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Grey's Anatomy - Season 9 [DVD]
Grey's Anatomy - Season 9 [DVD]
Dvd ~ Ellen Pompeo
Price: £12.99

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4.0 out of 5 stars Probably 3.5 Stars but I'll round up. Spoilers., 25 Aug 2014
Hmmm.... I think this series demonstrates that Grey's Anatomy is no longer quite as good as it used to be.

This series feels very rushed to me with and I can't help but feel that the whole plane crash settlement was condensed into fewer episodes than originally planned.

The whole thing starts off simply enough, covering where everybody is post plane crash.

Lexie is very sadly dead, Mark is in a coma on life support, Arizona has had her leg amputated and Derek is facing the possibility that he will never operate again due to his hand injury. Meredith and Christina are the only ones who have escaped unscathed (physically that is)

Meredith is now a General Surgery Attending with the nickname "Medusa"

Karev is at first an acting Paeds Fellow but becomes permanent when he decides to cancel his job at Johns Hopkins while Chrstina is a Cardio Fellow at the Mayo Clinic but after numerous ups and downs she returns to SGMWH.

A flashback episode (#2) shows the aftermath of the plane crash and the effect that it had on the people involved. I enjoyed this episode as it also showed Mark Sloan's final days in which he has several moving scenes with Callie, Avery and Derek.

The doctors are of course suing the airline and end up turning down the money offered in hopes of finding some real answers.

This ends up in them suing the hospital instead (no answers there guys!) and through a loophole in the agreement the insurance company refuses to pay leaving the hospital liable for a nearly $100 million settlement ($15 million each times 6 people, ie, Mark, Lexie, Arizona, Meredith, Derek and Christina) The court case felt very rushed in my opinion but I concede that they could hardly try to stretch it out for several season (such a thing would surely take at least 1-2 years no?)

This results in a commercialized hospital trying to buy them out and the plane crash victims end up buying the hospital.

After this, several storyline all pop up that just seem rushed and shoehorned in after spending so much effort on the plane crash plot.

Bailey's wedding, Alex's friendship with one of the new interns Jo Wilson (and the inevitability of him falling for her) Jo's relationship with an OB resident, April's relationship with Jackson and then the new character Matthew (at least this was spread out across the series somewhat)

Overall though, most of these storylines seem to work in how they were done, the major problem I have with this series is April's engagement to Matthew.

Now call me old-fashioned or whatever but Matthew first appears in episode 12, he proposes to April in episode 23. If we assume (as is usually the case) that each season is approximately one year, then he proposed after a little under 6 months, including meeting, going out, agreeing no sex before marriage etc. I really dislike how TV shows feel the need to make this type of storyline happen really fast. I disliked it when it was Christina and Burke, disliked it in the Mentalist with Van Pelt and it really pissed me off here. (incidentally they end up getting married in 10x12 so actually if you consider the approximate canon length of episodes in real time then they were engaged for a longer time than it took for Matthew to meet April and propose to her. One of things I found realistic about Meredith and Derek's relationship was that they DIDNT get engaged/married after one/two seasons of knowing each other!

All this being said that (relatively) minor quibble was not enough to detract from my enjoyment of the show and despite a few issues with plot development and the rushing of a few story elements this is still a very enjoyable show but as it was with series 6 in my opinion it doesn't really hold up in comparison to the best that came before it (specifically season 8 which I throughly enjoyed) however, I would still recommend this as a good season and well worth a watch.

Grey's Anatomy - Season 7 [DVD]
Grey's Anatomy - Season 7 [DVD]
Dvd ~ Ellen Pompeo
Price: £11.83

4.0 out of 5 stars Grey's is back on form! Spoilers., 25 Aug 2014
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This was another great season of Grey's Anatomy. In the wake of the shooting that rocked the hospital the staff are all still in various stages of shock, grief and denial.

There were a lot of strong storylines in this season so I will try to cover as many as I can in the right order.

Firstly, Christina's main storyline was interesting without dragging on for too long. I liked her interactions with Derek on the fishing trip and I liked the way she ended up returning to the hospital. (incidentally that episode was in my opinion, one of the best of the season)

The storyline that eventually causes the main finale event is another clinical trial conducted by Derek that he is assisted with by Meredith. She proceeds to move the drugs around in order to ensure that Richard's wife gets the correct drug and not a placebo. This comes to a head in the finale when Alex, in an attempt to sabotage Meredith's chances at Chief Resident, informs Dr Hunt of what she did. This results in Chief Resident going to Kepner instead of Alex (ironically Hunt said that he would have given it to Alex anyway but now no-one can trust him) This is not fully resolved by the end of the season but the likelihood of Meredith being Suspended/Fired is a very real possibility.

Another storyline I loved was Alex's Africa program which resulted in Meredith and Derek trying to adopt one of the babies after Meredith continually fails to get pregnant.

Arizona and Callie's relationship is tested to the breaking point after Arizona breaks up with Callie and leaves her in Seattle despite Callie wanting to join her on her sabbatical to Africa as a result of a prestigious grant. Arizona returns to get Callie back and finds out that Callie slept with Mark while she was away and is now pregnant!

After a lot of arguing, the three parents seem to work well together, but Callie and Arizona crash their car on the way to a B&B weekend. This results in their daughter being born prematurely but the newly named Sofia Robbin Sloan-Torres survives and flourishes and shortly after this, Callie and Arizona get married with Bailey officiating.

Meredith and Derek also get married "officially" in order to be able to adopt baby Zola.

The finale is a less action packed affair compared to that of the previous season but I felt that it worked very well against the backdrop of hospital politics and the surge of infighting that had infected the residents in their race to become Chief Resident.

Overall, after what was in my opinion a somewhat disappointing Sixth Season, Grey's redelivers in Season 7 with an excellent season. All of the new additions from Season 6 appear to have found their place within the show and continue to work well with the other cast members. The race for Chief Resident was as tense as expected with the surprise winner being Kepner after Alex torpedoed both Meredith's chances and his own.

The finale leaves numerous questions open for Season 8 and I hope it will be as good as this one!

Spooks - BBC Series 1 (New Packaging) [DVD]
Spooks - BBC Series 1 (New Packaging) [DVD]
Dvd ~ Matthew MacFadyen
Price: £4.70

5.0 out of 5 stars I love this show!, 24 Aug 2014
Having decided to re-watch all of Spooks recently I also decided to review them all here.

In short, Spooks is a show about MI-5 and the operations of Section-D the Anti-Terrorism division of the Security Services.

There is not much to dislike about this show but I will start off with the negative and then proceed to the largely positive aspects. The main gripe I have is that only around 8-10 people seem to work permanently in Section-D and between them they deal with all major security threats to the United Kingdom. Having said this I appreciate that within a TV show they need to focus on a certain number of characters and this is the main reason for this.

Overall this is a great show! Matthew MacFadyen and Peter Firth as Tom Quinn and Harry Pearce respectively are the two stand out actors in my opinion, with MacFadyen bringing a mostly serious but occasionally humorous persona to the show while Firth as the Head of Section is the authoritative and sarcastically funny figure. Harry Pearce is clearly not written as a funny man but at times some of his lines are just downright hilarious "You're a little s***e Derek, have I ever told you that?" "You've implied it enough times Harry"

The supporting characters of Danny and Zoe both come across very well and to be honest despite what I mentioned earlier I cannot find anything bad to say about this series!

Watch it! NOW!

The New Statesman Complete Box Set - Series 1 to 4 [DVD]
The New Statesman Complete Box Set - Series 1 to 4 [DVD]
Dvd ~ Rik Mayall

5.0 out of 5 stars Comedy Genius Rik Mayall is superb in this fantastic series!, 24 Aug 2014
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
I re-watched this in one go after I heard the sad news of Rik Mayall's passing.

As it turned out it was just what the doctor ordered to make me feel better!

Mayall brings his own unique style of comedy to this show, making the morally reprehensible charcter of Alan B'Stard somebody that the audience can root for and want to succeed despite his abysmal lack of a conscience. All of the 4 series are superbly written and have fantastic supporting cast in Michael Trough as Piers Fletcher-Dervish, Marsha Fitzalan as Sarah B'Stard and Terence Alexander as Sir Greville McDonald to name a few.

One small quibble I do have with this boxset and not the series as a whole is that the Special "Who Shot Alan B'Stard" is at the end of the Season 4 DVD not where it should be in relation to the canon of the show.

In short, this is truly a fantastic series and a must watch for any comedy fan out there. You will not be disappointed!

Grey's Anatomy Season 6 [DVD]
Grey's Anatomy Season 6 [DVD]
Dvd ~ Ellen Pompeo
Price: £14.56

3.0 out of 5 stars Tough to give a Grey's Series 3 Stars but....., 24 Aug 2014
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
A good series but the quality seems to be dipping.

George's funeral had a typically Darkly-Comic vibe to it when the remaining 4 residents burst out laughing afterwards but paradoxically remained true to the show we have come to love.

The arrival of the new Residents in the wake of the merger (where are all the Mercy West Attendings?) seemed to be a way to introduce new characters into the show and have them "road tested" before making any of them permanent. We have: Jackson Avery, April Kepner, Reed Adamson and Charles Percy as the main new cast members joining SGH from MWH (It's now Seattle-Grace/Mercy-West Hospital)

The series starts off with the inevitable clashes between the new residents and the old with numerous territory fights and general underhand antics. Lexie clashes with April, Izzie clashes with Charles and all the Attendings seem oblivious to the lack of team spirit among their doctors.

A new Cardio Attending arrives in the form of Teddy Altman, a fellow surgeon of Owen's from Iraq, who he recommended to Richard ostensibly to get her a great new job but really as a "present" to Christina who wanted a new Cardio Attending. Teddy is another character who I feel fits in very well within the cast, unlike the Mercy West Residents. This however is likely due to the way they are all written. Teddy is accepted by her fellow Attendings almost instantly whereas the MW Residents feel that the SG Residents are "cliquey" and do not accept them.

It should be noticed that in Ep 5, wait for it..... IZZIE LEAVES! HURRAH! I cannot tell you how pleased I was to see her go, despite the fact that I liked Alex having Meredith as his best man at his wedding I continued to dislike Izzie and her departure caused me nothing but pleasure.

One of my favorite episodes in this series is "I saw what I saw" (Ep6) in which the death of a patient is investigated after the fact through flashbacks in a "whodunnit?" style episode. This episode culminates in the firing of April Kepner who missed a basic step and missed the patients damaged airway. It also paves the way for confrontations between Derek and Richard to come to the forefront of the plot as Derek blames Richard for the mistake due to the lack of leadership he is (not) demonstrating resulting in a chaotic system that harms patients.

Another great episode is Ep7 "Give Peace a Chance" In which a hospital technician (Isaac) gives Derek scans of a massive spinal tumour and asks him to operate, it is Isaac's tumour. This episode mixes superbly the conflict between Derek and Richard along with the tense nature of the surgery which eventually comes down to one final cut with doctors watching from the gallery and Christina updating Meredith over the phone.

It is later revealed that Richard is drinking again and likely operating under the influence of alcohol. Derek informs the board and is made chief. He hires back people fired as a result of the merger and sets about his new job with gusto. I felt that this storyline, despite seeming vindictive on the part of Derek at times, was more realistic than they could have made it. I liked that Derek basically admitted that he wanted to be Chief and was using this as his opportunity. That being said I also liked Derek's actions after he was made Chief in continuing to support Richard and prevent the board from actually firing him.

My joy at Izzie leaving is short lived however as she returns at the behest of Meredith but quickly leaves after Alex tells her to go (YAY!) saying that he now knows he is a good man and that he doesn't deserve to be treated the way Izzie has acted towards him. The eventual conclusion to the Izzie storyline satisfied me overall, I was hoping that they would not continue to bring Izzie back all season and they obliged me by not doing so. All that remains is to see if she turns up in Season 7 (God I hope not!)

The storylines throughout the middle of the series do not have any real "pop" to them and merely serve as filler episodes until the big finale.

(The finale and the beginning are all the make this series in anyway good)

Onto the finale. I enjoyed the finale immensely. After a fairly lacklustre middle to the series it was a huge shock when everything kicked off around Gary Clarke.

Overall. This series started well, the atmosphere of apprehension amid the merger had me nervous as to the fate of the Residents but after they all made friends it was lost. Up until episode 7 I really enjoyed this series but after "Give Peace a Chance" I think the quality dipped and even the introduction of Kim Raver (24 Alum) as Teddy Altman wasn't enough to pull the middle of the series to a decent level of quality and as such it didn't really grab me.

The finale was a great two hours and the extended episode on the DVD is definitely worth watching.

All that is to say that I still found the series interesting and would still watch it again, it just doesn't live up to that which came before it. The 3 stars is not actually intended to be a negative review, merely average. I think the beginning and end of this series were both great but I just never really enjoyed the middle. But if you are a Grey's fan then you should watch this!

Grey's Anatomy - Season 5 [DVD]
Grey's Anatomy - Season 5 [DVD]
Dvd ~ Ellen Pompeo
Price: £13.01

5.0 out of 5 stars Tough to Write! But the good far outweighs the bad! Spoilers., 24 Aug 2014
Wow, This has now become my favorite series despite a few gripes.

The premier introduces a new man for Christina Major Owen Hunt (played by the Scottish Actor Kevin McKidd who I didn't even twig wasn't American until I googled him) a Trauma Surgeon on leave from Iraq who becomes a main cast member later on and eventual boyfriend of Christina.

The premier was an excellent opening with the revelation that the hospital has been downgraded in the teaching rankings due to poor performance and the announcement by Webber that things are gonna change! Christina's reaction to Meredith's constant barrage of questions about whether she and Derek will work out was a brutally honest answer that I felt spoke directly to Christina as a person and showed that she will always tell the truth, even when it hurts.

The introduction and relatively speedy departure of Meredith's childhood friend Sadie, was quite boring to me. She didn't seem to add anything to the show except eye candy for the now bi-sexual Callie, however the "Scalpel-Crazy" interns brought fresh drama to the show and thankfully opened the door (so to speak) for Sadie to leave. Much as it pains me to see attractive blondes leave the show, she really annoyed me!

Onto Izzie. Yet again it seems like the writers either want Izzie to be hated or just can't put enough effort into making her likeable. I really hated the whole "Ghost Denny" storyline frustrated me from the start. Seriously? You Are a Doctor! Get a damn MRI of your head! You have something wrong! But as always Izzie reveals herself to be not only a poor excuse for a person but as a doctor too. The only sadness I felt at her cancer was for her friends who would be devastated if she died. Not for her. (hey, call me a bastard but I really, really, REALLY don't like Izzie) As an aside I laughed so hard when Izzie asked Christina to move in with her and Christina and Callie took the apartment for themselves, to be fair Izzie, you were so mysterious about the whole thing it was fair enough for them to assume you were just giving them them flyer as a kind gesture.

The burgeoning relationship between Christina and Owen has the inevitable ups and downs of anything on Grey's Anatomy but becomes VERY dark when Owen has a PTSD flashback and chokes her in her sleep. Despite this making it easy to hate Owen, I like him as a character and find his forthright approach to medicine refreshing and in stark contrast to Izzie's over-emotional displays of increasingly poor judgement that would have her fired from any real hospital. This might go some way to explaining why SGH's ranking has dropped to low, eh Richard?

Another new addition to the cast, Jessica Capshaw as Arizona Robbins and the new love interest for Callie was welcome to me and went some way to removing the lingering annoyance I have felt towards Callie since the start of Series 4. Robbins enters as the new Head of Paediatric Surgery, a department we haven't seen before and became one of my favorite characters very quickly.

Once again however, Derek shows that when things go bad, he turns into a pretty poor excuse for a human being. After losing a patient he declares he is finished with being a doctor and runs away to the woods to hide. (a darkly comic episode ensues in which Hunt and Torres are sent to convince him to come back and he "infects" them with his depression) But the real issue is his treatment of Meredith when she comes to see him. After calling her names and accusing her of being unable to commit to him (despite her asking him to move in with her earlier in the series and his acceptance) he takes the ring he had planned to propose to her with and hits it with a bat into the woods. All this being said, I haven't been able to actively dislike Derek as a result of his actions simply because I think that one of the overarching messages of this show is that nobody is perfect and everyone has something, big or small, wrong with them. Richard was an alcoholic, Derek lashes out in anger, Meredith is "dark and twisty", Alex can be an ass, Mark is a Man-Whore, the list goes on and on and on.

Alex's brother's appearance and the revelations as to the true extent of Alex's past goes some way to explaining his personality while showing that he is still undeniably a good person, I also liked his interactions with Meredith in this episode which showed to me that Meredith and Alex have a very strong bond of friendship and trust.

The Cancer storyline was a bit so-so for me if I am brutally honest. My dislike of Izzie and her ever continuing attempts to be a "good person" while only succeeding in being a Class-A Hypocritical Bitch have been omni-present since I started watching this show.

The finale and the revelation that George was the "John Doe" hit by a bus was excellent, however I felt that the whole "George joins the army" plot was shoe-horned in as a way to get him out of the hospital on that day in a way that would not make it obvious that he was the John Doe (let's face it, if he simply hadn't turned up for work that day then it would have been pretty obvious)

Overall, My favorite season so far, (apologies for the length of this review, I have tried before to miss out certain aspects of the show to avoid writing too much but this one was great!)

Despite a few things that I didn't like, specifically the Izzie/Denny/Ghost plot which in my opinion dragged on way too long as I realised straight away that she had some kind of brain issue. I found this series to be the best yet, I found the plot regarding Derek's depression to be interesting and I liked that it was eventually Richard who finally pulled him out of it.

In short, the best yet, thoroughly enjoyable with all the ups and downs we have come to expect of Grey's Anatomy.

Grey's Anatomy - Season 4 [DVD]
Grey's Anatomy - Season 4 [DVD]
Dvd ~ Ellen Pompeo
Price: £12.50

5.0 out of 5 stars Another Great Series! (Spoilers, Duh!), 24 Aug 2014
With our group of 5 interns now into their residencies (well except George) they face the inevitable challenges of leadership and responsibility while managing their own messy lives.

The revelation that Meredith has a long lost sister (who incidentally tried to hit on Derek at the end of Series 3, [blimey that could have been awkward!]) is dealt with by Meredith in her own inimitable way, IE, acting like Lexie doesn't exist and generally being a bitch (Christina would be proud)

Despite this, Lexie's short-term relationship with Alex serves as a bridge between the two and they develop, if not a sisterly, but a friendly relationship.

The addition of Erica Hahn as the new Head of Cardio following Burke's departure is not met with joy by all, specifically Christina who Hahn dislikes due to her relationship with Burke.

Following George's revelation about his "affair" and his eventual break up with Callie, he strikes up a friendship with Lexie and the two get a flat-share together. Ironically, Lexie falls in love with George who is as oblivious to this fact as Meredith was to his feelings in the past which shows a nice symmetry between the two situations.

Meredith and Derek's relationship is a little bit annoying to me at times throughout this series. They keep chanting this mantra of "break-up sex" while never really breaking up and then Meredith gets annoyed that Derek wants to see someone else. Well Mer, you did say that you weren't ready to give Derek what he wanted so don't get mad that he has found someone who does!

The eventual (figurative) explosion of this demonstrates something I (correctly as it happends) hinted at in a previous review regarding aspects of Derek's personality. Basically, when things get bad, Derek runs away and lashes out at people. Which he does in spectacular form when his and Meredith's clinical trial starts to go badly and proceeds to treat her like crap once again (but she builds him a house of candles so it's all ok right?)

Alex gets his own proper storyline (actually from Season 3 but I forgot it last review) when "Ava comes back and declares her love for him before going crazy and trying to kill herself and being committed to the Psych-Ward and vanishing forever. However I thought this was an enjoyable story that allowed for some good development of Alex as a character and showed that he is not just an arrogant ass but someone who has had a very difficult life and acts the way he does to keep people at distance (cliche I know, but I feel it works with him)

Once again I cannot find any good things to say about Izzie. On her first day with her new Interns she risks her job by trying to save a deer that got run over just to please a young boy and proceeds to lash out at her interns by insulting their abilities. (It's their first day, they won't ever be perfect Izzie, what's your excuse for being incompetent) Furthermore, her "relationship" with George feels pointless and forced, I disliked it from the start and my reaction was akin to Meredith's and Christina's "So you two are together now?" "Err, Yeah" *Insert looks of bewilderment and wry amusement*

Overall, very enjoyable, my general frustration (no longer worth it to hate her) with Izzie didn't detract from my overall enjoyment of the series and I hope that Meredith and Derek will finally stop dancing around each other and either get together or break up.

Grey's Anatomy - Season 3 [DVD]
Grey's Anatomy - Season 3 [DVD]
Dvd ~ Ellen Pompeo
Price: £12.50

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5.0 out of 5 stars My favorite Grey's Series so far! (Spoilers as always), 24 Aug 2014
Series 3 is in my opinion the best so far. Derek and Addison are over! Mer/Der is back! I liked the fact that Addison didn't have to leave the show due to her eventual break up with Derek as I really like her character. The arrival of Mark Sloan (AKA McSteamy) Derek's former best friend (and man who slept with his wife) as the new head of Plastic Surgery is an unwelcome surprise for Derek but works very well with the plot as a whole and I can see that, despite his arrogance and generally obnoxious attitude that he will become a favorite character of everyone.

The main storylines throughout the series are: Meredith and Derek's "new" relationship. George's father being admitted to SGH with cancer, George's relationship with Callie (more to follow...) and Meredith's various Dark and Twisty life events.

Meredith and Derek appear flourish in their new relationship despite the inevitable problems that arise.

Christina's relationship with Burke is tested to it's limits throughout the series due to her inability to deal with him being shot on any kind of emotional level and the fact that she eventually reports him to Richard for operating with a tremor in his hand. The marriage of Christina and Burke seems to come together a bit quickly but I accept that this is TV and things need to move faster. Burke's "Mama" and Christina's mother offer welcome comic relief when partnered together in the wedding planning and the conclusion of the Wedding storyline was oddly satisfactory to me. Despite Christina's heartbreak at being left at the altar and the audiences realisation that she really did know and love Burke I felt that Burke was becoming increasingly over-bearing as a character and often not very welcome to me. (Washington's departure was apparently due to his behaviour off-screen, including a physical altercation with Dempsey and offensive comments to T.R. Knight about his sexuality, but this may not be true)

George's storylines were in my opinion well written and well acted, his father came across as a kind and generous man and his eventual death came as a shock after he seemed to have beaten the odds. I also liked how George's brothers demonstrated their acceptance of him when discussing whether to remove their father from life support which added a touching moment to an already emotional scene.

George and Callie's marriage felt very forced at times but overall I think that was the point as they clearly rushed into it and the writers clearly intended this (at least that's how I saw it) despite this I feel that Izzie once again acts like a massive bitch by constantly denigrating George's marriage to his and Callie's faces. (I think a true friend WOULD offer an opinion but would at least attempt to support them after realizing they weren't going to get divorced/anulled) After the affair with Izzie, George becomes more annoying as they both struggle to find meaning in what was basically a drunken one night stand but I thought George started to grow up somewhat in the wake of this.

Onto our Leading Lady, Meredith Grey! Despite her apparent happiness at finally getting her man back, her various storylines become increasingly depressing (but then again we have been shown that Grey's Anatomy is not a show for people who like happy endings) The drowning storyline was very good in the parts in the "real world" but I felt that the "purgatory" aspects (for want of a better term) were too unrealistic for a show that has remained squarely in the realm of the real world before now. Despite this i still enjoyed the storyline and found Christina's and Derek's almost defeatist reactions to her likely death as more realistic than they could have been. Christina states (when Burke tries to get her back from Joe's bar) "I'm not a civilian, I know the science. It's drinking time" Also Derek's eventual slide into helplessness was in my opinion very well acted by Patrick Dempsey.

Overall, the best series so far, I did however find Meredith's apparent break up with Derek at the end of the Wedding after Burke leaves Christina a bit out of the blue but that's by the by.

Grey's Anatomy - Season 2 [DVD]
Grey's Anatomy - Season 2 [DVD]
Dvd ~ Ellen Pompeo
Price: £13.79

4.0 out of 5 stars New McLove Triangle! New struggles! (Spoilers), 24 Aug 2014
Another great series! As I said in my review for Series 1, this kind of thing is not my usual viewing but after watching a few episodes of series one with some female friends I went out and bought it. Now onto Season 2! The revelation of Derek's marriage is utilized to full dramatic effect at the end of the previous series and Addison becomes a permanent member of the cast as Derek decides to ditch Meredith and try to make things work with his wife. The now full length series (the last one was only 10 episodes or so) uses all episodes to great effect. The first five episodes feel like they should be in Season 1 (I later found out that this was the original plan) and "Into You Like a Train" would be MUCH better as the actual premier for season 2. It is the episode in which Derek finally decides to stay with Addison and his emotional reaction in the elevator (and the touching moment between him and Bailey) shows Dempsey's capabilities as an actor superbly.

The whole series has a slightly depressing feeling about it however as with Derek deciding to stay With Addison and his continued interactions with Meredith seem like the show is trying to hold onto a relationship that has (apparently) run it's course. (although we later discover the opposite) Followed by Derek's "arsehole-ish" reaction to Meredith's bombshell about her and George which in my opinion shows hidden depths (not in a good way) to Derek's personality and goes some way to explaining how he ran away from New York after finding out his wife had cheated on him, doing a runner with out so much as a "by your leave" This comes to a head in the finale when at a hospital dance he and Meredith have sex in an exam room while being with Addison and Finn respectively (Meredith's Dog's Vet: don't ask!).

The new addition of Callie Torres as a love interest for George works well in my opinion, although she comes across as annoying at first she really serves to reinforce my now slowly simmering hatred of Izzie who for reasons that consist of "I have known George for longer so I am going to treat this outsider like garbage" acts like a complete Bitch for much of the series.

Continuing on with my hatred of Izzie, I really like the character of Denny Duquette (played with considerable aplomb by Jeffrey Dean Morgan) and my only regret is that he had so many scenes with Izzie. The storyline of the two falling in love felt shoe-horned in as a way to get to the planned finale as opposed to something that grew over the course of the series. That being said the whole storyline had me hating Izzie completely (yeah I know love makes people do crazy things but the whole thing felt forced and unrealistic)

Other than that, I have mellowed to George's annoyances and the other characters all put in great performances. It would be easy to hate Addison as she came in and destroyed the status quo but despite her obvious arrogance she is a highly likeable person and comes across as such (perhaps Izzie could take lessons here)

It was also nice to get more of an insight in Richard's life with Adele in the finale and his relationship with his Niece.

I deduct one star for the fact that the Izzie/Denny storyline took up so much of the finale and I really didn't like it. Other than that, a highly enjoyable series.

Grey's Anatomy - Season 1 - Collectors' Edition [DVD]
Grey's Anatomy - Season 1 - Collectors' Edition [DVD]
Dvd ~ Ellen Pompeo
Price: £8.30

4.0 out of 5 stars Collectors Edition? Seriously?, 24 Aug 2014
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
I love this series! Not my usual viewing but thoroughly enjoyable. We start off knowing very little about all of the characters but we quickly learn that our lead Meredith Grey (Intern) is the daughter of a world renowned surgeon with big shoes to fill. Christina Yang(Intern) is a highly driven and super-competitive ego-maniac. Alex Karev (Intern) (likeable despite acting like an ass for much of the time) is a state school success story who went to college on a wrestling scholarship and succeeded against all odds. Izzie Stevens (Intern) (extremely unlikeable in my opinion) is a former model who used this to pay her way through med school night courses, written as a "white-trash girl who came from nothing and has a profound emotional connection with her patients and colleagues" but comes across as annoying and hypocritical to me, she is the only character who I actively dislike and root against. George O'Malley (Intern) is a mousey person with little self confidence who finds his feet but comes across as weak and annoying. Derek Shepherd (Neuro-Surgery Attending) is Meredith's love interest right from the off after a one night stand the night before she is due to start at Seattle-Grace, is a man with overly moussed hair (seriously? who needs that much hair-product?) but is revealed to be one of the most highly renowned Neuro-Surgeons in the country. A highly likeable character who turns out to have both hidden depths and secrets. Miranda Bailey (Resident) the boss/team leader for the 5 interns we follow. Despite being aggressive and rude to many people she comes across as a funny and likeable character who isn't afraid of anyone and has a fearsome reputation within the hospital. Richard Webber (Chief of Surgery) the Boss-Man, very well written and acted superbly. Preston Burke (Cardio-Thoracic Surgery Attending) Arrogant but likeable, becomes Christina's love interest and boyfriend.

Overall, this short series is excellent and I thoroughly enjoyed it, I deducted one star for the fact the the "Collector's Edition" was not really anything special, pretty much the first series in a new box.

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