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Mario Power Tennis (GameCube)
Mario Power Tennis (GameCube)
Price: £47.10

45 of 47 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Mario Power Tennis clearly surpasses it's predecessor, 18 Jan. 2005
Mario Power Tennis clearly surpasses it's predecessor in nearly everything, and it is a very enjoyable game.
Mario Power Tennis takes from the first game and builds upon it. This is what makes it such a success. It is as great as the first, with new features that make it even more enjoyable. I will describe some of the noticeable features of the game.
The modes of play: Exhibition, Tournament, and special games. Exhibition is just a round against a computer or 2nd player. Tournament is where you can play through several different games and unlock new fields, features, etc. New fields allow for different types of tournaments, as they have different features to them, aptly called "gimmick courts". Take the Delfino Isle (Mario Sunshine) court for example. This is one of the hardest fields to play on that I have found so far. On this field, pirahna plants spit out goop and it slows your movement on the field, which you can clean off with the water buttons on the field. Special games are the highlight of the game for me. You can play a variety of mini-games, and unlock harder levels or even more mini-games.
The mini-games are the highlight for me. You start off with many different fun and entertaining games, and can unlock a small amount more. My favorite that I have played is the painting one, where you have to hit paintballs onto a wall to color in a picture. The games get quite challenging when you get to the higher difficulties of them. There are usually 3 stages of difficulty on each, but some only have 2.
There are 14 characters to start off with. They are: Mario, Luigi, Peach, Daisy, Shy Guy, Bowser, Donkey Kong, Wario, Yoshi, Diddy Kong, Koopa Troopa, Waluigi, Boo, and Bowser Jr. There are also 4 other secret characters to be unlocked, but I will not reveal who they are at this time. Each charater has their own special moves, two a piece. These are executed by pressing "x" when the power of your racquet has filled. Each of the characters has a defensive and an offensive special move. The defensive can save your life by being able to hit the ball no matter how far you are away from it. Basically, it stops time and allows you to go hit the ball. The offensive lets out a large burst of power to hit the ball hard onto the other side. If the other player manages to hit it, then they are pushed far backwards from the impact.
If you had fun with the first, you should really consider picking this up.

Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater
Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater
Offered by APE-GAMES
Price: £11.99

62 of 74 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars IMMERSIVE!!!!, 21 Nov. 2004
Solid Snake returns in MGS's newest installment in its series, Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater. One of the most highly anticipated PS2 games of the year, MGS3 will not disappoint, especially MGS fans, who will soon notice and find out that MGS3 has improved over its predecessors but yet leaves that MGS trademark which no other game or series can call its own.
You will notice right off the bat that the game is filled with cutscenes/movies, which begins to tell an interesting and cynical story based around Solid Snake (the main character), while taking place during the Cold War. For all you new to the MGS series, Metal Gear Solid has always been about unfolding a story that will keep the gamer interested through out the game. So give the game some time, especially during the beginning of the game because you won't be doing much. When you finally get some playing time, for all you MGS fans out there, you will realize that this game is made for MGS fans. The gameplay hasn't much changed, although you will notice that you aren't just going through corridors as in previous installments but rather be situated in the jungle (two thumbs way up!). As a result, you must rely on your scope and keep it handy, because in MGS, its all about stealth. Also, you will be able to change outfits and face paint, so that you can "blend" into the surronding areas as you hunt down your prey. Don't forget the stealth gauge, you will be able to increase your stealth level while you are in the shadows and vice versa, kind of reminds me of Sam Fisher/Splinter Cell: PT. While in battle, you can use Snake's overview camera or first person camera while shooting a weapon and also take notice of the pressure point system. The amount of pressure you press a button with will determine wether you perform such techniques as head locks to take one hostage, or just slitting his throat and leave him for dead. I can not emphasize more that if you are a long time MGS fan, you will probably love the gameplay. The bosses are crazy and twisted, all I can say is "wow" and go check them out for yourself, they are superb, some of the best boss battles in the entire series can be found in MGS3. There have been some throw in MGS3, but nothing drastic. There is a new healing system, which allows you to pull up a menu during the game and gives you options to sew up your wounds and regain life. If you are lacking stamina, go find yourself a fork and a spoon, because eating animals you will find will slowly help increase stamina which has been lossed while you have been playing.
The graphics are clean cut (mostly), and look very polished, especially on the PS2 graphics engine. None the less, you will see some blurry patches here and there, especially in the background setting (trees especially), but hey, thats minor. The cinematic scenes/cutscenes/movies (whatever you want to call them) are beautifully done, I mean, you can't ask or find much better than what MGS3 has to offer, especially on the PS2. If you are thinking MGS3's graphics are the best on the PS2, I might have to disagree a bit (Final Fantasy probably, anyways...), from my view point, you just can't go wrong with MGS3 graphically, especially on a console which has decent graphics, but all in all could vastly improve upon its current engine right now. It is sort of hard to compare graphics on the PS2 compared to the Xbox or the PC, but MGS3 is definatly one of the betterlooking games graphically out there.
The sound is superb, especially the game sound (shots being fired, explosions, weapons, etc.) for any action/stealth game I think game sound is pivitol. The voice overs/acting adds a touch to MGS3, and although they are not the greatest, you can find far worse in many other games out there. The voice overs/acting do add to the realism of the story, especially since MGS is all about the story around Solid Snake. MGS's music, in MGS2 and now in MGS3 I think is great. The soundtrack was well organized and done, can't go much wrong with MGS3's music (I believe), the sound of MGS newest installment won't fail to disappoint MGS fans and regualr gamers alike.
Last Thoughts:
MGS 3 was made and developed for the Metal Gear Solid fan, no doubt about that. The newest installment brings with it the trademakr MGS stamp of not just being your average action/adventure/stealth game. If you are new to the series, give it some time, it will grow on you, trust me. If you want a fantastic game which is not on any other console except the PS2, MGS 3 will fit the bill. For all you MSG gamers out there, Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater will own your soul (my opinion). Its a definant pick up for any gamer looking for a superb game to play and add to his or her growing collection.
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Metroid Prime 2: Echoes (GameCube)
Metroid Prime 2: Echoes (GameCube)

21 of 29 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Great game, 12 Nov. 2004
If you finished Metroid Prime and were left wanting more, Echoes gives it to you in spades. Anyone who was turned off by the slowly paced and meticulous exploration elements of the original game won't find anything new to win them over here--a run-and-gun shooter this ain't. The game is quite long and involved--you'll spend a bare minimum of 20 hours just getting to the end, and finding all the hidden items and scanning everything will take much longer (and will open up bonuses such as a harder difficulty mode and production-artwork galleries). As an adventure game with heavy action elements and an emphasis on complex puzzle-solving, Metroid Prime 2 is about as good as it gets, on the GameCube or on any platform.

Tales of Symphonia (GameCube)
Tales of Symphonia (GameCube)

41 of 41 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars An excellent RPG that delivers at where it counts - gameplay, 11 Nov. 2004
An excellent RPG that delivers at where it counts - gameplay.
It's a good thing that Namco ultimately decided to bring Tales of Symphonia to North America. One of the best RPGs to come out in awhile, TOS is an all around fantastic game that's well worth your while.
The game itself revolves around a group of people on a mission, including young sword dude Lloyd (who you'll spend most of the game as) and Colette, who has been chosen to become an angel and save the world. However you'll discover that nothing is at it seems and discover apon conspiracy. Truth be told, the game's most noticable flaw is that the story itself is filled with cliche JRPG story elements and characters. You can probably pick out most story twists before they happen. That said, the characters themselves are a great bunch and are quite fleshed out not just in cutscenes but in optional conversations that can happen at any point in the game by pressing the Z button when prompted. These convos involve portraits of the characters talking about various stuff, that can sometimes foreshadow the story or offer hints.
It also helps that the game has a fantastic combat system. Fighting is real time. You control one character (usually and preferably Lloyd. You can choose to fight as anyone, but Lloyd offers ideal moves and abilities.) while the AI controls the other 3 who fight at a time. You attack with sword slashes using the A button and use special tech abilities with the B button. Pressing either button in different directions executes different attacks and you can combo various attacks together, and assign different techs to the B button. The AI behaves accordingly to settings determined from an option screen, but at any point you can give orders to use attacks or items. You basically lock on to a target and all your attacks are aimed at that, and you can jump around or block freely to help your cause. There's a good deal of depth to the fighting, including U-Attacks, elemental damage, and over-limits, that make fighting a joy. After combat, you can cook recipes given to you by wonder chefs around the world to heal a little, provided you have the experience.
When you're not fighting, you're probably exploring the game's dungeons. One of TOS's strong points is that the game has many, many puzzles, with most of them being not too easy but not too frustrating. Just right. The game also provides plenty of great boss fights.There's also various typical RPG landmarks like equipment and experience to deal with. On equipment, you can buy your equipment, or use certain supplies to have a blacksmith make even better tools.
Playing straight through, you can beat the game in 30-40 hours. However, the game has a lot of stuff to do, from recipes to hidden items to a whole lot of sidequests that greatly expand the game. On top of that, you can play through the game again bringing over various attributes determined by your grade (points earned throughout the game.) TOS is a highly recommended RPG that every fan of the genre should check out.

The Incredibles (PS2)
The Incredibles (PS2)

42 of 89 people found the following review helpful
2.0 out of 5 stars This game is just really a pretty bad game, 6 Nov. 2004
This review is from: The Incredibles (PS2) (Video Game)
For all the critical acclaim Pixar's many computer-animated films have received over the years, there has yet to be a great game based on any of them. Rather, nearly every game to bear the license of a Pixar film has been a fairly run-of-the-mill and problematic affair, capturing little if any of the charm and whimsy that makes the studio's characters and stories so captivating. The Incredibles is the studio's latest film effort, and even though the film itself has not yet reached theaters, the game version of the movie has. Unfortunately, the game doesn't buck the trend of mediocrity, offering a fairly unremarkable experience that puts you through the motions of the film's plot without capturing any of its essence.

Killzone (PS2)
Killzone (PS2)
Offered by marxwax
Price: £4.48

31 of 43 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars Its nothing revolutionary but......., 4 Nov. 2004
This review is from: Killzone (PS2) (Video Game)
Its nothing revolutionary but....
Killzone is an enjoyable game. it is one of those games that will keep you hooked on till the last minute [i am speaking about they storyline]. What is a good FPS without a good story?

without giving much away [from the story point of view] Killzone takes place in the near future. teh universe is at war with itself and three groups/races are fighting for power. i must say the storyline is a strong selling point of the game. the story is mostly told through voice messages that you recieve while playing, and highly detailed CG cutscenes. trust me when i say you will think that you are watching a movie.
the game also has a multiplayer mode. yep, for two players on the same console and online. the 2 [there is also 4 plyers but i havent tried it out] player mode is rather fun, it has the usual, deathmatch, etc. sadly, theres no co-op mode. the online play is good although i did experienced some lag.
graphics: the game has been artistically designed and will provide for some sweet visuals. there are high-res textures [and low-res]. the character animation is great. the guns look great. lighting and water effects are mind blowing. CG is amazing [cutscenes]. but, there is MINIMAL LAG. very little. almost not noticable.
sound: sound is also at its stellar best. it does its best to create an atmosphere. each gun sounds different and powerful.
Gameplay: the usual FPS joysticks are for movement and looking around. triangle throws bomb. r1 to shoot. and also some more enhancements.
overall this game is great. its really good. not the Halo killer that it was hyped up to be but a must-buy for FPS lovers.

Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door (GameCube)
Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door (GameCube)
Offered by DTF217
Price: £299.99

65 of 74 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars This game is really something else!!, 20 Oct. 2004
This game is really something else, and I recommend any GC owners purchase this game A.S.A.P
To start off i'll touch on the outstanding gameplay for Paper Mario: TTYD. The battle system used in this game is very interesting and intruiging. Some RPG's battles get annoying, and boring but i've not had this problem at all so far which is a great aspect of the game. There is puzzles that must be solved in this game in order to earn all sorts of things, and riddles and quizzes all thrown in. There all many cool things that Mario can do in this game and the overall gameplay of Paper Mario: TTYD is outstanding.
The paper effect works very well, and the game looks crisp. I have to applaud to 2D graphics for working without problem, because you don't see much of 2D anymore. Even though I have seen better graphics before, the graphics in this game still provide enough to satisfy.
The is some old school Mario tunes in here, and some new stuff that can be heard throughout the game. The music during battles sometimes gets repitive but the overall music for this game is great.
I can't get enough of this game, and even as I am typing this review I want to rush back to the gamecube to turn it on and play this wonderful game. The characters are great, and full of life, the overall feel of the game is amazing, and the storyline is perfect. Even for someone not too into RPG's will probably really enjoy this game, because there is a lot to be found here, and Mario fan's like me are in for a HUGE treat. The bottom line is that all gamecube owners shouldn't pass up the opportunity to play Paper Mario: TTYD and its just a pleasure to have in your collection.


0 of 3 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars WANT TO READ A PROPER REVIEW? READ THIS!!, 19 Feb. 2004
This review is from: Ikaruga (Video Game)
Very little stop Ikaruga from being a perfect game. The graphics are amazing, clean and crisp. The frame rate is very fast and the particle affects are beutiful and also the lightning is brilliant. And the ships are great too. But i do sadly have a few whines. Like the bordered window which i suppose cant be helped becuase Ikaruga was a scrolling arcade game, meaning the screen was higher than wide. My other whine is though its extremely hard (hardest game ive played) its quite short. Only 5 levels, an extra 3 would of been nice. And im also not really sure if its good value for money. Considering it is quite short.
But dont let these whines trouble you, this game is far from boring its fast and frantic and will have you thinking on your toes the whole time.
The game focuses around 2 aspects of your ship, light and dark side. The light side obsorbs white bullets and the dark obsorbs the black bullets. When you obsorb so many bullets you get the power to use homing bullets.
This game is sure to be a great hit for the gamecube and i highly recommend this to all.

Championship Manager Season 00/01
Championship Manager Season 00/01

8 of 14 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars THIS IS WHAT I CALL A MANAGER GAME, 2 Dec. 2003
This game is by far the most detailed manager game i have ever played and i have played lma manager, giant killer, giant killer 2 etc. It is a very complex game and getting use to the attribute system may be a pain but trust me when u know what all the different attributes are its a peace of cake. I really like the idear of the media praising what good work you do as a manager. If you are a very experienced manager gamer this is a must have but if your not but you want to be i would play LMA manager before tackling this. Dont bother with any of the Giant killers they are honestly the worst manager games you will ever find. This game could have a little more depth like maybe a golden boot award or maybe being able to see your players perform on the pitch.
When you first get this game you will probibly think its crap but please give it time! atleast do 2 years (on the game that is) to get use to the game before judging it.
If you do a combo of an hour on this then an hour of Mario kart DD on the gamecube might work best because this game may get a bit dull if your not a football fan.
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Super Monkey Ball 2
Super Monkey Ball 2
Offered by konsolenkost
Price: £38.99

1 of 8 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars WANT TO READ A PROPER REVIEW READ THIS!!, 2 Dec. 2003
This review is from: Super Monkey Ball 2 (Video Game)
Now i usually never give any game 5 stars so a 4 star rating from me is really good.
When i first heard about this game i couldnt stop laughing at how terribly pathetic this game is gonna be. Man... was i a dumbass. This game is so addictive for starter when you play the first few levels your hooked. The graphics are flawless, i can not see anything wrong with them at all. The sound is generaly good, its really what you expect with these games some corney elevator music, but to be perfectaly honest i dont mind it. The game play is what you expect from a game like this though... a jump button would be nice. Theres also good multiplayer games that will keep you busy for a while. My whines are.. There is this 1 level that is impossible to get past!! Honestly i have tried to get past this level for hours and hours! i was honestly considering taking it back. I know i sound a bit mad but i dont have alot of patience with these games, after playing this game i need to play about an hour of gta vice city on my bros PS2 to calm my nerves.
For all of use that own this game i bet you know what level im talking about. Generally a great game i highly reccomend this game for all gamers. Maybe not gamers with a short temper. Infact if your at all a complete rage stay clear of this game!!

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