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Only Fools And Horses: A Royal Flush [VHS] [1981]
Only Fools And Horses: A Royal Flush [VHS] [1981]
Offered by hessleoldbooks
Price: 11.90

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3.0 out of 5 stars The VHS is the best but the episode is not!, 26 Jun 2013
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I have been trying to collect all the Only fools and horses specials and was put off this particular episode for a while after reading the customer reviews for the DVD, which said that the episode wasn't that good but worst of all because of the edits the DVD version was missing about a third of the episode! I made the decision not to purchase the DVD version and because I still use a VCR to buy this version which is a no-brainer if you also still own a VCR because you get the full episode.

The episode clocks in at 1 hour 16 minutes. Admittedly it isn't the best episode ever with top characters like Boycie missing, the Nag's head pub is absent and it does have a strange atmosphere about it. My Dad is somewhat of a veteran fan who watched the episodes when they first aired and he said he couldn't remember this episode and thought that the BBC hadn't repeated it since. As my Dad put it "Del boy is over the top dull" in this episode. The whole episode he is trying to make things go wrong for Rodney and to ruin any chance he has of a relationship with the Duke's daughter. He is rude, arrogant and just downright obnoxious. Del boy has always been a bit silly but this really is overdoing the stupid behaviour. After a meeting with a woman unbeknown to him is the daughter of the Duke of Mallbrey, Rodney gets invited up to the family's estate. Unfortunately Derek and Uncle Albert follow and Del boy who wants the pair to marry does everything he can to embarrass Rodney, revealing all his secrets and destroying any good impression he could've given. Del boy's character is often silly but has a charm about him and it makes for good humour but this time he is annoying and it makes you despise him, which is completely out of character.

I would recommend this episode to any serious Only fools and horses fan and I would certainly recommend this VCR version because of the full episode. Just don't expect top quality entertainment in the show's usual style.

The Very Best Of Buddy Holly
The Very Best Of Buddy Holly
Price: 4.80

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4.0 out of 5 stars A great collection but not 'the best', 17 Jun 2013
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I have been a fan of Buddy Holly since 2008 and the only other album I have of his is 'The ultimate collection' which is an awesome compilation with much of his best material on. This album here was a clear choice for me because it has many songs which aren't on that album. It is called 'The very best of' but I don't agree with that title. It would be better to have called it something less pretentious like 'The Buddy Holly collection' because a lot of his great songs which are featured on the aforementioned album are not on this one and therefore I don't think it deserves the title of 'The very best of'. Some of his best work like Learning the game, Raining in my heart, It doesn't matter anymore, Moondreams, Midnight shift and Love is strange are all absent. This compilation is actually a collection of his first 2 albums (he only ever made 3) with bonus tracks from the time. Disc 1 is Buddy Holly - his debut solo album released in 1958. Disc 2 is Buddy Holly and The chirpin' crickets - released a few months before on a different label. Both these albums have some of his well known tracks with disc 1 having Peggy sue, Everyday, Rave on and Heartbeat, while disc 2 features Oh boy, Maybe baby, That'll be the day (apparently 1 of his first solo songs written which went to number 1 here in the UK) and Early in the morning. The album has a cardboard outer sleeve and interesting inner notes. The CD's look like vinyl LP's which I like.

I just noticed that the track listing differs a bit from the actual CD playlist which is quite shabby. Besides the more popular songs I have mentioned there are some really decent lesser known tracks of Buddy's on this collection album which as I've said is what attracted me to it in the first place. Disc 1 opens with I'm gonna love you too which has that trademark Buddy Holly sound all over it and is a charming song. Peggy sue was absent from 'The ultimate collection' and I believe with reason to be honest. I know this song is popular with fans but for me it is nothing special. It is repetitive and uninteresting to listen to. It's very overrated and I can't see what all the fuss is about. If you are like me and you're not a huge fan who has heard nearly all of his material then these new unrecognisable songs will not be uncomfortable to hear because there are so many favourites to balance them out. Mailman, bring me no more blues is 1 of my favourites. Little baby is an example of a lesser known track here which doesn't have the best quality sound to it but I can appreciate that looking at the age of the song which is over 50 years old. Well... all right has an acoustic guitar backdrop and an upbeat swing feel to it and it's 1 of the best lesser known songs here. Real wild child is definitely a highlight but if this is Buddy Holly on vocals then I'll be damned!! Now we're one is a wedding anthem with a cool sweetness and must've had a meaning for Holly having asked his wife to marry him 2 days after they 1st met! Oh you beautiful doll is the wackiest track which is somewhat of an instrumental with weird vocals by Holly with the title being the only coherent lyric. It's all sung with what sounds like him playing up and down on his lips throughout! Lonesome tears is a proper rock n' roll track and a decent ender.

Disc 2 does have more prominent backing vocals by The Crickets but besides that the music is very similar. This has Not fade away which sounds similar to a few other Holly songs but is a good song. Tell me how is another Holly song where he mentions the word 'love' about 100 times throughout a song showing his affectionate and soft-hearted style but it's 1 of the highlights. I'm looking for someone to love is an upbeat fun track which was another early song. An empty cup is one of his melancholy tracks; not quite as effective as It's too late but not bad either. Rock me my baby is a sweet rock n' roll track with a fun sound. Modern Don Juan has Holly confessing "I ain't nothing but a man in love" which suits his style even though it's got quite a different sound. First time I heard Rock around with Ollie Vee was a live Stray cats version - this version is more simple but also much better too. Ting-a-ling has Holly telling us he's "a poor young boy and these girls just drive me wild" which has a youthful attitude reminding us just how young this guy actually was. I am older than he lived to now and I got into his music as an 18 year old. Think it over has strong Crickets backing vocals, a great sound and is a good ending to this CD.

The CD would be a brilliant addition to any fan's collection and would appeal to the more serious fan who doesn't have all the songs present on this CD as well as the new fans as I think it serves as a good introduction of the man. I would have given the collection 5 stars but because of the track listing on CD 1 being partially mixed up and because of the title being unjustified. This album is Holly's first two albums and although it does offer up some fantastic material as well as some of his best songs, with most of it being strong and interesting, this is not always the very best of Buddy Holly and therefore doesn't deserve the title it has.
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Mata Leao
Mata Leao
Offered by best_value_entertainment
Price: 12.57

4.0 out of 5 stars Triumph with three, 4 Jun 2013
This review is from: Mata Leao (Audio CD)
Biohazard's fourth studio album marked the end of an era for the band. Bobby Hambel, the band's original lead guitarist had decided to quit after State of the world address and the band did not have a replacement for him on this album, meaning it was recorded as a trio, which is 1 of the reasons why this album sounds quite different from any other. Billy Graziadei did all the guitar throughout the album and as there is no lead guitarist those big solos and impressive, sometimes dramatic guitar interludes are absent. The overall sound is more simplistic but that is not necessarily such a bad thing and I do enjoy this album which has some great tracks. The first three albums were focused on urban life and this album steps into much wider topics, which was a breakthrough the band continued with. The songs are shorter than the average of Biohazard's previous works and instead of the usual metal sound this album is much more hardcore punk. The album's title "Mata Leao" roughly translates from Portuguese as "Lion Killer" and features a man being attacked by 2 lions on the cover. It's also the name of a chokehold in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, which may have been a metaphor for what the band felt like they were in at that point.

The album opens with Authority which is fast and has that Biohazard attitude written all over it with the sing-along chorus "F*** the rules, F***, F*** the rules"! It's 1 of the best here. These eyes have seen is a decent track but follows suit with the rest of the material. It sounds less exciting with a pretty short exciting moment, shown in the chorus of this song. Stigmatized is another very punk sounding track with aggressive verses by Billy and a half decent chorus courtesy of Evan. Control is definitely interesting with a droning bass sound and low, husky vocals from Evan in the verse and a screamy chorus. Cleansing is less exciting but does have an interesting speech half way through by an unknown guy. Competition picks up a decent sound and is 1 of the better tracks. Modern Democracy continues with a much stronger sound with the band discussing politics, the American dream and being disappointed with it all. The half decent guitar interlude shows that Billy can do a good job of filling the gaps that Hambel would've usually filled. Better days is great with a sing-along chorus and an all round impressive performance. Gravity is a good song with pounding drums and guitar and a screamed chorus by Billy.

A lot to learn was the single and I can see why with it's somewhat catchy sound and a simple chorus. It's surely the fastest, most punk track on the record and the short guitar interlude from Billy is quite impressive. Waiting to die is my personal favourite and may just be the best song on the album. All the instruments are very up front with the whole guitar, drum and bass sound working in harmony. The bass carries the song with cool high pitched guitar moving along with it. Evan does brilliant on vocals with some really great lyrics about the state of the world and as Evan once put it "the biggest problem in the world right now; apathy". The chorus is definitely sing-along even though the vocals are somewhat unimpressive, with low notes, and I don't know who sings but it doesn't sound like Evan or Billy. A way is nearly as good as the previous 5 or so tracks with a really good, energetic performance from Billy on lead vocals. The whole album is punk and energetic and this song is a good example of that. True strengths begins with a crazy shouted vocal from Billy like he's in pain! It's pretty good but not up there with Better days or Waiting to die. The bridge has a great guitar solo piece from Billy, which is 1 of the impressive displays he shows trying to substitute Hambel. Thorn has a pretty heavy sound to it with lyrics about a life in pain! There's a crazy interlude section with screaming sounds and high pitched guitar with wild, angsty, screamed vocals from both guys which sounds pretty damn good. In vain is 1 of the best on the album, seemingly written about domestic violence/rape, it's got a solid sound with a great chorus. It's 1 of the darker Biohazard tracks and an album highlight.

This album is definitely quite a step away from their previous sound and their material after this album but it offers the only chance to see this band as a trio and what they were capable of at a turbulent time for the band. I think what's here is certainly an impressive effort minus their lead guitarist who created much of their foundation sound for the 1st 3 albums. I understand that not all the fans will appreciate the songs being shorter, punk songs and without solos, with a simpler sound but if you get over that it is a great album that still has that trademark Biohazard feel. This is definitely not the most popular album with the fans but I am sure of 1 thing and that is that it's an underrated album.

25: The Very Best of a-ha
25: The Very Best of a-ha
Price: 15.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars Goodbye to A-ha, 30 May 2013
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This album was released surrounding the bands' final break-up and just after the release of their farewell single. The first ever A-ha album I ever bought was 'The definitive singles collection 1984-2004' compilation album and I have loved this band ever since. Whereas that album has the defining singles and most of them on it from that 20 year period, this album has not just every single ever released by the band, including the final ever song 'Butterfly, butterfly (The last Hurrah) but also a selection of non-singles from each of the 9 studio albums. I think this is the ultimate A-ha collection and was especially attractive to me when it was released as I had collected some but not all of A-ha's albums so it gives a flavour of a couple of the non-singles from those albums. The album artwork follows on from the final album Foot of the mountain with the nature theme but has its own bubble style artwork. The booklet features a welcome informative piece about the band's history.

This album really is a piece of music history and if you have never bought an A-ha album before then it gives you a true slice of the band with not just the singles but album songs as well. The album features edited single versions and remixes which would even appeal to the veteran fan. There are 5 songs from the 1st two albums, 6 songs from the third, 4 songs from the fourth, fifth and sixth, 3 from the seventh, 3 from the eighth, 3 songs from the ninth and final album and the farewell single, which is very melancholy and emotionally stirring for the longer term fans. I think it's a brilliant song to say goodbye.

From the early days of deep 80's synth pop all the way to the modern nostalgic electro of their final album and final single this 2 CD album takes us along the journey of the bands development. If I had to recommend an album to anyone interested in this band then it would be this greatest hits compilation. With 39 songs which take you through the bands 25 year history as 1 of the most successful bands it is an album not to be missed, by new and old fans, even if it's just to add to your collection because it's pure gold! At just 5.07 this album is a no-brainer purchase when 'The definitive singles collection' right now is 9.12! This album has over double the amount of tracks so this is the obvious choice for anyone. This album is compelling evidence that A-ha were the greatest Norwegian band of all time and proof that they are one of THE greatest bands ever.

The Simpsons - Season 15 [DVD]
The Simpsons - Season 15 [DVD]
Dvd ~ Dan Castellaneta
Price: 10.73

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3.0 out of 5 stars A rocky start which gets smoother, 24 May 2013
We've finally reached season 15 from 2003-2004, even though we're still 10 years behind! The box-set is Otto the bus driver themed with a glossy hologram finish and this time around the discs come in the same cardboard pull-out with nicely coloured pictures of the characters from the show which we've had since season 11 and which was improved for season 12 and has remained the same since.

When I started watching this season, which I haven't watched for years, not since it was first shown on UK broadcasting, I was quietly shocked. Some of the first episodes are downright laughable! Treehouse of horror XIV is very mediocre with Homer becoming death and ordered to kill Marge (in the commentary the crew explain that they didn't know at the time they were copying Family guy), Prof. Frink's dad becoming a Frankenstein creature and Bart and Milhouse getting up to no good with a watch which can pause time. Homer's mother returns in My mother the carjacker which does have a sweet moment here and there but is mostly very average, The president wore pearls is an awful musical episode with Lisa becoming class president and having the characters sing their way through this dire episode. Don't get me wrong this show has had some great songs in the past but none of them appear on this episode! The Regina monologues is a much too highly anticipated episode where The Simpson clan visit London and get in trouble. The gay joke with 2 men kissing each other made me want to wretch! Stupid things like that really let this show down. I also hate repetitive jokes which seem to feature in these later episodes. The fat and the furriest has its moments but it's a pretty silly episode with Homer creating a bear proof suit which was actually based on a guy who made a real life suit to make him indestructible! Today I am a clown is another poor excuse for an episode with the return of Krusty's father and Krusty having his first, TV shown, Bar Mitzvah! Incredibly it was an Emmy award-winner! I can only imagine that would be because it's about social and religious issues.

'Tis the fifteenth season once again has its moments and has some impressive animation but Homer making this mistake being so selfish as to waste all the Christmas money on 1 present and then stealing all Christmas presents is not the type of guy we once knew. I don't like what they've done to Homer from taking him from a decent guy with a good heart who is dumb to just an A-hole!
Through most of the episodes I did feel like I was watching a rip off, poor man's version of Family guy. The show should stick to what it's good at and stop trying to fit in with what is so popular because this is nowhere near as smart as Family guy when they try to be. I do think The Simpson's is better than Family guy, but only when it's not trying to be something it can't be!

Luckily the rest of the season does have some half decent episodes which save it for me. I (doh)-bot, Diatribe of a mad housewife, which sees a very surprising, dumbfounding return for Dr. Marvin Monroe who turns up at Marge's book signing! When Marge asks why "I haven't seen you in years", he replies "I've been very sick"! Well yeah we thought you were dead - Unbelievable! I believe this is the last time we see him to date. I think they really jumped the shark with that! Magical history tour, Co-dependents' day, The wandering juvie, My big fat geek weeding ( with a funny parody version of 'In the jungle' sung by Bart and classmates trying to win Miss Krabappel back after she decides to get with Comic book guy). This is the same episode which features a guest appearance from Matt Groening as himself at the comic-con. Simple Simpson and The way we weren't are also highlights.

Once again the days of old with Matt Groening appearing on most commentaries is well gone with Matt only appearing in 5 commentaries and once again Al Jean takes the helm. I used to really enjoy the commentaries but when I listen to them now I get bored quite easily. Besides there being an interesting fact and a laugh here and there they are nowhere near as fun as they used to be for me. The extras have the usual animation showcases, original sketches, commentary on every episode (need I say), commercials, deleted scenes and a language feature in 4 different foreign languages. This can be amusing! The unusual ones features commentary on a lot of unusual animation over the years, Living in the moment, which has pictures celebrating the 500th episode and All aboard with Matt is the name of the creator's introduction this time around.

Overall I think this season is a must-have for any serious Simpsons fans but it's definitely not got a list of episodes which are top quality. The poorer episodes are surely outweighed by the better ones and even though this season does have a terrible beginning it got much better to my relief. It's a shame that this show has become a parody of itself and hasn't stuck to great writing and honourable stories, which make it a ghost of itself, turning to trying to compare with the top rated show Family guy which is a shame. The more recent episodes I have watched on TV which I believe were from season 20 now were much better, so recently this show has troughs and peaks and as a fan I don't know where I stand!

Every Which Way But Loose
Every Which Way But Loose
Price: 0.79

5.0 out of 5 stars Clint and Rabbitt!, 23 May 2013
I watched the movie 'Every which way but loose' last night for the first time. The theme song featured at the introduction immediately attracted me. The movie itself is a fun comedy with Eastwood as a street fighter and featuring an extra intelligent orang-utan and is well worth the watch! The song really sticks in your head and has a cool country sound to it with a pretty simple but very effective and catchy chorus.

Heart Attack
Heart Attack

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5.0 out of 5 stars Givin' me a heart attack!, 23 May 2013
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This review is from: Heart Attack (MP3 Download)
I'd heard a song or 2 of Demi Lovato's before and this song is awesome and really grabbed my attention. The song is about not letting yourself fall in love because you don't want to get hurt. Demi has a knack for writing meaningful pop songs. I am not saying every song of hers is like that but this one definitely is. It's got a great sound to it and her voice is incredible. The chorus has these powerful vocals and the "attack" vocal lifts me off the ground as a listener and then wraps itself around you. It's stunning! I hope she keeps writing decent pop music with a meaning, unlike most of the rubbish in the charts these days. It's great so congrats Demi.

Foot Of The Mountain
Foot Of The Mountain
Offered by NetsavesUK
Price: 14.79

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4.0 out of 5 stars Walking down the mountain for the final climb, 20 May 2013
This review is from: Foot Of The Mountain (Audio CD)
Foot of the mountain is the ninth and final studio album by Norwegian trio A-ha. It was released June 2009 and follows 4 years after their comeback album Analogue. With the band knowing this would be their final album, it seems to me that they tried to create a sound which would please the old fans, with the style being somewhat reminiscent of the 1st 3 albums and the closest to the earlier material than any of the albums up to now. They also were catering to new fans and were fitting in with pop acts in the charts at the time, because electronic music was at the top of the charts when this was released with acts like La Rue. The electro sound is reminiscent of the synth pop of old but it isn't like the early albums at all. This is not synth pop it is electro, which is quite different. This is a much more updated sound which fits in with modern music and chart sales. I don't believe the band were trying to relive the glory days at all, they were just giving us a taste of what was so great about them back then and were going out with a sound the band would want to me remembered for. Magne describes the album; "It's an album that incorporates the key elements that first defined the band: soaring vocals, synth hooks, yearning lyrics and melodic melancholia". It is the band trying to be at their best and going out on a high and what they do is done very impressively.

Foot of the mountain was a pleasant surprise for me as the 1st single and probably the strongest, best song on the album. The piano intro is brilliant and leads us into a great pop song with a powerful chorus with amazing, soaring vocals from 1 of the greatest of all time Morten Harket. The song is about the madness of modern life and getting back in touch with nature. The album artwork has a unique quality to it with its cartoon feel with differing sized shapes and colours and nature display throughout the booklet, inspired by the title single. The album is 10 tracks long which is reminiscent of the first 3 albums, which this style is compared to.

The bandstand begins with beeping, keyboard sounds into a mid-tempo electro track. It's a very mellow sound with a great chorus. Lyrically I enjoy this too and it takes me to the bandstand on the pier of a local seaside town and sparks up nostalgia. It has a romantic, affectionate quality to it which is very easy to listen to. Riding the crest is much faster with a fast beat and catchy chorus with decent vocals, which is certainly suitable for it becoming the single. What there is - a slower mid-tempo track again with lower vocals at the verse which leads up to a higher pitched chorus with a very pleasant sound. Towards the end there is a moodier feel with low vocals in the background over the chorus. Foot of the mountain is the standout track. Real meaning has a twangy sounding synth with a romantic feeling at the chorus and feelings of hurt and despair in the verses.

Shadowside is 1 of the best on the album with an atmospheric, moody feel to it with Morten singing about how he doesn't want to go back to a darker side which is ruining his relationship. The chorus is really strong and has the type of power to it which takes you somewhere else. There are some proper high pitched vocals from Morten when he takes it up a key towards the end showing off his talents. This is the 2nd longest on the album at 4:55 but it doesn't feel dragged out, just atmospheric with the strings nearing the end. Nothing is keeping you here is another decent song about the need to move on. It's got attractive, soft feeling lyrics relating to nature and details about everyday life. Mother nature starts with a pounding bass line and then has a Chinese sounding synth. It's really upbeat and fun to listen to and lyrically interesting too. Sunny mystery is penned by Magne Furuholmen and is a significant, interesting track. It starts of with just Morten singing and then Magne provides backing vocals from the 2nd verse which immediately gives it a different sound to the rest. Start the simulator is an experimental song and tops off at 5:17. It has a soft feel to it after the twangy intro. Paul wanted to make a heartfelt song with technical language, inspired by the Apollo space programme. What Paul set out to do he achieved and maybe some people will embrace this experimental, different sound and side but I am not a fan. It's the worst song on the album which is pretty boring to listen to. I love a good mellow track but this doesn't keep me exactly engrossed throughout. I guess I do have respect for this song and understand the need to experiment but it doesn't work for me.

Paul had voiced his frustration years before this album had been released about how the band could rarely meet to share and record their ideas as they were all working on different projects, and when Paul was ready the other guys hadn't been. Paul is the main songwriter for the album with 4 songs being solo written by him and 5 being co-written. The album does have that classic A-ha sound to it and as Magne said it has those yearning lyrics, a lonely feel and melancholy as well as some very impressive vocals. This is what the fans wanted and I am pleased as a fan with this album but there's something about it which doesn't share the magic of the earlier material and the nostalgic feel the music created on this album doesn't quite live up to what this band once were.

Soul Cages
Soul Cages
Offered by best_value_entertainment
Price: 9.86

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4.0 out of 5 stars A deep, mournful album, 7 May 2013
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This review is from: Soul Cages (Audio CD)
Sting's debut and second album were released 2 years after each other so for this album to be released 4 years after in 1991 you know he must've put a lot of effort and time into the music. In 1987, not long before the release of Nothing like the sun... Sting's mother passed away. Six months later his father also died from the same disease and this obviously hit Sting hard. He suffered writer's block before realising he had to write a song about the death he had endured, which would help him to grieve. This song was "Why should I cry for you" which is 1 of the best on the album. Apparently this album was created in just 3 weeks with the rest of the songs flowing easily and clearly quickly from him after that first hurdle. Because it was written to help Sting come to terms with his parent's death and grief it is a very different album to the 1st two. It is very reflective where Sting refers to his father; his dreams of sailing and escaping, a lot of sea and maritime imagery, death, and is a very emotional and quite sorrowful record.

The album has just 9 songs on it but clocks in at 48:10 because a few of the songs are quite long with 4 of the songs being around and beyond 6 minutes. The album's artwork is very reflective of the music with the front cover having a picture of a beached boat with what looks like graves behind and inside little images of boats and graves. The back cover's song list is written in a text that is so light anyone will struggle to read it. Don't get why they did that.

The album is centred around a boy called Billy which is an alias of Sting's he's created so that the songs are not too personal and he can hide behind this fictional character. The album opens with some mournful sounding pipes courtesy of Kathyrn Tickell on Island of souls. Sting adopts his character Billy where he speaks of his father who is a riveter which is reflective of Sting's childhood with his father being a shipbuilder. It's slow and very mellow, almost haunting, just like the rest of the songs. All this time, which is the 1st of the 4 singles is much more upbeat and pop. It speaks of religion, nature and how Sting wishes to "bury the old man... at sea", and it's very evident he must be speaking about his father. Mad about you is my favourite on the album and 1 of my all time favourite Sting songs. The sound is amazing and the lyrics are meaningful about a man in pain longing for the woman he loves. It's based around a biblical tale and has some references to biblical subjects. The whole song is very moving and at the middle 8 where the saxophone comes in (courtesy of Branford Marsalis) is especially so and hits me everytime. Jeremiah blues (part 1) is something of a mystery to me as the title suggests there are a number of songs with this title but there aren't. Maybe he wrote another part that didn't make it onto the album. This song is moderately upbeat and the lyrics are quite thought provoking. Towards the end of the song there is some solo guitar which changes the mood. Why should I cry for you is 1 of, if not the most emotional and moving Sting song. Sting was having trouble mourning the loss of his parents and this song asks if tears would help and whether they'd want him to cry anyway. This song has a lot of sea imagery too.

Saint Agnes and the burning fire is an instrumental track which has a very classical sound to it with lots of strings (guitar and mandolin). Saint Agnes was a Christian martyr who died at the age of 14; I researched it! Don't know exactly why he chose to name this song that. This once again leads to the religious background of Sting's. The rest of the songs have that same mellow feel and are long, maybe longer than they need to be. The wild, wild sea is about the character being lost at sea and his father rescuing him. The title track The soul cages is another single and has quite an upbeat sound with a great guitar riff. The accent Sting adopts is strange as he doesn't even sound Geordie. It actually reminds me of Andy Summer's accent so I don't know the idea behind it. The chorus is repetitive and simple but that's Sting all over! It works. The lyrics refer to the fishermen and the sea. The end has Sting referring back to the first track The island of souls with the same lyrics but changing "world" for "sea" hence the whole album tying together. When the angels fall is quite uplifting but going back to a far slower sound with a piano backdrop. Lyrically it seems to be about accepting the death of his parents and trying to move on. It's the longest song at 7:48. From 5:30 the only real lyrics are the repetitive chorus and the song is dragged out to a slower and more mellow, quieter sound as it goes on and ends with a drum beat.

The album itself is very personal, very moving and thoughtful but I think it might take a bit of growing on you because besides the singles the songs are slow and centre around the same themes and subjects. The songs don't vary well from track to track like on his previous and later material. I think it is a great album and a piece of the man himself who wrote the album to help himself get through such a terrible time in his life. You do have to be quite a serious fan to enjoy it.

"Busted": The Official Book
"Busted": The Official Book
by Peter Robinson
Edition: Hardcover

5.0 out of 5 stars Be blown away by Busted's bangin' official book!, 3 May 2013
If you were a fan of Busted then you would already own this like me. It is a must have for any serious fan of the band with life stories from each member about many topics. The book begins with each of their history, statistics, albums that changed their life, icons and a reference from someone they know. The stories are really interesting and may just change your mind about who these boys are. The guys are very open and candid about their past and how they grew up and what we have here isn't just another way to make money for the record company but an honest account of the boys lives and autobiographies, their thoughts about band life, life in general, obviously music, recording the debut album, the singles, touring and how the band came together. It's not just media fodder for promotion. In the 'girls' section Charlie states "I was fourteen by the time I had my first girlfriend" - wow shocking! I nearly fell off my seat! The funniest bit is about an account of Charlie seeing Danii Minogue at a party and when he walks past she apparently goes "Fwoaaarrrr"! The integrity of that such account can be left to the reader!

Among the chapters; Making the band, What I go to school for, Busted: The album, Busted in the house, Girls, On the road, Time out and looking to the future, there are comments from editors, the record company, TV networks, paper's comments about the band and their early songs and the story of the real Miss Mackenzie. The book is 76 pages long and is a decent size, so this isn't just a short read and the book is overcharged, this is a decent sized book and it's well worth buying. If you are a fan then it should keep you pleased for a while. There are so many great full-colour photos on every page, which, if you haven't got this book, then many of them you wouldn't have seen before so that's a treat itself.

With in-depth details and interesting facts and stories about the band it is a book that you don't want to miss out on! It's a book you will find yourself looking through time after time. The only thing I would like to complain about is that on the blurb it says "It's all here.... Why do they jump up and down so much?". Well I have read this book at least a couple of times and I never did find out the answer to that question!

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