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The Last Ship
The Last Ship
Price: 10.99

4.0 out of 5 stars Sting returns to the landscape of his past, 11 April 2014
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This review is from: The Last Ship (MP3 Download)
The last ship is Sting's 11th studio album and first album of original songs since 2003's Sacred love. The album is a collection of songs written for a play of the same name which is due to debut on Broadway. Sting may have hit a 10 year songwriting drought but as he puts in the booklet "I was far from idle". Instead Sting released Songs from the Labrynth in 2006; a collection of songs by John Dowland that Sting painstakingly learnt to play on the lute along with lutenist Edin Karamazov. In 2009 he released If on a winter's night... which was a collection of winter songs spanning centuries, including a couple of reworked versions of his own. In 2010 he released Symphonicities - an album of Sting songs, including some of his greatest hits, reimagined for symphonic arrangement. It was a creative step and worked well. As well as this he did expansive touring and kept his hand in music.

The last time Sting suffered a songwriting lapse was after his parents died and he chose to face the fears and the pain in his own way by writing about his childhood and the ships which he had grown up watching being built and sailing away, never to return. This spawned the album The soul cages, which he says is "the least loved, least understood of all my recorded efforts". Sting put himself into the character of Billy who seems to lose his father in a couple of songs in that album. This album follows suit because instead of writing about himself he has disguised himself behind a cast of characters. As he has said he reveals a lot more of himself than what he intended to do and you can sense that in a few of the songs.

Sting worked with a number of musicians/singers from the north on this album including Kathryn and Peter Tickell, Julian Sutton, Jimmy Nail, Brain Johnston, the Wilson family and the Unthank sisters. They help to give the album a real traditional northern feel. As a huge fan of Sting and a collector of his music I chose to purchase the Super deluxe edition (exclusive to Amazon) which features 8 extra tracks on disc 2.

The last ship is 1 of the best and creatively taking inspiration from the bible, tells of Jesus just after being resurrected, and how his only goal is to get to the ship before it's launched! Dead man's boots is the most autobiographical of all with the son expected to walk to the shipyard in his father's shoes and follow his path. This was something which Sting tried so hard to avoid and instead moved far from the community he grew up in and the industry of his hometown. Sting gets really irate in the song at the end proclaiming "I'm nothing like you... ye'll die before ye see me in your dead man's boots", which reflects the animosity between himself and his own father, who didn't approve of Sting's ambitions to be a musician. And yet is a cool track with a swinging rhythm that has a bit of a country feel to it. "And yet I'm back" he sings - back to the place of his childhood and the industrial landscape. August winds is a quiet, melancholy track which wouldn't have been out of place on If on a winters night... . Language of birds talks of the 'old man' and makes references to the Island of souls and the soul cage - evidence of Sting's return back to that part of his life and mind. A practical arrangement is another of the best with an older man asking for this younger, widowed woman to take him in and love him. Although it sounds quite desperate it's the depth, desire to be loved and the honesty which really pulls at the heartstrings. The night the pugilist... is pretty upbeat with this lad talking of how he was a fighter but has to learn ' skills more refined' to win a girl. "I was fifteen years old and I'd never been kissed" he states - tragic! Ballad of the great Eastern is another of my favourites, telling the story of Isambard Kingdom Brunel's famous ship from 1859, with a powerful story, powerful sound and a moving, sad ending. What have we got is a Newcastle gang song with Jimmy Nail doing harmonies with Sting as well as his own parts. I love her but she loves someone else - something Sting has said makes a great song, that love triangle. It's probably the most dull track on the album, referencing A practical arrangement. So to speak features Becky Unthank and is about Father O' Brian's suffering with cancer using a number of similes and metaphors. The last ship (reprise) is a welcome return using different lyrics in the verses to continue the story of this dream ship.

Disc 2 is a must if you want to get the complete project feel. Shipyard is a certain highlight with Jimmy Nail at the helm. It also features Brain Johnston and Jo Lawry who each do impressively in their character's roles. It's not the same moon is a bit too mellow and unexciting. Hadaway is a fun track which brings back the gang feel with multiple vocals in the chorus, with Sting telling his story in the verses. Jock the singing welder I'm undecided on. It's OK. I like the reference to Eddie Cochran even if it's been spelt wrongly in the booklet! Sky hooks and tartan paint is another of the best with Johnston telling his story of his first day at the shipyard and the jokes played on him. It's got a sing-along chorus and a great sound. Peggy's song is a strong performance from Becky Unthank about her husband's demise. Show some respect is another community track with an upbeat sound. Lawry's duet in Practical arrangement gives a fuller story to 1 of the best songs.
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The Very Best Of Sting And The Police
The Very Best Of Sting And The Police
Offered by DVD Overstocks
Price: 4.88

4.0 out of 5 stars A decent collection from the record label, 2 Mar 2014
This compilation album was originally released in November 1997 with the title 'The very best of'. This implies that the label has only chosen the very best tracks to fit onto the original 15 track album, and since then this 2002 release (commemorating Sting's award for Outstanding Contribution to the UK Music Industry received at the 2002 Brit Awards) has added 3 different tracks - Brand new day, Desert rose and So lonely and on this version 3 tracks haven been omitted - Let your soul be your pilot (which I've always thought was a slightly weak song anyway), Russians (which is amazing!) and Roxanne 97 (Puff Daddy remix) which was a terrible remix of the original song with 2 poor rap verses. What was Sting thinking of allowing PD to remix that song?! Must've been just for the money! I think the only must was adding So lonely for the statement 'The very best of' and I really don't think they should've included Brand new day instead of Russians but that's just me.

I have been a fan of The Police for a good few years now and I began my collection in a different way with the release of The Police's self-titled greatest hits (which is by far the best) and went on to purchase Sting's Fields of gold: The best of Sting 1984-1994. I highly recommend that route and if you are a casual fan who doesn't want to commit to all the albums then those albums are a true eye-opener (or ear opener as it were!) with many amazing tracks which are missing here.

Amongst the collection there are 5 number 1 singles, some of the songs are hugely important and some of the tracks I find pretty interesting for a 'very best of' The Police and Sting. When you listen to The Police tracks and Sting's tracks side by side, which have been mixed together well, you can tell how Sting moved away from the three-piece band into a much wider scope of music.

Most of the best Police songs are all here, including Message in a bottle, Can't stand losing you, Every breath you take, Every little thing she does is magic and Roxanne. One song that they should've definitely included which is in my top 3 favourites from the band and was a single is King of pain. I definitely think they could've dropped De do do do, De da da da for that.

On the Sting side there are many great songs but as I've said there are quite a few of his great tracks missing, but of course they can't include everything and this was the record label's choice. Englishman in New York, Fields of gold, If you love somebody set them free and When we dance are a few of Sting's greatest tracks but I would've maybe liked to see them drop Brand new day and Seven days and include It's probably me, Mad about you or Moon over Bourbon street instead. One gripe I have is on one of my favourite Sting songs When we dance they have blanked out the outro "I had a dream last night..." which is disappointing. Maybe this is a single version which didn't include that outro but it doesn't aid the ambience of the original. I suppose it's not vital but the outro adds a little extra grace to the song.

This is a decent collection of 18 songs and if you are looking for a compilation album with both The Police's and Sting's greatest hits then you can't go far wrong here. If you are a more serious fan like me then I would advise you to get a greatest hits from each (which I previously mentioned) and get a deeper view on them.

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Price: 5.10

4.0 out of 5 stars Symphonicities soars!, 10 Feb 2014
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This review is from: Symphonicities (Audio CD)
Symphonicities was released on 13th July 2010 and features some of Stings greatest hits from throughout his career with symphonic arrangement, backed by The Royal Philharmonic concert orchestra. The songs take on new shapes and atmospheres as these pop/rock songs receive classical support. The album was produced by Rob Mathes and Sting and Rob Mathes conducts the orchestra except for 4 tracks which received conduction from Steven Mercurio.

The album's artwork is made of yellow, orange, grey and blue shapes with white bars. The booklet has a decent review for the album by Anthony DeCurtis who voices his view on the album and comments on each song with eloquent language. The name Symphonicities is an obvious take on The Police's final and most successful album Synchronicity.

Next to you kicks us off in an exciting fashion which will destroy any preconceptions you may have about classical music with a fast string section which keeps up with the original song and stays true to it. It's a great start that mixes his style and embraces the classical side which carries on throughout the album. Englishman in New York isn't a million miles away from the original and sounds very relaxed with the orchestral backdrop. Every little thing she does is magic sounds really pleasant and intensifies Sting's yearning for the woman in the song. The strings at the intro give it a heightened and sweeter sound and I'd even say it sounds more romantic than the original. The song ends with some inarticulate lyrics from Sting instead of the original lyrics. I hung my head is definitely 1 of the highlights and sounds right at home with the symphonic setting. As soon as the harmonica sounded at the intro I was sold! You will be my ain true love was a track I hadn't heard before, originally written for Alison Krauss for the movie Cold mountain. I really enjoy the war feeling with the snare drums and the minimal strings in the verses with Sting and Jo Lawry's perfect dual vocals soaring over the rhythm. It's an epic song. Roxanne takes on a much more relaxed sound that cuts out the repeated vocal at the chorus and has a really mellow sound throughout which intensifies the singer's longing. It's a change but it sounds really great. Sting comments on the Live in Berlin DVD how he's given her a different set of clothes but after 30 years she's still thriving!

When we dance is 1 of my favourite Sting songs and the original sounds almost otherworldly to me so I had high standards for this cover and it doesn't disappoint. It definitely has a more relaxed and mellow sound to the original with Jo Lawry's backing vocals giving it a slightly different feel. The end of the game was another song unbeknownst to me and it's a really great track with a brilliant sound and lively rhythm. The song is about two foxes running from the hunters and their relationship. It has a romantic feel and a strong sound and it's 1 of the best tracks here. I burn for you was another track I hadn't heard before. Written in 1982 and originally recorded at the same time as Ghost in the machine it's a really enjoyable track and works so well. It has a quite a desperate feel and a tropical flavour with Caribbean exotic sounding percussion. We work the black seam is the longest track on the album at 7:18 and stretches out the original track but not to any boredom and sounds as good as the original. I really like the horns which really give off the representation of the community standing together. If anything this version sounds more sincere and desperate than the original. She's too good for me is another fast track where the string section sounds amazingly fast but sounding perfectly slowed down and contrasted at the middle 8. It's another example which will change any negative view of boring orchestral music. The pirate's bride has to be the least exciting song and ends the album on a really mellow note. It's still a decent song and a great duet with Jo Lawry who gets to shine with her own verse.

I purchased Live in Berlin which was released on 22 November 2010 and I found watching the live concert and even just listening to the live songs to be much more invigorating and exciting than listening to this album. If you don't really enjoy this album it doesn't necessarily mean that you won't enjoy Live in Berlin which takes some of these songs and many additional tracks and are performed with a full orchestra courtesy of The Royal Philharmonic plus Sting's own select group of musicians/singers including Dominic Miller (guitar), Ira Coleman (bass), Jo Lawry (vocals) and Branford Marsalis (saxaphone). So I recommend that if you haven't bough it!

Although I do really enjoy this project and both albums from it, I don't think it's nearly as ambitious or inventive as the previous album If on a winter's night... which changed my ideas about winter. If you are a fan of Sting and enjoy the original songs on this album then you will very likely enjoy these arrangements even if you don't have an appreciation for classical music. Listening to this album gave me an appreciation for classical that I wasn't completely aware I had so it's been really influential on me. When certain music opens up new doors then you know it has to be good! It's a solid album and absolutely not just a compilation of his greatest hits so he can sell more records and make more money! It's so much better than that!

Under the Knife
Under the Knife
Price: 12.37

4.0 out of 5 stars Early sound with raw quality, 30 Jan 2014
This review is from: Under the Knife (Audio CD)
This EP was originally released on November 13th 1996 through Smorgasbord records and re-released several times; in 1998 by Smorgasbord, in 2000 by Smorgasbord and Victory records and in 2006 by Cortex records. The EP contains the band's first release - the song Under the knife and 7 tracks in all. This EP is basically a demo which was released for recognition before they found a decent record label. The year after this they released their debut album Satisfaction is the death of desire on Victory records. 3 out of the 5 members appearing on this EP were replaced for the debut album!

The cover art is a pretty disturbing image of a monkey with a screaming face being held down and a pin stuck into its hand.

Track listing:

1. Smash your enemies
2. Kill an addict
3. Under the knife
4. Filth
5. Not one truth
6. Severed
7. Puritan

Every track except for Under the knife has been re-recorded and included on another Hatebreed album. The newer versions have much better sound quality which is something this EP lacks. It was obviously done on a tight budget with the first 4 songs sounding like they've been recorded live in a basement! Jamie enters Smash your enemies with a huge growl and sounds as vocally rough as I've ever heard him but he still sounds pretty good! The problem with the sound quality is that you have to turn it up pretty loud to hear the vocals and they're quite drowned out by really distorted guitar and live drums with the cymbal crashes very prominent. It's not that bad that it's unlistenable or anything just don't expect album quality! The first 4 tracks are the worst quality and tracks 5 to 7 are better. This must be due to the first 4 being placed on the Vinyl records and the last 3 only featuring on the CD release. The final track Puritan is 1 of my favourites from the debut (Not one truth is probably my favourite) and is a great example showing the arrangement and production of this song here compared to the difference in quality when it was released on the album. It's got an interesting creepy, distorted backing vocal at the start of the chorus, wind and chimes at the intro and outro and the final vocal is echoed.

This is a really good EP for serious fans and completists and if you are like me you want to listen to everything this band has recorded. It's definitely worth listening to/purchasing to hear the sound of the band in the early days before getting a proper record deal, having 3 out of 5 different members before the first album and shouldn't disappoint serious fans.

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Price: 7.09

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1.0 out of 5 stars Linkin Park's batteries have run out of energy!, 29 Jan 2014
This review is from: Recharged (Audio CD)
I only recently listened to Linkin Park's first remix album Reanimation which was made up of remixes of all the tracks from the debut album Hybrid theory. I thought it was good in parts but I wasn't disappointed I had left it this long to check out. This album is a remix album of every track from Living things except 2 - In my remains and Tinfoil. I love the band's debut album (it has to be 1 of the best debuts in music history) so was looking forward to hearing all the remixes. With this album I didn't particularly enjoy Living things at all and found it OK at best so was really sceptical about it, especially after reading some reviews.

I've only reviewed the following selected songs because they were worth it. The album opens with the latest single from the band A light that never comes - an electro dance mix which may just be the high point of the album for some but not for me. Mike Shinoda was quoted saying "I think it's all indicative of our band's commitment to experimentation and pushing boundaries". This may be what he calls it but this is just another step in the wrong direction for this band and once again they're moving further and further away from what they were. It's almost as if the band are embarrassed by their former success and continue to take risks to alienate even more fans. Mike remixed the next track Castle of glass which sets up the dubstep/dance sound of the rest of the record.

Roads untravelled (Rad Omen remix feat. Bun B) is the first time we hear a separate rapper do his own verses on any of the remixes. Powerless (Enferno remix) just uses the chorus (and bridge) in this rave of a remix it uses a strong dubstep beat. If it had used the verses I might've actually enjoyed this! Burn it down (Tom Swoon remix) is a bit of a missed opportunity. The original song is electro and it always had potential to make a good dance track and the first part really accentuates the original sound but the DJ decided not to include any of the verses and to just repeat the chorus. This was a bad move as this could've sounded a whole lot better with all the lyrics. Skin to bone (Nick Catchdubs remix feat. Cody B. Ware and Ryu) is the first appearance of Mike Shinoda with his own rap verse which is a refreshing surprise!

I'll be gone (Vice remix featuring Pusha T) has a few rapped verses by Pusha T and then Mike appears in his second and final appearance with his own uncensored verse. Until it breaks (Money Mark headphone remix) features all of the original vocals over a very subdued beat. A light that never comes (Rick Rubin reboot) is an improvement on the original in my opinion. It has a more simpler sound with percussion and bass in the verses. NME wrote this "Rick Rubin’s final Primal Scream-gone-hip-hop remix of "A Light That Never Comes" saves Recharged from disaster, but you might need resuscitating after this lot" - agreed! Burn it down (Paul Van Dyk remix) is a mediocre dance remix which uses all of the original vocals except for the first chorus.

The whole album is a bunch of dance/dubstep remixes that bare hardly any resemblance to the original songs. Whereas Reanimation took the songs and gave them a different flavour and shape but for the most part stayed pretty true to the originals, this album's songs are all dance tracks with Linkin Park vocals! If you enjoy dance/dubstep and aren't a fan of Linkin Park then you may just enjoy this. If you enjoy those genres of music and like this band then you may enjoy this but if you don't I don't understand how you could like it. Unless you're a fan of dubstep, then you would certainly need to be a hardcore fan of LP to enjoy these remixes and you would have to love Living things too.

I haven't been a fan of Linkin Park since the release of A thousand suns and haven't bought an album since Minutes to midnight. I choose to follow their music these days just to see what they have come up with. This has definitely not converted me back into the huge fan of this band I once was and I am pretty sure it won't do that for anyone! I am happy that I didn't waste my money on this mess and feel sorry for anyone who did and hates it. With a move like this the band are sure to alienate more fans than they garner. This shocking album has continued to devastate my interest in this band and has lowered my opinion of this band to an immeasurable level. The Linkin Park from 1999-2004 would be ashamed if they could've seen what they have become! There are a good few bands which I liked for their original sound that have destroyed their original image and are a shadow of themselves but I have never known a band to continually pervert themselves as much as Linkin Park has and most likely will continue to do so. I find the album's name Recharged quite ironic because this band couldn't be less musically fired up or powerful. If this is Linkin Park 'recharged' then the first couple of studio albums must have been Linkin Park supersonic! This album comes with a strong warning - purchase at your peril!

Legends of Wimbledon: John Mcenroe [DVD] [US Import]
Legends of Wimbledon: John Mcenroe [DVD] [US Import]
Dvd ~ John McEnroe

4.0 out of 5 stars "It's not really that serious if you think about it"! [John McEnroe at Wimbledon], 17 Jan 2014
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This DVD (approved by The all England lawn tennis and croquet club) created in 1998 chronicles John McEnroe's career specifically at Wimbledon. From entering as a qualifier in 1977 after playing at the Roehampton warm-up tournament he went on to have a magnificent first year at the tournament. He says on the DVD how surprised he was to make it into the main draw. Maybe it was that feeling of surprise and awe that kept him enjoying the tournament enough to take it all the way and face Jimmy Connors in the semi finals. He was 18 years old going up against a former champion. He says in his autobiography about how he tried to say 'Hi' but Connors just blanked him. This intimidation led to him losing in 4 sets but his impact that year was not taken lightly.

There are interviews with McEnroe's father, his doubles partner Peter Fleming whom he won many titles with including 4 at Wimbledon, Jimmy Connors, former umpire David Mercer who tells us if you were umpiring a McEnroe match you had to be skilled! Also BBC commentator John Barrett discusses his impressions of the teenager and the man. There are interviews with McEnroe himself speaking at a pre 9/11 New York city, sporting a goatee and earring.

In 1980 McEnroe beat Jimmy Connors in the semis reaching the final to face Bjorn Borg in his last Wimbledon win ,with McEnroe putting up an incredible fight but losing in 5 sets after winning the 4th tiebreaker 18-16. They refer to it as 'The Tiebreaker' and this was of course 1 of the greatest finals in the tournament's history. It was 1981 when he returned as the world's number 1 player and won his first Wimbledon, causing much more controversy that year after being fined $1,500 for calling an umpire "The pits of the world", swearing at the tournament's referee and screaming what became his famous catchphrase "you cannot be serious!". He defeated Bjorn Borg in 4 sets and this was the 2nd to last Grand slam Borg ever played after losing again to Mac in the US Open.

The rivalries between Bjorn Borg and Jimmy Connors are briefly discussed on this DVD, as Mac faced Connors and Borg in 2 finals each. In 1982 McEnroe came head-to-head with Connors in the final. Connors prevailed in 5 sets in what was the longest men's final at the time. "I never believed that anyone could try that hard" is McEnroe's response to Connors' dog fighting spirit to force a win that year after 8 years since his last Wimbledon championship.

In 1983 McEnroe faced Chris Lewis in what John himself calls "a mismatch" with his 2nd Wimbledon championship made by winning in straight sets, dropping just 6 games and playing perfect tennis. John also won the men's doubles that year paired with Peter Fleming. As John Barrett tells us; McEnroe hated to train and much preferred to play matches to gain experience and this is the reason why he won so many doubles tournaments.

In 1984 Mac went up against Connors again but this time it was far easier for him beating Jimmy in straight sets 6-1, 6-1, 6-2. David Mercer refers to it as "The best match he ever played"!

In 1985 he lost in the quarter finals to South African Kevin Curren 6-2, 6-2, 6-4 and the narrator tells us the game had become much more "about power to the detriment of McEnroe". Peter Fleming tells us the reason he didn't win anymore Grand Slams after 1984 "was because he lost his step... he was fighting an uphill battle". Barrett says "he lost his flare" and Mac admits "I slowed down... there were things I couldn't do so well anymore". He was 26 years old!

The narrator tells us that his Marriage to Tatum O' Neill broke down ending in divorce and due to the distractions of stardom he never played as well again. 1992 was MacEnroe's last Wimbledon and he made himself an ultimatum - unless he won a major he was going to quit professional tennis at the age of 33. He beat Pat Cash in the second round and as the narrator explains "crushed" the Aussie former champion. He went on to face Andre Agassi in the semi final and lost explaining in the interview "I was 33 but I didn't feel anywhere near as good as when I was 25". However it wasn't all sad as he teamed up with 1991 champion Michael Stich for the men's doubles where they reached the final and won so John could hold his head high in glory and it was a great way to go out ending his Wimbledon career on a high note. Mac's closing statement on his career is "They're not going to forget how I yelled at umpires but I'd like to think they respected the way I played and what I tried to do for the sport". John Barrett proclaims "I shall always think that John McEnroe was probably the best doubles player I ever saw".

It ends with the narrator saying McEnroe now runs an art gallery, he's an accomplished musician, a family man (speech about his family) and has become a TV commentator on tennis; as the narrator puts it "ironically...a case of poacher turned game keeper"! John Barrett comments on McEnroe's ability to relate to the players, bringing "a different dimension to commentating". John is my favourite commentator because of his ability to understand the players and their position as he says "I've been there". He may have changed people's views of tennis on the court but he continues to be influential off the court too in the commentary box.

This is a really good look into McEnroe's career and if you are a keen fan of him or have taken just a casual interest in him then this DVD is definitely for you!

Price: 7.99

3.0 out of 5 stars Is there any need to Reanimate already amazing songs?, 13 Jan 2014
This review is from: Reanimation (MP3 Download)
I have been a fan of Linkin Park for over 10 years and have slowly collected all their albums through the years. This was an album I deliberately avoided until now for a good reason - I really don't get on well with remixes. A song was made a certain way and sounds that way because that is what the band/artist believes is best and I believe it should be kept that way. When some DJ comes in and twists a track around into something different usually the result is awful and they ruin what was a great original song. This album is made up of remixes of every track on the band's debut album Hybrid theory, which together with Meteora are by far their best material. It also features a few tracks which aren't on Hybrid theory. The album was released in July 2002 and was recorded during the Hybrid theory tour of 2001.

The cover artwork is an extension of the Hybrid theory soldier with wings. It's a Transformer looking robot with wings holding a red flag.

The album opens up with a string section which I had heard before from a live DVD I watched, I believe probably Live in Texas. Pts. of athrty was released as the only single from the album. I think this has to be the best remix on the album. It's taken the original song and put a bit of an electronic sound to it, taken out the second part of the lyrics in the chorus and instead repeated the first and it works so well. The music video was also pretty cool. I remember having this ringing through my head about 6 years ago when I discovered this song and it hits just as hard as the original and is as effective. Enth e nd is a quality remix with Mike lyrically reflecting on how he felt when he wrote the original In the end. In between some of the tracks are the phone messages from different artists who remixed the songs and this is the first. Frgt_10 is pretty average but Mike does do pretty good verses. P5hng me a_wy is a decent remix with different lyrics and a strong chorus. 1 of the best although the live version is far better. This 1 has some pretty irritating quiet, distorted vocals. Plc. 4 mie haed is OK and stays semi-true to the original. X-Ecutioner style is a mish mash of samples from One step closer and Cure for the itch with new raps afterwards. It's OK. H! Vltg3 is a good remix of the original track with a strong piano backdrop. I do prefer the original remix but this 1 is good too. The original song with a different chorus appeared on the Hybid theory and this is a remix of the remix!

Wth>you has a bleeping elctro backdrop in the verses and the bridge/chorus sounds similar to the original. It's a pretty good remix. Ntr/Mssion is a very short piano track and PPr:Kut follows. It's OK as it stays pretty true to the original and has the same guitar backing but it's not my taste I much prefer the original. Rnw@y isn't that good I don't like the electro sound in the background and the chorus is just too repetitive and ruins the magic of the original. My_Dsmbr has a funny clinking sound to it and doesn't sound as good as the original but it's not bad either. It's too upbeat which ruins the original's mood. By_Myslf is pretty good and has a different, improvised chorus. Kyur4 th ich is an interesting take on the original with funny computer sounding voices and DJ scratching. 1stp Klosr is a long track and starts off really slowly with electronic zapping type sounds. Finally the chorus appears after nearly 3 minutes! Then some lyrics appear which I am familiar with as the band also used this version in the bridge of the song on the Live in Texas DVD. The latter part of the song is good but the first part is a waste of time. The Krwlng remix I am quite familiar with as the big intro they also used on the same performance which appeared on the aforementioned DVD. It has a different overall sound to it but it stays true to the original which is what makes it sound so good.

On this bonus version there is One step closer (Live LP underground) which is a really great performance of the song live. The bridge uses the new 'blood is pouring' lyric from the remix. Buy Myself (Manson remix) is pretty good and has a very thudding backbeat and a repetitive bridge. It's far from the quality of the original but it's also a good remix. My December (Live Project Revolution 2002) is a quality performance of the song and sounds great live with the emotion and sincerity of the original being heightened here.

This is an album only for the big fans of the band or possibly those who prefer a more hip-hop, beat driven sound than a Nu metal sound. It isn't to everyone's tastes and it isn't to mine. This is the reason why I never purchased it back then. I am glad I have checked it out but this won't be appearing on my MP3 Player anytime soon. Some remixes are good, some mediocre and some are a waste of time (my opinion) so you must judge for yourself and make up your own mind about them.

Tone Deaf Music Single Electric Guitar Strings X 5 - 009 E
Tone Deaf Music Single Electric Guitar Strings X 5 - 009 E
Offered by Tone Deaf Music
Price: 1.99

5.0 out of 5 stars String them up!, 6 Jan 2014
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
There were 2 guitar shops near where I live and 1 of them has recently closed down. That is the 1 that I used to buy my strings from and they were generally good strings which would last a while. So I was forced to purchase from the other shop but unfortunately these strings must have been bought in cheaply because they were so poor and broke within a few times of playing the guitar! The E string is the thinnest and I'm a pretty heavy-handed guitarist which leads me to breaking them more than occasionaly.

I decided to look elsewhere for strings and tried this website as I know Amazon has a very wide selection of products. I came upon these strings and thought I'd give them a go. Well they are really good value for money and I'm glad I purchased them. I've played my guitar many times since putting these strings on and they work like a treat! They are a good thickness, fit really well with the guitar and they haven't broken yet. I now have 4 more strings for backup but hopefully these will last me for a while. They come recommended from yours truly!

How Can I Sleep With Your Voice in my Head
How Can I Sleep With Your Voice in my Head
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4.0 out of 5 stars Music is great but I hate to say this - for the first 8 tracks Morten sounds average!, 12 Dec 2013
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I've been a fan of A-ha for more than 5 years now and this live album had been on my wish list for a few years until I finally purchased it very recently. How can I sleep with your voice in my head - a lyric taken from the 1987 album's song The swing of things (which does feature on this album) is a completely live album released March 2003. It has 14 tracks from concerts recorded around Europe from September-October 2002 at Zurich; Switzerland, London; UK, Leipzig; Germany, Paris; France and Amsterdam; Holland. The album cover artwork was the idea of Magne Furuholmen which has a picture of a seal with a dozy expression on its face floating underwater; humorously reflecting the title. There are also a few more seal pics on the back of the booklet and inside the CD case. The inner artwork of the booklet has face pictures of each member as well as images of the band on stage and the arenas themselves.

The 1 issue I have with this collection is that it does not tell us where each song was recorded it only tells us that these songs were recorded in each of the aforementioned destinations. I would be very interested to know in which order they were recorded and when as this would appear very helpful for reasons I will soon mention.

Forever not yours starts us off with the crowd cheering; immediately throwing us into the live atmosphere, as well as some chiming synthesizers! We're soon into the song and by the end of the first verse I could tell that something was off. It's not hugely noticeable with this song but Morten Harket's vocals do not sound as good as I would expect. This is a good live version and the vocals are still pretty good nevertheless. Minor earth major sky is where Morten is left exposed and I never thought I would say this but Morten Harket sounds like a mediocre vocalist! There's something wrong with his voice which is especially noticeable at the bridge, just before the chorus. Maybe he was suffering with illness, maybe he was recovering from laryngitis - the boy just doesn't sound strong! By the time he utters "but it never comes out right..." you can clearly tell that something's seriously wrong with his voice. The music itself sounds fantastic just as with all the rest of the tracks but the vocals are a spoiler. Manhattan skyline follows, 1 of my personal favourites. The vocals are OK this time round and the whole song sounds quite good as a result... but it could be better. Here and there you can still hear Morten straining his voice. I've been losing you is another great 80's track with amazing rhythm and Morten sounds better this time which leads to a good sound. Crying in the rain is a duet with Norwegian singer Anneli Drecker. With the very welcome teamed female lead vocals it gives a much stronger sound and gives Morten's still pretty medicore singing a helping hand. Throughout the songs Morten's vocals are supported by backing vocals from Paul and Magne but with this lead vocal it is obviously far more noticeable that Morten needs this support and overall it's a good live version. The original The sun always shines on TV is another top 3 favourite of mine from this band. The music sounds great but the vocals still don't sound nowhere near as powerful as they do on the record. Morten sounds fine in the verses but at the chorus he's still straining his voice. It's still a good live version. Did anyone approach you and The swing of things are decent live but with the noticeably sub-par vocals they're not great. You'll also notice that the booklet features the lyrics from the bridge of the second verse ("Oh but how can I sleep with your voice in my head...") but Morten's lyrics differ, repeating a line from the first verse. At the end of this song the sound of the crowd fades and that's where everything changes!

Obviously the next track Lifelines was recorded at a different venue at a different date because the change in Morten's vocal ability is astounding! It's the Morten Harket from the first 8 tracks beaten 100%! His vocals soar to the heavens with the beautiful, rich voice that I wanted to hear all along. This is what I'm talking about! I believe if you want to listen to 1 A-ha song to hear Morten's vocal talents which proves he's 1 of the greatest singers ever then Stay on these roads is the song. He sounds as good as he does on the original and his voice in the chorus gives goosebumps it's that powerful. This is the voice I know and love! Hunting high and low is another extremely impressive performance and the crowd sing the chorus alone near the end. Take on me is good but not as great. Maybe years of singing this song has dampened Morten's enthusiasm because he sounds a bit flat in the verses. The living daylights sounds really good, with reggae being channelled near the end as the crowd sings the chorus repeatedly. Summer moved on is a fantastic tranquil ending and sounds brilliant with Morten sounding very impressive with the record breaking "stay" vocal - he's got a big pair of lungs on him! With the last 6 songs sounding so great it balances out the mediocrity of Morten's singing for the first 8 tracks.

The album's length is 1h 13 with most songs being around 5 minutes and The living daylights clocking in at 7:32! The version of this album I have is the 14 track 1 CD version and unless you're a mahoosive fan of this band live then I'd recommend this version because it's quite a bit cheaper and better value for money.

Elvis '56 [DVD]
Elvis '56 [DVD]
Dvd ~ Elvis Presley
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5.0 out of 5 stars Hit for fifty six!, 30 Nov 2013
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I received this DVD as part of a boxset collection entitled 'Elvis' which also included the book 'Elvis: In words and pictures'. This DVD released in 2006 celebrates Elvis Presley's early years documenting his recordings and success with Sam Smith at Sun studios in Memphis with his band Scotty Moore on guitar, Bill Black on bass and D.J Fontana on drums. Elvis went on to be noticed by the notorious Colonel Tom Parker who signed him up with RCA records and told him "Son right now you have a million dollars worth of talent, by the time we're through you'll have a million dollars!". Interestingly Elvis' mother Agnes warned against the deal but Elvis and his father were all for it!

The DVD has this 1 documentary which is just over an hour long and is narrated by a Southern fella called Levon Helm.

The DVD has amazing footage of his performances, personal adventures with rare pictures like a trip home to see his family and girlfriend and footage of his appearances on TV shows such as the Dorsey Brothers show and Ed Sullivan's show where he was only filmed from the waist up! He appears on the Steve Allen show in a tuxedo with tails and sings Hound dog to a dog equally as smartly dressed! Steve Allen obviously sensed people's unease of this man and he was made to smarten up and act more proper. Elvis broke through in mid-50's conservative America where many were listening to the swing of Frank Sinatra and people were outraged not just at the music but by how Elvis performed the music with his 'gyrating' and sensual moves. Elvis is interviewed saying how he didn't mean to cause any trouble and he's just moving to the music and can't keep still.

Hilariously all of these suggestive moves led to a city even taking out an injunction against Elvis so that by law he couldn't move the way he did and instead was left waggling his finger! It seems ridiculous to us now with the current music scene where it's hard not to turn on the radio and hear a song with sexual lyrics or see a music video which isn't provocative but at the time people were stunned by this man's passion and couldn't handle it. They said he was 'out of control'! Meanwhile the younger generation were loving all the excitement and Elvis received 5 Gold records that year - Heartbreak hotel, I want you I need you I love you, Don't be cruel, Hound dog and Love me tender. His first Las Vegas performance was that year and he didn't return there to perform for 14 years. The film also discusses his early movie career and gives you a sense of Elvis' ambition to become a serious actor which never really happened and the movies became more about the songs which was something Elvis decided he didn't want to do in his movies at the start.

Elvis returned home to Tupelo, Mississippi where he was born to perform a concert at the state fair in September of that year to 22,000 people! Millions of miles away from his humble beginnings in a small wooden shack his fame had exploded. The documentary ends with a bittersweet feel expressing how with Elvis fame growing by 1957 (the following year) the fans couldn't get anywhere near him and stadiums were packed, leading to a distancing between himself and his fans. The original band broke up and things were changing rapidly for him. The year 1956 represented his development into a national sensation where he was being recognised across America when he became famous. After that everything changed and nothing would ever be the same again.

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