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iStyle PU Leather Case Pouch Holster with Belt Clip for Samsung GALAXY S3/S4
iStyle PU Leather Case Pouch Holster with Belt Clip for Samsung GALAXY S3/S4
Offered by Acorn Sport

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2.0 out of 5 stars OK but problems with belt clip, 10 July 2014
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The product is OK otherwise but the two star rating comes from the fact that after some months of use the belt clip section is coming loose and that section is also is losing its leather covering. I suspect that by nature it cannot handle daily attaching to the belt and disconnecting at the end of the day - I have a feeling that this is a problem with all this kind of belt clips where the clip is made of metal and has leather covering. Now I have ordered a different kind of holster where the belt clip is made entirely of plastic - past experience tells me that this kind of solution is very durable.

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4.0 out of 5 stars A good replacement for the original Philips product, 3 Sept. 2013
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Since the original Philips Proresults Standard brush heads seem to be in short supply (and expensive) atm I decided to give these replacement heads a try.

The good:
- twice as many heads (holds 6 - the Philips pack holds 3) for nearly the same price
- they fit into the UV-sanitizer (important if you have the sanitizer unit)
- they have the stripe which tells you when to switch the head

For me the first "good" is the most important since money important but almost equally important is the fact that these brush heads do fit into the UV-sanitizer (tested this). On the other hand if you don't have the sanitizer then this doesn't matter. As far as the stripe goes it is a nice addition but not that beneficial - I have noticed that you can use the brush head even after the blue color has faded as long as the brush head keeps its uniform shape. When the brush head goes soft (meaning the brush feathers have bent enough) then it is time to switch the head - not before.

The bad:
- no metallic ring on the bottom
- no head cap

The metallic ring at the bottom is supposed to make sure that the brush head stays intact so I don't know how durable these heads end up to be. Missing the head cap is a minor issue - if you ever have had the original Philips heads then you can save the head caps and use them here. The idea with the head caps is that they protect the brush heads from fingers and other harmful stuff so that material won't get into your mouth and teeth.

Overall these heads appear to be a very good buy should they last through their intended lifespan.

Maison Close - Season 1 [Blu-ray]
Maison Close - Season 1 [Blu-ray]
Dvd ~ Valérie Karsenty
Price: £8.99

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4.0 out of 5 stars Wonderful content, technically a disappointment, 18 Sept. 2012
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Amazon's product description is quite correct concerning the general plot but what it doesn't properly capture is the atmosphere. This is a very dark, gritty and at times even brooding description of the people working in Paradis which is the center of the attention here, the brothel. Violence is very present most of the time and even disease raises its ugly head. No comedy or stuff to be laughed at here. There's no glorification of what the "working girls" are doing and they do get their share of violence and oppression going to the level of slavery. There's even a rape scene which certainly wasn't something nice to watch. Age classification (18) was spot on, this isn't for the youngsters.

The plot is captivating though and you get the feel for the main characters and learn to feel sympathy for the oppressed women. You will want to know what happends to them and will they make it to the end.

Production value is top notch meaning everything feels authentic right down to the buidings, architecture and clothing. It really feels like you are in Paris 1871.

As far as product details go Amazon's details are very vague. The series spans across 2 discs (not three, there's no "button" for a third disc) containing 8 episodes total. No extras.

Video is H.264 AVC 1080i/50 meaning basically 1080p25 (this is OK if filming was done using 25 frames/s). Video quality leaves much to be desired. Level of detail is very rich (especially clothing looks magnificent) but vertical banding is present even in daylight scenes and there's a lot of digital noise which shouldn't be there. This is distracting at times but won't ruin the experience.

Audio is French 2CH LPCM which is also a bit of a disappointment since you kind of expect to get atleast 5.1 HD sound nowdays. Engligh subs work fine and the level is translation seems to be perfectly fine.

Final words: plot is captivating and if the generic concept interests you then you should definitely pick up this series, you will get hooked. There are some technical issues but they won't ruin the experience.

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