into. And how right that advice turned out to be. That’s how I came across Live Bursting Out. From the outset this album is a joy and truly encapsulates the band at the peak of its abilities. An awesome introductory song ‘No Lullaby’ is followed by a superb cross-selection of JT classics from circa ‘69 to ‘78. My stand-out tracks are the fuller-length version of ‘Thick As A Brick’, the rockier ‘Cross Eyed Mary’ and the wonderful ‘Skating Away…..’, though all of the acoustic tracks in the earlier part of the show are superb. One of the great live albums of all time, this is an excellent introduction to a great band and easily earns its place in any music collection. Buy this album!

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Price: £12.94

5.0 out of 5 stars Yes!, 29 Jan 2014
This review is from: Yesshows (Audio CD)
This is the last truly great album that Yes produced. There soon followed the Tale of the Two Trevors, 80's pop-rock and all that went with it. You may have your own opinions on that whole saga, but perhaps we'll save that one for another day. Yesshows demonstrates a fantastic band at the height of their prowess. The musicianship on display is awesome, so much so that it's easy to forget that these guys are actually playing this live! Ok, so the album itself isn't without its flaws. The poor segue between Time and a Word and GFTO has always been a bone of contention, as too was the splitting of Ritual into 2 parts on 2 different sides of the original vinyl version, and I gather also that Wonderous Stories was chosen quite late in the day rather than a better version of On The Silent Wings of Freedom; how true this is I can't say. But all that aside, there are some great tracks here. The stand-out in my opinion is the epic version of Gates of Delirium, which probably epitomises the skill and craftsmanship on display. Parallels thunders along at 100 mph, Time and a Word brings you back down to earth before the mayhem of GFTO. Ritual is a better version than that on TFTO and Don't Kill The Whale is a suprising choice but sounds great nonetheless. Another fringe benefit (which other reviews have already mentioned) is that you can compare and contrast between Rick Wakeman and Patrick Moraz, however both are excellent within their own spheres so you can't really split them apart.
If you're going to buy any Yes album, buy this one. SImple.

Live Over Europe: 2007 (2CD)
Live Over Europe: 2007 (2CD)
Price: £15.48

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2.0 out of 5 stars For 'real' Genesis, see Steve Hackett............, 27 Jan 2014
Here's the problem - boredom. Clearly Mssrs Collins and Co were all dead bored and had a spare year to kill and decided to do the 'reunion/ touring' thing once last time (until the next time, of course). So their respective secretaries got hold of the other band members secretaries and eventually each band member sat down around their respective coffee tables and e-mailed the others a quick list of songs that 'fans' would like to hear, then decided to jazz it up a bit by throwing in a few 'oldies'. Whoppee. Big stadiums followed, full of trendy types with bucket loads of cash to spend in order to obtain the hugely over-priced tickets. Sorry - no room for the bearded bloke next door who doesn't have two brass farthings to rub together who first saw them at Watford College in 1970 when they were still treading the boards. We're too big for you now, mate........
The problem with this album isn't really the album itself, which is ok as albums go. The problem is in that it just isn't Genesis, and it hasn't been Genesis since the departure of a) Mr.Gabriel and b) Mr.Hackett. It's merely a shadow of a formerly great group which sadly fizzled out towards the end of the 70's and instead decided to embrace stadium-pop-rock to keep up with the Joneses.
A real Genesis reunion would have included those previously mentioned; it would have opened with Watcher of the Skies; it would have included Hogweed, The Knife, The Musical Box and Suppers Ready. It could have been just awesome. But instead, we get yet an other live version of Invisible Touch with Phil Collins unnecessarily using the -f- word.
Contrast if you will the latest Steve Hackett Live at Hammersmith album. Yes, I was there. Yes, it was awesome. If you want to hear 'real' Genesis', buy that album instead.
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Uncommon Deities
Uncommon Deities

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1.0 out of 5 stars Oh dear, David....., 10 Jan 2014
This review is from: Uncommon Deities (Audio CD)
Oh dear. What happened, David? Talk to us. You're not making any new fans and alienating existing ones. You have a wonderful voice as has been proven time and again through your extensive back catalogue, but in recent years some may say you have lost your way.
Please remember that, after you have gone into the studio and recorded this stuff, people then pay good money to listen to it. Not everyone appreciates the extreme end of arty self-indulgence where you seem to be heading, so - dare I say it, please remember your long-time fans and give us something that's easier to listen to. Oh, and by the way, for goodness sake - Cheer Up!, otherwise we will all be slitting our wrists.

To the Lighthouse (Wordsworth Classics)
To the Lighthouse (Wordsworth Classics)
by Virginia Woolf
Edition: Paperback
Price: £1.89

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2.0 out of 5 stars Hard Work for Little Reward, 21 Feb 2012
I came to this book with great expectations which were sadly dashed within half a dozen pages.
The writing may be clever, even lyrical, but I can't agree with other reviews which claim that it flows with ease - quite the opposite. The long, drawn-out saga's of individual character's thoughts, feeling and emotions were at times either baffling, boring or both.
This is a great shame as I was hoping to become a fan of Ms.Woolf, however having read this book I can't say that I will run back to her with open arms. To quote another review, the book felt rather ' chore rather than an enthralling read'.
Nothing to see here.....please move on.....

Rush In Rio
Rush In Rio
Price: £10.99

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2.0 out of 5 stars Rushed in Rio?, 22 Oct 2010
This review is from: Rush In Rio (Audio CD)
Don't believe the hype, people. This is a poorly recorded and poorly produced album from a great band who really should know better. If you want a good live album, try 'All The World's a Stage', 'Exit..Stage Left' or even 'A Show of Hands', but avoid this one. As mentioned in previous reviews, the sound quality is very off-putting; at times the crowd seems to overpower the music you are trying to listen to. But don't get me wrong; I appreciate good music as much as the next person and can't really fault Rush over the years for their attention to detail, but unfortunately in the case of 'Rush in Rio' this sounds as if it belongs in the bargain bin of your local supermarket rather than as part of their very decent back-catalogue. Some good points; the packaging is good, the photo's within are excellent and Neal Peart's overview of the concert is well written. Further to this, the actual set list is very good. Prime candidate for a re-mix to get the sound balance right. Once that happens I'm sure it's a CD that I will play all the time. But until then, I'll save my money, thank you.

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