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Desperate Housewives - Season 7 [DVD]
Desperate Housewives - Season 7 [DVD]
Dvd ~ Teri Hatcher
Offered by WorldCinema
Price: 10.42

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5.0 out of 5 stars A treat for long-term viewers!, 20 Aug 2011
Desperate housewives, like almost every Tv show, has had its ups and downs over the past seven years. Whilst I myself have always enjoyed it immensely, the last series (six) did stretch credulity and believability to breaking point. However it's been great to see a more restrained approach this year, i.e things don't just happen because the writers needed to kill somebody off, or needed a sudden plot change. From episode one of series seven the seeds are planted for everything that happens throughout the rest of the season. The five leading ladies dont just happen to find themselves in these bizarre situations; the situations that they're in are almost always a consequence of something that has happened before. Also, the main storylines of series six did find themselves sagging a bit in the middle, with not much happening in the middle of the series. However, every episode of seven yields a twist or a revelation that continually drives the plot forward.

The most notable example of this, is the return of Paul young, which is a treat for those who have watched the show since series one, and his nemeisis, Felicia Tillman. Paul's story interweaves itself with that of one of the housewives in particualar. All in all, series seven delivers fun, dramatic and believable storylines, reveals more about the housewives themselves, introduces some great new characters, as well as several old favourites. An excellent series, the finale of which is perhaps the best episode in the sries history, whcih paves the way nicely for the eighth and final series.
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Grandma's House - Series 1 [DVD]
Grandma's House - Series 1 [DVD]
Dvd ~ Simon Amstell
Price: 7.26

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2.0 out of 5 stars If only Amstell could act...., 20 Sep 2010
'Grandma's house' is easily one of the sharpest, most freshly written sitcoms to have graced BBC3 in recent years, however despite the subtle, underplayed humour, wonderfully quirky theme music and an excellent supporting cast, the series as a whole is let by atrocious performances from simon Amstell (the co-writer and star of the show). His acting is so cringeworthingly inept, unconvincing, and embarrassing, that it drags down the accompanying excellence of the rest of the show. After a while his scenes become near-unwatchable, because Amstell is so utterly incapable of delivering a line or a joke in a steady, convincing or even audible tone. It is a great shame because, had another actor been cast in the role, Grandma's house would deserve great acclaim and recognition, as it is Amstell's reputation as the best 'buzzcocks' host there will ever be, has been tarred by his dreadful acting which, if you can endure it, make 'grandma's house' a must-see but to me and undoubtably many others, has turned a 4/4.5 star sitcom into a 2/2.5 star show which, unless Amstell is ousted, will hopefully not be recomissioned for a second series...
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Doctor Who - Time and the Rani [DVD] [1987]
Doctor Who - Time and the Rani [DVD] [1987]
Dvd ~ Sylvester McCoy
Price: 8.18

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4.0 out of 5 stars Nothing more than what it is: pure, simple entertainment, 16 July 2010
Who fans are a trick bunch, determined to fault every episode (that doesn't feature Tom Baker), and are determined not to enjoy what there is. Time and the Rani isn't one of the most fondly looked upon stories in Doctor Who, for many reasons:
-the unclear and unexplained cause of the regeneration
-The fact that it was clearly Sylvester Mcoy in a wig rather than Colin Baker during the regeneration itself
-Mel (although she's afflicted a all but one of the stories in which she appears)
-The uninvolving and less-than-stellar script from Pip and Jane Baker
Despite this, if looked at from a different angle, Time and the Rani is in fact an enjoyable, well shot and entertaining adventure. If you were to disregard the abrupt and nonsensical regeneration sequence at the start of the serial, then it starts to get better. Sylvester Mcoy makes his prescence felt immediately, giving much more a sense of authority and of charisma than the previous two. His fumblings with the spoons and his mixing up of words are great fun to watch. His costume is also a vast improvement on that of Doctors 5 and 6, apart from all of the question marks. The new title sequence is the best since that of Bernard Lodge's in the 70s. The story itself is well shot, with good use of location, and relatively spectacular special effects; the best seen in the series at that point. Kate O'Mara's performance is wonderfully camp, and suits the story perfectly, particularly her delightfully cruel impersination of Mel. The plot however is a bit of a mess. However people seem determined not to enjoy Time and the Rani, which frankly is just silly. This story can easily be enjoyed if you don't take it very seriously. It is fun, entertaining, and can be forgiven all of its faults for the sheer enjoyment one can get from it. I know I'm likely to be lambasted with complaints and comments to the contrary, but I stand by the fact that Time and The Rani is TV that should never be taken seriously, and can be great fun.

Doctor Who: The Macra Terror[1967](Original BBC Television Soundtrack)
Doctor Who: The Macra Terror[1967](Original BBC Television Soundtrack)
by Colin Baker
Edition: Audio CD

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5.0 out of 5 stars A great 'lost' story which deserves a great deal more attention..., 24 April 2010
As many long-term fans of Doctor who will know, only a handful of stories from the mid-sixties exist in thier entirety. Due to the wiping policy of the BBC's which carried on until the late seventies, The Macra Terror is one of four patrick Troughton stories (The power of the Daleks, The highlanders, The Macra terror and fury from the deep) of which not a single episode exists.

Thankfully the soundtracks to every story remain, and here the four episodes are presentred on 2 CDs having been very well restored, with linking narration being provided by sixth doctor Colin Baker. The story itself is a highly enjoyable adventure about a colony of humans being manipulated by the Macra, a giant race of crabs. Althought the plot isn't particularly subtle there are interesting political paralells that were highly contreversial back in the sixties.

All-in-all I would highly recommend the macra terror to any Patrick Troughton or Doctor who fan. It offers a tantalising taste of a wonderful 'lost' adventure.

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